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  90. Would you live in the Payette/Fruitland area? Is there industry there for jobs?: Boise: for sale - Idaho (ID)
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  92. which area in Boise,ID Asian Indian population living?: Meridian: homes, neighborhoods - Idaho
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  107. Merdian and Kuna?: Boise, Nampa, Meridian: best neighborhoods, house, landscaping - Idaho (ID)
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  112. Where is it odor free in Nampa and Meridian?: Boise: live, housing - Idaho (ID)
  113. Where do people shop in southeast Boise?: Moscow, Richfield: Home Depot, movies - Idaho (ID)
  114. Quality of Sprint's Cell + Data Service in Boise Metro?: Coeur d'Alene: 2013, home - Idaho (ID)
  115. Looking for a great neighborhood in Boise area: Garden City: insurance, low crime - Idaho (ID)
  116. United Water leak guard in Northend or Eastend: rental, insurance - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  117. TV reception without cable: Boise: buy, live, restaurant - Idaho (ID)
  118. Anywhere for my Granddaughters to try horseback riding?: Boise: distances, place - Idaho (ID)
  119. Apt. in Boise w/ East Junior High: apartment, lease - Idaho (ID)
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  122. Pictures of nature surrounding Boise: home, neighborhoods, live in - Idaho (ID)
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  124. Boise Co-op - Meridian Location: Eagle: high income, move, Whole Foods - Idaho (ID)
  125. new to Boise - Ustick Elementary and decent Boise grade schools: Meridian: houses, neighborhoods - Idaho (ID)
  126. Boise Sewer Rates: live in, bill, residential - Idaho (ID)
  127. Radioactive pollution in the Snake River Aquifer: Boise, Idaho Falls: how much, house - (ID)
  128. Scouting trip 3: Boise, Eagle: cliquey, to buy, airport - Idaho (ID)
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  137. Boise, Colorado Springs and Salt Lake City, Oh My!: Meridian: transplants, home - Idaho (ID)
  138. Do you know of feral cat popuations in Boise/Nampa area: Meridian: house, living - Idaho (ID)
  139. Boise Climate: High Dessert and dry?: Idaho City, Hope: landscaping, established neighborhood, living in - (ID)
  140. Las Vegas transplants?: Boise, Meridian: apartment, HOA, low crime - Idaho (ID)
  141. Drought IN Boise: 2015, living in, storage - Idaho (ID)
  142. Small business owners/operators in the Boise area: fit in, 2015 - Idaho (ID)
  143. Avimor Housing development: Boise, Meridian, Eagle: houses, school, taxes - Idaho (ID)
  144. Just arrived: SE Boise? hidden Springs?: Harrison: for sale, renting, houses - Idaho (ID)
  145. Boise gimme the bad!: Grangeville: for sale, houses, job market - Idaho (ID)
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  147. Dowtown Bike Lanes: Boise, Council, Hope: mover, construction, closing - Idaho (ID)
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  153. A leap of faith! Moving to ID in Feb.: Boise: sales, 2015 - Idaho
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  162. How much money would you have to make to live comfortably in the Boise area?: Meridian: for sale, rental - Idaho (ID)
  163. Confused about Nampa/Caldwell ID: Boise, Meridian: real estate, 2014, to rent - Idaho
  164. Going to need a home church: Boise, Nampa: chapel, school, garden - Idaho (ID)
  165. Moving to Fairfield, need help finding my son a baseball team.: Boise: home, high school - Idaho (ID)
  166. horses, gardening, hills, and land. relocating: Boise, Nampa: real estate, new house, neighborhood - Idaho (ID)
  167. Fun video bike ride around Boise (mostly greenbelt): 2014, new home - Idaho (ID)
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  169. What mild-tasting white fish does Idaho have?: Boise, Salmon: 2014, buying - (ID)
  170. move from SoCal - advice?: Boise, Nampa: real estate, rental, how much - Idaho (ID)
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  172. Survey apparently finds Idaho having the worst drivers in the nation: Boise: 2014, insurance - (ID)
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