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  1. I found a bag on the road near Marsing - where is lost & found?: Hope: cars - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
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  9. Who Sells Opi: Boise - Idaho (ID)
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  11. Whats The Deal with Whole Foods Markets ???: Boise, Mountain Home: 2013, home - Idaho (ID)
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  13. Mexican American student in Boise: Nampa, Caldwell: 2014, crime, lawyer - Idaho (ID)
  14. neurologists in Boise?: Meridian: quality of life, to live in, moving - Idaho (ID)
  15. Are Verbal Housing Agreements Binding?: renters, eviction, month-to-month - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  16. Boise-Nampa area wages 11% less then national average: Caldwell: crime, mortgages - Idaho (ID)
  17. Boise for outdoor recreation?: Payette, McCall: houses, camping, live in - Idaho (ID)
  18. Meridian Transit: Boise, Nampa, Kuna: school, gated, buses - Idaho (ID)
  19. Is KTRV Off the Air?: station, year, cable - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  20. Financial Planners Boise: licensed, charge, ARM - Idaho (ID)
  21. MICRON employees: Boise: salaries, company, accounting - Idaho (ID)
  22. Car painting?: Boise: price, rated, place - Idaho (ID)
  23. have Straight Talk/TracFone service?: Boise: apartment, live in, office - Idaho (ID)
  24. Surgical Centers in Boise?: buying, moving, nursing - Idaho (ID)
  25. Without El Pollo Loco in Boise, s the Next Best Thing...: restaurants, to move - Idaho (ID)
  26. lost dog in emmett: Star: home, law, phone number - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  27. Nursing Student Moving To Boise: apartments, renting, schools - Idaho (ID)
  28. about history of spurwing greens - meridian: bankruptcy, tree - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  29. Why isn't the snow sticking?: Boise: live, building, winters - Idaho (ID)
  30. Eagle road enhancements: Victor, Franklin: construction, maintenance, transportation - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  31. is boise pet friendly ? have cats and dog: neighborhoods, housing - Idaho (ID)
  32. Going on a road trip to your area!: Boise: hotels, neighborhood - Idaho (ID)
  33. Meridian Town Center: Boise: home, tenants, shops - Idaho (ID)
  34. Looking for a good landscape company: Boise: rental, landscaping, tenants - Idaho (ID)
  35. Have you stayed at Haven Hot Springs?: Boise, Stanley: spring break, for sale - Idaho (ID)
  36. Young Professional Areas: Boise, Garden City, Hope: rental, co-op, neighborhood - Idaho (ID)
  37. I want to move to Boise!! Help!: Nampa: appointed, apartments - Idaho (ID)
  38. Im looking for a house or townhome to rent in Meridian: Boise: apartment complex, foreclosure - Idaho (ID)
  39. Travel for Hard Liquor?: sales, buying, income - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  40. Lawn care early in the morning: Boise: neighborhood, live, homeowner - Idaho (ID)
  41. Small Business in Boise: Nampa, Meridian: rent, promotional, neighborhoods - Idaho (ID)
  42. Thanksgiving weather: Boise, Mountain Home, Garden City: to rent, home, school - Idaho (ID)
  43. Simplot sports complex: Boise: new house, neighborhoods, to buy - Idaho (ID)
  44. Boise/Meridian Hospitals: Twin Falls: real estate, school, university - Idaho (ID)
  45. Looking for REAL numbers: Fastest route, Boise to Las Vegas: motorhomes, horses - Idaho (ID)
  46. Boise's North, schools?: real estate, neighborhoods, elementary school - Idaho (ID)
  47. Population of Boise: Nampa, Meridian, Eagle: buyers, live, estimated - Idaho (ID)
  48. How far in advance?: Boise, Nampa: sales, rentals, houses - Idaho (ID)
  49. Jobs in Idaho?: Boise, Idaho Falls, Iona: HOA, crime rate, how much - (ID)
  50. Boise and the Holidays: Hope: garden, moving to, trees - Idaho (ID)
  51. details on Power outages in Boise?: Eagle: power lines, house, tornadoes - Idaho (ID)
  52. Dust Storms?: Boise, Nampa, Melba: live in, moving to, areas - Idaho (ID)
  53. Real estate courses in ada,canyon counties???: prices, license - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  54. Teacher Jobs in Boise: Nampa, Lava Hot Springs: real estate, broker, teaching jobs - Idaho (ID)
  55. Future Stadium for the Boise Hawks Baseball Team ?: tax, move - Idaho (ID)
  56. Residential property SE of Boise?: for sale, real estate, how much - Idaho (ID)
  57. Live audio feed for Boise Police, Ada County, Meridian, and Garden City: Eagle: how much - Idaho (ID)
  58. Boise/Boise Area Public Transportation: live, bus, move to - Idaho (ID)
  59. Good stargazing spots?: Boise: live, pollution, areas - Idaho (ID)
  60. Resorts: Boise, McCall, Sun Valley: hotels, place to live, garden - Idaho (ID)
  61. Cable and Internet Companies: Boise, Eagle: movies, live, price - Idaho (ID)
  62. I need help finding a place that sells Mexican style bread!: Boise: live in, gas - Idaho (ID)
  63. Recommendations for a tailor/seamstress: European, great, fashion - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  64. Moving.. School !: Boise, Meridian: to rent, houses, neighborhoods - Idaho (ID)
  65. rmation on Weiser?: Boise: to rent, houses, elementary school - Idaho (ID)
  66. Recos for relationship workshops, counselors, parent/child therapists: Boise, Nampa: low cost, health - Idaho (ID)
  67. Boise weather and activities late Sep?: best, parks, schedule - Idaho (ID)
  68. Property management in Boise - Recommendations: Meridian: to rent, company, good - Idaho (ID)
  69. Painter Moving to Boise: foreclosure, rent, houses - Idaho (ID)
  70. Questions on our move.: Boise, Nampa: real estate, homes, safe area - Idaho (ID)
  71. Retiring to Boise: Nampa, McCall: appointed, fit in, low crime - Idaho (ID)
  72. Worst month for mosquitos?: Boise, Hailey: HOA, subdivision, live - Idaho (ID)
  73. Advice on Emmett, Idaho - suggestions living in Emmett: Boise: real estate, pros and cons - (ID)
  74. athletics in Boise high schools: Meridian, Coeur d'Alene: sale, for rent, houses - Idaho (ID)
  75. Flooding in Boise / Lakes in Eagle, ID: homeowners insurance, house - Idaho
  76. Looking for organic, non-GMO plant starts in TV: garden, nursery - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  77. Is DSL available in Eagle or Meridian?: Boise: neighborhoods, to buy - Idaho (ID)
  78. Job Fields in Boise: university, military, law - Idaho (ID)
  79. Winter activities in Boise area ?: McCall, Idaho City: camping, shop, moving to - (ID)
  80. Driving or flying to Boise: Meridian: car rental, rental, hotels - Idaho (ID)
  81. Need Help, Single, No Car, Moving from Salt Lake to North End Possibly.: Boise: apartment - Idaho (ID)
  82. Electric Company in Nampa: how much, house, purchase - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  83. Theatre/Acting/Directing/videography/freelance websites in Boise: home, theater - Idaho (ID)
  84. Thoughts on Hospital in Emmett: Boise: medical, area, quality - Idaho (ID)
  85. Calling all Boise nurses!!: new home, job outlook, schools - Idaho (ID)
  86. Driving Test Route: Boise, Idaho City: schools, license, design - (ID)
  87. Eagle vs Meridian Idaho: Boise, Hope: apartments, to rent, condo - (ID)
  88. Renting with over two pets?: Boise, Meridian: renters, bad credit, mobile home - Idaho (ID)
  89. Availability of Organic meat, produce in Boise?: Eagle: spring break, co-op - Idaho (ID)
  90. Liberal Transracial family moving to Boise: Garden City: fit in, to rent, neighborhood - Idaho (ID)
  91. High Quailty Chiropractor ???: Boise, Meridian: living, move to, area - Idaho (ID)
  92. 31 single girl moving to Bosie - Help: Boise: neighborhood, to live in - Idaho (ID)
  93. Specific growing season: Boise: agricultural, food, best - Idaho (ID)
  94. Rental Help In Eagle: Boise: home, landlord, property management - Idaho (ID)
  95. Help! Moving to Boise but don't know where...: Kootenai: rentals, neighborhoods - Idaho (ID)
  96. Where to advertise horse property for lease: Boise: custom home, employment - Idaho (ID)
  97. Eagle v. Hidden Springs...: Boise, Meridian: real estate, house, neighborhoods - Idaho (ID)
  98. Best place to advertise a rental property?: Boise, Meridian: real estate market, rental - Idaho (ID)
  99. Meridian - Good bar / hangout for people in their 30's & 40's: club - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  100. Compared:Boise vs Rapid City Sd: Nampa, Pocatello: affordable apartments, crime rate, townhomes - Idaho (ID)
  101. AEHI Nuclear Plant for Payette County ... Current Status ??: live, cost - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  102. Looking for a venue in Boise: medical, expense, money - Idaho (ID)
  103. College of Western Idaho: Boise: credit, transferring to, community college - (ID)
  104. Topography Questions Around the Boise Area and Emmett: Nampa, Pocatello: gated, camping - Idaho (ID)
  105. Health Insurance costs in Boise area???: Hope: deductible, average cost, expenses - Idaho (ID)
  106. New to Boise- Scenic Places to visit near boise: Mountain Home: condos, hotel - Idaho (ID)
  107. Driving from Sacramento to Boise in Dec & Jan: Star: place to live, moving to - Idaho (ID)
  108. Egyptian Theatre Seating?: venue, town, downtown - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  109. Best import car mechanic in Boise?: Garden City: prices, shop, garden - Idaho (ID)
  110. Are there decent hot springs in Idaho?: Boise, Pocatello: camp, live - (ID)
  111. Antenna options in Eagle: purchase, living, cost of - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  112. Good obstetrician or ob-gyn in Boise area?: home, live - Idaho (ID)
  113. move to Boise: Nampa, Meridian: bank owned, short sales, real estate - Idaho (ID)
  114. move to Boise/Boise St: Meridian, Eagle: rental, homes, job market - Idaho (ID)
  115. Boise At Night: Nampa: for sale, real estate, 2013 - Idaho (ID)
  116. Doggy Daycare?: Boise, Nampa: daycares, home, closing - Idaho (ID)
  117. Benewah County Questions: Boise, St. Maries: home, to move, property - Idaho (ID)
  118. Nampa or Meridian?: Boise, Garden City: apartment, renting, crime - Idaho (ID)
  119. Fitting in: Boise, Nampa, Caldwell: fit in, real estate, to rent - Idaho (ID)
  120. Conservative Catholic Church in Boise?: Nampa, Meridian: homes, schools, living in - Idaho (ID)
  121. Will indoor football ever return to Boise?: arena, money - Idaho (ID)
  122. Average Utility and Water Costs for Boise Area?: Meridian, Star: house, construction - Idaho (ID)
  123. Boise needs a Teavana: Meridian, Eagle: co-op, house, theatre - Idaho (ID)
  124. Boise area now beneficiary of the Oil & Gas/Bakken-Shale Boom in Dakota: Nampa: home builders - Idaho (ID)
  125. Broadband Internet providers?: Boise, Meridian: appointed, apartments, rentals - Idaho (ID)
  126. Moving from Chgo to Boise: where to live?: Nampa, Meridian: neighborhood, living - Idaho (ID)
  127. Is BYU popular in Boise ?: rent, hotel, house - Idaho (ID)
  128. Looking for work in the Boise area: manufacturing, to relocate - Idaho (ID)
  129. Possibly moving to Idaho, need ideas for rural areas around Boise.: Nampa: low income, crime rate - (ID)
  130. remember what the restaurant was before Del Taco on Broadway?: Boise: appointed, food - Idaho (ID)
  131. Boise Police 911 Dispatch: job, culture, center - Idaho (ID)
  132. Where to Buy Fix All in Boise?: Moore: Home Depot, drywall - Idaho (ID)
  133. Traveling from Seattle to Memphis by car: Boise, Twin Falls: new home, gas - Idaho (ID)
  134. RIP: Steve Appleton: Boise: best, working, community - Idaho (ID)
  135. Need suggestions for a Family Law Attorney in Eagle/Meridian area: Boise: lawyer, home - Idaho (ID)
  136. Good Advice Needed on North Boise (Eagle) area (job related): Garden City: fit in, apartments - Idaho (ID)
  137. What does Boise need?: sales, real estate, quality of life - Idaho (ID)
  138. What is the difference between southeast Boise and warm springs area besides the price?: Eagle: houses, good schools - Idaho (ID)
  139. AC for a car needed???: home, buy, mall - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  140. Moving from Texas to Boise: Nampa, Meridian: real estate, foreclosures, how much - Idaho (ID)
  141. Looking into moving to Boise from DC area: Meridian, Twin Falls: apartment, to rent - Idaho (ID)
  142. How Progressive is Smoking Ban: Boise, Meridian: to buy, live, restaurants - Idaho (ID)
  143. Meeting friends in Boise Idaho phony or real people??: Meridian: transplants, schools - (ID)
  144. What to do with grandkids?: Boise, Nampa: appointed, home, to buy - Idaho (ID)
  145. Looking to move to Boise Area: Nampa, Meridian: sales, real estate, house - Idaho (ID)
  146. Internet options in rural Eagle: Boise, Nampa: renting, new house, buyer - Idaho (ID)
  147. Well, it's official. Moving to Boise area, in November.: Meridian: rentals, hotel - Idaho (ID)
  148. Nampa, Star, Kuna, Emmett, Caldwell, or Middleton which town would be the best place to live: Boise: real estate, low crime - Idaho (ID)
  149. Meeting new people: Boise, Nampa, Caldwell: neighborhood, young professionals, housing - Idaho (ID)
  150. Where is the Chick-Fil-A being built in Boise, when will it open: Meridian: 2015, apartment - Idaho (ID)
  151. Moving to Idaho - Meridian, Nampa, Emmett, or Kuna: Boise: real estate, rental - (ID)
  152. Boise - a good starting over place to move?: Pocatello: apartments, rent - Idaho (ID)
  153. Is Caldwell cheaper than Nampa for housing. Is one city more desirable than the other: Boise: apartment, rental - Idaho (ID)
  154. What is Nampa Like? Looking to Re-locate from So. California.: Boise: crime, home - Idaho (ID)
  155. Quality of life in Boise and F-35 Fighter Jets at Gowan Field: daycares, hotel - Idaho (ID)
  156. Boise neighborhoods-area with trees and pines?: Coeur d'Alene, Wilder: places to live, vs, budget - Idaho (ID)
  157. Best Mexican Food in Boise: Caldwell, Eagle: appointed, house, to live in - Idaho (ID)
  158. SO Cal family need help!!: Boise, Meridian: houses, job market, neighborhoods - Idaho (ID)
  159. Boise Subaru Dealer Experiences .. Good or Bad ??: Nampa, Meridian: sales, hotel - Idaho (ID)
  160. Fencing in Boise and Eagle.. am I missing something??: Meridian: HOA, crime rates - Idaho (ID)
  161. Boise Bound!!!!!: Nampa, Caldwell: apartments, rental market, credit - Idaho (ID)
  162. how much should I budget for Gas & Elec?: Boise: apartment, townhouse - Idaho (ID)
  163. Future of Boise: sales, real estate, how much - Idaho (ID)
  164. Whats i like to live in Boise? I may be there for several months!: Lost River: fit in, house - Idaho (ID)
  165. Sam's Club or Costco in Boise?: Nampa, Meridian: lease, mattresses, consignment - Idaho (ID)
  166. Crime? Gangs? What is the most desirable area to live?: Boise: apartment, rentals - Idaho (ID)
  167. Downtown Boise At Night.. Sleeze Fest?: Coeur d'Alene, Eagle: upper-class, appointed, fit in - Idaho (ID)
  168. Does have Clear for home wi-fi?: Boise: price, moving - Idaho (ID)
  169. Living in street by march 27- HELP BOISE!: Nampa: apartments, month-to-month - Idaho (ID)
  170. Good To Be Back!/ Warm Springs Area: Boise, Eagle: house, neighborhood - Idaho (ID)
  171. Boise Tap-water & The Sky Over Boise?: Eagle, Cascade: buy, school - Idaho (ID)
  172. Soccer Bars?: Boise, Nampa, Meridian: home, live in, club - Idaho (ID)
  173. Visiting the State of Idaho in August: Boise, Pocatello: how much, garden - (ID)
  174. Artist/Craft/ pster neighborhoods in Boise?: Shoshone, Kootenai: best neighborhoods, renters - Idaho (ID)
  175. Kuna 2012??: Boise, Nampa, Meridian: where to stay, crime, buying a home - Idaho (ID)
  176. allergies, sinus infections, stuffy heads & colds: Boise, Nampa: live, moving to - Idaho (ID)
  177. Moving from MA need: Boise, Meridian: fit in, rentals, amusement parks - Idaho (ID)
  178. An inside look at the Treasure Valley gang problem - Boise ID: crimes, home - Idaho
  179. Two Travel Bloggers Coming To Boise for 3 Month: extended stay, real estate - Idaho (ID)
  180. Curious about Boise for me: Nampa, Idaho Falls: sex offenders, crimes, house - (ID)
  181. Allergies?: Boise, Fruitland: co-op, live, store - Idaho (ID)
  182. Meridan vs Eagle home prices: Boise, Meridian: sales, condominiums, custom home - Idaho (ID)
  183. Looking for Redhatters: Eagle: room, society, love - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  184. apartments that allows ferrets?: Meridian: renting, area, looking for - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  185. Need Contractor for Log Home Repair: Boise, Nampa: area, places, photos - Idaho (ID)
  186. Want to listen to Boise Police or Ada County Sheriff's radio traffic: phone - Idaho (ID)
  187. Meridian Daycare and Cost?: Boise, Eagle: school, child care, average - Idaho (ID)
  188. Live radio traffic of Boise Police: Meridian, Garden City: garden, county, sheriff - Idaho (ID)
  189. Moving to Boise Area looking for a charasmatic church: homes, homeschooling - Idaho (ID)
  190. The Dark Knight Rises on the Boise IMAX screen: theater, price - Idaho (ID)
  191. aircon repair: houses, live, estimate - Boise area, Idaho (ID)
  192. House sitting job wanted: Boise: live, area, jobs - Idaho (ID)
  193. Looking for high quality photos of Boise: cities, to sell - Idaho (ID)
  194. Stellar Internal Medical Doc's in Boise: office, medicine, hospitals - Idaho (ID)
  195. Seeking Local Artists: Boise: cities, market, monthly - Idaho (ID)
  196. Boise and further West: Nampa, Meridian: rental market, schools, places to live - Idaho (ID)
  197. Boise for Allergy and Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers: allergies, suburb - Idaho (ID)
  198. Apartments in Boise Area for Young Couple With Pets: Garden City: apartment complex, rental - Idaho (ID)
  199. Looking to move, possibly Idaho, got questions: Boise: house, schools - (ID)
  200. Do local stations simulcast?: Boise: station, catch, online - Idaho (ID)