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  93. Really upset and trying to vent: approved, credit score, upfront - Mortgages
  94. about Lower-Income Eligibility Household limit: limits, required, tax, current - Mortgages
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  105. 30 Year Fixed with interest rate 3.25%: PMI, loans, loan, ARM - Mortgages
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  107. 401k: loan, loan, bank, cash - Mortgages
  108. for knowledgeable about owner financed sales: insurance, loan, interest rate - Mortgages
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  110. Opinions on options: insurance, loan, interest rate, escrow - Mortgages
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  112. Time To Close: property, bank, clear, bill - Mortgages
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  114. 15 year FHA loan No PMI if 10% down?: fee, banks, equity - Mortgages
  115. Could do the math for me: PMI, loan, interest rate - Mortgages
  116. Subprime Mortgages/ Mortgages with poor credit?: loan, pre-approved, credit report, loan
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  119. 30 day vs. 60 day lock: fees - Mortgages
  120. Wow - is this closing cost too high?: PMI, loan, interest rate - Mortgages
  121. Must I escrow property taxes and hazard insurance if my loan to value ratio is greater than 80%?: PMI, approved - Mortgages
  122. USDA 502 loan: Work history, education: FHA, underwriters, programs, underwrite - Mortgages
  123. Lender wont count $273k, appraisal, will only count site + improvements 250k new construction. Sounds fishy: PMI, loan - Mortgages
  124. Taxes, PMI & Homeowners' Insurance: loan, interest rate, property tax, premium - Mortgages
  125. getting a loan with no credit history but good income ?: approved, credit score - Mortgages
  126. Premature to start worrying about a screw-up?: loan officer, financing, loan - Mortgages
  127. need non warrantable condo financing: credit, guidelines, underwriter, assets - Mortgages
  128. I think it's time to research my other options.: loan, 401k, foreclosed - Mortgages
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  130. First Time Buyers, how likely are we to get approved? (new construction)): insurance, loan officer - Mortgages
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  135. Limit of Four (4) Mortgages?: loan officer, approval, credit score, loan
  136. $123,601.31 @1.95% VC-5 Yr Term; 15 Yr Amortz : Biweekly: interest rate, premium, payments, interest - Mortgages
  137. Fees in APR ?: insurance, loan, interest rate, premium - Mortgages
  138. Tax deduction for person on the deed: credit, property, lenders - Mortgages
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  152. seller contribution limitations on conventional?: insurance, loan, interest rate, real estate - Mortgages
  153. Choose realtor's lender or my bank?: loan, fixed rate, real estate, pre-approval - Mortgages
  154. Ever heard of a mortgage company requesting this?: loan, interest rate, escrow - Mortgages
  155. Co-signer passed away one or two days prior to escrow: loan, credit report - Mortgages
  156. Pay down mortgage or invest in mutual funds?: loan, interest rate, rate - Mortgages
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  159. Is it to change lenders after locking?: loan, interest rate, credit - Mortgages
  160. Loan Modification is Approved but no help on interest rate change: foreclose, credit - Mortgages
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  163. name on the DEED at closing: loan, real estate, financing, loan - Mortgages
  164. At Age 69, Can I Get a 30-Yr Mortgage?: insurance, loan, credit card - Mortgages
  165. How much information is needed, really?: payment schedule, approval, credit card, loan - Mortgages
  166. Inheritance/Mortgage/Divorce: loan, financial, loan, property - Mortgages
  167. Condo loan regulations 15% HOA delinquency: real estate, approved, foreclosures, fees - Mortgages
  168. New Mortgage Rules-What are your thoughts?: loan, interest rate, heloc, foreclosures - Mortgages
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  175. Can or should we re-finance ?: loan officer, fixed rate, interest, credit - Mortgages
  176. Need help with mortgage options,: PMI, interest rate, credit score, fee - Mortgages
  177. Debt Ceiling Deal: Did they get rid of mortgage tax cuts?: deduction, reduce - Mortgages
  178. Refinancing advice: loan, interest rate, 401k, credit - Mortgages
  179. Should I put 20% down or just pay the PMI?: loan, interest rate, real estate - Mortgages
  180. Good Faith Estimate Avoidance: insurance, loan, credit report, fees - Mortgages
  181. would mortgage interest rate go up due to debt ceiling default: loan, rate lock - Mortgages
  182. Down Payment Gifts- Is This Normal?: loan, loan, bank, lender - Mortgages
  183. earnest money: loan officer, escrow, pre-approval, credit report - Mortgages
  184. Homepath: insurance, home loan, approved, foreclosure - Mortgages
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