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  1. Habitat Lake Louisvilla Area: Louisville: home, purchase, live - Kentucky (KY)
  2. Louisville RE Attorney Recommendation Needed: Lexington: purchase, closing, relocation - Kentucky (KY)
  3. NYC/SF/Chi/DC transplants in Louisville?: Lexington, Covington: crime, consignment - Kentucky (KY)
  4. what's wrong with SW Jefferson county?: Louisville, Fort Knox: real estate, crime, new house - Kentucky (KY)
  5. dog walking in Louisville: Lexington, Audubon Park: lease, condo, house - Kentucky (KY)
  6. charlestown apartments in louisville: Shelbyville, Douglass Hills: renting, price, safe - Kentucky (KY)
  7. Most underrated Louisville neighborhood?: houses, neighborhoods, college - Kentucky (KY)
  8. creekside at st. matthew's apartments: Louisville, Bardstown: for rent, loan, homes - Kentucky (KY)
  9. help me !: Louisville, Danville: house, living in, move to - Kentucky (KY)
  10. shively fest: live in, shop, nice areas - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  11. Louisville Metro, Kentucky Street Atlas: real estate, estate, land - (KY)
  12. Accounting in Louisville?: employment, living, cost of living - Kentucky (KY)
  13. Looking for cool downtown Louisville living: for sale, real estate, apartments - Kentucky (KY)
  14. Home Inspection Louisville Area: termite, permit, job - Kentucky (KY)
  15. Moving to Louisville...: Frankfort, Bardstown, Shelbyville: college, living, shop - Kentucky (KY)
  16. Where Is J-Town: Louisville, Jeffersontown, Shelbyville: transplants, city hall, neighborhood - Kentucky (KY)
  17. How well has a consolidated city worked for Louisville?: Lexington: money, area - Kentucky (KY)
  18. Special needs child: Louisville: house, best school, best - Kentucky (KY)
  19. Louisville/UofL???: Germantown: apartments, for rent, crimes - Kentucky (KY)
  20. bus trips: Louisville: rental, low cost, car - Kentucky (KY)
  21. louisville used furniture stores: Shelbyville: auctions, storage, moving - Kentucky (KY)
  22. Campbells Gourmet Cottage: Lexington, Louisville, St. Matthews: lease, store, to move - Kentucky (KY)
  23. Front row seats in Louisville: Frankfort, Bardstown: condos, houses, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  24. Maine to San Diego to Louisville: living in, vs., best - Kentucky (KY)
  25. Louisville or Nashville better for liberals?: Germantown: lofts, condos, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  26. Beltways around Louisville?: Shively, Hazel: real estate, construction, airport - Kentucky (KY)
  27. Shively Distillery??? no. 16 know about it?: Louisville: sale, homes - Kentucky (KY)
  28. Is Louisville's economic situation really that bad?: Lexington, Jackson: low income, homes - Kentucky (KY)
  29. looking for a cheep place to stay in louisville: Bardstown: extended stay, for sale - Kentucky (KY)
  30. Which Side of the Border?: Louisville, Greenville: for sale, real estate, apartment - Kentucky (KY)
  31. Just Offered a Job in Louisville - Questions: Middletown, Prospect: vehicle registration, countertops - Kentucky (KY)
  32. Louisville move, Need your help with special issues: Jeffersontown, Newburg: house, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  33. Holistic Med./Vets/Foods - Louisville?: Owensboro, Bowling Green: college, organic, live - Kentucky (KY)
  34. . on E-town apprecated: Louisville, Elizabethtown: renting, home, school - Kentucky (KY)
  35. pollution in Louisville?: Sacramento, California: house, school, gated - Kentucky (KY)
  36. Request About Visiting Louisville: Jeffersonville: hotels, house, restaurants - Kentucky (KY)
  37. Rental Options in Louisville while Relocating?: Shelbyville, Brooks: apartment complex, rentals, house - Kentucky (KY)
  38. Moving to Louisville: Frankfort: for sale, apartment, rentals - Kentucky (KY)
  39. How easy is it to find a job in louisville? I Need urgent help: sales - Kentucky (KY)
  40. Plants In Louisville: house, live in, store - Kentucky (KY)
  41. Building Codes: Louisville: crime, neighborhood, deed - Kentucky (KY)
  42. Louisville industry: schools, living in, jobs - Kentucky (KY)
  43. Relocating from New Jersey to Kentucky: Louisville, Okolona: houses, neighborhood, school districts - (KY)
  44. How's the construction industry in Louisville?: find a job, contractors, housing - Kentucky (KY)
  45. Industry in Louisville, KY: St. Matthews, Shelbyville: rental, low crime, house - Kentucky
  46. re Louisville Public and Montessori Schools: real estate, home - Kentucky (KY)
  47. Day Programs For Dev. Disabled Adults: Louisville: home, relocation, health - Kentucky (KY)
  48. Propane in Oldham County: homes, heat pump, geothermal - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  49. Average monthly expenses: Louisville: apartments, rent, appliances - Kentucky (KY)
  50. I saw a coyote today!!: subdivisions, eat, county - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  51. Buyer & Seller Beware!!!: assessor, houses, tax - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  52. Relocating to Louisville: crime, job market, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  53. Vegetarians in Lousiville: Louisville, Frankfort, Bardstown: fit in, home, transfer to - Kentucky (KY)
  54. what does it take to become a police officer in KY: California: university, law - Louisville area, Kentucky
  55. Housing Market: Louisville, St. Matthews: real estate, how much, houses - Kentucky (KY)
  56. employment search resources: Louisville: transfer, move to, food - Kentucky (KY)
  57. Commuting Downtown: Louisville, Frankfort, Bardstown: apartment, condo, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  58. American Sign Language classes: Louisville: public schools, university, education - Kentucky (KY)
  59. Relocation from Irvine to Louisville: Shelbyville, Hurstbourne: rental, insurance, condos - Kentucky (KY)
  60. Temporary Housing In Louisville: apartment, hotel, relocation - Kentucky (KY)
  61. New to Louisville Area - Realty Websites?: real estate, apartment - Kentucky (KY)
  62. Need to move for daughters health: Lexington, Louisville: house, schools, income - Kentucky (KY)
  63. Louisville:what Schools Are Considered The Best ?: Jeffersontown, Elizabethtown: middle-class, daycares - Kentucky (KY)
  64. Address Intel Louisville: Bardstown, La Grange, Germantown: rentals, new home, buy - Kentucky (KY)
  65. Hotels In Louisville: house, luxury, school - Kentucky (KY)
  66. Glenmary?: Louisville, Fern Creek, Bardstown: attorneys, house, buy - Kentucky (KY)
  67. It's kinda funny....: Louisville: living, areas, companies - Kentucky (KY)
  68. Housing in Louisville: extended stay, apartments, leases - Kentucky (KY)
  69. Louisville real etstae outperforms nation: sales, real estate, loan - Kentucky (KY)
  70. HGTV House Hunters - Louisville, KY: Old Brownsboro Place: real estate, houses, neighborhoods - Kentucky
  71. Louisville Hotels/Places to Visit: Bardstown, Albany: how much, live, restaurants - Kentucky (KY)
  72. Galt House: Louisville: rent, live, restaurants - Kentucky (KY)
  73. . on Louisville area hospitals/police?: Jeffersontown, Newport: crime, transfer - Kentucky (KY)
  74. Jobs in Louisville area: Lexington, Bowling Green: houses, find a job, camping - Kentucky (KY)
  75. continuing education in louisville: Lexington: school, university, prices - Kentucky (KY)
  76. L'ville Internal Med/Endocrinologist Doctor's: Louisville, St. Matthews: live in, move to, medicine - Kentucky (KY)
  77. Northern KY/Southern Indiana Realtor: Louisville, Carrollton: fit in, metropolitan, area - Kentucky
  78. crime in old Louisville?: Bardstown, Germantown: violent crime, houses, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  79. Schools in Jefferson County (Louisville): Lexington, Fort Thomas: best schools, best, top - Kentucky (KY)
  80. Louisville - questions about the basics.: Massac, Hartford: condominiums, public school, universities - Kentucky (KY)
  81. Looking to buy a home in the Louisville area: Bardstown: for sale, chapel - Kentucky (KY)
  82. Torn between Louisville and Chattanooga, TN: schools, living, prices - Kentucky (KY)
  83. Can someone tell me about Jeffersontown, KY?: Louisville, Taylorsville: homes, safe area - Kentucky
  84. Moving to Louisville: Okolona: apartment, condo, schools - Kentucky (KY)
  85. Louisville City Breakdown Help: Shepherdsville, Germantown: real estate, condos, new home - Kentucky (KY)
  86. Air and Water quality?? Louisville O.K.??: Lexington: closing, restaurants - Kentucky (KY)
  87. Moving to Louisville with children...: apartments, leases, crime - Kentucky (KY)
  88. Need for Louisville Gardens: renting, hotels, restaurants - Kentucky (KY)
  89. Confused about the schools: Louisville, Bardstown: house, dorms, neighborhood - Kentucky (KY)
  90. Recommended Louisville city tour?: Frankfort, Bardstown: rental car, appointed, rental - Kentucky (KY)
  91. Thinking of moving to Louisville.: condo, salary, suburbs - Kentucky (KY)
  92. From GA to Louisville?: Lexington, Jeffersontown: condo, house, construction - Kentucky (KY)
  93. Best way to find work in Louisville: Island: employment, living in - Kentucky (KY)
  94. Bluegrass Industrial Park: Jeffersontown: hotels, companies, jobs - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  95. Is Louisville running down???: Lexington, Frankfort: appointed, apartment, for rent - Kentucky (KY)
  96. Transfers from Indy need L'ville suburb !: Louisville, Jeffersontown: crime, how much - Kentucky (KY)
  97. Thanks Louisville!: Lexington, Bardstown, California: college, live, friendly - Kentucky (KY)
  98. St. Matthews?: Louisville: suburb, friendly, bike - Kentucky (KY)
  99. about Louisville?: Albany: shop, train, housing - Kentucky (KY)
  100. E town? St. Matthews? Shepherdsville?: Lexington, Louisville: salon, house, neighborhood - Kentucky (KY)
  101. To Louisville from Chicago: Lexington, Frankfort: for rent, condo, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  102. Louisville!: California: condo, homes, employment - Kentucky (KY)
  103. want about specific area in Louisvile: Louisville, Frankfort: real estate, condos - Kentucky (KY)
  104. Relocating to Louisville: St. Matthews, Shively, Bardstown: apartments, rentals, condos - Kentucky (KY)
  105. Airport Near Jeffersontown, Ky: Louisville, Taylorsville: best, location, place - Kentucky (KY)
  106. Need Louisville stories: college, association, retired - Kentucky (KY)
  107. Louisville, Ky: Elizabethtown, Bardstown, Mount Washington: real estate, new home, purchase - Kentucky (KY)
  108. Homes in Louisville- need data: Jeffersontown, Fern Creek: sales, real estate, house - Kentucky (KY)
  109. Louisville bound?: Jeffersontown, Fern Creek, Mount Washington: theatres, place to live, price - Kentucky (KY)
  110. Louisville vs. Danville: Lexington, Owensboro, Elizabethtown: real estate, condos, houses - Kentucky (KY)
  111. Moving from Toronto to Louisville - looking for a good area to live.: Lexington: crime rates - Kentucky (KY)
  112. Louisville relo wishlist-: St. Matthews, Bardstown: apartment, rent, townhouse - Kentucky (KY)
  113. Moving to Kentucky: Louisville, Bardstown, Cumberland: for sale, crime rate, house - (KY)
  114. Housing Information Louisville Area: house, to buy, schools - Kentucky (KY)
  115. Jefferson County Public School: Louisville, Wilder: house, neighborhood, elementary schools - Kentucky (KY)
  116. needed on Lake Forest community near Louisville KY: Shelbyville: houses, neighborhood - Kentucky
  117. moving to louisville area: Georgetown, Shelbyville: homes, neighborhoods, buy - Kentucky (KY)
  118. dog friendly communities in around Louisville: condo, low crime, houses - Kentucky (KY)
  119. parking for symphony, parking for thunder: Louisville, Frankfort: apartment, condo, hotels - Kentucky (KY)
  120. relocating to the Louisville area: employment, neighborhood, school - Kentucky (KY)
  121. Louisville Houses: Germantown: real estate, affordable houses, job market - Kentucky (KY)
  122. Louisville hotel???: St. Matthews, Shepherdsville, Hurstbourne: extended stay, amusement park, how much - Kentucky (KY)
  123. Fern Creek and Flood Zones??: Louisville, Valley Station: transplants, insurance, homes - Kentucky (KY)
  124. teaching in Jefferson County: job market, school district, college - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  125. Oh! Louisville Publishing, too!: home, school, companies - Kentucky (KY)
  126. Help needed, relocating to Louisville from Atlanta.: Frankfort, St. Matthews: apartments, to rent - Kentucky (KY)
  127. Is living without a car in Louisville a viable option?: Germantown: apartment, to rent - Kentucky (KY)
  128. Day Care in Louisville or Oldham County?: Valley Station, Shelbyville: movies, pre-school - Kentucky (KY)
  129. Visiting Louisville at the end of May...suggestions?: Lexington, Frankfort: appointed, salons - Kentucky (KY)
  130. Louisville for conservatives and religious folks?: crime, neighborhoods, gangs - Kentucky (KY)
  131. Louisville schools and forced busing?: real estate, home, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  132. Louisville vs. Denver: neighborhoods, private schools, live in - Kentucky (KY)
  133. IT Job Market in the Louisville area: St. Matthews: home, salaries - Kentucky (KY)
  134. Chabad Louisville: St. Matthews: for rent, job market, schools - Kentucky (KY)
  135. Is with Lyndon on the east side of Louisville?: Jeffersontown: real estate, apartments - Kentucky (KY)
  136. Louisville- bad areas?: Frankfort, Valley Station, Elizabethtown: apartment complexes, rental, condos - Kentucky (KY)
  137. ok new poll with more options about Louisville: Lexington, Owensboro: real estate, apartments - Kentucky (KY)
  138. Why Louisville and KY may not be nationally known: Franklin: transplants, condo - Kentucky
  139. Louisville Weather - Lots of cloudy days??: how much, living in - Kentucky (KY)
  140. Thinking about moving to Louisville from So Cal but where Gay, will we be shot?: Bardstown: condos, crimes - Kentucky (KY)
  141. Looks like moving back to Louisville!: Jeffersontown, Newburg: real estate, apartments - Kentucky (KY)
  142. Dog ear cropping in Louisville area?: Shively, Bardstown: buy, pit bull, shop - Kentucky (KY)
  143. Older, leafy established neighborhood search: Lexington, Louisville: sales, crime, credit - Kentucky (KY)
  144. Farmers Markets: Lexington, Louisville, Bardstown: real estate market, co-op, neighborhood - Kentucky (KY)
  145. Louisville, KY neighborhoods: Frankfort, Valley Station, Bardstown: crime rate, places to live, price - Kentucky
  146. Moving to KY from CA: Lexington, Louisville: real estate, low crime, houses - Kentucky
  147. Louisville: Lexington, Frankfort, Bardstown: real estate, low crime, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  148. How about subdivisions in eastern Louisville?: Lyndon, Middletown: real estate, foreclosure - Kentucky (KY)
  149. Nicer areas..: Louisville, Fairdale, Hardin: school, to live in, zoning - Kentucky (KY)
  150. Louisville Suburbs -HELP!!!: Lexington, Frankfort, Jeffersontown: real estate, lofts, condos - Kentucky (KY)
  151. Fun things to do in Louisville for children?: Fern Creek, Anchorage: appointed, new home - Kentucky (KY)
  152. relocating from Glendale, AZ to Kentucky: Lexington, Louisville: transplants, low crime, new home - (KY)
  153. Is Louisville mostly conservative/evangelical?: Lexington, St. Matthews: transplants, how much, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  154. Acreage within Louisville.: Jeffersontown, Middletown, La Grange: for sale, real estate, lofts - Kentucky (KY)
  155. Gangs?: Lexington, Louisville, Prospect: neighborhoods, high school, university - Kentucky (KY)
  156. move to Louisville: Lexington, Bardstown: best cities, sales, credit - Kentucky (KY)
  157. Where are the hispanic communities in louisville: Shelbyville, Shepherdsville: affordable apartments, house - Kentucky (KY)
  158. Kentucky.... Louisville...south or midwest?: Lexington, Paducah: to live, car, baptist - (KY)
  159. Which area to buy a house in Louisville?: Lexington, Frankfort: foreclosures, condos - Kentucky (KY)
  160. move to Louisville: Lexington, Frankfort: rental, house, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  161. short visit to louisville, what to do?: home, taxi - Kentucky (KY)
  162. Deer in Louisville proper or large KY city: Carrollton: home, neighborhood - Kentucky
  163. Louisville looks pretty amazing: Dayton, Prospect: appointed, apartment, rent - Kentucky (KY)
  164. hairy brown spiders, roaches??: Louisville, Richmond: apartment complexes, buying a home, buying - Kentucky (KY)
  165. Move to Louisville?: Dayton: appointed, lofts, condos - Kentucky (KY)
  166. What you like about living in Louisville?: Bardstown, Berea: low crime, homes - Kentucky (KY)
  167. Louisville relocation from chicago: Frankfort, Bardstown: fit in, apartment complex, rentals - Kentucky (KY)
  168. How Come Louisville Doesn't Have An NBA Team?: transfer, tenant - Kentucky (KY)
  169. Mount Washington: Louisville, Bardstown, Shepherdsville: crime, big house, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  170. Louisville-Music Scene?: Middletown, Simpsonville, Germantown: sales, real estate, house - Kentucky (KY)
  171. public transportation in Louisville: Bardstown, Shelbyville: apartments, rent, credit - Kentucky (KY)
  172. Louisville- Slower Paced Life - ?: Lexington, California: fit in, renting - Kentucky (KY)
  173. Opinions...moving senior year of high school: Louisville, California: homes, colleges - Kentucky (KY)
  174. Another Louisville: Douglass Hills, Anchorage, Berry: for sale, real estate, high crime - Kentucky (KY)
  175. Kingfish Restaurant: Louisville, Buechel, Jeffersonville: condos, hotel, closing - Kentucky (KY)
  176. OPinions on U of Louisville?: Lexington: how much, lawyer, law school - Kentucky (KY)
  177. Questions about Prospect: Louisville, Buckner, Goshen: for sale, condos, new home - Kentucky (KY)
  178. Air Quality in Louisville (again): Goshen: home, allergies, organic - Kentucky (KY)
  179. What's in Louisville?: Frankfort, St. Matthews, Bardstown: rent, home, theater - Kentucky (KY)
  180. Can you be so kind as to tell me how Louisville and Lexington differ and...: Ashland: transplants, condos - Kentucky (KY)
  181. Good Gyms in the Eastside or Oldham Cty?: Louisville, St. Matthews: YMCA, gym - Kentucky (KY)
  182. Moving to Louisville-Where to live?: Georgetown, Bardstown: new home, best schools, pharmacy - Kentucky (KY)
  183. Allergies in Louisville: Elizabethtown, Lebanon, Springfield: living in, moving, air pollution - Kentucky (KY)
  184. Moving to Louisville with two small girls help me find a community: Lexington: condos, how much - Kentucky (KY)
  185. Archdiocese of Louisville school mergers: Buechel: neighborhood, schools, where to live - Kentucky (KY)
  186. Where to move in Louisville: Frankfort, Bardstown: apartments, homes, safe area - Kentucky (KY)
  187. Nice areas of louisville: Jeffersontown, Fern Creek: houses, job market, safe neighborhood - Kentucky (KY)
  188. I might be homeless soon, is it safe to sleep outside in louisville?: cheap apartment, find a job - Kentucky (KY)
  189. Moving To Louisville: Lexington, Newburg, St. Matthews: low crime, house, safest area - Kentucky (KY)
  190. How's the rain/thunder bumper situation in KY?: Lexington, Louisville: live, moving - Kentucky
  191. old louisville: Lexington, Columbus: section 8, apartment, rent - Kentucky (KY)
  192. Something fun in Louisville: year, music, great - Kentucky (KY)
  193. Lyndon + new shopping center???: construction, design, area - Louisville area, Kentucky (KY)
  194. Trash Pickup day: Louisville: live in, tree, moved - Kentucky (KY)
  195. Next Louisville neighborhood to gentrify?: lofts, condominium, crime - Kentucky (KY)
  196. Louisville spay & neuter law: ordinance, county, city limits - Kentucky (KY)
  197. 2 generations moving to L'ville: Louisville: house, purchase, to live in - Kentucky (KY)
  198. Find jobs in Louisville: looking for, today - Kentucky (KY)
  199. have pictures of Louisville?: parks, rain, water - Kentucky (KY)
  200. Looking for towns between Madison, IN & Louisville...: good schools, places to live - Kentucky (KY)