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  15. Rufus, Clooney and the twins: feline, food, house, paws - Cats
  16. Sneeze aggression?: male, siamese, meows, healthy - Cats
  17. Cat Teeth Cleaning: kidney, tooth, kitty, healthy - Cats
  18. Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD): eating, kidney, blood, canned food - Cats
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  26. A good example of fever-coat kittens.: litter - Cats
  27. What do you feed your Diabetic cat: weight, feline, canned food - Cats
  28. How Can I Help This Cat?: declaw, kidney, safe, throw - Cats
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  30. Dr. Marty Nature's Feast: food, feed, protein, salmon - Cats
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  33. Normal Creatinine 1.9, low Phosphorous & high BUN of 46?: kidney, diet, vet - Cats
  34. Two kittens rescued in the nick of time.: paws - Cats
  35. Cats rescued from the winter cold.: safe, kitty, time, humans
  36. how New York's feline frenzy made headlines decades ago: kitten - Cats
  37. A cat's tale, amazing survival in and after the fire: weight, food - Cats
  38. Can someone help me figure out what to do😭: kitten, male - Cats
  39. Lots of Meowing: blood, food, vet, hyperthyroid - Cats
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  41. the evolution of a naughty kitty named Chloe ...: kittens, eating, house - Cats
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  43. Mean spirited kitty!: sleeping, litter, hair, licking - Cats
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  46. Cat is losing weight,Still has appetite no matter how much I feed him: eating, kidney - Cats
  47. vibrating tail: food, female, feed, spraying - Cats
  48. Underweight and picky eating cat: blood, stomach, canned food, antibiotics - Cats
  49. A Scary Thing Happened Today: dogs, house, rescue, adoption - Cats
  50. Bad food?: appetite, medicine, house, feed - Cats
  51. Feline skin flea allergy treatments: kitten, eating, blood, constantly - Cats
  52. Cat Insurance - what do you use?: constantly, younger, kitty - Cats
  53. Barn kitten wins the lottery.: kittens - Cats
  54. Cats and UTI's: weight, feline, throws up, canned food
  55. Recommend quality dry cat food that is SOFT to eat?: weight, canned food - Cats
  56. Best cat for allergies: male, breeder, main, domestic - Cats
  57. Another kitty rescue story & lottery winner.: kitten, special, jump - Cats
  58. going on vacation how to feed cat: food, shelter, stray - Cats
  59. cat's hearing: feline, sleeping, food, meowing - Cats
  60. How about a miracle?: survive - Cats
  61. Cat Saves Florida Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: dog, dangerous, night - Cats
  62. Stop Blaming Feral Cats: food, dogs, cheap, humane
  63. A future Cat Lady in the making.: kitten, dose, humans - Cats
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  65. What a difference a couple of weeks can make: safe, dogs, vet - Cats
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  67. mainecoon: food, female - Cats
  68. Woman adopts deaf senior kitty--today's aw post: shelter, special - Cats
  69. Worms in cat litter: weight, medication, fleas, female - Cats
  70. best/good battery or self heating pad for outdoor ferals?: dog, house - Cats
  71. The frustrating feeling when your Cat keeps spraying everywhere in the house!: male, peeing - Cats
  72. How to lose a few pounds?: eating, weight, food, vet - Cats
  73. Cats Rescued From California Fires: dogs, butt, paws, shelter
  74. Have you had your kitty hug today?: kitten, special - Cats
  75. Five Famous Cats Of War: time, rodent
  76. Wet food that doesn’t make me want to vomit?: kittens, eating - Cats
  77. Cat kidney & size of litter clumps?: peeing, elderly, vet - Cats
  78. An orphan finds a family.: kittens - Cats
  79. Why do cats get excited by a can opener when they've always had pull top canned foods?: kittens, sleeping
  80. Has had Permethrin infused clothes (like insectshield) around cats?: eating, prevention
  81. The best way to take a nap.: kittens, house - Cats
  82. Cat that went missing 5 years ago found: feline, house, healthy - Cats
  83. Developing separation anxiety?: male, meows, medication, healthy - Cats
  84. Feral young cat has mouth twitch/chatter/quiver of lower jaw?: kitten, feline - Cats
  85. Mama Cat with an extra helper.: kittens, male, rescue, adoption - Cats
  86. Help! My cat has been releasing weird liquids.: vomit, stomach, vet - Cats
  87. Which book is best to follow to speak to your Cat?: house, kitty - Cats
  88. Insulin for cat: feline, blood, liquid, cheap - Cats
  89. Burger joint rescue.: kitten - Cats
  90. My cat Oliver had PU surgery 4 days ago and now his leg is swollen: vet - Cats
  91. Found on my feral cat.: hair, fleas, disease, floor - Cats
  92. Primal's brand Raw good but high in phosphorous via bones used?: kidney, canned food - Cats
  93. First sign of vision problems...?: male, kidney, blood, food - Cats
  94. Drinks too much/too fast and throws up: eating, vomits, kidney - Cats
  95. Another Hope For Paws Rescue: kitty - Cats
  96. A foster failure.... times 4.: kittens, rescue - Cats
  97. Thanks - giving: eating, felines, house, kitty - Cats
  98. have trouble with CD being slow?: main, time - Cats
  99. have experience with vaccine induced carcinoma (skin cancer): eating, feline, sleeping - Cats
  100. Do pet food companies actually taste-test new cat foods on actual cats?: eating, blood
  101. Convenia--NOT: eating, stomach, food, antibiotic - Cats
  102. raw feeders out there?: kittens, eating, vomiting, blood - Cats
  103. If you have multiple species of pets... Where do you keep your cat's food?: kitten, throw - Cats
  104. My weird cat and her peculiarities 😊: kitten, male, blood, stomach - Cats
  105. My cat is chewing himself bald: kittens, belly, dog, main - Cats
  106. Cats and snacks: eating, safe, foods, bite
  107. The end of a cartoon legend.: eating, paws, tuna - Cats
  108. My cat's personality changed overnight - help!: eating, laser, blood - Cats
  109. Is It Just Me Or Do You Cat Parents Talk To Your Cat Too? Lol: male, food - Cats
  110. My cat is always hungry!: eating, weight, kidney, blood - Cats
  111. Clipping Cats' Claws: kittens, stomach, bengal, house
  112. toys and cat tree houses: kitty, price, adult, survive - Cats
  113. Taken to task by my cat, Marlie: kitten, food, meowing - Cats
  114. I feel bad seeing my cat sleep like this: safe, sleeping, hair - Cats
  115. Tortoiseshell cats - the underappreciated healers?: male, food, dogs, hair
  116. mr molly: cancer, best, special - Cats
  117. Something a cat lover can relate to.: kittens, house, surgery - Cats
  118. Destructive cat: kitten, weight, throw, canned food - Cats
  119. Don't you love it when your cat snores...?: sleeping, dogs, house - Cats
  120. Woman adopts 20 year old cat from shelter: dogs, constantly, kitty - Cats
  121. What's the worst thing your Cat has ever done?: kitten, feline, howling - Cats
  122. 2 newly adopted kittens with ringworm: throwing, blankets, litter, kitty - Cats
  123. Don't sweater??: eating, blankets, rescue, kitty - Cats
  124. A cute kitty, but what is it?: kitten, savannah, bengal - Cats
  125. Crusty-Eyed Cat: male, weight, feline, belly - Cats
  126. Should I get my cat a friend?: kittens, male, siamese - Cats
  127. Our cat has diabetes: feline, blood, canned food, diet - Cats
  128. How many mg Prednisolone: eating, weight, siamese, sleeping - Cats
  129. Really *yummy* cat food?: eating, male, weight, vomit - Cats
  130. Kidney support food: kitten, eating, male, weight - Cats
  131. Kitty is terrified of a clothes line: hair, cheap, natural - Cats
  132. Is something going around?: eating, male, vomiting, drinks - Cats
  133. How do your cats let you know they're hungry?: canned food, dogs, house
  134. My cat licks his paw, then wipes his face with it. Is this normal?: cleaning, humans - Cats
  135. Need advice about adopting cat: eating, hair, constantly, house - Cats
  136. I just found eating, stomach, throwing, foods - Cats
  137. Neglected Outdoor Cat: male, food, litter, house - Cats
  138. Help with neighborhood cats: male, dogs, house, vet
  139. What are of your cat's favorite spots?: carpet, sleeping - Cats
  140. Mystery Cat: Is this a Feral, Stray, or Pet??: kitten, eating - Cats
  141. Have you had neutered male cats without problems of crystals in their urine?: kitten, canned food
  142. Cat Share: kitten, dogs, constantly, diet - Cats
  143. Cat drinking water fountains: drinks, dogs, crystals, olive - Cats
  144. Where do cats go in cold weather?: weight, safe, dogs
  145. have a Maine Coon?: eating, male, weight, feline - Cats
  146. Is there way to tame a feral kitten?: kittens, eating, male - Cats
  147. Bathtime: fleas, female, teeth, vet - Cats
  148. Wiping kitty eyes (& butt): safe, dogs, bite, rescue - Cats
  149. Fleas: eating, weight, safe, food - Cats
  150. Ode to Emma: eating, male, sleeping, food - Cats
  151. Do you donate to cat rescue groups/organizations?: kittens, vomit, food - Cats
  152. This Is Why Cats Sleep So Much: felines, sleeping, domestic
  153. My Electra: food, medication, hair, paws - Cats
  154. Do you ever let your indoor cats go outside?: declawed, throw, food
  155. Has tried Homeopet products?: kittens, weight, carpet, foods - Cats
  156. What's the funniest thing your Cat has ever done?: hair, rescue, paws - Cats
  157. That old myth about cats & babies... busted.: rescue, shelter, natural
  158. Benny's pooping problems: eating, canned food, main, litter - Cats
  159. A good example of not giving up on a stray.: dog, house - Cats
  160. main personality differences in male or female cats?: kitten, weight, litter
  161. Had to put down our cat -- he made it to 20 yrs 6 months: weight, throw - Cats
  162. What Cat trees do you Cat parents have if you don't have much space?: male, weight - Cats
  163. Cat and vaping: safe, floor, reaction, room - Cats
  164. My Dog Killed a Stray Cat Today: kittens, blood, dogs - Cats
  165. New Kitten pooping in sink: kittens, stomach, safe, litter - Cats
  166. My overweight cat needs to lose a little weight...: feline, kidney, canned food - Cats
  167. To cheer up my cat lover friends: male, belly, litter - Cats
  168. Jinx is doing great and a Speck update.: declawed, kidney, food - Cats
  169. Bianca is having a seizure: male, kidney, safe, foods - Cats
  170. RIP Scotty (a.k.a. The Scottish Cat): male, dog, house - Cats
  171. Cat losing weight rapidly and can't find a reason: eating, vomiting, kidney - Cats
  172. Drs. Foster & Smith is closing: medication, cheap, vets, prescription - Cats
  173. Radial Nerve Damage: male, laser, safe, liquid - Cats
  174. Cat has lymphoma - what to expect during last weeks/ days: eating, weight - Cats
  175. Stray cat, animal rescue recommendations?: kitten, belly, food, dog - Cats
  176. Vanishing cat: male, siamese, safe, food - Cats
  177. Heated Cat Houses/Pads: eating, male, sleeping, food - Cats
  178. Cat hind foot swollen: kidney, blood, stomach, antibiotic - Cats
  179. Nail Covers?: kitten, furniture, hair, paws - Cats
  180. Happy Ending For Cat Ret'd To Shelter For Being Too Affectionate: dogs, house - Cats
  181. how much should i feed my cat a day?: kittens, feline, kidney - Cats
  182. Vet Fat-Shamed us and Our Cat!: weight, vomiting, blood, stomach - Cats
  183. Going out of town for 6 days...: male, throws up, food, dog - Cats
  184. Cat Missing - Seminole County, Florida: kitten, food, house, feed - Cats
  185. A kittens' 1st Christmas: laser, litter, hair, house - Cats
  186. A fort enclosure for George: weight, fence, teeth, kitty - Cats
  187. Kitten 7 months. Spayed 3 days ago now vomiting.: kittens, eating, kitty - Cats
  188. Whenever someone says cats only love us for food..: dogs, hair, feed
  189. Cat accidents in airplane cabin: kidney, throw, dogs - Cats
  190. A feline heaven of Catios: eating, food, house, teeth - Cats
  191. Devastating news about Jinx today: eating, weight, feline, kidney - Cats
  192. Does Your Cat Slowly Blink At You?: feline, house, shelter - Cats
  193. Which Cat Litter do you use?: weight, smells, house, kitty - Cats
  194. How do you spend time with your cat?: kittens, laser, smelling - Cats
  195. Pu surgery: vet, deter - Cats
  196. Raspy Purr, Cough, Reduced Appetite: kittens, vet, stray, symptoms - Cats
  197. Holiday kids & kittens: special - Cats
  198. A spotted cat and his little friends - Cats
  199. Meow meow! (Happy Holidays) 2018: felines, time - Cats
  200. A rescue to give thanks for.: kittens, paws - Cats