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  59. How long is your commute to work? Thank you 😊: Lexington: live, safest - Kentucky (KY)
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  61. Where is everyone originally from?: Lexington, Louisville: transplants, living in, population - Kentucky (KY)
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  64. Wow i was just looking at my old house last night: section 8, apartment complex - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  65. Religious tolerance? East KY: Lexington, California: live, price, shop - Kentucky
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  67. Lexington rated as one of the top Three Friendliest cities in America: Louisville: live - Kentucky (KY)
  68. quality of hospitals/Healthcare overall in Lexington: Lexington-Fayette, Louisville: university, living in - Kentucky (KY)
  69. Richmond vs. Winchester: Lexington: home, school, colleges - Kentucky (KY)
  70. Sue Wylie Dies in Car Accident: Lexington: radio, history, news - Kentucky (KY)
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  72. need housing oct 1st: Lexington: rentals, houses, properties - Kentucky (KY)
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  74. Police Investigating Ku Klux Klan Flyers: Lexington: latest, about - Kentucky (KY)
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  79. i need a place to stay before i move to louisville. im sleeping in the back of the car right now.: Lexington: cheap apartment - Kentucky (KY)
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  83. Pony rides near Lexington: horseback, farms, park - Kentucky (KY)
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  86. Does Lexington feel western?: Bardstown: hotel, camper, living - Kentucky (KY)
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  92. Direct Flights to Myrtle Beach: oceanfront, hotels, taxi - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
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  96. Lexington Trip Report: pharmacy, castle, building - Kentucky (KY)
  97. Eastern Kentucky wages ?: Lexington: how much, new house, contractors - (KY)
  98. Country Clubs In Lexington Ky? Lexington CC vs Idle Hour CC: middle-class, homes - Kentucky (KY)
  99. Fly into Cincinnati or Lexington?: Louisville: to rent, live, prices - Kentucky (KY)
  100. Hospice jobs: Lexington: house, move to, baptist - Kentucky (KY)
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  104. UKY University zero hits: Lexington, Louisville: school, live, moving - Kentucky
  105. How blue is Lexington and Ky?: California: college, safe, suburbs - Kentucky (KY)
  106. about tornado shelter: Lexington, Mayfield: insurance, buying a house, crawl space - Kentucky (KY)
  107. Cheaper airport to fly into?: Lexington, Louisville: rental car, rental, construction - Kentucky (KY)
  108. Moving from California to Lexington: Louisville, Richmond: apartment, house, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  109. What the heck is going on Lexington?!: Louisville: violent crime, live in - Kentucky (KY)
  110. Lansdowne: Lexington, Louisville, Richmond: real estate, apartments, condo - Kentucky (KY)
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  112. Severe weather in Lexington?: Louisville, Richmond: extended stay, 2013, power lines - Kentucky (KY)
  113. Should I move to Lexington?: Louisville, Cumberland: transplants, 2014, houses - Kentucky (KY)
  114. Minority (Asian) moving from diverse area: Lexington, Louisville: fit in, 2015 - Kentucky (KY)
  115. new non-chain restaurants in Lexington: 2015, places to eat - Kentucky (KY)
  116. Information about moving to Georgetown: Lexington, Salem: 2013, condo, low crime - Kentucky (KY)
  117. Need Lexington newspapers: crime rate, felons, home - Kentucky (KY)
  118. Is Lexington, KY a good place for a conservative, traditional family?: houses, neighborhood - Kentucky
  119. move to Danville: Lexington, Louisville: house, employment, theater - Kentucky (KY)
  120. Need pros and cons of retiring in Lexington, KY: Ashland: apartment, rent - Kentucky
  121. Horrible downstairs neighbors: apartments, renter, house - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  122. Lexington -Fifth Best-Run City in the U.S.: Louisville, Manchester: motel, home - Kentucky (KY)
  123. Panhandlers Around Local Restaurants: Lexington, Louisville: crime, income, living in - Kentucky (KY)
  124. Is Lexington Boring? Things to do Outdoors, Without Driving an Hour Away: Frankfort: transplants, sale - Kentucky (KY)
  125. Private Schools with academic focus?: Lexington-Fayette, Lexington: fit in, best cities, 2014 - Kentucky (KY)
  126. How to get from Lex airport to Berea without a car: Lexington: rent, cost - Kentucky (KY)
  127. Would Lexington be too cold and grey?: Lexington-Fayette, Louisville: ski resorts, how much - Kentucky (KY)
  128. How to fly in and out of Lexington: Louisville, Paris: to rent, home - Kentucky (KY)
  129. Lexington Bound: Richmond, Nicholasville, Clay: hardwood floors, condo, crime - Kentucky (KY)
  130. Looking at Danville, KY as a retirement spot: Lexington, Louisville: for sale, violent crime - Kentucky
  131. Looking to escape the lunacy of NJ: Lexington, Louisville: appointed, fit in - Kentucky (KY)
  132. Spiritually there!: Lexington, Louisville, Frankfort: to rent, houses, employment - Kentucky (KY)
  133. Gay couple moving to Lexington area from NYC.: Louisville, Frankfort: apartment, rent - Kentucky (KY)
  134. Lexington must sees?: Ashland, Harrodsburg, Versailles: theatre, school, university - Kentucky (KY)
  135. with Beattyville ?: modular home, property, foundation - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  136. Safe places to raise a family.200-265,000 price range: Lexington: low crime, good schools - Kentucky (KY)
  137. Lexington trolley - Kentucky (KY)
  138. What’s up with Newton Pike Rd around 75 ramp?: construction, live - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  139. looking for on Lexington police and prosecutorial misconduct: legal, charge - Kentucky (KY)
  140. looking for on Lexington police and prosecutorial misconduct: legal, charge - Kentucky (KY)
  141. recommendations for a fence company?: Lexington: for sale, residential, installation - Kentucky (KY)
  142. Where to find live music in Lexington?: house, college - Kentucky (KY)
  143. STEAM Academy in Lex: Lexington, Winchester: public schools, college, inclusive - Kentucky (KY)
  144. Guitar donation: Lexington: donate, area, accept - Kentucky (KY)
  145. Another unfortunate ending: historic home leveled in Lex: Lexington, Greenville: 2015, house - Kentucky (KY)
  146. How safe are Lexington streets to bike on?: neighborhood, live - Kentucky (KY)
  147. Lexington Police: Slow Non-Emergency Response Time: fit in, house, neighborhood - Kentucky (KY)
  148. Looking for builder recommendations: Lawrenceburg: home builder, construction, contractor - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  149. General contractor licensing? Mixed data...: Lexington: purchasing, camping, moving to - Kentucky (KY)
  150. on Georgetown: Hazard: violent crime, property taxes, safe - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  151. Best Internet Provider in Harrodsburg: moving, out of state, recommendations - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  152. A special Mother's Day request - read: Lexington: schools, student - Kentucky (KY)
  153. Ruiz v Joshua fight: town, Saturday - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  154. Cheap or free home furnishings: Lexington: apartment, year, baby - Kentucky (KY)
  155. on several apartment complexes sought: Lexington, Richmond: places, rain, drive - Kentucky (KY)
  156. Pasture Land for Rent between Louisville & Lexington: horses, acre - Kentucky (KY)
  157. Good areas of Lexington for an adult with high-functioning autism?: apartment, renting - Kentucky (KY)
  158. Looking for information about moving to Lexington or the surrounding area? read first.: apartment - Kentucky (KY)
  159. Recommend breast surgeon and oncologist: Lexington: medical, center, cancer - Kentucky (KY)
  160. Real estate prices in Lexington: renting, houses, to buy - Kentucky (KY)
  161. Best restaurant to serve at???: restaurants, area, pay - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  162. Jakes Sausage: Lexington: sold - Kentucky (KY)
  163. for all the Georgetown natives: live, county, place - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  164. Best high-end hair salon for haircut, hair color: Lexington: move to, hairdresser - Kentucky (KY)
  165. Condo Hunting: Lakeshore Village, Merrick Townhouses,: Lexington, Clay: neighborhoods, live - Kentucky (KY)
  166. Lindsey Wilson college?: Columbia: personal, experiences, person - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)