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  105. Want 2 buy dad's home with reverse mtge on it but have to sell my own home.... read more:): loan, loan - Mortgages
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  126. credit score: credit report, lenders, due, affect - Mortgages
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  128. Energy Star mortgages?: interest rate, credit, loan, equity
  129. phone or person: rate, bank, lender, best - Mortgages
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  150. I realy I knew about PMI and escrow and stuff...: loan, fee - Mortgages
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  155. paid off their mortgage prior to retirement?: 401k, real estate, income tax - Mortgages
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  159. Closed on house over a month got email I didn't pay enough: loan, escrow - Mortgages
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  170. Buyer's agent rebate - how does this affect down payment?: PMI, loan officer - Mortgages
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  177. condition of home and conventional mortg...: home loan, interest rate, approved, foreclosures - Mortgages
  178. Can you review this GFE/Fees (I'm confused): loan, interest rate, credit report - Mortgages
  179. Conventional loan down payment partial gift: requirements, bank, default - Mortgages
  180. What price range should I be looking in for 1st home?: private mortgage insurance, loan - Mortgages
  181. Lender wants me to explain my recent 6k deposit: loan, real estate, approved - Mortgages
  182. Title search for regular sale taking a MONTH?!: insurance, real estate, foreclosure - Mortgages
  183. about appraiser visit: real estate, refinancing, properties, bank - Mortgages
  184. Income for million dollar home?: insurance, interest rate, real estate, property tax - Mortgages
  185. Are fees pretty standard? Admin Fees that high??: insurance, interest rate, approved - Mortgages
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  188. read this fees worksheet to see if its OK: PMI, property tax - Mortgages
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