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  1. recommend a body shop.: Lexington, Versailles: car, business, work - Kentucky (KY)
  2. Ashland Elementary or Cassidy??: transfer, private schools, demographics - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  3. Lexington: Richmond, Clay, Keeneland: crime, house, buy - Kentucky (KY)
  4. Looking for a great General Practioner and Urologist: Versailles: live in, best - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  5. Camping help!: Morehead: area, place, road - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
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  9. Colts Run?? And Electric Bills??: apartments, living in, cost - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  10. Schools: Lexington, Clay: credit, house, neighborhood - Kentucky (KY)
  11. move to Frankfort or Lexington: Louisville: neighborhood, private schools, places to live - Kentucky (KY)
  12. Hotels off I-64 in Lexington with Truck/Carrier Parking: Louisville: safe, moving - Kentucky (KY)
  13. Alternative heating options: your opinions: Lexington: insurance, mortgage, house - Kentucky (KY)
  14. remember Big Picadome?: Lexington: elementary schools, living, authority - Kentucky (KY)
  15. Would you all think Lexington area is suitable for a small family?: Richmond: appointed - Kentucky (KY)
  16. about an estate in Lexington Ky: Versailles: farm, property - Kentucky (KY)
  17. Moving.. rmation available~WELCOMED!: Somerset, London: rentals, school district, to live - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  18. Cool clothes in Lex???: Lexington, Nicholasville: consignment, high school, college - Kentucky (KY)
  19. Day Care Centers: Crestwood: day cares, best, to work - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  20. need northern KY kidney trasplant care: Lexington, Butler: transplants, insurance, moving to - Kentucky
  21. UK and Lexington? Advantages over UofL? HELP!!!: Louisville, Bardstown: college, to live in - Kentucky (KY)
  22. Berea or Harrodsburg?: Lexington, Frankfort, Richmond: fit in, for sale, college - Kentucky (KY)
  23. Family Photographer: Lexington, Carlisle: friendly, best, area - Kentucky (KY)
  24. Lexington: Louisville, Richmond, Georgetown: crime rate, house, job market - Kentucky (KY)
  25. moving to Lexington KY area: Richmond: apartments, to rent, house - Kentucky
  26. New Apartments near Lexington: tenants, allergies, shop - Kentucky (KY)
  27. Where to stay downtown?: Lexington, Louisville: good hotel, neighborhood, restaurants - Kentucky (KY)
  28. Moving to Lex or just outside Lex, is are there of Tornado's!!: Lexington: live - Kentucky (KY)
  29. Fast women and beautiful horses: Lexington's legacy of lies continues: Franklin: apartment, insurance - Kentucky (KY)
  30. looking for 3-4 bedroom home to rent Harrodsburg: rental, credit - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  31. Masterson Station ???? Green Acres: low income, rental, sex offenders - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  32. Meadowthorpe Neighborhood: Lexington, Frankfort, Manchester: houses, buyer, middle school - Kentucky (KY)
  33. Tipically, what is the difference between asking price and selling price in Lexington?: Ashland: sale - Kentucky (KY)
  34. Flying to Ky to find Rental,July 19th !! What's the best way: Lexington: rental homes - Kentucky (KY)
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  36. 4 sale: for sale, title, road - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  37. one knows excellent personal trainer?: Lexington: price, job, water - Kentucky (KY)
  38. Looking for a General Practitioner (Internal Medicine preferably): Lexington, Alexandria: gynecologist, insurance - Kentucky (KY)
  39. Great Flower Shop In Lexington Area?: live, hospital, out of state - Kentucky (KY)
  40. Tremont/Melrose/Sunset: Lexington, Ashland, Providence: for sale, rentals, houses - Kentucky (KY)
  41. Reputable Locksmith in the Lexington area: shopping center, car, charge - Kentucky (KY)
  42. Good local MOM and POP mechanic shop in LEX: Lexington: shops, car - Kentucky (KY)
  43. Looking to start a race horse partnership... I would like your insight.: Lexington: upkeep - Kentucky (KY)
  44. Paul Mitchell School for highlights?: price, working, students - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  45. Lexington area taxes...: Lexington-Fayette: sales, how much, neighborhood - Kentucky (KY)
  46. Why blame Rand Paul?: Lexington, Clinton: home, school, move - Kentucky (KY)
  47. LEXpert's Video Tour of Beaumont: Lexington: new home, neighborhood, schools - Kentucky (KY)
  48. Danville versus Lexington: Nicholasville: to rent, buy, construction - Kentucky (KY)
  49. A Saturday in Lexington: home, college, live - Kentucky (KY)
  50. Best Property Management Company?: Lexington: real estate, renters, estate - Kentucky (KY)
  51. Ideas for a basement.: Lexington: house, home inspector, price - Kentucky (KY)
  52. Auto Body Shop?: Lexington, Georgetown: rental car, rental, insurance - Kentucky (KY)
  53. Lexington Schools: Clay: houses, transferring to, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  54. have gastric surgery recommendations: Lexington, Louisville: insurance, train, design - Kentucky (KY)
  55. Vogelsang of nj moving to ky?: building, town, factory - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  56. ATV rentals and trails?: camping, land, property - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  57. Deborah Wardlaw murdered by cops? Mayor Newberry says her life didn't matter!: Lexington: insurance - Kentucky (KY)
  58. Outdoor wood furnaces: comments: campgrounds, professionals, to move - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  59. I like snow...How much snow do you get?: Lexington: college, move to - Kentucky (KY)
  60. Neighborhood Recommendations: Lexington, Ashland, Nicholasville: houses, established neighborhood, buyers - Kentucky (KY)
  61. Property Management Companies in Lexington: rental homes, homes, landlord - Kentucky (KY)
  62. 1.5-2 days in Lexington area (before FEI)- what to do?: Keeneland: house, places to eat - Kentucky (KY)
  63. New to Richmond KY: Lexington, London: short sale, rental, houses - Kentucky
  64. Best route CT to KY then KY to OH In Need of Road Warriors' Help: Lexington: construction - Kentucky
  65. Lexington job market: Richmond, Ashland, Nicholasville: public schools, university, education - Kentucky (KY)
  66. full day kindergarten?: Lexington: elementary schools, required, offer - Kentucky (KY)
  67. Why doesn't Lexington have crime stats like other cities on this site?: home - Kentucky (KY)
  68. Rosa Parks vs The Lexington School: appointed, private schools, college - Kentucky (KY)
  69. Work in Mt Sterling/live in Lexington?: Winchester, Mount Sterling: for sale, real estate - Kentucky (KY)
  70. know about Georgetown Neighborhoods: HOA, house, elementary schools - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  71. Palomar or Andover?: Harrodsburg, Cumberland, Liberty: renting, HOA, houses - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  72. Moved from Long Island ?: Lexington, Louisville: appointed, transplants, real estate - Kentucky (KY)
  73. What are the small towns around Lexington like? Three questions...: Louisville: rental, homes - Kentucky (KY)
  74. Marsupial Madness in Municipal Mansions?: Lexington, California: for sale, crime rate, eviction - Kentucky (KY)
  75. LEXpert tours cool area's under $200k: Lexington, London: neighborhood, golf course - Kentucky (KY)
  76. Squires Woods? have experience in that neighborhood?: Lexington, Richmond: condo, townhouses - Kentucky (KY)
  77. OB/GYN Recommendations,: Lexington: university, live, friendly - Kentucky (KY)
  78. All Electric Utilities-- Expensive?: Lexington, Columbia: apartments, townhomes, heat pump - Kentucky (KY)
  79. Good Real Estate Attorney?: Lexington: home, buying, new construction - Kentucky (KY)
  80. Banks and Credit Unions: Lexington, Frankfort: mortgage, loans, transfer - Kentucky (KY)
  81. Alexandria Drive: Lexington, London, Keeneland: apartment, renting, high crime - Kentucky (KY)
  82. Clays Crossing, Leagacy Estates: neighborhoods, living, builder - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  83. Best Schools / Districts in S / SE lexington?: Richmond, Clay: lease, new home - Kentucky (KY)
  84. looking for progressive Catholic parish: Lexington: university, moving to, bill - Kentucky (KY)
  85. on underground fire station?: Lexington, Richmond: subdivisions, design, farm - Kentucky (KY)
  86. Boxing Lessons Teenagers: Lexington, Nicholasville, Versailles: membership, offer, close to - Kentucky (KY)
  87. Apartment in Lexington: Harrodsburg: apartments, how much, home - Kentucky (KY)
  88. corbin or london need help: rentals, crime, home - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  89. Jessimine County schools: Lexington, Nicholasville, Harrodsburg: buying a home, buying, high schools - Kentucky (KY)
  90. Restaurant Jobs: Lexington: living in, restaurants, money - Kentucky (KY)
  91. Video Tour of Cumberland Hill: Lexington: HOA, neighborhoods, moving - Kentucky (KY)
  92. Barkley Woods: Lexington, Nicholasville, Harrodsburg: sale, big house, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  93. New to Lexington: Ashland, Mount Vernon: apartment, to rent, house - Kentucky (KY)
  94. Walnut Grove Estates: Harrodsburg, Barlow: townhouses, neighborhoods, buying - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  95. Opinions on 3 apartment complexes in Lexington: Richmond: townhouse, landscaping, college - Kentucky (KY)
  96. newcomer needs assistant: Lexington, Harrodsburg: affordable apartments, for rent, homes - Kentucky (KY)
  97. Brookfield Chase?: Lexington, Georgetown, Paris: real estate, apartments, foreclosures - Kentucky (KY)
  98. Student moving to Lexington: job and apartment?: Louisville: apartments, credit - Kentucky (KY)
  99. Subdivisions with large lots: Nicholasville, Clay: houses, neighborhood, to buy - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  100. Do You Know a Gentle Dog Groomer?: Nicholasville: live, summer - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  101. on frankfort or good area for small family around FMC Lexington (husband will be an officer at the fed med center): Georgetown: to rent - Kentucky (KY)
  102. Fun Biking Event June 13th: health, Sunday, sound - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  103. Thoughts and Prayers: Lexington: office, family, officer - Kentucky (KY)
  104. Vote for Lexington to win a Kaboom playground!: Home Depot, rail - Kentucky (KY)
  105. Information about Relocation to Lexington: Nicholasville, Greenville: houses, employment, neighborhood - Kentucky (KY)
  106. The Traffic Issue: Lexington, Louisville, Frankfort: how much, subdivisions, living - Kentucky (KY)
  107. Good Areas and Areas to Avoid: Lexington, Ashland: apartment complexes, rent, sex offender - Kentucky (KY)
  108. Is Apple Store coming to Lexington?: Louisville, London: construction, dangerous, shops - Kentucky (KY)
  109. Video tour of Eastwood neighborhood: Lexington, Liberty: houses, neighborhoods, middle school - Kentucky (KY)
  110. Video Tour Of Plantation: Lexington: home, neighborhood, buy - Kentucky (KY)
  111. Place to purchase whole tea leaves, and/or knowledgeable tea places?: shop, town - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  112. Trivia night locations?: Lexington: restaurants, schedule, place - Kentucky (KY)
  113. Fishing in Reservoirs 1-4: Lexington, Richmond: leases, upkeep, legal - Kentucky (KY)
  114. Moving to Lex/Richmond, and all advice: Lexington: apartment complexes, rental - Kentucky (KY)
  115. Childcare options?: daycare, live in, suburbs - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  116. Need Help with low-crime areas Single Mom: Lexington, Richmond: apartment, rental - Kentucky (KY)
  117. need help to find small town for Fed. Corrections Officer and Famliy: Lexington: transfer to - Kentucky (KY)
  118. Best place to get a chemical peel?: Lexington: average cost, medical - Kentucky (KY)
  119. Know anything about Alure Salon?: Lexington: hair salon, living, moving to - Kentucky (KY)
  120. Month-to-month rentals?: apartment, hotel, income - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  121. Builders in town for custom build on your lot: Barlow: fit in, house - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  122. Youth Baseball in Lexington, KY: YMCA, school, zoned - Kentucky
  123. Student moving in July: Lexington: apartment complexes, crime rates, how much - Kentucky (KY)
  124. Gleneagles: section 8, apartment complex, for rent - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  125. Brookhaven/Landover: just curious: Lexington: short sale, houses, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  126. LEXpert tours Greenbrier: Lexington: neighborhood, clubhouse, rating - Kentucky (KY)
  127. Vacation in Lexington: Frankfort, Danville, Harrodsburg: rental, motels, houses - Kentucky (KY)
  128. What has happened to the Tates Creek area?: Lexington, Georgetown: cul-de-sac, apartments - Kentucky (KY)
  129. World Equestrian Games preparation?: Lexington: new construction, income, tax - Kentucky (KY)
  130. Weg: Keeneland: price, bus, food - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  131. Henry Clay High School?: Lexington: co-ops, homes, private schools - Kentucky (KY)
  132. Keeneland fall meet questions: Lexington: credit card, prices, suites - Kentucky (KY)
  133. Looking to move to the Lexington or surrounding area: Frankfort: hardwood floors, for sale - Kentucky (KY)
  134. A good steak in Frankfort: Lexington, London: living, restaurants, codes - Kentucky (KY)
  135. Moving to Kentucky. Looking for a job in Lexington.: Richmond: how much, live in - (KY)
  136. living in and enjoying downtown lex: Lexington, Ashland: hardwood floors, real estate, apartment - Kentucky (KY)
  137. What is up with all the Reservoirs ?: Lexington: houses, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  138. Gas Prices gouged again: Lexington: credit card, attorney, buying - Kentucky (KY)
  139. Jobs-- Effected by UK?: Lexington, Nicholasville: employment, high school, university - Kentucky (KY)
  140. Traveling to Lexington at the end of April: Frankfort, Ashland: theatre, college - Kentucky (KY)
  141. Thoughts on new arena proposals: Lexington, Louisville: lease, luxury, university - Kentucky (KY)
  142. Advice on Lexington neighborhoods and schools: Ashland, Nicholasville: for sale, real estate, buying a house - Kentucky (KY)
  143. How tolerant Kentucky and Lexington?: Louisville: fit in, crime, how much - (KY)
  144. Winters around Lexington area?: homes, neighborhood, purchase - Kentucky (KY)
  145. Weekend trip to Lexington: Frankfort, Richmond: renting, neighborhoods, schools - Kentucky (KY)
  146. Jobs and Humidity: Lexington, Louisville, Frankfort: sales, mobile home, job market - Kentucky (KY)
  147. Danville??: Lexington, Louisville, Bowling Green: sales, to rent, insurance - Kentucky (KY)
  148. Tired of Lexington: selling a home, buyer, moving - Kentucky (KY)
  149. Hot brown: Lexington, Louisville, Winchester: hotel, restaurants, shop - Kentucky (KY)
  150. What do you think Lexington need that it doesn't have now?: Richmond: college, live - Kentucky (KY)
  151. UK kicking BCTC off Cooper Dr, moving them to the ghetto: Lexington: real estate, high crime - Kentucky (KY)
  152. Looking for a Realtor: Lexington, Georgetown: for sale, real estate, lease - Kentucky (KY)
  153. Tell me about Somerset: Lexington, Corbin: transplants, sales, home - Kentucky (KY)
  154. Moving To Nicholasville/Lexington Area: Harrodsburg, Clay: apartments, townhomes, live - Kentucky (KY)
  155. Master list of favorite places to eat broken down by categories: Winchester: college, restaurant - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  156. London, KY: Lexington, Berea, Corbin: credit, elementary schools, to live - Kentucky
  157. Kentucky American Water Rate Increase: Louisville: real estate, apartment, health insurance - Lexington area, (KY)
  158. Need to brag about a Lexington farmers market!: Richmond: for sale, home - Kentucky (KY)
  159. new year's eve party: Lexington: venue, town, downtown - Kentucky (KY)
  160. Video Neighborhood Tour by The LEXpert: Still Meadow: warm, windows - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  161. Coming to Lexington for a week: Versailles: to rent, place, student - Kentucky (KY)
  162. Open letter to Lexington Judge, Honorable Ernesto Scorsone: middle-class, condo - Kentucky (KY)
  163. Construction Estimating/Project Management/Drafting: Lexington: to relocate, company, builder - Kentucky (KY)
  164. What is good salon and stylist for a full weave bleach? help!: Lexington: school - Kentucky (KY)
  165. Cherry Blossom Village?: Lexington, Georgetown: big house, to buy, price - Kentucky (KY)
  166. Falsely accused? Blog about it and go straight to jail in Lexington. Free Pleas!: Nicholasville: crime - Kentucky (KY)
  167. Cheapest taxi in Lexington for a student?: airport, discounts - Kentucky (KY)
  168. Lexington detective lies to grand jury in case police officer's death.: middle-class - Kentucky (KY)
  169. LEXpert Neighborhood Video Tour: Ashland Park & Chevy Chase: Lexington: houses, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  170. Next Sunday in Fort Mitchell...: Lexington, Louisville: flooring, eat, free - Kentucky (KY)
  171. LEXpert Video Tour of Stuart Hall: Lexington, Richmond: neighborhood, construction, deal - Kentucky (KY)
  172. Does Glenn Rahan Doneghy's life matter?: Lexington: crime rate, attorney, neighborhoods - Kentucky (KY)
  173. More Marsupial Madness in Municipal Mansions?: Lexington: crime, felony, attorney - Kentucky (KY)
  174. FCPS Mandatory Athlete Insurance: to buy, school, live - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  175. Virginia Place Child Care Center: day cares, childcare, quality - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  176. Kentucky Fence Boards: black, looking for - Lexington area, (KY)
  177. looking for small rural house with enough acreage for a couple of horses: Lexington: for rent - Kentucky (KY)
  178. A good place to stay in Danville: hotel, move to - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  179. Lexington, whats good in jobs?: sales, transfer, live - Kentucky (KY)
  180. Farmer needed in Salvisa for bush hogging/mowing job for hay!!: ferry, farm - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  181. Applachian Clothes Drive: live, church, people - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  182. Cookbook Exchange!: Richmond: farmers, parking, market - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  183. I am looking for Holistic MD's Somerset Bowling Green Lexington area: areas, state - Kentucky (KY)
  184. Looking for Ballet Lessons for a 4 year old: Lexington: place, good - Kentucky (KY)
  185. K Hovnanian in Walton: neighborhood, floor, county - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  186. Apartments in Versailles or Frankfort: affordable apartments, to move, places - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  187. Video Tour of Hartland: Lexington: houses, neighborhood, high school - Kentucky (KY)
  188. Help Bridlewood apartments (5th ) just built is it safe hows the neighborhood?: area - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  189. LEXpert video tour of Fairway: Lexington: home, neighborhood, windows - Kentucky (KY)
  190. Rising Henderson, Ky: apartments, condos, new house - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  191. out there - Lexington area, Kentucky (KY)
  192. Cleaning service in Lexington KY: townhouse, park, place - Kentucky
  193. LEXpert video tour of Lans-Merik: Lexington: neighborhood, good, weekend - Kentucky (KY)
  194. LEXpert tour of Andover Forest: Lexington: neighborhood, car, video - Kentucky (KY)
  195. Lexington's busiest roads (traffic count): Richmond, Nicholasville: transportation, vehicles, ranked - Kentucky (KY)
  196. Calling all Texas Exes in Lexington!: university, living in, area - Kentucky (KY)
  197. New Business to Locate Downtown: Lexington: insurance, university, wage - Kentucky (KY)
  198. need help deciding: Lexington: crime rate, utilities, to live - Kentucky (KY)
  199. Good Apartments to rent in Frankfort, KY: safe area, safe - Lexington area, Kentucky
  200. Different Forbes List Ranks KY #31 As Best State For Business: rankings, finance - Lexington area, Kentucky