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  117. use quicken loan..they want 399.00 to help clear credit..will refund towards closing costs when we get financing: approved, fees - Mortgages
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  126. Selling our home and buyer wants to do a seller finance opinions?: insurance, loan - Mortgages
  127. W2 Box 1 vs. Gross Earnings Discrepancy: loan officer, 401k, escrow, premium - Mortgages
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  154. how do i qualify for a mortgage when I only get $728 SSD?: home loan, credit card - Mortgages
  155. Young Person Wants to Buy House...What should he be doing now?: loan officer, real estate - Mortgages
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  161. Is this legal?: loan, escrow, approved, loan - Mortgages
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  166. CT FHA/HUD mortgage lenders for credit score of 600?: insurance, loan officer, premium - Mortgages
  167. How often do people get caught lying on their gift letter?: PMI, loan officer - Mortgages
  168. Closing Costs: insurance, escrow, credit report, fee - Mortgages
  169. On an income of $45k, could a person COMFORTABLY afford a home of THIS PRICE??: insurance, fixed rate - Mortgages
  170. Refinance to 15-year 3.5% from 19.5 years left at 6.5% (Closing on Monday)?: PMI, loan - Mortgages
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  179. Did you EVER think you'd see 15-yr mtg rates in the 2s or 30-yr rates in the 3s?: fixed rate, credit - Mortgages
  180. Legal/Ethical to Restrict Loan Type?: insurance, real estate, approval, requirements - Mortgages
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  198. Heloc: credit, refinance, property, equity - Mortgages
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