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  100. pre approval: insurance, loan officer, loan, bank - Mortgages
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  120. Multiplex Loans: insurance, loan, 401k, escrow - Mortgages
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  123. cash reserves required- how to prove it is not a gift?: loan, loan - Mortgages
  124. can someone give me the most up to date information on money sourcing for mortgages: loan officer, requirements
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  130. Loan: loan officer, interest rate, escrow, real estate - Mortgages
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  137. Self-employed,.. tax time,.. what makes the bank happy?: insurance, loan, credit card - Mortgages
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  139. Tax break for mortgage interest: home loan, real estate, property tax, credit - Mortgages
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  153. 2nd Mortgage Foreclosure: loan, real estate, recourse, credit score - Mortgages
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  159. Problem with Lend America: insurance, loan officer, escrow, real estate - Mortgages
  160. Loan Officer or directly from a bank?: interest rate, heloc, pre-approval - Mortgages
  161. How long for the appraisal?: insurance, loan officer, approval, loan - Mortgages
  162. Appraisal: loan, approved, credit, rate - Mortgages
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  167. At this point, just foreclose (instead of short sale)?: interest rate, real estate, income tax - Mortgages
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  182. FHA Gift Dilema: loan, financial, loan, bank - Mortgages
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  186. so @#$%&! mad! supposed to close tomorrow...: loan, credit report, loan - Mortgages
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