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  92. Where do I go for reputable advice??: loan, real estate, credit card - Mortgages
  93. Had an FHA loan, then sold...would I qualify for FHA again?: insurance, credit score - Mortgages
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  95. First time buyer: local lender, online or broker: PMI, loan officer, interest rate - Mortgages
  96. questions about mortgage approval: loan officer, interest rate, credit card, rate - Mortgages
  97. Current rates and other stuff: PMI, loan, rental house, credit score - Mortgages
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  107. with USDA mortgage loans?: PMI, loan officer, buy homes, credit - Mortgages
  108. I am refinancing -can I place a Fraud Alert?: loans, credit report, loan - Mortgages
  109. Fees: loan, refinance, loan, property - Mortgages
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  111. Credco inquiry?: credit report, rate lock, refi, lender - Mortgages
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  113. thinking about refinancing to a 15-year loan ... tomorrow!: PMI, fixed rate, interest - Mortgages
  114. would i qualify: loan, real estate, credit score, loan - Mortgages
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  116. Cross-selling, Wells Fargo, and why I nearly always send my clients to a mortgage banker rather than a commercial bank.: insurance, home loan - Mortgages
  117. Quicken Loan Silver Card: refinancing, process, discount, worth - Mortgages
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  119. credit score impact interest rate?: loan officer, loan, bank, lender - Mortgages
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  123. Low credit score, stable job of 7 years: loan, credit card, student loan - Mortgages
  124. Refi taking too long? Anything I can do?: credit score, rate lock, refinance - Mortgages
  125. Are mortgage brokers junk fees or legitimate??: insurance, loan, escrow - Mortgages
  126. getting a mortgage when retired: insurance, 401k, property tax, credit rating - Mortgages
  127. Gift for a down payment can't be a bank (or personal) check from the gift-er?: loan, approval - Mortgages
  128. Is PMI a profit center for lenders?: loan, interest rate, escrow - Mortgages
  129. How is official home sale price determined when cash back is involved: loan, real estate - Mortgages
  130. Is 350k home too much ?: PMI, loan, interest rate, 2014 - Mortgages
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  132. How much gift is tax-free?: loan, recourse, loan, bank account - Mortgages
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  137. Are printed signatures using font printing now allowed in contracts: loan, real estate - Mortgages
  138. Fico scores and mortgages?: loan, interest rate, approved, credit card
  139. Mortgage Broker dropped us because we will not work with agent: loan officer, financing - Mortgages
  140. Rent back to Seller for 60 days: real estate, loan, property, guidelines - Mortgages
  141. Quicken Loans?: loan, interest rate, escrow, 2014 - Mortgages
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  145. Usda refer/eligible: PMI, loan officer, 2015, real estate - Mortgages
  146. Buyer offered seller concession: interest rate, preapproval, fees, rate - Mortgages
  147. When to shop for best mortgate rates - at pre-approval or when I pick a house and need the loan?: PMI, loan officer - Mortgages
  148. Debt to Income Ratio with Rentals: insurance, loans, credit card, student loan - Mortgages
  149. Mortgage rates going up on Friday?: loans, interest rate, lock, refi - Mortgages
  150. Experience w/ Pulte Homes and Using Their Mortgage Company: loan, interest rate, credit - Mortgages
  151. How can I get a certified/cashiers check for closing if I use Ally: escrow, fee - Mortgages
  152. Refinance 1st home (9 months after closing) but rented it out: insurance, loan officer - Mortgages
  153. Serious Money ... Lost?: loan officer, fixed rate, interest, heloc - Mortgages
  154. Can we afford $500k house? (mortgage, finance, real estate): insurance, 401k, approved - Mortgages
  155. can I qualify for a mortgage?: insurance, loan, property tax, preapproval - Mortgages
  156. Want to put mortgage money aside where should I leave it: interest rate, property tax - Mortgages
  157. Sold house, refund on escrow account?: insurance, property tax, mortgage companies, property - Mortgages
  158. Understanding points on a 70K home w/20% down: insurance, loan, interest rate - Mortgages
  159. Can't believe more people aren't freaking out.. rates: fixed rates, interest rate, property tax - Mortgages
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  165. So they tell ya not to worry.: loan officer, interest rate, escrow - Mortgages
  166. Mortgage for 1099 contractor: loan, credit score, mortgage companies, financial - Mortgages
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  169. My theory on if interest rates keep rising. Am I wrong?: insurance, real estate - Mortgages
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  176. Homeowner's Insurance: loan, rate, loan, property - Mortgages
  177. Eliminated PMI without 20% down... only about 12.5% down actually: escrow, rate, refi - Mortgages
  178. Conventional VS FHA: PMI, loan, California, approval - Mortgages
  179. Did I screw up by getting a prequalification?: insurance, loan, preapproval - Mortgages
  180. When you have a mortgage and your home is destroyed....: insurance, financial - Mortgages
  181. Must all borrowers on the loan be on the deed?: property, default - Mortgages
  182. Closing Friday :): loan, foreclosure, loan, underwriting - Mortgages
  183. Mortage remorse possibly.: loan officer, interest rate, credit, 30 year fixed - Mortgages
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