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  1. What's a good time to visit??: Boise: to live, mall, moving - Idaho (ID)
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  12. mountain biking spots and mexican restaurants?: Boise, Nampa: best cities, to live in, shop - Idaho (ID)
  13. Farmers Markets in/around Boise?: Nampa, Meridian: store, farmer, best - Idaho (ID)
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  15. Idaho City: Boise, Wilder: real estate, buying, living in - (ID)
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  27. on schools and such: Boise, Meridian: crime, houses, neighborhoods - Idaho (ID)
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  29. What Areas are Foreclosure Prone if .: short sales, foreclosures - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  30. foundation issues with housing in the Boise-metro area?: Nampa: new home, landscaping - Idaho (ID)
  31. A nuclear Plant near New Plymouth Idaho ?: Payette: zoning, cost of - Boise area, (ID)
  32. Best view of fireworks @Morrison Park: Boise, Franklin: home, construction, live - Idaho (ID)
  33. new to boise: Hope: gay friendly, gay, bowling - Idaho (ID)
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  41. Chances of Hubby Getting A Job with Ada County Sheriff?: Boise: employment, move to - Idaho (ID)
  42. Another Best for Boise: best cities, to live, retire - Idaho (ID)
  43. Need recommendations for a TMJ treatment center/dentist: Boise: costs, best - Idaho (ID)
  44. Flood Irrigation - How does it work?: house, neighborhood - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  45. Boise: the 13th most miserable city in the country: home, unemployment - Idaho (ID)
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  47. Eagle River Pavilion (for who have been there): malls, garden - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  48. Peck history: Lewiston: living, property, county - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
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  50. Language Groups In Boise: school, university, housing - Idaho (ID)
  51. Halloween activities/events: Boise, Idaho Falls, Meridian: price, things to do, suburbs - (ID)
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  53. Prospects of finding a house with radiators, or at least radiant heat?: Boise: fit in - Idaho (ID)
  54. Looking for pistol range, Tricare Borah area: Boise, Nampa: ski resort, sales - Idaho (ID)
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  56. Teacher moving to Boise: Nampa, Meridian: appointed, home search, job outlook - Idaho (ID)
  57. Caldwell, Star, or Kuna: Nampa, Meridian: houses, college, subdivisions - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  58. Snow: Boise, Nampa, Meridian: college, to live in, residential - Idaho (ID)
  59. Where should we old folks live in and around Boise?: Meridian: rental, crime - Idaho (ID)
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  61. Trip to Boise this Fall: Meridian, Eagle: best neighborhoods, for sale, real estate - Idaho (ID)
  62. Which town past Boise is safest to spend a night?: Twin Falls: hotel, restaurant - Idaho (ID)
  63. Smallish towns surrounding Boise: Emmett, Kuna: suburb, snow, drive - Idaho (ID)
  64. moving to Idaho eagle or boise: Meridian, Hope: real estate, homes, catholic schools - (ID)
  65. Day laborers and/or workers boise idaho: house, to move - (ID)
  66. Energy Positive Living has found a home in . . . . Canada?: Boise: for sale, real estate - Idaho (ID)
  67. Date Night Ideas for a Friday Night: area, looking for - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  68. Contractors License in Idaho: real estate, bankrupt, tile - Boise area, (ID)
  69. Best And Brightest Leaving Boise?: Victor: houses, job market, transfer - Idaho (ID)
  70. Where to Buy Big(ger) Trees: Meridian, Victor: how much, new home, prices - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  71. Pierce Park / foothills lot?: Boise, Eagle: real estate market, rental, house - Idaho (ID)
  72. Energy Efficient new construction near Boise/Star: house, landscaping - Idaho (ID)
  73. Basque Festival: Boise: house, place, market - Idaho (ID)
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  75. Racial diversity in Boise: Mountain Home: transplants, home, employment - Idaho (ID)
  76. Climate versus the Upper Midwest: Boise: how much, tornadoes, live in - Idaho (ID)
  77. America's Top Suburbs for Retirees: Boise, Meridian: real estate, low crime, houses - Idaho (ID)
  78. Boise politics: neighborhood, tax, living in - Idaho (ID)
  79. Tech companies in Boise/UI law school.: Moscow, Star: student loans, lawyers - Idaho (ID)
  80. Fall Festivals?: Boise, Emmett: farmers market, park, market - Idaho (ID)
  81. Relocating to Boise in a few weeks! :): Eagle: renters, house - Idaho (ID)
  82. for CA transplants: Boise, Twin Falls: homes, earthquakes, living in - Idaho (ID)
  83. Possibly moving from WA to boise area need .: Nampa: rental, home - Idaho (ID)
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  86. Good place to buy a TV?: sales, sales tax, live - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
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  88. Good bar/Night club: Boise: lawyers, neighborhood, college - Idaho (ID)
  89. Relocating to Boise: Eagle, McCall, Harrison: homes, established neighborhood, construction - Idaho (ID)
  90. Public transportation in Eagle?: Boise, Meridian: shop, bus, moving - Idaho (ID)
  91. Ranching advice?? LAND..Start-up.: Payette: leases, loans, how much - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  92. Is there a community college in Boise area: Nampa, Caldwell: school, university - Idaho (ID)
  93. Is there a best place in Nampa to: for sale, houses - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  94. Eagle Home Prices: days on market, short sale, real estate - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  95. Relocating to Eagle. HELP!!!: Boise, Hope: days on market, for sale, houses - Idaho (ID)
  96. Boise new residential areas for retired couples?: Meridian, Hope: condos, new home - Idaho (ID)
  97. Relocating to Boise, ID from Northern VA: house, living in - Idaho
  98. Area with good schools: Boise: house, to buy, best schools - Idaho (ID)
  99. Is Boise a better place to live than Illinois: Bloomington: fit in, crime - Idaho (ID)
  100. Im looking for a rental in SW Boise or Meridian: apartment, house - Idaho (ID)
  101. Teaching Situation in Boise: Nampa, Meridian: how much, house, find a job - Idaho (ID)
  102. Want to move to Boise (retired couple): Payette, Sandpoint: house, live in - Idaho (ID)
  103. Looking for a motel I lost track of, hot springs in back: Pocatello: hotel - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  104. Water softeners/filters?: Boise, Meridian: houses, live, shop - Idaho (ID)
  105. Boise, Ogden or Colorado Springs...Or....?: universities, to live, cost - Idaho (ID)
  106. Good areas near Caldwell?: Boise, Nampa: crime, private school, places to live - Idaho (ID)
  107. first hand experience with Longfellow Elementary?: Boise: real estate, neighborhood - Idaho (ID)
  108. Are there compassionate/good general, family practice, or internal medicine docs in the Boise/Meridian area?: health - Idaho (ID)
  109. Help me plan a mindblowing 40th Birthday in Boise: restaurants, shops - Idaho (ID)
  110. Decorators,Stagers,Contractors,Builders in Canyon County: Boise, Eagle: sales, consignment - Idaho (ID)
  111. Good pool hall in Boise?: neighborhoods, allergies, eat - Idaho (ID)
  112. Does Canyon County Have Second Hand Furniture/Surplus Residential Over Runs/Decor Items?: consignment - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  113. Extended stay / rental recommendations?: Boise, Eagle: apartments, motel, house - Idaho (ID)
  114. Buyer's remorse: Reasons why Boise is a better choice than SLC: Nampa: cheap home, find a job - Idaho (ID)
  115. nature in Boise itself?: Nampa, Caldwell: for sale, crime, how much - Idaho (ID)
  116. new to Boise: good, recommend - Idaho (ID)
  117. on corrente bello, eagle idaho,: Boise, Nampa: HOA, home builders - (ID)
  118. What can you tell me about Meridian?: Boise, Eagle: houses, safe area - Idaho (ID)
  119. Russian Thistles In BackYard-How To Get Rid Of Them and have Grass?: house - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  120. Why doesn't Boise process recyclables locally?: buyers, costs, pollution - Idaho (ID)
  121. Lining up the houses to look at....need advice: Boise: to rent, big house - Idaho (ID)
  122. (SSI $670) Need cheap motel: Moscow: moving, place, temporary - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  123. Looking for another investment house: Boise: rental market, how much, neighborhood - Idaho (ID)
  124. Need good handy man for work in caldwell area~: house, moving to - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  125. What to do in Boise for 1 night: Star, Hope: co-op, live - Idaho (ID)
  126. Looking for fishing and river: Boise, Idaho Falls: best, park, area - (ID)
  127. Looking for senior community with detached houses / cottages: Boise, Franklin: apartments, condos - Idaho (ID)
  128. fruit/vegetable gardening: how much, houses, foods - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  129. Seeking inexpensive fun for kids in Nampa: Meridian: camps, moving - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  130. Rental deposits and other: Boise: apartment complex, homes, tenant - Idaho (ID)
  131. vine-type garden weed?: to buy, shop, yard - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  132. Boise, SLC, Denver (or 'burbs) or others?: Idaho City, Hope: low crime, job market - (ID)
  133. Planting zone in boise/canyon county area?: gardening, moving - Idaho (ID)
  134. Why all the sexual abuse cases in S/W Idaho???: Boise: sex offenders, crime rate - (ID)
  135. Thanks for this valuable resource!: Boise, Meridian: low income, transplants, real estate - Idaho (ID)
  136. Boise ID- more Liberal or Conservative?: Nampa, Meridian: credit, house, neighborhoods - Idaho
  137. want to fly to los angeles and drive my car back to boise for me?: movers, hotel - Idaho (ID)
  138. Curses, access cut off: Boise: home, college, live in - Idaho (ID)
  139. Need help from old house lovers: Have you seen this house?: Boise: houses, neighborhoods - Idaho (ID)
  140. Pros and Cons of Boise Id your opinion: Nampa, Meridian: low crime, homes - Idaho (ID)
  141. Proud of Boise State?: school, allergies, live in - Idaho (ID)
  142. moving teenagers to Boise area: Nampa, Meridian: real estate, student loans, transfer - Idaho (ID)
  143. Allergies in Boise? (Long post): hardwood floors, real estate, house - Idaho (ID)
  144. relocation in Boise Area - questions to locals: Nampa: transplants, short sales - Idaho (ID)
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  146. Making the move...CA transplants... I need your thoughts...: Boise: HOA, new home - Idaho (ID)
  147. Move from Williamsburg, VA to Boise/Eagle Idaho: Nampa: for sale, homes - (ID)
  148. Boise downtown: college, living, restaurants - Idaho (ID)
  149. Help Identify Shrub: Boise: houses, buy, gardening - Idaho (ID)
  150. What does Eagle or Boise Need business wise??: loan, closing - Idaho (ID)
  151. Cell phone service - shopping around: Boise, Sun Valley: lease, house, calculator - Idaho (ID)
  152. Boise is a seller's market: Star: short sales, real estate, foreclosures - Idaho (ID)
  153. Heisman Vote: Boise, Moore: high school, college, schedule - Idaho (ID)
  154. People in Boise do NOT hate Californians: Twin Falls, Hope: transplants, real estate - Idaho (ID)
  155. How welcomed are out of staters? Read the whole .: Boise: transplants, home - Idaho (ID)
  156. Where are the Majority of the Transplants from/coming from?: Boise: elementary school, gated - Idaho (ID)
  157. Hidden Springs / Rolling Hills Update??: Boise, Meridian: fit in, for sale, rent - Idaho (ID)
  158. SpurWing Greens Development in Meridian?: Boise, Caldwell: real estate, HOA, custom home - Idaho (ID)
  159. Curious about the shopping there...Mall vs Downtown: Boise, Nampa: appointed, house - Idaho (ID)
  160. HOA-Free Zones?: Boise: new home, neighborhood, buy - Idaho (ID)
  161. New Yorkers in Boise ID? Would we be accepted/fit in?: transplants, to live in - Idaho
  162. Good restaurants in Boise for lunch/dinner: Nampa, Caldwell: purchases, construction - Idaho (ID)
  163. Racial Climate: Boise: find a job, live, stores - Idaho (ID)
  164. Furniture in Boise?: Meridian, Eagle, Franklin: sales, apartment, consignment - Idaho (ID)
  165. eagle idaho flooding or flood plain issues, history and probability for future water problems?: Boise: short sales, insurance - (ID)
  166. Relocating: How's area around Ustick and Maple Grove?: Boise, Meridian: flat fee, rent - Idaho (ID)
  167. Seeking Rental: Boise, Hope: extended stay, rentals, hotel - Idaho (ID)
  168. Difference between Boise and CDA ?: Post Falls, Hayden: house, theater, pricing - Idaho (ID)
  169. Is Boise a good city for a 21 year old?: Coeur d'Alene: houses, job market - Idaho (ID)
  170. Relocating to Boise area, need advice: Nampa, Meridian: apartment, renting, affordable houses - Idaho (ID)
  171. Monthly Budget?: Boise, Nampa, Kuna: health insurance, mortgage, loan - Idaho (ID)
  172. Boise to Mackay roads?: Mountain Home, Salmon: to rent, hotel, house - Idaho (ID)
  173. I'll be in Boise next week to look at homes: Nampa: real estate, for rent - Idaho (ID)
  174. can you describe the seasons in boise?: house, wedding - Idaho (ID)
  175. Landlocked?: Boise, McCall, Sun Valley: hotels, transfer to, high school - Idaho (ID)
  176. relocating from MN to Nampa, ID....rental advice: Boise, Meridian: apartment complexes, rentals - Idaho
  177. What pro sports teams do people from Boise root for?: 2013, college - Idaho (ID)
  178. A Year Living in Boise: Nampa, Caldwell: transplants, real estate, crime - Idaho (ID)
  179. Want to avoid Natural Disasters? - Consider Idaho: Boise, Arco: apartment, condominium - (ID)
  180. One day in Boise: Eagle: car registration, condo, mortgage - Idaho (ID)
  181. Crime/gangs and areas to avoid in Boise?: Nampa, Caldwell: short sales, real estate - Idaho (ID)
  182. ????????: Boise: sex offenders, crime rate, felony - Idaho (ID)
  183. Is It Practical To Have Fake Grass in the Boise Area???: HOA, homes - Idaho (ID)
  184. Floating the Boise River: high school, move to, beach - Idaho (ID)
  185. moving to boise: fit in, rentals, crime - Idaho (ID)
  186. Massage Therapist recommendations: Boise, Meridian: price, area, reviews - Idaho (ID)
  187. how much is to rent a kiosk in Boise Towne Square?: mall, monthly - Idaho (ID)
  188. Apartments for dogs: Boise: rental, house, to buy - Idaho (ID)
  189. Furnished Rental: Boise: yard, property, summer - Idaho (ID)
  190. Need a gardner or out of work gardner to do clean up in my backyard-caldwell area?: house - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  191. Indian Performancers needed: music, dance - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  192. Has been to Tanzanite Salon in Boise?: good, experiences - Idaho (ID)
  193. ride to pocatello: bus, transportation, cheapest - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  194. Go to Atlanta for the BSU vs Georgia Game?: Boise: activities, town - Idaho (ID)
  195. Is From Boise Driving North Soon?: direct - Idaho (ID)
  196. Truck Drivers in Boise: living, work, roads - Idaho (ID)
  197. Hotel Recommendation: Boise: tax, price, town - Idaho (ID)
  198. Energy Efficient new construction near Boise: subdivisions, move to, area - Idaho (ID)
  199. Local wedding band recommendations: Boise: summer, where to, good - Idaho (ID)
  200. teaching jobs in Boise area?: to move, teacher, good - Idaho (ID)