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  1. What is the definition of an elevated thunderstorm?: warm, storms, thunderstorms - Weather
  2. Robins In January: USA, most, map, South - Weather
  3. Yesterdays (1/19/2010) Highs/Lows in USA:: temp, normal, South, winter - Weather
  4. Highs/Lows in the USA yesterday (1/18/2010):: warm, average, temperatures, night - Weather
  5. Flashback '85! January 21, 1985 brought many all-time records!: warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  6. snow in NYC: snowing, days, storms, forecast - Weather
  7. California weather: climate, snow, warm, days
  8. Yesterdays (2/16/2011) Highs and lows on USA mainland:: warmest, city, most - Weather
  9. U.S Extreme Temps Today: wear, windchill - Weather
  10. USA Highs/Lows Yesterday:: snowfall, hottest, average, temperatures - Weather
  11. Yesterdays (2/21/2011) highs/lows in the USA (Spring pattern ?): tornado, hot, warmest - Weather
  12. Best Weather Map ever: city, humidity, dewpoint, USA
  13. Location to Live Based on Weather Desires: snow, city, blizzard
  14. inversions: snow, warm, warming, fog - Weather
  15. USA SNOW COVER TODAY (The West is best!): warm, days, storms - Weather
  16. Solar Based Spring: warm, days, place, seasons - Weather
  17. Daily sunshine hours history: climate, recorded, days, city - Weather
  18. Bizarre Weather: days, world, moving, normal
  19. Over 70% of the United States snow covered with parts of 49 states with snow: days, storm - Weather
  20. Highs/Lows in the USA Yesterday (1/8):: places, South, highest, daily - Weather
  21. Where Europeans/Americans vacation: Steadiest temperatures in the tropical resort islands of the Caribbean and Mexico:: climate, hot - Weather
  22. Rain come back to Hawaii: days, inches - Weather
  23. NASA Captures A Stronger La Nina: climate, warm, average, days - Weather
  24. How would I find a record of every instance of snow in San Antonio?: city, history - Weather
  25. What exactly caused the Super Outbreak of '74?: tornadoes, warm - Weather
  26. Early Spring....: snow, day, frost, predict - Weather
  27. Get ready for higher prices for citrus/vegetables in Canada/USA: climate, snow - Weather
  28. Polar Shifts?: snow, warm, record, days - Weather
  29. road driving conditions Hwy 90W Spokane, WA to Bozeman, MT: snowy, storm - Weather
  30. Its 1am - its warmer in International Falls than Brownsville!: hot, storm - Weather
  31. Look at this Vid: snow - Weather
  32. Cyclone Yasi: snow, day, storm, world - Weather
  33. News, More than 370 crashes in Minnesota blamed on icy weather.: snowy, ice
  34. Active Volcanoes 2011: earthquake, day, map, date - Weather
  35. News, 100-year-old still shovels his driveway: night, South, winters, live - Weather
  36. Sea Breezes: climate, hot, warmest, temperature - Weather
  37. Yesterdays (1/30/2010) Highs/Lows in the USA:: temperatures, city, most, North - Weather
  38. Big Winter Storm About to Hit Plains, Eastern States: snow storm, ice, Chicago - Weather
  39. snow with sun!!: snowing, rainbow, sunny, clouds - Weather
  40. Yesterday’s (2/13/2010) highs/lows across the USA – Another Pattern Change?:: climate, tornadoes - Weather
  41. Yesterdays Highs/lows in USA (1/31/2010):: warmest, average, temperatures, storm - Weather
  42. News, San Francisco 'snow' not enough to count: snowfall, records, frost - Weather
  43. Coldest weather of the Season Central/Southern Plains coming!: snowfalls, ice, days
  44. Current USA/CANADA Snowcover:: snowy, warmest, days, freezing - Weather
  45. MidAtlantic Coastal Storm???: snow storm, storms, season, predict - Weather
  46. Lightning inside a cumulus mediocres cloud!: warm, ice, temperatures, day - Weather
  47. How is weather today?: snowing, warm, moon, temperature
  48. Rate the climate - New Provideniya: snowfalls, average, temperatures, sunshine - Weather
  49. Winter hasn't started uot;: climate, warm, months - Weather
  50. All Time 24-Hour Snowfall Record?: snowfalls, records, temperatures, Chicago - Weather
  51. Rate the Climate: Trondheim: snowy, hot, warm, days - Weather
  52. Difference between heat index and humidex: climate, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  53. Interactive Weather Map: America, North
  54. Phoenix AZ Weather related: months, summer, live, IL
  55. how much snow will the u.s be getting?: snowfalls, storm, season - Weather
  56. Hard Freeze In California citrus areas tonight!: temperatures, days, place - Weather
  57. w - Weather
  58. News, Eiffel Tower shut and roads blocked by Paris snowfall.: places, world - Weather
  59. Which would you prefer?? Sub-Arctic Northern Quebec or one of the sub-Antarctic Islands?: climate, snow - Weather
  60. Cold Blast Hits Western USA Subtropical Zone:: climate, warmest, ice - Weather
  61. Rate the Climate: Port Renfrew, BC: snow, averages, temperatures, freezing - Weather
  62. Cheers and Jeers - Snow!: snowfall, ice, Chicago, days - Weather
  63. Rate the Climate: Kansas City: tornado, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  64. Climate Battle: Perth vs San Diego: hot, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  65. Compare Seattle weather vs Columbus, OH weather: climate, hot, averages
  66. Rate this climate: Schefferville, Canada: snowfall, warm, average, warming - Weather
  67. Rate Climate: Yreka, California: snowfall, hot, warm, average - Weather
  68. Rate the Climate - Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: snow, hot, average - Weather
  69. Rate Climate: North Pole, Alaska: hottest, warm, record, days - Weather
  70. comes the fires and drought: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  71. My Turn at Rate a Climate: Asheville, NC: hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  72. Rate the climate: New Delhi, India.: snowfall, hottest, warm, record - Weather
  73. Extreme cold in the Southern Plains: climate, records, temperatures, days - Weather
  74. Record Lows for every state: climate, snowfall, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  75. Thunder snow & Jim Cantore!: snowing, storms, America, thunderstorms - Weather
  76. Rate the climate - Resolute, Nunavut: warm, record, days, city - Weather
  77. If you could make one modification to your climate...: snowfall, warm, record - Weather
  78. City with Highest Snowfall Amounts: snow storm, recorded, Chicago, days - Weather
  79. Four Seasons of the NE or Florida: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  80. Places with cold winters but little wind (chill).: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  81. Does live in their ideal climate?: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  82. Rate this climate: Fermont, QC: snowfall, average, temperatures, precipitation - Weather
  83. Is Rome (Italy) considered sub-tropical?: climate, warm, average, temperature - Weather
  84. Rate the Climate: Portland, ME: snowy, record, temperature, nights - Weather
  85. Traveling to Siberia in January!: climate, hottest, ice, recorded - Weather
  86. Record Snow in South Korea: snowfall, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  87. Rate this climate: Omaha: snowfall, hot, warm, average - Weather
  88. Yellowknife, Canada in the winter or Phoenix in the summer?: climate, snow - Weather
  89. Rate this climate: New Suffolk: warm, average, rainfall, storms - Weather
  90. Confused about in like a lion or lamb?: climate, snow, warm - Weather
  91. Rate the Climate: snowfalls, hot, warm, record - Weather
  92. 18c temp difference in only 85km (52miles): climate, hottest, warmest - Weather
  93. Rate the Climate: St. John's, NF: snowfall, record, rainfall, days - Weather
  94. Rate the Climate III : Samawan: hottest, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  95. Another Rate the Climate: warm, nights, precipitation, sunshine - Weather
  96. February 2011 Weather Summary: climate, snowfall, hottest, warm
  97. Rate Climate: Seattle, Washington: snowfall, temperatures, days, precipitation - Weather
  98. And OUR average dream climate is...: hot, warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  99. Rate the Climate: New Surrey: snow, warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  100. Rate Climate: Wenatchee, Washington: snowfall, hot, warm, days - Weather
  101. Climate so bad that you would turn down a higher salary: hot, record - Weather
  102. Mild Colorado winters? I am suspicious: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  103. When the nights are warmer than the days: climate, snow, warmest - Weather
  104. Rate the Climate II: Kalamkotthi: hottest, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  105. Which winter day would you prefer?: snowy, average, temperatures, days - Weather
  106. Perfect Match: climate, warm, temp, rainfall - Weather
  107. Warm spell for most of the USA: snowing, record, temperatures - Weather
  108. St. Augustine, FL the best climate?: snow, hot, warmest, averages - Weather
  109. La Niña weakening: snow, average, days, storm - Weather
  110. This winter in the Northeast US: snowy, warm, average, precipitation - Weather
  111. Perfect 2 places to live (weather wise)?: climate, snowfall, warm, average
  112. Rate the climate - Lima, Peru: snow, warmest, record, temperatures - Weather
  113. Rate the Climate: Halifax, NS: snowfall, warm, record, temperature - Weather
  114. Rate the Climate: Sydney, Australia: snow, warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  115. Rate the Climate I: Parsmont: snowfall, warm, recorded - Weather
  116. Rate the Climate: Coltingbury: record, rainfall, days, precipitation - Weather
  117. Rate the Climate: Shangri-La: snow, hottest, warm, temperatures - Weather
  118. are you cold>!!!????: warm, temp, USA, summer - Weather
  119. Has had a bipolar February?: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  120. Moving because of snow: climate, snowy, warm, temperatures - Weather
  121. Cool summer/warm summer: climate, hot, warmest, averages - Weather
  122. Place in the world with the least temperature variation: climate, snowy, warm - Weather
  123. Urban heat island effect: snowfall, hot, warm, ice - Weather
  124. Your New Year's Weather forecast: climate, snow, hot, warm
  125. What is your favorite weather app. for your smartphone?: tornadoes, 2015, storm
  126. Recent extreme rainfall event in NW Western Australia?: climate, snow, hottest - Weather
  127. Is the early cold winter weather a sign that El Nino is over?: snow, hottest
  128. What's your forecast over Xmas like?: snowy, hottest, record, temp - Weather
  129. Earthquake!: earthquakes, temperature, dewpoint, sunny - Weather
  130. It's snowing in Phoenix!!!: climate, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  131. What's the most noteworthy weather/ consequence of weather seen?: climate, tornadoes
  132. Temperate Oceanic Climates vs the Subartic in summer?: snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  133. Yesterdays Lows/Highs in the USA:: snow, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  134. How did you get interested in weather/climate?: tornado, snow, hot
  135. 2010 mean temperatures: snow, warmest, recorded, rainfall - Weather
  136. Crazy Weather-Another BIG Pattern Change?: snowing, warmest, records, days
  137. December 2010 Weather Summary: snow, warmest, records, global warming
  138. not see snow: average, days, most, inches - Weather
  139. Expecting a White Christmas This Year?: snowfall, warm, day - Weather
  140. Where would you like to live in each continent?: climate, hottest, averages - Weather
  141. November 2010 Weather Summary: climate, snowfall, warm, records
  142. Melbourne thunderstorms Dec 2: snow, hot, warm, moon - Weather
  143. Have the Temps Drop Below Zero: warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  144. Proportion of people who've never seen snow: days, cities, Canada - Weather
  145. When does winter start for you?: snow, warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  146. Rain at Night: climate, warm, recorded, warming - Weather
  147. How cold is cold!: climate, snow, warm, ice - Weather
  148. Missing green vegetation (in the winter) and its effect on mood.: climate, snowfall - Weather
  149. Has heard of excess UVB limiting plant growth ?: warm, temp - Weather
  150. looks like global warming started kinda early this winter: climate, snowing, average - Weather
  151. Places With Large Daily Variations in Temperature (Within Seasons): climate, snow, hot - Weather
  152. Winter 2010-2011: snowfalls, warm, ice, recorded - Weather
  153. 4 Seasons in 1 Day: climate, snowing, warm, temperatures - Weather
  154. What causes the humidity to go down and the air to get dry?: climate, warm - Weather
  155. Indoor temps summer vs. winter: climate, hot, warm, ice - Weather
  156. How accurate is weather forecasting in the media?: climate, snow, temperatures
  157. News, Author claims in the grip of a mini ice age: climate, snowfall - Weather
  158. Places with sultry summer nights: climate, hottest, warm, record - Weather
  159. My own city weather ranking: climate, snow, warmest, average
  160. Bye Bye to Coconut Palms on South Padre Island: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  161. Winter Storm Watches and Warnings in Texas and Louisiana: snow, warm, ice - Weather
  162. Bitter cold in Texas... of the coldest temps in the USA right now: snow, warm - Weather
  163. Weather Underground site trashed: day, city, forecast
  164. Forecasted Highs/Lows/Precip USA 02/02/11: climate, records, temperatures, city - Weather
  165. January 2011 Weather Summary: snowfall, hottest, warmest, ice
  166. Can find a 'medium' between 2?: climate, hottest, warm - Weather
  167. DEEP FREEZE! Highs/Lows in the USA 02/01/11: warmest, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  168. Springwatch 2011: snowfalls, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  169. Climate and human development: snow, hot, warm, average - Weather
  170. What do you prefer - sunny & mild or overcast & mild?: climate, snowy - Weather
  171. Sounds of Summer: hot, warm, warming, day - Weather
  172. Phoenix sets an all time COLD record: recorded, temperatures, days - Weather
  173. How exactly do you dress for certain temperatures?: snowy, warmest, day - Weather
  174. Why do a majority of people hate snow?: climate, snowy, hot - Weather
  175. Wishing it was 100 degrees right now.: snow, hot, warm, average - Weather
  176. Brownsville breaks low high temperature record: warm, recorded, temperatures, days - Weather
  177. Camped outside Sunday night at -27F!: snow, hot, warmest - Weather
  178. Multi-Day Dangerous, Destructive Winter Storm on the way??: tornadoes, snowfall, record - Weather
  179. Yesterday's (1/20/2010) Highs/Lows in USA:: snow, warmest, average, temperatures - Weather
  180. Which has the best year round climate, NC, SC, GA, or FL?: snow, hot - Weather
  181. There was a 129 F difference between the coldest and warmest spot in the USA today:: climate, recorded - Weather
  182. High Dewpoints: climate, hot, warm, record - Weather
  183. US cities with comfortable dew points year round: snow, warm, temperatures - Weather
  184. Where July or January is not the hottest month.: climate, warmest, averages - Weather
  185. UV/ Heat Index: climate, hot, warm, temperature - Weather
  186. Why are weather forecasters, in the news, so negitave?: climate, warm, record
  187. for people who live in snow and ice every winter:: snowing, warm - Weather
  188. Yesterdays (1/24/2010) Highs and Lows in USA:: climate, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  189. The Rain: climate, snow, rainfall, days - Weather
  190. What kind of weather will the current La Nina produce during this coming spring and summer in the Northeast US?: climate, snowy
  191. % of Americans who understand Centigrade: hottest, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  192. What state or place have no winter or very mild winter?: climate, snow - Weather
  193. Measure of precipitation duration (eg. hours of rain per month): climate, snow - Weather
  194. Yesterday (Feburay 6th, 2010) highs/lows in USA:: warmest, temp, days - Weather
  195. News, Groundhogs Lousy at Predictions; Will a Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Be Better?: record, America - Weather
  196. News, You know your in the Snow when this happens.: Vermont - Weather
  197. Yesterdays (Feb 15th, 2011) Highs/lows in the USA:: warmest, places, most - Weather
  198. Avalanches causing problems? - Weather
  199. For Full-time Living? NorthWest (OR) or SouthWest (AZ)?: climate, warm, ice - Weather
  200. ever see a lot of car boats.. check out this vid in australia - Weather