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  1. Dog day care: Elkhart: place, dogs, free - Indiana (IN)
  2. From Florida wanting to move to Ill or Indi: Indianapolis: real estate, apartments (IN)
  3. Autism Conference: Technologies for Language Intervention in with Non-Verbal Autism: Indianapolis: university, live (IN)
  4. Questions about Anderson, IN: Indianapolis, Alexandria: insurance, house, safe area
  5. Commuting from Valparaiso to Chicago?: Portage, Michigan City: how much, schools, colleges - Indiana (IN)
  6. Free Spanish class in Lafayette?: teach, engineer - Indiana (IN)
  7. Best High schools aroung Columbus, IN: Indianapolis, Greenwood: best towns, home, theater
  8. Indiana: best example of 2 flagship univ's state?: Columbus, Auburn: schools, universities (IN)
  9. Best Towns/Cities in certain Countys: Evansville, Bloomington: HOA fees, low crime, home - Indiana (IN)
  10. planning on a trip to indiana: Indianapolis, Evansville: to rent, car insurance, townhomes (IN)
  11. Social Security Number?: Indianapolis, Columbus, Greenwood: extended stay, apartment complex, city hall (IN)
  12. Indiana has best business climate in Midwest: Indianapolis: compensation, taxes (IN)
  13. Northeast Indiana, Middlebury or Nappanee Move: Elkhart, Goshen: 2013, renting, living (IN)
  14. Map of South Bend neighborhoods: Mishawaka, Granger: crime, safe neighborhoods, dangerous - Indiana (IN)
  15. Southern Indiana Flea Markets: Bloomington: pharmacy, floors, health (IN)
  16. Map of South Bend neighborhoods: safe neighborhoods, vs., safe - Indiana (IN)
  17. 2012 State fair: Fishers: coupons, lawsuits, train - Indiana (IN)
  18. 2013 Indiana Predator Challenge: properties, pictures, limit (IN)
  19. Where to live in/near Lafayette, IN?: West Lafayette, Brookville: real estate, apartments - Indiana
  20. Scanner listeners: Anderson, Hope: military, dangerous, moving to - Indiana (IN)
  21. Need advice - Arbos condominiums on 56th street in Lawrence: Indianapolis: crime, landscaping (IN)
  22. Peace and Quiet: Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel: houses, living in, shop (IN)
  23. Newburgh in town safe?: Hope: live, most dangerous, gangs - Indiana (IN)
  24. Single woman moving to St. Joseph County, Indiana...questions!: South Bend: apartments, low crime (IN)
  25. ? on Real estate market in Indiana: Muncie, Winchester: section 8, renters, to buy (IN)
  26. Silver Lake Indiana Cousins: store, post office, best (IN)
  27. Lafayette...second brainiest city in the U.S.: neighborhoods, statistics - Indiana (IN)
  28. Bloomington to downtown Indy commute: Ellettsville, Southport: live, work, drive - Indiana (IN)
  29. a nice small town in indiana: Indianapolis, Bloomington: apartment, rent, crime (IN)
  30. ahnybody with griffith: store, vacation, reviews - Indiana (IN)
  31. New Harrison area: West Harrison: utilities, moving to, design - Indiana (IN)
  32. Indiana unemployment: unemployment benefits, move to, pay (IN)
  33. about school districts: South Bend, Elkhart: buying a house, buying, live in - Indiana (IN)
  34. Apts in Tipton,Kokomo or Westfield ?: Indianapolis: apartments, school, living in (IN)
  35. Indiana toll road rate increase July 1: South Bend: cost, activity, cars (IN)
  36. Indiana taxpayers to see refund from state revenue surplus: Indianapolis: bankruptcy, school (IN)
  37. Mobile Home Questions: Evansville, Goshen, Middlebury: low income, apartment, rental - Indiana (IN)
  38. Thoughts on Nappanee?: Indianapolis, South Bend, Elkhart: middle-class, fit in, apartment complexes (IN)
  39. Are Building Code Violations?: Newburgh: apartment, house, tenants - Indiana (IN)
  40. Yea Columbus ... Again: Economy: architecture, cities, architect - Indiana (IN)
  41. Warsaw, Syracuse, Bass lake, where to look for property?: homes, to buy - Indiana (IN)
  42. Powerball Jackpot is now at 425 MILLION!: buying, ticket, dollar - Indiana (IN)
  43. Vincennes Indiana: Indianapolis, Knox: sex offender, mobile home, school (IN)
  44. help on an old address: Muncie: house, station, gas - Indiana (IN)
  45. Help! just closed on a house and owners changed kitchen floor!: Hope: closing, money - Indiana (IN)
  46. Another odd: Columbus, Seymour: live, moving to, teacher - Indiana (IN)
  47. s on Anderson in?: Indianapolis, Fishers: apartments, townhomes, neighborhoods (IN)
  48. Jasper area housing: Huntingburg: house prices, neighborhood, good schools - Indiana (IN)
  49. Moving from SoCal to Indianapolis: Hope: apartment complexes, to rent, theater (IN)
  50. Merry Christmas and Safe Travels: Gary: winter, state, personal - Indiana (IN)
  51. how is the town of greenfield?: crime, homes, high school - Indiana (IN)
  52. Power of a Maintenance Man?: Amo: apartment, leasing, evictions - Indiana (IN)
  53. New Albany - construction help: home, license, plumbing - Indiana (IN)
  54. Currently in Terre Haute, looking to relocate around Feb/March?: Indianapolis: real estate, 2013 (IN)
  55. Jobs in Monticello area? help us out!: Indianapolis, Lafayette: sales, apartment (IN)
  56. Rural country: Boonville: for sale, real estate, homes - Indiana (IN)
  57. Landlord Repair Responsibility/Tenant Obligations Outside of Lease: real estate, apartment - Indiana (IN)
  58. Columbus, IN HOusing: how much, house, neighborhoods - Indiana
  59. Columbus Architecture Top 6th in The Nation: Washington, Francisco: living, shop - Indiana (IN)
  60. I've read 'em all but...........Bloomington?: real estate market, sublease, apartment complexes - Indiana (IN)
  61. Looking for Catholic parish with weekly Traditional Latin Mass within 50 miles of Petersburg, Indiana: Evansville: business (IN)
  62. French Lick Resort: West Baden Springs: hotels, houses, casino - Indiana (IN)
  63. Good for Columbus and Elkhart: college, move, architecture - Indiana (IN)
  64. Terre Haute Journalism Student Needs Sources for Story on Losing Narcotic Meds: legally - Indiana (IN)
  65. News, Gundlach loved his hometown of Elkhart, to the tune of $125 million.: money - Indiana (IN)
  66. Portage Street South Bend: live in, safe, budget - Indiana (IN)
  67. Indiana....: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend: rental, condos, how much (IN)
  68. Need on safe Elkhart IN neighborhoods: South Bend, Mishawaka: condo, crime - Indiana
  69. Unemployment Appeal Continuance: Indianapolis: insurance, credit, buying (IN)
  70. Evansville 47714 area...: real estate, to live, area code - Indiana (IN)
  71. Why is Indiana the crossroads of America??: Terre Haute: east coast, town (IN)
  72. Next - Hairdressers in Columbus?: Washington: places, good, modern - Indiana (IN)
  73. Communities around Evansville: Darmstadt: house, catholic schools, subdivisions - Indiana (IN)
  74. Taking back gifts as loans: deed, living, law - Indiana (IN)
  75. Indy or cinch?: Indianapolis, Connersville, Batesville: real estate market, property tax, living (IN)
  76. Speedway restuarants or bars: Indianapolis: work, better, upscale (IN)
  77. Owing an Apartment complex money but i can't get a hold of them: credit report - Indiana (IN)
  78. Good hair stylist in Bloomington Indiana: live, pay, town (IN)
  79. Barns near Bloomington Indiana?: Fishers: big house, neighborhood, camp (IN)
  80. Looking For a Nice Place In S.Indiana: Bloomington, Lafayette: to rent, homes (IN)
  81. Columbus local groups/clubs?: home, activities, education - Indiana (IN)
  82. Indiana 26 Construction?: Indianapolis, Lafayette, Kokomo: live, directions, traffic (IN)
  83. I'm done!: good, should - Indiana (IN)
  84. addition Associations: association, title company, office - Indiana (IN)
  85. What Do You Think About Hendricks County, Indiana?: Indianapolis, Plainfield: crimes, attorney (IN)
  86. Elkhart IN: South Bend, Mishawaka, Goshen: insurance, buying a home, buying - Indiana
  87. i have WATER-MEAL (or rather, my lake does) ..: Wabash: sale, homes - Indiana (IN)
  88. domergurl welcome new columbus Residents :): homes, relocating, deal - Indiana (IN)
  89. From Texas and have an Autistic child relocating to the Elkhart area for family support... need help looking to rent: Warsaw: apartments - Indiana (IN)
  90. meeting up with other moms in Columbus Indiana: school, activities (IN)
  91. Fort Wayne sub-forum added: Evansville: place to live, deal, area - Indiana (IN)
  92. Indiana traffic laws: vehicle registration, DMV, renewal (IN)
  93. Indiana for relocation: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: fit in, real estate market, neighborhood (IN)
  94. Rushville advice: Connersville: section 8, apartment complexes, renting - Indiana (IN)
  95. ND alumni about?: school, living, education - Indiana (IN)
  96. Whole Foods coming to South Bend-Mishawaka area!: Elkhart, Greenwood: home, organic - Indiana (IN)
  97. Legislative Pensions: Indianapolis: wages, budget, retired (IN)
  98. house in Brookview Subdivision in Lafayette, IN: neighborhoods, buying - Indiana
  99. Guilty Verdict in Indiana Voter Fraud Case: appointed, credit (IN)
  100. New Albany and historic houses: new home, manufacturing, housing - Indiana (IN)
  101. Princeton ?: Evansville: home, to buy, income - Indiana (IN)
  102. Barnes & Nobles to refill Vacant Borders Book Store Downtown??: Indianapolis: area (IN)
  103. New to Indiana - Looking for friends: South Bend, Elkhart: theatre, live in (IN)
  104. Cheapest glasses/ eyeware in Angola, In??: Mishawaka: vacation, best, location - Indiana (IN)
  105. Zionsville commute to Lafayette: Indianapolis, Lebanon: homes, place to live, moving to (IN)
  106. Apartments in Columbus,IN for Young Professional: Indianapolis, Bloomington: apartment complex, place to live
  107. How cheap can you rent in South Bend?: Mishawaka: school, pool - Indiana (IN)
  108. small town indy: Bloomington, Columbus: live in, relocate to, children - Indiana (IN)
  109. Unemployment Rate Drops in Indiana: Indianapolis, Evansville: job market, vouchers, income (IN)
  110. Laid back Scooter laws: Evansville: 2014, insurance, crimes - Indiana (IN)
  111. Need Help -Terre Haute Relocation; Where to Live? Apartment Needed: New Albany: cheap apartments, rentals - Indiana (IN)
  112. Where in Indiana to relocate to?: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: fit in, real estate market, renting (IN)
  113. Newburgh, IN: Indianapolis, Evansville, Fishers: transplants, incomes, stats
  114. travel Place: visiting, coolest - Indiana (IN)
  115. Affordable apartments in Evansville: Washington: lease, neighborhood, to live in - Indiana (IN)
  116. Tracking court systems in Indiana ?: Marion: charges, counties, towns (IN)
  117. Art in Marshall County: shops, studio, market - Indiana (IN)
  118. Is Batesville, Indiana a good place to raise a family...especially if one of our daughters is Asian?: home (IN)
  119. Notice of damages Limitation: Evansville, Bloomington: low income, apartment complex, leasing - Indiana (IN)
  120. Commuting between Greenwood and Bloomington, doable?: Indianapolis, Martinsville: theater, university, living in (IN)
  121. Today is the Day: Fishers, Carmel: high school, live in, price - Indiana (IN)
  122. How would Elkhart County be for an early 30 something single male?: Indianapolis: buying a house, job market (IN)
  123. I miss Fowler, Indiana: Lafayette: crime, house, transfer (IN)
  124. Purdue's new President: appointed, high school, universities - Indiana (IN)
  125. Is Evansville a bit unique from the rest of Indiana?: Indianapolis: live, restaurants (IN)
  126. Relocating to Columbus Indiana: Indianapolis, Bloomington: apartments, city hall, lofts (IN)
  127. Want to move to Indiana from New York- help needed!: Indianapolis: cheap apartment, car insurance (IN)
  128. Indiana making a rebound?: Fort Wayne, Elkhart: wage, property tax, living (IN)
  129. Indiana alone Accounts for 12% of the nations Job Creation!: Elkhart: employment, calculated (IN)
  130. Indiana Senate Race: Washington: ticket, best, supermarket (IN)
  131. Time for Indiana to repeal this archaic law: Indianapolis: sales, transporting (IN)
  132. Indiana has the 7th highest gas prices in the country: Nashville: home, taxes (IN)
  133. National health rankings list: Indiana ranks in bottom 10: Indianapolis: living, restaurants (IN)
  134. Buying car from private seller... no license plates and other shenanigans...: sale, insurance - Indiana (IN)
  135. Nice place to live near Columbus, IN?: Indianapolis, Bloomington: apartment complexes, homes
  136. What are areas that Indiana ranks first in?: South Bend: home, employment (IN)
  137. Should I come to The Hoosier State? or not?: Indianapolis: real estate, apartments (IN)
  138. Indiana really has upped the anty.: Kokomo, Connersville: loan, go bankrupt, tax (IN)
  139. Lafayette elementary schools: West Lafayette: low income, to rent, house - Indiana (IN)
  140. How would you rate Ivy Tech quality wise?: Indianapolis, South Bend: credit, transfer (IN)
  141. Indiana the Shining Star of the Midwest.: Indianapolis, Marion: unemployment rate, to live (IN)
  142. Indiana joins other states with petition to secede: Indianapolis, Orleans: taxes, live in (IN)
  143. Just have to say ...: Greensboro: Irish, resident, green - Indiana (IN)
  144. South Bend vs. Fort Wayne?: Indianapolis, Mishawaka: fit in, real estate, crime (IN)
  145. Corporations are people too!: Evansville, Edinburgh: credit, how much, bankruptcy - Indiana (IN)
  146. Is Indiana more like Illinois or Ohio: Indianapolis, Columbus: gated, versus (IN)
  147. Tornado in Southern Indiana: Evansville, Henryville: winter, single, porch (IN)
  148. Moving to South Bend/Mishawaka...Suggestions: Elkhart, Goshen: transplants, real estate, apartment - Indiana (IN)
  149. Is Right to Work Law Good or Bad for Indiana?: Muncie: employment, middle school (IN)
  150. Come Upon A Large Snake in Indiana?: Hamilton: house, live in (IN)
  151. Where Will You Want to Live in 2032?: living in, transport - Indiana (IN)
  152. Go Midwest, Young Man: Indiana’s Plan to Steal California Jobs: Indianapolis: sales, real estate (IN)
  153. Jobs jobs and more jobs!: Indianapolis: sales, construction, college (IN)
  154. Is Peru Indiana A Good Place To Raise Kids ? Need help ASAP!: Kokomo: real estate market, 2013 (IN)
  155. Indiana Corn - Butter?: to eat, place, between (IN)
  156. GORGEOUS Old Sears House in South Bend - ?: Hope: houses, live - Indiana (IN)
  157. Bye Bye Lugar!: Indianapolis, Washington: buy, living in, office (IN)
  158. How religious is indiana?: Indianapolis, Elkhart: neighborhood, high school, college (IN)
  159. Which university I should go to in my situation?: Indianapolis: job market, schools (IN)
  160. Just curious about Indiana: Indianapolis, Bloomington: homes, neighborhoods, college (IN)
  161. Moving to: Marion/Gas City/Huntington? Help!: Fort Wayne, Muncie: low income, townhome - Indiana (IN)
  162. Let's request for a Trader Joe's in Bloomington, IN: Carmel: coupons, to buy - Indiana
  163. Has Anderson, Indiana reached a turning point?: Indianapolis, Muncie: neighborhoods, school districts (IN)
  164. Furniture in Columbus: Indianapolis, Greenwood, North Vernon: to rent, mattress, credit (IN)
  165. University of Indiana Vs Indiana State University: Indianapolis, Bloomington: appointed, insurance (IN)
  166. Wow this is very interesting and good news for Indiana.: Indianapolis: unemployment benefits, minimum wage (IN)
  167. Indiana Job Announcements (not jobs, just announcements): Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: to live in, affordable housing (IN)
  168. Indiana about to be the lowest tax state in the midwest!: Indianapolis: high schools, income (IN)
  169. in Lafayette - good place to go for kitchen countertops?: house, closing - Indiana (IN)
  170. Fire at McCormick's Creek ...: rain, state - Indiana (IN)
  171. Kokomo-golf course heaven?: price, yard, courses - Indiana (IN)
  172. moving to Paoli, In. need a helping hand: to rent, house - Indiana (IN)
  173. Richmond - Need advice about neighborhood: house, friendly, drugs - Indiana (IN)
  174. 2012 Indiana Predator Challenge RECAP (GRAPHIC PHOTOS OF DEAD ANIMALS): home, closing (IN)
  175. What do you all think: Indianapolis: law, business, rules (IN)
  176. Candidate Pence & Columbus area: Bloomington: mall, antique, information - Indiana (IN)
  177. Jobs in Monticello area? help!: Lafayette: living, move to, car - Indiana (IN)
  178. Marion, IN house of cards starting to fall: tax, bus - Indiana
  179. Location advice: Columbus, Greenwood: apartment, rental, moving - Indiana (IN)
  180. Lafayette - Best place to buy appliances (washer/dryer): new home - Indiana (IN)
  181. Looking for an auto-body repair shop: Indianapolis: how much, home, live in (IN)
  182. Auto Body Repair In Bloomington?: damage, suggestions - Indiana (IN)
  183. cheap housing near West Lafayette/Lafayette: renting, buying a house, safe neighborhood - Indiana (IN)
  184. sprint service in Metamora: town, around - Indiana (IN)
  185. Horse barns: English: teach, area - Indiana (IN)
  186. Madison, indiana: places to live, move to, places - Indiana (IN)
  187. Whats with the reputation for Evansville Westsiders?: people - Indiana (IN)
  188. Morgantown, In.: Trafalgar: pictures, small towns, about - Indiana (IN)
  189. I'm looking for home rentals in northwest indiana: rain, good - Indiana (IN)
  190. Franklin area relocation: lease, houses, neighborhood - Indiana (IN)
  191. 2012 Indiana Manufacturing and Logistics Report Card (IN)
  192. Looking for infant childcare in Bloomington, IN: baby, recommendations - Indiana
  193. Jasper County: to rent, house, purchase - Indiana (IN)
  194. To the Indiana Board (IN)
  195. Columbus Spring&Fall Adult Flag Football?: association, activity - Indiana (IN)
  196. Sport activities for elementary school boy near Summitville/Alexandria area: soccer, basketball - Indiana (IN)
  197. Middlebury Indiana: rental, properties, recommendations (IN)
  198. Love this!: Fort Wayne, Columbus: friendly, communities, friend - Indiana (IN)
  199. Floyd and Clark County, Indiana - where to live: New Albany: home, purchase (IN)
  200. Columbus made this list!: towns, prettiest - Indiana (IN)