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  96. US Army Reserve (Just Joined) & Overtook an S-Corp: Can get 2nd Mortgage?: home loan, California - Mortgages
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  105. to hear from self employed individuals who survived a nightmare 4506-t case with help of a tax advocate: home loan, 2015 - Mortgages
  106. When to buy and semi-retiring: loan, 401k, heloc, fees - Mortgages
  107. Purchasing my first home out of state while renting in my current state?: credit, rate - Mortgages
  108. New ..suggestions on how to finance this 800k house: insurance, loan - Mortgages
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  110. Taking 300k Mortgage: PMI, loan, loan, property - Mortgages
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  116. 2nd home - Active residence.: insurance, approval, loan, property - Mortgages
  117. with Loan Depot: refinance, lender, broker, determine - Mortgages
  118. Increasing Conforming and FHA loan limits in areas, effective 2016.: requirements, Seattle, need - Mortgages
  119. non permitted work in a home purchase: insurance, loan, California - Mortgages
  120. removing a lien: loan, escrow, real estate, foreclosure - Mortgages
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  135. credit scores.: loan, credit card, student loan, bank - Mortgages
  136. Predicament...closed on house. Lender can't sell mtg: loan, real estate, credit - Mortgages
  137. Refinance to get rid of Mortgage insurance and FHA?: PMI, loan, interest rate - Mortgages
  138. Unsourced gifts for mortgage: insurance, upfront, requirements, loan - Mortgages
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  154. C4 Appraisal- Shouldn't I be able to get a loan?: escrow, real estate - Mortgages
  155. No Rental History (Past 2 years): Underwriter Creating Issue: loan, escrow, 2015 - Mortgages
  156. 2 week wait after Clear to Close per bank. Is this right?: loan, credit - Mortgages
  157. Buying a car right after closing.... Like the next day: home loan, approved - Mortgages
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  169. What if bank's appraisal is below selling price? Should I still purchase?: loan, 2014 - Mortgages
  170. In my situation, is it worth it to put more than 20% down?: 401k, 2015 - Mortgages
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  177. Looking for feedback: insurance, loan, 401k, foreclosures - Mortgages
  178. I'm thinking of using blackmail to get the Homeowner's association to admit their mistake: fees, property - Mortgages
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  198. TRID mandates that lender picks title and escrow agent?: insurance, loan, 2015 - Mortgages
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  200. FNMA changes Self-Employed Income Calcualation: requirements, cash, required, process - Mortgages