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  95. GFE (Good Faith Estimate) for FHA loan: loan officer, credit, fees - Mortgages
  96. to apply for owner-occupied mortgage when house is actually rented?: loan, rate - Mortgages
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  98. Retiree home buying: home loan, interest rate, loan, salary - Mortgages
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  110. rate lock: loan, loan, lenders, consumer - Mortgages
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  112. Not married, but want home to be in our names: loan, approved - Mortgages
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  116. For Appraisers: lender, Pittsburgh, purchasing, appraised - Mortgages
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  118. chance of a mortgage with not so good credit but %40 down payment?: loan, credit score - Mortgages
  119. Atypical Loan Situation - Large Downpayment, Lower Documented Income: interest rate, credit check, fees - Mortgages
  120. owe 80-85% on mortgage, can I refinance w/o PMI?: loan officer, interest rate - Mortgages
  121. Rented our home a year ago and want to buy a second home as primary: loan officer, cosigner - Mortgages
  122. Should I opt for an extended lock?: loan, fixed rate, interest - Mortgages
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  124. cancel refinancing?: loan officer, escrow, credit, 30 year fixed - Mortgages
  125. USDA loan: preapproval, credit card, financial, lender - Mortgages
  126. Balance on no-cost HARP refinance is higher: loan, escrow, credit report - Mortgages
  127. Satisfaction letter: insurance, refinancing, property, bank - Mortgages
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  133. Employment Dilemma: loan, approved, upfront, loan - Mortgages
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  136. Mortgage rate?: loan, credit report, fees, loan - Mortgages
  137. Appraisal Inaccuracies: law, lender, Maryland, appraiser - Mortgages
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  140. New guy - Old no doubt - Nogotiate lower pay-off?: loan, foreclosure - Mortgages
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  148. Deficincy Judgements: loan, refinance, student loan, law - Mortgages
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  154. Harp 2.0: insurance, loan officer, real estate, approval - Mortgages
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  166. How to get more than 4 mortgages?: loan, interest rate, credit card, fees
  167. APR is 1% higher than Interest rate: PMI, loan, 2014, real estate - Mortgages
  168. Can I buy a foreclosure home and lease it back to the original homeowner?: credit, financing - Mortgages
  169. How much house can i/we afford?: PMI, loan, approve - Mortgages
  170. If you lose your job, what do you do about a mortgage?: insurance, buy houses - Mortgages
  171. Unmarried couples and mortgage interest deduction: property tax, credit, financial, property - Mortgages
  172. Fha/pmi/heloc: private mortgage insurance, loan, property tax, refinance - Mortgages
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  175. Help! First time Homebuyer!!: insurance, loan officer, property tax, approval - Mortgages
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  178. Gift Money as a Portion of the Down Payment?: insurance, loan, 2013 - Mortgages
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