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  96. Realistically, what are we looking at?: insurance, loan officer, approval, credit - Mortgages
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  115. too many answers!: PMI, loan, real estate, approved - Mortgages
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  118. mortgage and refinance: loan officer, fixed rate, interest, 30 year - Mortgages
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  123. Amerisave - Mortgages
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  133. For a single mom with a 620 credit score earning $57K annum, is FHA or SONYMA the better deal?: loan, fees - Mortgages
  134. closing documents: lender, HUD, sign, title - Mortgages
  135. 2 year rule?: loan, credit, loan, lender - Mortgages
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  156. PMI: loan, loan, property, bank - Mortgages
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