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  1. News, Cats Were Farmers' Friends 5K Years Ago: domestic, time, humans
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  3. A man in uniform who loves cats- Wow what a combination
  4. Engineers Guide to Cats- The Sequel
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  7. Beautiful cow kitty and her person - Cats
  8. Over-licking belly: blood, food, bite, medication - Cats
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  15. Merry Christmas And A (Not So) Silent Night - Cats
  16. Lemon grass and cats?: kitten, eating, safe, food
  17. Jasper's Conversion to Indoor Cat...: kittens, throw, dog, litter - Cats
  18. Burma the adventure cat climbs the highest peaks and swims in rivers.: dog, chronic - Cats
  19. How come we never hear about bad cat breath?: eating, weight, kidney - Cats
  20. Why are Cats so much stronger than dogs?: male, weight, feline
  21. 16 year old cat's head is now twitching/shaking slightly, sometimes: eating, house - Cats
  22. Do cats perfer to bond with another pet more closely than with a human?: kittens, male
  23. cat loosing hair in clumps, does not seem sick: male, fleas, kitty - Cats
  24. And I can't get my children to answer the phone.: butt, time - Cats
  25. Strict Rules for How to Deal With Stray Cats: kittens, sleeping, food
  26. Kitty's favorite perch- video: kitten - Cats
  27. Update on my 2 new additions to my family: eating, foods, hair - Cats
  28. Cat only drinks water from tub: litter, licking, shelter, diarrhea - Cats
  29. Dog bone for cats?: safe, dogs, chews, bite
  30. Cold weather really brings cats to life !: kitten, eating, dogs
  31. 3 year old girl and newborn kitten grow up together: rescue - Cats
  32. Indoor cat suddenly wants out: kitten, eating, weight, laser - Cats
  33. Cats Guide to Christmas: house, coupons, kitchen, floor
  34. My kind of guy: kittens, weight, dogs, couch - Cats
  35. Cats Fighting (used to be friendly): litter, house, female, rescue
  36. Pet station- cats or dogs: furniture, ideas
  37. 4.5 year old male, fixed, brain damage, humping: blood, sleeping, dogs - Cats
  38. New book: Cats suffer from Arrested Development: breeders, dogs, domestic
  39. No Respect and No Privacy: meows, dog, domestic, paws - Cats
  40. German designed cat climbing furniture: weight, butt - Cats
  41. Look What this Cat-Loving (and hot) Guy did: kitten - Cats
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  43. The Adventures of Business Cat: house, urine, tuna, floor - Cats
  44. Shoes for cat lovers - Cats
  45. Beware not to leave books open at night - Cats
  46. Does your cat see invisible intruders in the house?: eating, scratch, floor - Cats
  47. Cats love to supervise: sleeping, food, dog, bite
  48. Siblings and territory issues?: kittens, food, meowing, bite - Cats
  49. Help me get my new cat to stop harassing my resident cat....: kitten, eating - Cats
  50. Today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day- KK Where are you?: main, house - Cats
  51. Exactly who is the trained one The cat or the person?: felines, food - Cats
  52. Looking for a specific carrier: dogs, medication, litter, cheap - Cats
  53. Nature's Variety Instinct Canned Lamb, Rabbit, or Duck?: eating, foods, diet - Cats
  54. Wishing everyone a Happy & safe New Year: kitty, healthy, night - Cats
  55. Sexiest cat guys of 2013: male, kitty, best - Cats
  56. Alpha Kitten?: kittens, male, dogs, litter - Cats
  57. If you want someone to talk with get a Siamese- video: kitty, humane - Cats
  58. Origin-cause of ear bumps: dogs, hair, healthy, vet - Cats
  59. Arthritis or pain relieving meds for cats?: weight, kidney, dogs
  60. L-Lysine for cats?: kittens, feline, kidney, canned food
  61. Kitten after distemper shot: eating, safe, sleeping, canned food - Cats
  62. What's a good soft wire brush for my longhair boy?: dogs, butt - Cats
  63. Charlie doing a weird bathing thing.: vets, seizures, strange, mouth - Cats
  64. Helping Cats in Your Community
  65. Now I've seen Everything. Unbelievable Video of ......: dogs, training, time - Cats
  66. Pooping outside the box now?: eating, safe, dogs, litter - Cats
  67. Feliway not working?: eating, safe, smells, food - Cats
  68. Naughty Naughty Cats: house, paws, shelter, time
  69. coronavirus - looking for on healthy cats who test positive: kittens, feline
  70. Old stray cat habits die hard? food aggression?: kitten, eating, safe - Cats
  71. Mama Cat adopts rather strange orphans - Cats
  72. Went and got such a cute adoreable Kitty..: kittens, feline, foods - Cats
  73. I didn't know cats knew...: stress
  74. Exercising with cats: butt, scratch, floor, room
  75. 3 Cats not getting along: eating, male, smells, litter
  76. Do you like Simon's Cat?: time - Cats
  77. 6 signs your cat loves you- video - Cats
  78. Cats caring for humans - this explains a lot!: dogs, paws, cleaning
  79. Will your cats do this at Christmas?: kitten, dog, house
  80. Happiness is.... - Cats
  81. Cat and Mouse games: kitten, house, kitty, rodents - Cats
  82. Happy Thanksgiving Cat folks!: safe, smells, belly, dogs - Cats
  83. 100 cats in an Ikea store: keeping, best, how much, white
  84. Sweet Friendship Between a Cat and a Horse: humans - Cats
  85. Do cats get laryngitis?: male, siamese, food, meowing
  86. help: throw, medicine, rescue, kitty - Cats
  87. Sneaky trick I played on Orion..: eating, throw, canned food, dogs - Cats
  88. Maru has a Baby Brother: kitten, sleeping, house, best - Cats
  89. Neighbor gave away kittens on Halloween! They look like Bobbles!: throw, litter - Cats
  90. My shelter is full: declawed, domestic, litter, house - Cats
  91. Temperament of kittens: declawed, blood, dogs, bite - Cats
  92. May I have my computer back,: kittens, kitty, tuna - Cats
  93. Cat's are just nuts !: kitten, food, butt, female - Cats
  94. Cats can calm down dogs
  95. Cat fur filter?: eating, foods, shedding, hair - Cats
  96. Thor the kitten likes to be in the same place forgetting he is getting bigger and bigger. - Cats
  97. Sharing information on finding a lost cat: kittens, safe, house - Cats
  98. Orion the tolerant kitty: kitten, feline, smelling, dogs - Cats
  99. Do you video your cats when you are gone?: safe, dogs, litter
  100. Get your copy of The Paw Project Movie DVD: special - Cats
  101. Have you ever seen a kitten suck it's own back toes like this?: kittens - Cats
  102. This man really wants his cat back from his ex! - Cats
  103. Parenting tips from Mama Cat - Cats
  104. Kittens can be so annoying: adopting, kitty, older, adult - Cats
  105. What happens when a stray adopts you: kitten - Cats
  106. Can you imagine if Santa Used Cats Instead of Reindeer?
  107. Weird cat stretches vertically- a lot! video: blood, strange - Cats
  108. Thyroid iodine therapy: eating, kidney, cheap, kitty - Cats
  109. Nope!: kitten, kitty, water - Cats
  110. Owning cats can lead to serious mental health issues: throwing, dogs, house
  111. Is this true? Sorry, But Your Cat Is Actually A Total Jerk. It's Just Science.: food, dogs - Cats
  112. My Cat Doesn't Purr: kittens, belly, dogs, house - Cats
  113. Stray Cat STILL terrorizing the neighborhood: eating, sleeping, food, dogs - Cats
  114. T. Trichonomas Foetas (microscopic parasite): kittens, canned food, liquid, medicine - Cats
  115. Bobbles hurt her claw! Blood everywhere!!: declaw, carpet, antibiotics, dog - Cats
  116. How do you know if a cat likes you?: kittens, bite, hair - Cats
  117. Relocating, what to do with outdoor feral?!: kittens, food, blanket - Cats
  118. Let's talk about the BOX !: sleeping, dog, main - Cats
  119. Charlie just had a seizure...I think: eating, food, medication - Cats
  120. Police do nothing.....: dogs, kitty, cruel, cost - Cats
  121. Cat Asthma: eating, feline, sleeping, throw - Cats
  122. Is ever alone in the bathroom after you have a cat?: rug, dogs - Cats
  123. Sister cats hate each other after being best friends since little: kittens, male
  124. moved to new place, is kitty depressed or content and happy?: kitten, felines - Cats
  125. Cats and cold weather.: kittens, eating, safe, food
  126. New cat help! Marking his territory!: eating, male, weight, foods - Cats
  127. One of my girls has to have surgery Tuesday.: eating, laser, paws - Cats
  128. Litter of Kittens Busts Into Maximum Security Prison: eating, food - Cats
  129. How does your cat add to your life?: kittens, vomit, blood - Cats
  130. Cat fur analysis: blood, throw, hair, vet - Cats
  131. has your kitty had an ear infection?: eating, blood, antibiotics - Cats
  132. Why are cats so damn cute?!?!?! And why does it seem like they're from another universe?: sleeping, dogs
  133. Best Dry Cat Food: sleeping, canned food, diet, feed - Cats
  134. Awww, Crap!: kitten, weight, feline, bite - Cats
  135. How attached are cats to their owners?: male, siamese, coons
  136. How to give a cat a bath?!?!?!: kitten, dog, house - Cats
  137. Grooming: smelling, medicine, hair, house - Cats
  138. I have decided to adopt the Feral cat in my shed: kitten, male - Cats
  139. Is your cat afraid of the stairs?: kittens, carpet, food - Cats
  140. Would you feed baby mice to your cat?: dog, domestic, house - Cats
  141. Cats' Underbellies: kittens, male, belly, sleeping
  142. Is ham a no-no for cats?: eating, canned food, dog, bite
  143. There's only one thing I understand about Bobbles...: sleeping, dog, bite - Cats
  144. New kitten aclimating to my dogs.: kittens, litter, kitty, vet - Cats
  145. Post cat fight risks?: feline, blood, safe, antibiotics - Cats
  146. about OUTDOOR cats: throwing, dogs, fleas
  147. TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) Program Diary: kittens, feline, ferral, safe - Cats
  148. World's Best Cat Toy- but put it up at night!: dog, paws - Cats
  149. Something isn't right about Bobbles....: kittens, declawed, blood, smelling - Cats
  150. this is why I have to constantly fluff pillows ... (PIC): eating, sleeping - Cats
  151. trying to get my guest room ready ...: food, dog, blanket - Cats
  152. Cat hissing at kids out of no where?: kittens, male, blood - Cats
  153. Cats and the Christmas tree: kittens, carpet, safe, butt
  154. People who hate cats: meows, dogs, senior, time
  155. Cats are smarter than Dogs.: kittens, eating, meowing, domestic
  156. Claws of Destruction: kitten, carpet, smells, belly - Cats
  157. No more pets in Nashville TN.... it's getting there!: kittens, eating, male - Cats
  158. My helper...: kitten, kitchen, clothes, room - Cats
  159. Leaving a Cat While Traveling: food, litter, feed, kitchen - Cats
  160. Can kids be cat ladies? =/: sleeping, dog, blanket, hair - Cats
  161. youtube video of woman attacked by a cat: dog, fence, kitty - Cats
  162. Do you have a velcro cat?: eating, sleeping, dogs, litter - Cats
  163. Going on a Trip: Best Option for Bobbles?: kittens, blood, belly - Cats
  164. Is adopting an senior cat a good idea?: kittens, male, weight - Cats
  165. Does my cat likely just want and enjoy: eating, feline, laser - Cats
  166. Can't find my new cat IN the house: eating, safe, food - Cats
  167. Should I Quit Feeding Stray Cat?: kittens, food, meowing, dogs - Cats
  168. Oh cats (video about cats and their attachment, or lack of, to us): sleeping, food
  169. I am thinking about getting a cat (first time apt owner): kittens, carpet - Cats
  170. What did your cat(s) get for Christmas?: dogs, main, collar - Cats
  171. BF letting indoor cat I being overprotective?: dogs, howling, fleas - Cats
  172. Let's see your kitties in a harness!: kitty, training, time - Cats
  173. Using two different kinds of cat food?: kitten, throw, foods - Cats
  174. If you want privacy you better lock the door: throw, dog, house - Cats
  175. 7 ways cat show affection.: eating, belly, sleeping, bite - Cats
  176. Odd cat habits: kitten, feline, rug, throw - Cats
  177. Best Cat Food for a cat who needs to gain a couple of pounds: kitten, eating - Cats
  178. Talk about conflict of interest!: feline, foods, dog, diet - Cats
  179. Deluxe Cat Tree: kittens, carpet, hair, kitty - Cats
  180. Need lots of help integrating cat: kittens, eating, sleeping, food - Cats
  181. A few new pics of Kitty Katty and Charlie: eating, house, hissing - Cats
  182. Having a hard time: eating, food, dogs, medication - Cats
  183. Orion has more abscesses =(: kitten, blood, antibiotics, liquid - Cats
  184. Charley: eating, dogs, time - Cats
  185. Generosity means hired full time feral cat trapper - Cats
  186. Our Zoe's losing fur - suggestions: litter, fleas, butt - Cats
  187. The Belly Trap: feline, bite, paws, teeth - Cats
  188. Cat percussionist: kitty - Cats
  189. Cat tries on her new Easter Bonnet - Cats
  190. Baby and kitty play a game - Cats
  191. What is this silly cat doing?: licking - Cats
  192. Dreaming of Mama?- video: kitten, kneading - Cats
  193. A little bit to the left. Oh Now a little bit to the right. Down a scootch: kitty - Cats
  194. Cats love babies- video
  195. Sexy men and Adorable Cats- Don't Miss This!
  196. One of my favorite cat videos- worth repeating: time - Cats
  197. Watch Grumpy Cat Hate on Christmas in New Music Video: feline, hair - Cats
  198. Cats on the prowl....
  199. Rubber Cat Claw Covers: furniture, claws, time - Cats
  200. Bath time: licking - Cats