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  13. why do I need to provide current value of home for refinancing our home mortgage?: loan, interest rate - Mortgages
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  33. way to refinance on SSDI?: interest rate, credit, rate, bank - Mortgages
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  43. how would a seller like Fannie Mae view a cash offer with more down ?: financing, property - Mortgages
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  63. Is there a lender that will count our GI Bill stipend as income?: loan, approved - Mortgages
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  67. Pre approval fha without down payement: loan, escrow, loan, bank - Mortgages
  68. have you been a buyer & know all legal fees involved, & paid for the legal matters separately and not as a package?: insurance, approved - Mortgages
  69. Short Sale - Second Mortgage: insurance, heloc, refinance, property - Mortgages
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  71. Prepay mortgage or not when underwater?: loan, interest rate, 401k, 2015 - Mortgages
  72. Cash out refi or two separate loans? (refi + purchase): loan, heloc, 30 year fixed - Mortgages
  73. What should we be looking for?: PMI, loan, California, approved - Mortgages
  74. Title vs. Loan - Who wins?: interest rate, real estate, credit, fees - Mortgages
  75. Opening Checking Account Before Mortgage Application: loan, credit check, financial, loan - Mortgages
  76. Did Fed stop buying mortgages?: interest rate, credit, mortgage rates, rate
  77. VA Loan: loan officer, approved, financing, Florida - Mortgages
  78. Will underwriting do a final check of my funds before closing?: loan, escrow - Mortgages
  79. Difference between FHA and Conventional (for seller): loan, escrow, 30 year fixed - Mortgages
  80. Have you signed all forms for mortgage application?: loan officer, income tax - Mortgages
  81. Will husband's foreclosure affect my FHA 203 loan approval?: California, credit report, property - Mortgages
  82. Have you signed all forms for mortgage application?: loan officer, income tax - Mortgages
  83. Refer me to lender who will do USDA, like, NOW?: loans, real estate - Mortgages
  84. Will the Employment Report affect Mortgage Rates?: home loan, credit, rate - Mortgages
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  86. Have to keep getting our credit pulled?: loan, interest rate, approval - Mortgages
  87. LO says underwriting could go way???: loan officer, approval, credit card - Mortgages
  88. Can my 2nd mortgage lender foreclosure on my house after my bankruptcy has been discharged this year?: loan, personal property - Mortgages
  89. Trying to decide whether to refi, opinions: loan, fixed rate, interest - Mortgages
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  91. Getting FHA Mortgage Approval: loan, credit report, requirements, rate - Mortgages
  92. Expect conditional approval: loan, loan, required, needed - Mortgages
  93. Can we put home's equity into a loan for repairs?: payment, downpayment - Mortgages
  94. Will the 2nd foreclose if first is modified?: loan, interest rate, California - Mortgages
  95. Can you review this GFE (I'm stressed!): insurance, loan officer, escrow - Mortgages
  96. My denial reasons sound very UN-FHA!: loan, approval, credit card, requirements - Mortgages
  97. Final Approval affected by Appraisal value??: loan officer, property tax, financing, loan - Mortgages
  98. Best Rates for a Mortgage: loan, pre-approval, loan, bank - Mortgages
  99. choosing a bank: loan officer, credit, fees, upfront - Mortgages
  100. FHA 'jumbo' minimum down payment??: loans, loan, San Diego - Mortgages
  101. Price to income ratio / Price to annual rent ratio?: loan, approval, credit score - Mortgages
  102. I closed today with your help...ChadMBell, SmartMoney...: insurance, loan officer, real estate - Mortgages
  103. Am I going to owe first broker?: escrow, credit, fee - Mortgages
  104. New FHA rule re borrower name?: lender, underwriting, investor, personal - Mortgages
  105. Carnegie Mortgage: loan, interest rate, credit, fees - Mortgages
  106. Need help: Mortgage relocation: interest rate, approved, credit score, rate - Mortgages
  107. hard money lenders: loan, interest rate, 2013, real estate - Mortgages
  108. Bogus Short Sales?: real estate, qualify, best, house - Mortgages
  109. Tomorrow is our closing: loan, approval, credit, loan - Mortgages
  110. Taxes due at closing?: insurance, loan officer, escrow, real estate - Mortgages
  111. Wanting to find out how long escrow has taken for people: insurance, loan - Mortgages
  112. chance of getting a mortgage sometime in the future?: PMI, interest rate - Mortgages
  113. FHA rates?: fixed rates, premium, credit score, 30 year - Mortgages
  114. Verification on Mortgage Information: insurance, loan, escrow, approved - Mortgages
  115. Condition to be Cleared to Close: loan, approved, loan, lender - Mortgages
  116. Old Mortagee showing on Insurance: home loan, credit, refinance, loan - Mortgages
  117. Principal reduction in Las Vegas: loan, foreclose, loan, lender - Mortgages
  118. Best lender to get an FHA Loan from?: loan officer, closing, process - Mortgages
  119. Forgot to do title search, closing soon.: insurance, property, lender - Mortgages
  120. Minimum credit score for FHA and Conventional loans?: PMI, loan, requirements - Mortgages
  121. No Refinancing fee: loan, interest rate, escrow, credit report - Mortgages
  122. Need information on using non-court ordered alimony to buy a home: credit, lender - Mortgages
  123. Underwriting Denial?!?!?!: insurance, loan officer, approval, credit card - Mortgages
  124. Complicated questions for the experts!!!: loan, personal property, real estate, heloc - Mortgages
  125. Am I ok??!! More bank statements needed from BOA...: loan, approved, loan - Mortgages
  126. Does refinancing make sense for us?: heloc, scores, rate, property - Mortgages
  127. Lock in rate negotiable?: insurance, loan officer, fixed rate, interest - Mortgages
  128. Mortgage escrow account excess amount?: real estate, property tax, credit, property - Mortgages
  129. Oceanside Mortgage in New Jersey: insurance, loan officer, interest rate, approval - Mortgages
  130. Normal Seller Fees in Virginia?: insurance, lend, contract, closing - Mortgages
  131. once everything is submitted to the underwriter for home loan how long does it take for underwriter/bank to process it: approval, refinance - Mortgages
  132. Should I try a short sale (Bank of America)?: private mortgage insurance, loan, real estate - Mortgages
  133. Taxes not paid from escrow account: insurance, loan officer, property tax, California - Mortgages
  134. Paycut, underwater and can't refinance: home loan, interest rate, escrow, foreclosure - Mortgages
  135. Modification time lines?: loan, approval, requirements, loan - Mortgages
  136. Today is 7-14-2010 Will the rates go lower or start rising?: interest rate, 30 year fixed - Mortgages
  137. Lock in rates next week or wait: private mortgage insurance, loan, escrow - Mortgages
  138. Too soon to refi?: insurance, loan, credit score, 30 year fixed - Mortgages
  139. Was supposed to close today... delayed: loan officer, escrow, real estate, credit - Mortgages
  140. what are Fannie Mae rules on owner - occupant bank owned homes is regard to length of residency and fines?: insurance, loan - Mortgages
  141. 2nd mortgage foreclosure: loan, California, recourse, credit report - Mortgages
  142. Loan Mod. with Wells Fargo: approved, foreclosure, rate, refinance - Mortgages
  143. PMI Nightmare: loan, interest rate, escrow, approved - Mortgages
  144. Form 2106: insurance, loan, loan, deduction - Mortgages
  145. How to avoid escrow charges without 20% down: PMI, loan, interest rate - Mortgages
  146. First time home buyer. How much can I afford? (numbers included): insurance, loan - Mortgages
  147. in underwriting. appraisal ordered....waiting.. of this normal?: loan officer, approved, fee - Mortgages
  148. Should I renegotiate my rate?: PMI, loan officer, interest rate, approval - Mortgages
  149. Principal Reduction - Is this a scam?: insurance, loan, fixed rate - Mortgages
  150. Closing costs costs close to $16,500! Can this be right?: insurance, loan officer, interest rate - Mortgages
  151. 5.625 good rate for underwater mortgage?: loan, fixed rate, property tax, approved - Mortgages
  152. Will the bank give me the mortgage if I gave oral notice?: loan officer, credit score - Mortgages
  153. THIS is what the banks are telling people:: insurance, loan, real estate - Mortgages
  154. My 1st Home (BOA Loan Conditionally Approved) :): loan officer, escrow, California - Mortgages
  155. today is the day to lock in your rate: loan officer, interest rate, approval - Mortgages
  156. Can You Take Over Parents Mortgage?: loan, interest rate, real estate - Mortgages
  157. a couple questions about title insurance and FHA tax service fee: loan officer, escrow - Mortgages
  158. how much house can i afford?: insurance, real estate, 30 year fixed, loan - Mortgages
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  161. Take a looksie: PMI, loan, escrow, credit report - Mortgages
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  163. LendingTree nightmare and false promise :(: loan officer, interest rate, approval, lock - Mortgages
  164. Curious...How would a bank verify cash deposits??: home loan, approved, credit card - Mortgages
  165. Confusion over mortgage escrow refund after payoff - Help!: real estate, property tax, property - Mortgages
  166. Land Equity as downpayment?: loan officer, interest rate, 401k, pre-approved - Mortgages
  167. No Tax Transcripts = No Mortgage: loan officer, income tax, credit, loan - Mortgages
  168. HELOC in lieu of Bridge Loan: real estate, recourse, properties, bank account - Mortgages
  169. If Loan Processor fails to get complete information: home loan, escrow, real estate - Mortgages
  170. Appraisal less than purchase price-NEW BUILD: approved, credit, financing, laws - Mortgages
  171. Is this routine?: loan, real estate, heloc, credit score - Mortgages
  172. What exactly will seller paid closing costs cover and will I get cash in my pocket for the difference if there is: insurance, loan officer - Mortgages
  173. Stranded & Homeless 70 year olds Home Mortgage Officers SCREWS UP! Now WHAT?!: loan officer, loan - Mortgages
  174. bankrupcy on second mortgage: loan, real estate, foreclose, creditor - Mortgages
  175. Bare Land loan: credit, mortgage companies, refinance, property - Mortgages
  176. Mortgage demand drops to lowest level in 13 years: loan, real estate, credit - Mortgages
  177. Mediation…what a joke!: loan, fixed rate, foreclosed, credit - Mortgages
  178. Can someone help me understand what's going on? (FHA loan): insurance, loan officer - Mortgages
  179. my FHA appraisal fee is $495, so........: loan officer, real estate, approval, credit card - Mortgages
  180. Flood Insurance Program = my underwriters won't approve loan: escrow, credit, property - Mortgages
  181. wwyd? own house 50/50, just about underwater, i'm in debt: loan, interest rate - Mortgages
  182. Help - Should I back out of refinance with Bank of Am: loan, real estate - Mortgages
  183. Zero or under 5,000 down? (not first time buyers): loans, foreclosures, credit score - Mortgages
  184. Verification of Employment: home loan, loan, limits, bank - Mortgages
  185. Advice Requested...: loan officer, interest rate, pre-approved, credit card - Mortgages
  186. Provident Funding Mortgage: loan, pre-approval, credit score, fees - Mortgages
  187. appraisers and stats.: loan officer, real estate, property tax, approval - Mortgages
  188. ok lending industry, what happens if we go to court over this issue?: loan officer, income tax - Mortgages
  189. my real state agent is crying foul on this loan application fee: home loan, real estate - Mortgages
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  193. Refinance options...suggestions: PMI, loan, interest rate, 401k - Mortgages
  194. Can I buy short sale house from ex-husband?: loan officer, approved, credit - Mortgages
  195. Rate lock to expire - what is a common expense to extend?: loan, fees - Mortgages
  196. Are there RENOVATION mortgage available for non-owner/investor properties?: financing, 203k - Mortgages
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  198. Homesteps. ever dealt with them?: lender, contract, closing, buy - Mortgages
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  200. aware of an Illinois lender who will accept Jumnbo loan with 95% CLTV: heloc, credit - Mortgages