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  1. Trying to find out the history of a bank in Merriville, Indiana: Merrillville: phone (IN)
  2. House to rent in Seymour, IN: Brownstown: moving, county, town - Indiana
  3. Primer on the Perpetuation of Power: South Bend, Mishawaka: transplants, leasing, credit - Indiana (IN)
  4. Suze Orman said...: Kokomo, Jasper: real estate, home, buyer - Indiana (IN)
  5. Eagle Creek .....: Indianapolis: apartment complexes, club, shop (IN)
  6. Title and plates for used car: Lafayette, West Lafayette: house, work, drive - Indiana (IN)
  7. Moving to West Evansville: Bristol, St. Joe: crime, houses, high schools - Indiana (IN)
  8. small business owners in the New Albany area?: Jeffersonville: real estate, condos - Indiana (IN)
  9. Beech Grove in Indy?: Indianapolis, Bloomington: homes, school district, subdivision (IN)
  10. New to IN and looking for good swimming holes, beaches, ponds,: Indianapolis: camp
  11. NEED OPINIONS -Moving to South Bend/Elkhart/Misaha/Granger Area: Mishawaka: for sale by owner, real estate - Indiana
  12. know what the area around Portage Ave. near ND is like?: South Bend: apartments - Indiana (IN)
  13. An Inconvenient Truth: Fort Wayne, South Bend, Columbus: sale, homes, job market - Indiana (IN)
  14. move to Bloomington: Ellettsville, Monroe: credit, house, unemployment - Indiana (IN)
  15. Moving from Washington to Indiana: Evansville, Bloomington: house, neighborhoods, buying (IN)
  16. Moving To Columbus in two weeks!: Hope: about - Indiana (IN)
  17. Can tell me about Lewisville: Muncie, Richmond: for sale, house, to buy - Indiana (IN)
  18. I am going to Angola City for Studying in TSU .. need !!: Fort Wayne: amusement park - Indiana (IN)
  19. housing near indiana harbor: Hammond, East Chicago: apartment, rent, homes - Indiana (IN)
  20. just for wanting to move to Indy: Indianapolis: how much, buying a house (IN)
  21. Need a house to Rent: Lafayette, West Lafayette: towns, bedroom, room - Indiana (IN)
  22. Why do drivers in Indiana blow their horns when a car in front makes a right turn?: Indianapolis: houses (IN)
  23. Looking to rent a house in Carmel: Monon: cul-de-sac, rentals - Indiana (IN)
  24. Where is the new auto plant going to be, and what will be the effects?: Indianapolis: home (IN)
  25. Moving from Notre Dame to Plainfield, IN !: Carmel: apartments, to rent - Indiana
  26. outsiders welcome: move to, accept, people - Indiana (IN)
  27. Moving from Cincy to Noblesville. Many questions: Indianapolis, Fishers: best suburbs, sales (IN)
  28. Investing in Evansville?: Washington: real estate, rental, home - Indiana (IN)
  29. moving to Indiana: Goshen, Granger, Plymouth: construction, best school, camps (IN)
  30. Relocating to Pa: Elkhart: for sale, real estate, new home - Indiana (IN)
  31. Construction Companies around Columbus.: Hope: home builder, contractors, living in - Indiana (IN)
  32. hwy 24: Fort Wayne, Bloomington, Aurora: how much, house, construction - Indiana (IN)
  33. mortgage employment and moving: foreclosures, loans, income - Indiana (IN)
  34. Curious About Columbus: Indianapolis, Greenwood, Jasper: sex offenders, home, schools (IN)
  35. Evansville real estate: Washington: apartment, rentals, house - Indiana (IN)
  36. For what it's worth: Fort Wayne, Lafayette: credit, schools, accreditation - Indiana (IN)
  37. Advice on moving: Indianapolis, South Bend, Elkhart: crime, schools, living (IN)
  38. A for/about Teachers: Indianapolis, Gary: health insurance, daycare, teaching jobs (IN)
  39. Eagle Creek/Pike: Lafayette, Georgetown: apartment complexes, foreclosures, high crime - Indiana (IN)
  40. can recommond a housing for Int'l Student near IU South Bend?: university - Indiana (IN)
  41. Greenwood Crime Rate?: Fishers, Noblesville, Madison: best neighborhood, apartments, neighborhood - Indiana (IN)
  42. Zip 47392: houses, live, train - Indiana (IN)
  43. best schools: Indianapolis, Lawrence, Franklin: college, live in, commute to (IN)
  44. Job in Anderson, where to live?: Muncie, Fishers: middle school, relocating, distance - Indiana (IN)
  45. Moving to Plymouth: apartment, to rent, homes - Indiana (IN)
  46. Technology - West Lafayette/Lafayette: living in, verizon FIOS, DSL - Indiana (IN)
  47. Job Hunting before!: Indianapolis, Bloomington: apartment, find a job, university (IN)
  48. I now live in Columbus: to rent, living in, duplex - Indiana (IN)
  49. Bloomington area schools: Aurora, Harmony: magnet school, moving to, teachers - Indiana (IN)
  50. Terre Haute in November?: Bloomington: hotels, camping, restaurants - Indiana (IN)
  51. Looking in S IN: New Albany, Scottsburg: buying a house, buying, subdivision - Indiana
  52. Rockport area: Evansville, Boonville, Newburgh: homes, job transfer, schools - Indiana (IN)
  53. Thoughts on the Housing market in Indiana...: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: for sale, real estate (IN)
  54. what do we????? - Indiana (IN)
  55. Boston area to Indiana: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: sales, real estate, insurance (IN)
  56. average rate of pay: Evansville, Terre Haute: transfer, calculator, salary - Indiana (IN)
  57. living in or around Zionsville?: Indianapolis, Richmond: school district, moving to, friendly (IN)
  58. Back Home Again In Indiana...but where?: Carmel, Greenwood: to live in, safe (IN)
  59. South Bend, ready or not.....: Granger: new house, buy, school - Indiana (IN)
  60. Roofers, framers, homebuiders need: Columbus, Greensburg: how much, houses, income - Indiana (IN)
  61. Looking for a Preschool in the Granger Area: Indianapolis, South Bend: magnet school, university (IN)
  62. Older hip family oriented areas near indy?: Lawrence, Fishers: houses, neighborhoods - Indiana (IN)
  63. Need a studio and to live in Indy: Bloomington: for sale, apartment - Indiana (IN)
  64. lewisville indiana history: Spiceland: real estate, renting, houses - Indiana (IN)
  65. !: Lafayette, Amo: car rental, rentals, hotels - Indiana (IN)
  66. Indiana - we come again !!!!!!!!!: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: real estate market, rent, home builder (IN)
  67. rmation on Keystone builders?: Greenwood, Marion: sales, home builders, to buy - Indiana (IN)
  68. Louisville Ky Area/Jeffersonville: to rent, home, safe area - Indiana (IN)
  69. Be: condos, neighborhood, to sell - Indiana (IN)
  70. IN - all occupants must wear seat belts: Indianapolis: house, luxury
  71. Quarter-mile tracks NE Indiana?: Muncie, Goshen: live, legally, automobile (IN)
  72. What to do in North Judson?: Michigan City, Munster: neighborhoods, university, casino - Indiana (IN)
  73. 1958 Army Reserve Unit Name?: Michigan City: buyer, military, retirement - Indiana (IN)
  74. Rental Homes- Sb Area: South Bend, Portage: to move, relocating, place - Indiana (IN)
  75. I got a job in Columbus, Indiana: Fishers, Greenwood: to rent, HOA (IN)
  76. Child custody lawyers: Columbus: transfer, law school, living - Indiana (IN)
  77. fireworks show near brookville?: camping, parking, best - Indiana (IN)
  78. Nice Date near Bloomington?! indy?: live in, winery, dinner - Indiana (IN)
  79. Is it true that Lafayette has a weather band ?: Muncie: live in, move - Indiana (IN)
  80. storms: Evansville, Boonville, Chandler: fit in, mobile home, tornado - Indiana (IN)
  81. Frankfort: food - Indiana (IN)
  82. neighborhoods in Columbus NOT associations?: Fishers, Greenwood: houses, gated, living - Indiana (IN)
  83. Michigan Aussie in Kokomo, IN: Indianapolis, Carmel: rent, crime, lawyer
  84. Nursing positions: Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville: live, to move, relocating to - Indiana (IN)
  85. Schools in Muncie: Yorktown, Daleville, Dale: middle schools, moving to, best - Indiana (IN)
  86. sexual offenders in Columbus,Indiana: Greenwood: living, relocation, registered (IN)
  87. What are the differences between Iowa and Indiana?: houses, live (IN)
  88. HELP!: transportation/travel needed: Merrillville: limo, theater, bus - Indiana (IN)
  89. Jobs in New Harmony-Evansville area: Mount Vernon, Bristol: find a job, minimum wage, relocate to - Indiana (IN)
  90. Lawrence North/Central: magnet schools, rated, kids - Indiana (IN)
  91. I'm a little concerned about drug problems--or is it media hype?: Fort Wayne: home - Indiana (IN)
  92. Today I gave notice to move: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: home, landlord, universities (IN)
  93. move to Evansville: Boonville, Chandler: houses, neighborhood, construction - Indiana (IN)
  94. Evansville advice?: Terre Haute, Vincennes, Atlanta: to rent, crime, buying a house - Indiana (IN)
  95. Information about Lexington, Indiana: crime, middle school, live (IN)
  96. Recommended areas to live near Warsaw: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: houses, construction, private schools (IN)
  97. Palm Sunday Tornadoes of 1965: Berne, Swayzee: mobile home, movies, tornado - Indiana (IN)
  98. Logansport Problem/Solution: Lafayette, Spencer: crime rates, house, landscaping - Indiana (IN)
  99. Gas: Fort Wayne, Evansville, Columbus: home, prices, club - Indiana (IN)
  100. Bloomfield -- Sleepy Hollow Inn?: Bloomington, Bedford: hotel, place to live, dangerous - Indiana (IN)
  101. Warsaw - Columbia City: Fort Wayne, South Bend: appointed, apartment, rent - Indiana (IN)
  102. Moving To Bluffton, IN: apartment, to rent, house - Indiana
  103. Why do you work so hard in the forums?: Fort Wayne: home, living - Indiana (IN)
  104. NY'ers in Indiana with comments?: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: to rent, condo, how much (IN)
  105. Possibly moving to Bunker Hill Area: Kokomo, Peru: crime, houses, look for a job - Indiana (IN)
  106. Tell City Indiana: Hope, Cannelton, Troy: how much, house, high school (IN)
  107. teaching: Indianapolis, Gary, Crown Point: job market, catholic schools, living in (IN)
  108. South Shore Line: Hammond, Elkhart, East Chicago: construction, to live in, moving to - Indiana (IN)
  109. Energy bills: Fort Wayne: new house, heat pump, to buy - Indiana (IN)
  110. Muncie: Anderson: transfer, school, university - Indiana (IN)
  111. logansport hospital: Indianapolis, Lafayette, Kokomo: homes, living, low cost (IN)
  112. South Bend - need advice about buying a house: for sale, condo - Indiana (IN)
  113. Moving to Richmond, Indiana: Centerville, Cambridge City: apartments, renting, construction (IN)
  114. Indiana/Illinois Apartments: Highland, Munster, Crown Point: safe neighborhood, school, taxes (IN)
  115. Dale, Indiana: Jasper: where to stay, hotels, eat (IN)
  116. New Albany, Jeffersonville area: Clarksville, Charlestown: rentals, condos, house - Indiana (IN)
  117. New homes in Indy: insurance, how much, home builders - Indiana (IN)
  118. Would a black student be fine in Zionsville High school?: upscale, white - Indiana (IN)
  119. Evansville or Ft. Wayne: Fort Wayne, New Haven: sales, real estate, Home Depot - Indiana (IN)
  120. who can tell me about Greenwood....: Indianapolis, Lafayette: house prices, neighborhoods, good schools (IN)
  121. Jr. High Reading teacher.....: buy, school district, live - Indiana (IN)
  122. moving to South Bend~ Help!: Mishawaka, Granger: rentals, crime rates, how much - Indiana (IN)
  123. Teaching and living in Indiana: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: low income, credit, teaching jobs (IN)
  124. Vincennes: Indianapolis, English: crime rate, credit, transfer (IN)
  125. On Columbus,ohio: moving to, housing, title - Indiana (IN)
  126. Having Problems Getting Speedy Title From The BMV?: Hope: insurance, buyer - Indiana (IN)
  127. unsolved child murders in clark couny in the 70s: Washington: loft, crimes - Indiana (IN)
  128. Moving to South Bend Area: Indianapolis, Mishawaka: appointed, fit in, houses (IN)
  129. Evansville: Boonville, Newburgh: real estate, apartments, sex offenders - Indiana (IN)
  130. How Is Granger For A Family?: South Bend, Elkhart: transplants, car insurance, how much - Indiana (IN)
  131. moving from germany to indy: Indianapolis, Lawrence: landscaping, neighborhood, top school (IN)
  132. Backyard fences?: Bloomington, Columbus, Greenwood: HOA, new home, landscaping - Indiana (IN)
  133. Moving near Muncie, IN: Indianapolis, Richmond: how much, houses, job market
  134. Would be willing...: Fort Wayne, Evansville: school, subdivisions, to move - Indiana (IN)
  135. Can you inform me about schools/living in Sellersburg, IN?: New Albany: neighborhood, school districts - Indiana
  136. Qualified and Thorough Mold Inspector: Indianapolis, Hope: real estate, how much, lawyer (IN)
  137. Moving from Central FL and Plainfeild IN... advice?: Indianapolis: for sale, foreclosure
  138. Moving to Indy next August====need advices: Indianapolis, Fishers: apartments, rentals (IN)
  139. What is a Hoosier???: university, living in, cabin - Indiana (IN)
  140. Best areas around Indy: Indianapolis, Lawrence: low crime, home builders, neighborhoods (IN)
  141. i need on the university of notre dame: South Bend: fit in, loans - Indiana (IN)
  142. Legal help for a friend,..I need an opinion...: felony, lawyers - Indiana (IN)
  143. Starke County Advice: South Bend, Merrillville, Knox: insurance, mortgage, credit - Indiana (IN)
  144. Best parts of Indiana: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: living, shops, cabins (IN)
  145. Does not like living in Indiana?: Indianapolis, New Albany: fit in, school (IN)
  146. In what area of Indy, or Indiana, should I be looking: Indianapolis: HOA, low crime (IN)
  147. Is interracial dating (bm and wf) popular in Indy?: Indianapolis: apartment, live in (IN)
  148. looking for small town with church: Fort Wayne, Wabash: homes, find a job, neighborhood - Indiana (IN)
  149. Want to move to Indiana: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: real estate, houses, buy (IN)
  150. Moving to Columbus, Indiana: Best area to live?: Washington: apartments, for rent (IN)
  151. Greenwood is a great place to live !: Indianapolis, Columbus: HOA, motorhome (IN)
  152. Pike High School ghetto?: Carmel, Zionsville: home, neighborhoods, school district - Indiana (IN)
  153. Moving to Evansville, IN: Indianapolis, Jasper: real estate, how much, house
  154. Thinking of moving to Indiana: Fort Wayne, Evansville: transplants, crime rates, house (IN)
  155. What do you have to say about Indiana's property taxes?: Indianapolis: rental, mortgage (IN)
  156. Are there good areas to live inside 465 in Indy?: Indianapolis: for sale, condos (IN)
  157. What is Terre Haute like??: Fort Wayne, Gary: home, job transfer, buying - Indiana (IN)
  158. a job in Muncie (at Ball State): Indianapolis, Bloomington: appointed, rental (IN)
  159. Fort Wayne vs. South Bend?: Indianapolis, Anderson: home, theater, schools (IN)
  160. Moving from NY - Help!!!: New Albany, Jeffersonville: transplants, rent, crime - Indiana (IN)
  161. recomendations on a small town: Lawrence, Madison: condo, house, find a job - Indiana (IN)
  162. indiana=GODS country: Indianapolis, Elkhart, Nashville: crime rate, homes, buy (IN)
  163. Minnesota to Lafayette: West Lafayette, Wabash, Plymouth: best neighborhoods, low crime, new house - Indiana (IN)
  164. Move to Indiana--need advice: Indianapolis, Columbus: crime, new house, school district (IN)
  165. Sullivan?: Indianapolis, Bloomington, Terre Haute: daycare, house, transfer (IN)
  166. Moving to Lafayette: West Lafayette, Fowler: for sale, low crime, house - Indiana (IN)
  167. North Central Indiana needed (Syracuse, Goshen, Middlebury): Milford, North Webster: real estate, crime (IN)
  168. Emergency transfer to Indiana: Indianapolis, Fishers: real estate, townhouse, neighborhood (IN)
  169. Fun things to do in Indiana?: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: home, theater, camping (IN)
  170. I'm moving - R there bad areas in South Bend?: Elkhart: apartment, rentals - Indiana (IN)
  171. Looking for the Perfect Small Town: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: houses, high school, university (IN)
  172. What's it like in Marion IN - schools, jobs, friends: Muncie: high school, living - Indiana
  173. AWD or FWD car for Indiana???: Indianapolis, Buffalo: insurance, home, to buy (IN)
  174. Finding housing in Bloomington: Grandview: rental market, houses, neighborhood - Indiana (IN)
  175. want to move to IN from Il work downtown: Portage: sales, rentals - Indiana
  176. Need Opinions on Beazer Homes: Indianapolis, Lawrence: appointed, sales, real estate (IN)
  177. Electric Heating Cost: Fishers, Carmel: apartments, rent, moving to - Indiana (IN)
  178. Upland, Marion, Grant county area??: Gas City: gas, job - Indiana (IN)
  179. Rentals in Jeffersonville/Clarksville: house, moving to, area - Indiana (IN)
  180. Need help with research paper!: Marion: live in, community, local - Indiana (IN)
  181. Dominion Builders???: homes, subdivision, farm - Indiana (IN)
  182. Who's looking for a house on the NE side of Indy?: Indianapolis: hardwood floors, lease (IN)
  183. Granger Pediatrician/Pediatric Dentist Wanted: moving to, dentists, area - Indiana (IN)
  184. Connect with Moms in the Indy area: moving to, best - Indiana (IN)
  185. Moving to Indiana? Check out Logansport!: violent crime, homes, price (IN)
  186. have experience building an ICF home?: how much, new house - Indiana (IN)
  187. Jake Owen coming to Indiana July 7: Princeton: tickets, schedule, information (IN)
  188. Ok .. I'm back sporadically: new house, moving, between - Indiana (IN)
  189. Which Train Station??: Valparaiso: rental car, rental, home - Indiana (IN)
  190. Brookville, In: rentals, condo, home - Indiana (IN)
  191. Lots of housing!: selling, available - Indiana (IN)
  192. Hopefully relocating to Tipton/Sharpsville or North of Westfield area: Kokomo: rental, condo - Indiana (IN)
  193. Mortgage Lenders in South Bend: lender, recommend - Indiana (IN)
  194. Day and Vacation Spas in Indiana: building, place, single (IN)
  195. ozzfest 8/14 indy free concert: tickets - Indiana (IN)
  196. Evansville Houses for rent??: Highland: apartment, school district, live in - Indiana (IN)
  197. Looking for a Rental House In Penn School District: South Bend: apartment, townhouse - Indiana (IN)
  198. What happened to Elkhart?: town, good, change - Indiana (IN)
  199. Housing near Indiana University School of Medicine: for rent, public transportation (IN)
  200. Housing Needed: Martinsville, Mooresville: lease, good credit, house - Indiana (IN)