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  86. couple hours in Lexington: Berea, Corbin: coop, college, restaurants - Kentucky (KY)
  87. Jews in Lexington?: house, high school, live - Kentucky (KY)
  88. Thoroughbred City : a cool new nickname for Lexington?: horse, mayor - Kentucky (KY)
  89. Rollerblading/Road biking: Lexington: move, stadium, arboretum - Kentucky (KY)
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  96. farm land leasing: county, work, value - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
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  100. Good Bye Lexington: job market, best, places - Kentucky (KY)
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  104. Is there really oil in Ky?: pools, property, business - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  105. Do Not Rent at Park Place Apartments!: apartment complex, lease - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  106. Large wooded lot with beautiful creek for sale: Lexington, Richmond: real estate, homes - Kentucky (KY)
  107. Frankfort or Bowling Green for singles: Lexington, Louisville: home, discount, best - Kentucky (KY)
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  109. Best grocery store: Lexington, Nicholasville: neighborhood, living, prices - Kentucky (KY)
  110. from the Nashville area?: Lexington: home, college, living - Kentucky (KY)
  111. Traffic around the Horse Park: Lexington, Georgetown: home, campground, cars - Kentucky (KY)
  112. What is something for for a 2 year old?: Lexington, Newport: theater, live - Kentucky (KY)
  113. Apparel fabric stores in Lexington: Louisville: house, floor, shop - Kentucky (KY)
  114. Meat Store: Lexington, Nicholasville: to buy, club, shopping center - Kentucky (KY)
  115. Anywhere to Buy Daily Racing Forum Downtown/Chevy Chase Area?: Keeneland: shop, venues - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  116. insight on Lexington legal market?: real estate, law school, places to live - Kentucky (KY)
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  118. Lexington Olympians: aquatic, people, looking for - Kentucky (KY)
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  123. moving to Lexington from florida: Lexington-Fayette, Louisville: low income, car insurance, crime - Kentucky (KY)
  124. new to lexington where r hangouts 4 30 somethings: Louisville, Richmond: neighborhood, YMCA - Kentucky (KY)
  125. I may move to Lexington w/o a job lined up, should I?: job market, school - Kentucky (KY)
  126. Need a Vet recommendation: Lexington: live, costs, law - Kentucky (KY)
  127. Can someone suggest which of NOT to go to?: Lexington: apartments, townhouse - Kentucky (KY)
  128. Relocating to Corbin, KY: Danville, Glasgow: crime, buying, to live - Lexington area, Kentucky
  129. State proposes toll parkway to connect Nicholasville, Richmond: Lexington, Louisville: cabinet, live - Kentucky (KY)
  130. This is likely not going to go over well on CD: section 8, license plate - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  131. Daycare Facilities in Lexington: Winchester, Columbia: credit, day care, school - Kentucky (KY)
  132. exciting suburbs: Lexington, Louisville, Richmond: real estate, rentals, houses - Kentucky (KY)
  133. Looking for a new general doctor: Lexington: insurance, college, live - Kentucky (KY)
  134. Everyone Answer This As Open As: Lexington: apartments, renting - Kentucky (KY)
  135. Possibly moving to Lex, can share views of the area ?: Lexington: transplants, low crime - Kentucky (KY)
  136. safe neighborhoods in Lexington, KY: Clay: apartments, crime, townhouses - Kentucky
  137. Where can you buy Utz chips???: Lexington: club, centers, manufacturing - Kentucky (KY)
  138. parents have children attending Lafayette high school?: Lexington, Louisville: how much, safe area - Kentucky (KY)
  139. The Home Place/Chilesburg: Lexington, Richmond: rentals, new home, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  140. Moving from Colorado: Lexington, Louisville, Cumberland: real estate, crime, new home - Kentucky (KY)
  141. Is it true this is one of the best cities for singles?: Lexington: college, horses - Kentucky (KY)
  142. Lexington for singles 24-32?: best city, high school, university - Kentucky (KY)
  143. Is Georgetown a pretty safe town?: Frankfort, Paris: violent crime, hotels, neighborhoods - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  144. How do you say street names?: Lexington, Versailles: subdivision, to live - Kentucky (KY)
  145. Things Realtors do that bug you?: Lexington: sale, real estate, co-op - Kentucky (KY)
  146. Restaurants with real sweet tea in Lexington?: college, live - Kentucky (KY)
  147. about wood paneling: Lexington: houses, buy, home inspector - Kentucky (KY)
  148. Lexington and Caffeine?: Louisville, Covington, Frankfort: lease, low crime, mortgage - Kentucky (KY)
  149. The Pub: London: home, college, restaurant - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  150. Lexington-would we fit in?: Richmond, Nicholasville: apartments, crime, affordable house - Kentucky (KY)
  151. Neighbors: Lexington: condominium, lawyers, house - Kentucky (KY)
  152. Sushi Restaurant: Lexington, Nicholasville: appointed, home, live - Kentucky (KY)
  153. Someone convince me!!!: Lexington, Ashland, Clay: house, theatre, construction - Kentucky (KY)
  154. Which area(s) of Greater Lexington are best to live in?: Ashland: sex offenders, crime - Kentucky (KY)
  155. Paul Miller Ford, Freedom Jeep/ Chrysler on verge of bankrupcy: Frankfort: sales, buying - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  156. Westie puppies: Lexington, Louisville: fit in, how much, home - Kentucky (KY)
  157. Winchester for Inter-Racial Family: Lexington, Louisville: comparable sales, for sale, real estate - Kentucky (KY)
  158. Motorvation Motor Cars? Other used dealers?: Louisville, Richmond: for sale, credit score, buying - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  159. Park Plaza Apartments: Lexington, Richmond, Nicholasville: lease, lofts, house - Kentucky (KY)
  160. Winters in Lexington: real estate, house, living - Kentucky (KY)
  161. Local pediatrician: Lexington: office, baptist, locations - Kentucky (KY)
  162. Is Lexington Culturally Diverse?: Massac, Island: neighborhood, schools, living in - Kentucky (KY)
  163. Thinking about a move to Lexington/Louisville: Bowling Green, Covington: fit in, transplants - Kentucky (KY)
  164. How's the economy?: Lexington: apartments, opthamologists, lofts - Kentucky (KY)
  165. NEWCOMERS read before posting so we may assist you in your move: Lexington: sales, apartments - Kentucky (KY)
  166. Lexington trance/techno: Louisville: lease, hotel, house - Kentucky (KY)
  167. Bagels?: Richmond, Nicholasville, Harrodsburg: school, shopping center, to eat - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  168. *5.5 more months* and a about KY rivers, which may seem silly!: Lexington: school, living - Kentucky
  169. Is Winchester Improving?: Lexington, Louisville, Bowling Green: rent, violent crime, houses - Kentucky (KY)
  170. Lexington Crime Map: Liberty, Clay: home, neighborhood, construction - Kentucky (KY)
  171. Spiders: Franklin: house, college, live - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  172. Coming to KY, about bank referrals: sale, good credit - Lexington area, Kentucky
  173. downtown neighborhood: Lexington, Richmond, Ashland: crime, houses, safe area - Kentucky (KY)
  174. West Maxwell Street: Lexington, Harrodsburg: to rent, lofts, condos - Kentucky (KY)
  175. Snow Tires: Island: cost, to move, cars - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  176. Lexington's Nicest Neighborhoods: Ashland, Harrodsburg, London: houses, buy, best school - Kentucky (KY)
  177. Looking to rent with option to buy horse property/farm: Lexington: for sale, real estate - Kentucky (KY)
  178. Looking for best community to live in for Lexington: Louisville: how much, house - Kentucky (KY)
  179. What's your favorite Mexican restaurant in Lexington?: Richmond: restaurants, eat - Kentucky (KY)
  180. Aldi in Lexington: Elizabethtown, Danville, Russell: for sale, home, buy - Kentucky (KY)
  181. @ Earnest Money in Lexington: real estate, mortgage, credit rating - Kentucky (KY)
  182. Clays Mill Road: Widening NO, Roundabouts YES: Nicholasville, Harrodsburg: houses, neighborhood - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  183. where to retire: Lexington, Louisville, Elizabethtown: best town, homes, buy - Kentucky (KY)
  184. How large will Lexington get? (city, metro, & csa?): Bellevue: real estate, condo - Kentucky (KY)
  185. TB people who can help me find affordable horse areas?: Lexington: for sale, real estate - Kentucky (KY)
  186. Lexington urrr: Lexington-Fayette: low income, appointed, section 8 - Kentucky (KY)
  187. Boston Road area becoming a middle class Black enclave?: Louisville: low crime, neighborhood - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  188. Lexington, ky: Louisville, Frankfort, Ashland: houses, safe neighborhood, to buy - Kentucky (KY)
  189. Looking for Slate/Rock on Highway 127: sale, buy, live in - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  190. Horseback riding: home, job market, to move - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  191. Lincoln Celebration events - this weekend in Lexington: California: theater, YMCA - Kentucky (KY)
  192. Help! Apt. Rental wanted in Berea: apartment, house, moving - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  193. Horse boarding available: Versailles: arena, quiet, information - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  194. Help take over our lease! $650 - 2 BR Apt right off UK campus: how much - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  195. would like to correspond....: buy, best, build - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  196. Fairington Apts: to move, about - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  197. Free Board and Lodging in Lexington: apartment, appliances, villas - Kentucky (KY)
  198. McGregor Apartments on High St.: rent, safe, area - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  199. From Palestine and I want to live Lexington: work, friends - Kentucky (KY)
  200. need more for active senior retirement in Lexington area: Richmond: areas, where to - Kentucky (KY)