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  1. 100K House in Lafayette/West Lafayette?: Butler: cul-de-sac, for sale, real estate - Indiana (IN)
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  4. Cheer Cheer!: Boston: colleges, trip, team - Indiana (IN)
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  6. Relocating to Columbus, IN: rental, houses, live in - Indiana
  7. is U-S 31 crazy in C-bus or is it just me??: Seymour: neighborhood, to buy - Indiana (IN)
  8. Looking for local on Granger, Indiana: South Bend: neighborhoods, school district (IN)
  9. evansville area schools - help: Newburgh, Bristol: public schools, live, moving to - Indiana (IN)
  10. Applying for teaching jobs in Indiana. places to avoid?: Indianapolis: schools, to move (IN)
  11. Looking to rent a House in Fishers: Indianapolis, Brook: for sale, apartments (IN)
  12. Columbus vs. Bloomington: Bedford, Nashville: school, transportation, architecture - Indiana (IN)
  13. I need help finding a job...badly!!!: job transfer, income - Indiana (IN)
  14. Lakes in Indiana: Bloomington, Monroe: rent, houses, housing (IN)
  15. Did one see or hear anything last night?: Fort Wayne: credit, houses - Indiana (IN)
  16. Where to live between Ft. Wayne & W. Lafayette?: Indianapolis: apartment, rent (IN)
  17. cycling in evansville: live in, car, bike - Indiana (IN)
  18. Proper Interview Attire in Warsaw, Indiana: fit in, live in, codes (IN)
  19. Evansville relocation- Haubstadt?: Hope: for sale, real estate, houses - Indiana (IN)
  20. new coach at IU: Bloomington, Hope: school, university, recruit - Indiana (IN)
  21. Fishers/Carmel or Granger.. FEW questions: South Bend, Mishawaka: transplants, rent, amusement parks - Indiana (IN)
  22. Just if knew where one could rent an apartment for a wk in Bloomington?: place - Indiana (IN)
  23. Is E. 86th Street in Indianapolis - Good Area???: Carmel: good hotel, movie theater (IN)
  24. thinking of moving to indiana: Indianapolis, Elkhart: fit in, how much, house (IN)
  25. Hoosier state vets, I need you to tell me where you think my family would best fit in based on the information I give!: Indianapolis: sale (IN)
  26. I Like Cheese: retired, monthly, stereotypical - Indiana (IN)
  27. Southern Indiana Snowstorm!: weather, degrees (IN)
  28. Moving to Indy.. help: Seymour: apartments, hotel, house - Indiana (IN)
  29. Muncie or West Lafayette: Middletown: school, live, nicest - Indiana (IN)
  30. Moving and I don't know a thing about Indiana: Schererville: homes, school district (IN)
  31. Muncie Questions: Lafayette, West Lafayette, Yorktown: fit in, apartments, renting - Indiana (IN)
  32. Yahoo!: Bloomington, Columbus, Clinton: house, neighborhood, school - Indiana (IN)
  33. Kentuckiana...which to choose?: for sale, house, to buy - Indiana (IN)
  34. Happy & Blessed Easter: safe, snow, kids - Indiana (IN)
  35. Attica, Indiana --- Need help, they have no water or electricity: area, rain (IN)
  36. Noblesville Indiana pics/virtual tour help?: Indianapolis: homes, shop, moving to (IN)
  37. Thai Food in South Bend/Michiana Area - Where to Go?: restaurants, worth - Indiana (IN)
  38. Live in Eastlake Woods, Columbus?: Tipton: apartments, to rent, how much - Indiana (IN)
  39. S.Indiana-Family friendly/safe areas near, but not in suburbs: Indianapolis: house, contractor (IN)
  40. I Nead Help For Relocating To Indiana: insurance, live (IN)
  41. In need of on Lawrence: to rent, employment, moving - Indiana (IN)
  42. How long does it take to travel between Chicago and South Bend?: transfer to - Indiana (IN)
  43. Moving to Greenwood or Bloomington: Indianapolis: homes, high school, university (IN)
  44. Contemplating Job Offer, need about Michigan City: South Bend, Granger: neighborhood, best schools - Indiana (IN)
  45. Need recommendations for Hotels in Bloomington: Columbus, Bedford: rentals, condo, university - Indiana (IN)
  46. Next time, try the train?: Indianapolis, Connersville: rent, home, buy (IN)
  47. jr high teacher in peru charged with molesting student: school, adults - Indiana (IN)
  48. Southern Indiana - HELP: Jasper, French Lick: leasing, hotel, houses (IN)
  49. Newsweek's 2008 Top Schools~: Indianapolis, Evansville, Muncie: homes, best, location (IN)
  50. Warsaw, IN--A safe city?: Fort Wayne, South Bend: apartments, crime rate, houses - Indiana
  51. Calling all parents! What is the scoop about Floyds Knobbs and its schools?: Highland: for sale - Indiana (IN)
  52. Brownsburg vs Avon Schools For Autistic Children: Bloomington, Carmel: real estate, school districts - Indiana (IN)
  53. The reason I watch the 500: Speedway, Wabash: homes, best, race - Indiana (IN)
  54. might be moving to madison from C-bus :(: Columbus: high school, architecture - Indiana (IN)
  55. New Bloomington questions: sales, coupons, car insurance - Indiana (IN)
  56. been through foreclosure in IN?: Avon: short sale, real estate, renting - Indiana
  57. Property taxes: Monroe: for sale, houses, bankrupt - Indiana (IN)
  58. I apologize: friendly, rating, deal - Indiana (IN)
  59. Greencastle Public High Schools?: Hammond, Washington: co-op, credit, university - Indiana (IN)
  60. Im looking for a house to rent: Goshen, Lagrange: for sale, rentals - Indiana (IN)
  61. Do you like Plainfield?: Avon: homes, neighborhoods, schools - Indiana (IN)
  62. What's Nashville, Ind like?: Bloomington, Monroe: real estate, home, to buy - Indiana (IN)
  63. Earthquake: showing, near, good - Indiana (IN)
  64. Floyds Knobs area, Dag nab it!: crime, homes, YMCA - Indiana (IN)
  65. old school building in peru indiana: apartments, live, floor - Indiana (IN)
  66. Kokomo doesn't want Change: best, town, values - Indiana (IN)
  67. mega metal shredder: Elkhart: closing, owners, problems - Indiana (IN)
  68. House elevation - White brick OR Red brick: Indianapolis: custom home, neighborhoods (IN)
  69. Comming Home to Indiana: Angola, Flora: gardening, design, palm trees (IN)
  70. looking at greensburg area: Columbus, Decatur: live in, to move, horses - Indiana (IN)
  71. Indiana Bicycle Rides: Bloomington, Speedway, Warsaw: camping, triathlon, club (IN)
  72. Screened Porch, Sunroom, or 4-Season Room?: Lafayette: house, to buy, contractors - Indiana (IN)
  73. on schools: Lafayette, West Lafayette: school district, move, relocating to - Indiana (IN)
  74. purdue university (concerns on weather and local stuff): Hammond, Lafayette: house, school - Indiana (IN)
  75. Purdue University west lafayette (weather and local area): movie theater, bars - Indiana (IN)
  76. What I've learned in Indiana: Terre Haute: crime, house, public schools (IN)
  77. Evansville IN: apartment, crime, houses - Indiana
  78. Looking for a room to rent in Columbus, IN: apartment, company - Indiana
  79. Montessori schools in Fishers area?: Anderson, Carmel: move to, reviews, kids - Indiana (IN)
  80. Help to find rent with option to buy home: Portage: real estate, renter - Indiana (IN)
  81. Best place to raise a family???: Columbus: power lines, schools, taxes - Indiana (IN)
  82. Huntington, IN Schools: Fort Wayne, Nashville: sex offender, school districts, college - Indiana
  83. moving from Ontario to Fishers: Indianapolis, Carmel: mortgage, house, transfer (IN)
  84. Really, REALLY slow internet lately???: Fort Wayne, Columbus: home, neighborhood, live in - Indiana (IN)
  85. Thoughts on home selling options...: Columbus, Tipton: days on market, for sale by owner, real estate - Indiana (IN)
  86. Business and Kids in Hamilton County: Fishers, Carmel: live, moving to, health - Indiana (IN)
  87. taxes and such: Evansville, Columbus, Seymour: house, job market, buy - Indiana (IN)
  88. what's the music scene like in Terre Haute: Hope: home, income - Indiana (IN)
  89. Questions for in the Columbus/Hope IN area: Bloomington: salons, home - Indiana
  90. Looking for advice esp on New Albany, Madison, and Columbus, Indiana: Bloomington: home (IN)
  91. Indiana Upick blueberry farms: Hope, Wakarusa: house, price, eat (IN)
  92. Ice ice baby ...: car, office, dentist - Indiana (IN)
  93. First apartment, young, working: Southport, Riley: apartment complexes, rentals, safe area - Indiana (IN)
  94. family move to Angola area: Fort Wayne, Auburn: low crime, buying a house, buying - Indiana (IN)
  95. Moving from Austin, Texas to Bloomington, Indiana....HELP!: Boston: apartment, rentals (IN)
  96. College IN Goshen, Indiana: Bremen, Hope: transfer, school, colleges
  97. South Bend & Mishawaka neighborhoods: apartments, renters, high crime - Indiana (IN)
  98. Is Versailles, IN a nice place to raise a family?: Milan: low crime, home - Indiana
  99. So how many tales.....: free, family, about - Indiana (IN)
  100. Clinton, Indiana: Terre Haute, Hope: for sale, insurance, homes (IN)
  101. Questions about, Berne, IN/Angola, IN/Lakeville, IN: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: apartment complex, for rent
  102. Violent Crimes against children-What is going on!!!?: Denver: crime rates, live - Indiana (IN)
  103. Indiana baseball fans: South Bend: place, near, team (IN)
  104. South Bend Advice: Michigan City, Granger, Buffalo: for sale, rental homes, crime rate - Indiana (IN)
  105. Bloomington neighborhoods: real estate, houses, established neighborhood - Indiana (IN)
  106. What would you do?: Fishers, Carmel: sales, renting, low crime - Indiana (IN)
  107. How Are Granger In Schools: South Bend, Elkhart: real estate, sex offenders, houses - Indiana (IN)
  108. Indy to Bloomington commute?: Indianapolis, Greenwood: apartments, to rent, townhouses (IN)
  109. trying to locate the name of a church: Bedford, Mitchell: baptist, places - Indiana (IN)
  110. Need Help!!!!!!!!: Indianapolis, Bloomington, Kokomo: real estate, how much, house (IN)
  111. Lafayette/W. Lafayette, IN vs. Champaign-Urbana, IL: Bloomington, West Lafayette: crime, houses - Indiana
  112. Possibly moving to Northern Indiana, can you help me?: Gary: cheap apartment, to rent (IN)
  113. Ripley County: Lawrence, Batesville, Lawrenceburg: low crime, house, buy - Indiana (IN)
  114. Moving to South Bend: Mishawaka, Granger: house, neighborhoods, school - Indiana (IN)
  115. US Energy Savings Corp: Valparaiso: how much, university, living - Indiana (IN)
  116. Relocating to Granger, Indiana: Fort Wayne, South Bend: real estate, waterpark, crime (IN)
  117. Relocating to Indiana.... Where to live?: Indianapolis, Fishers: living, suburb, commute (IN)
  118. ok now this i dont get: cars, company, engineering - Indiana (IN)
  119. commuter tax?: to buy, taxes, live in - Indiana (IN)
  120. commute: Terre Haute, Plainfield: apartment, college, to live - Indiana (IN)
  121. Job transfer to Kokomo: Noblesville, Tipton: houses, high school, place to live - Indiana (IN)
  122. nurses in Indy area with on hospitals???: Fishers: movers, living in - Indiana (IN)
  123. Bloomington people...: Columbus: hotel, restaurant, costs - Indiana (IN)
  124. Texas to Indiana???? Help: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: movers, townhouse, theater (IN)
  125. How is South Bend?: Elkhart, Mishawaka: fit in, rent, crime - Indiana (IN)
  126. Rank of Purdue: Terre Haute, Lafayette: transfer to, high school, universities - Indiana (IN)
  127. Indianapolis vs. Columbus, Ohio: Fort Wayne, Auburn: unemployment rate, neighborhoods, high school (IN)
  128. What do you like about Indiana?: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: amusement park, hotel, house (IN)
  129. Relocating to Northwestern Indiana: Gary, Hammond: sales, real estate, insurance (IN)
  130. good place to retire in southern Indiana?: Columbus: live in, budget (IN)
  131. relocation to West Lafayette: Indianapolis, Richmond: for sale, rentals, houses (IN)
  132. Small town Indiana ..How are your gas prices?: Evansville, Mishawaka: station, pay (IN)
  133. Moving to the South Bend Indiana area: Mishawaka, Michigan City: middle-class, for sale (IN)
  134. Evansville-Haynie's Corner Arts District:All it's craked up to be??: Nashville: apartment, crime - Indiana (IN)
  135. 50+ year old couple need 3-day vacation. HELP!: Indianapolis, Monroe: hotels, home (IN)
  136. Wind Farms in Benton County: Lafayette, Tipton: pros and cons, to live, versus - Indiana (IN)
  137. Detroit burbs to South Bend area: Lafayette, Mishawaka: mortgage, motel, new house - Indiana (IN)
  138. Cummins to add 500 professional jobs!: Columbus, Tipton: fit in, transplants, real estate - Indiana (IN)
  139. I 69?: Evansville, Terre Haute, Oakland City: construction, land, stations - Indiana (IN)
  140. Why do they say things?: Indianapolis, Decatur: real estate, apartment, home (IN)
  141. Just starting to look at Indiana: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: real estate, renters, condo (IN)
  142. Indiana stereotypes?: Gary, Bloomington, Columbus: insurance, how much, college (IN)
  143. about Angola: Fort Wayne, Hope, Fremont: for sale, real estate, house - Indiana (IN)
  144. Two questions concerning Terre Haute: Fishers, Wabash: apartment complexes, to rent, crime - Indiana (IN)
  145. SoCal to Granger (or thereabouts): South Bend, Elkhart: for sale, real estate, rental - Indiana (IN)
  146. Tornados, ethnic tolerance: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Gary: low crime, houses, good schools (IN)
  147. for the few: Columbus, Clinton: how much, money, democrats - Indiana (IN)
  148. Special places, hidden gems...: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: rental car, rental, credit (IN)
  149. The I-69....Good? Bad? No change?: Evansville, Terre Haute: construction, live, airport - Indiana (IN)
  150. Do you think Columbus needs a four year college or university?: Evansville: buy, school - Indiana (IN)
  151. Moving to Columbus Indiana (Columbus versus Greenwood): Indianapolis, Bloomington: apartment, houses (IN)
  152. Holy shake rattle and roll batman!: Indianapolis, Evansville: house, earthquake, live (IN)
  153. Need on Columbus neighborhoods: Tipton: for sale, how much, houses - Indiana (IN)
  154. move to muncie with kids: Yorktown, Hope: low income, apartments, houses - Indiana (IN)
  155. Mitch Daniels: houses, property tax, live in - Indiana (IN)
  156. Help ! I'm moving to Evansville ,IN: Madison, Knox: apartments, vehicle registration, crime - Indiana
  157. Share your Indiana photos: move to, trees, pictures (IN)
  158. Lancaster, PA D.I.N.K.s Moving to Indiana: Lafayette: sales, apartment (IN)
  159. Give me the lowdown on Evansville: Indianapolis, Bloomington: real estate, sex offenders, houses (IN)
  160. Bloomington Indiana Employment/Wages: Spencer: student loans, job market, theater (IN)
  161. Teaching in Good Ole' Indiana...: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: 2015, how much, find a job (IN)
  162. Returning to Indiana- have to take the written test at the DMV?: Columbus: live, moving to (IN)
  163. Your great memories of West Lafayette, and Indiana: Wabash, Delphi: house, to buy (IN)
  164. Fishers/Carmel???: Lafayette, Columbus, Greenwood: sales, rental, houses - Indiana (IN)
  165. Ok Hoosiers, who ya votin' for in the Indiana Primary?: Patriot: house, prices (IN)
  166. Confederate Flag: Norway: how much, houses, construction - Indiana (IN)
  167. Is Heat pump save heating bills unlike traditional gas furnace: mortgage, new home - Indiana (IN)
  168. student moving from CA to bloomington?: Indianapolis, Austin: apartments, rentals, crime (IN)
  169. Sandhill Cranes: South Bend, Columbus, Jasper: live in, move to, farmers - Indiana (IN)
  170. relocation to Seymour: Columbus, Tipton: real estate, sex offenders, movie theater - Indiana (IN)
  171. Im moving to Bloomington, IN- Grad School: apartments, to rent - Indiana
  172. Marion, IN?: Indianapolis, Columbus, Greensburg: for sale, foreclosures, rent
  173. Tornados!: Fort Wayne, Evansville: transplants, houses, buy - Indiana (IN)
  174. Why is the prices of homes so cheap in Kokomo?: Delphi: for sale, real estate - Indiana (IN)
  175. Int'l student going to IUSB, between living with a family or private Apt..?: South Bend: apartment - Indiana (IN)
  176. Moving To Tipton (need A Place To Rent): Atlanta: relocating, area - Indiana (IN)
  177. Graphic Design jobs?: moving to, designer, companies - Indiana (IN)
  178. Moving back to Indianapolis: find a job, university, career (IN)
  179. Town Of Pines: Michigan City: live, place, photos - Indiana (IN)
  180. Casino: compare, state, woods - Indiana (IN)
  181. Vietnam Era Marines in the SB/Mishawaka area - Indiana (IN)
  182. Saw Waiting for Guthman? Brookville is doing it this June 2008!: title - Indiana (IN)
  183. David Fisk & Son's Electric: great - Indiana (IN)
  184. All of the New Homes Being Built--No Indy Recession??????: sales, condos - Indiana (IN)
  185. Evansville beating: sex offenders, live in, kids - Indiana (IN)
  186. Negotiation on further improvements after contract is done: price, pay - Indiana (IN)
  187. Commute to Indianapolis: Lafayette: moving, housing, job (IN)
  188. North Judson Indiana: high school, restaurant, safety (IN)
  189. Indiana tax forms?: tax return, schedule, file (IN)
  190. Civil Air Patrol: Evansville: moving to, office, to work - Indiana (IN)
  191. Retired collectibles outlet in Northern Indiana: shop, toll road, road (IN)
  192. Most common jobs in Spencer, IN: females, around - Indiana
  193. Advice, at wits end: Washington: house, construction, school - Indiana (IN)
  194. 1974 Super outbreak- Martinsburg: home, tornado, living in - Indiana (IN)
  195. Looking for Roomate in Columbus, Indiana: lease, house, live (IN)
  196. Do you like or dislike living near Patton Lake?: homes, neighborhoods - Indiana (IN)
  197. Stay away from Bloomington, Indiana: place, rain, town (IN)
  198. Orlando, FL to Fowler area: Lafayette, West Lafayette: apartment, rental, hotel - Indiana (IN)
  199. Median price per acre farmland Pleasant township: stats, area - Indiana (IN)
  200. Hamilton County now ranked 23rd richest county in America: incomes, counties - Indiana (IN)