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  82. Refinance: insurance, loan, escrow, property tax - Mortgages
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  92. Remove Spouse from Mortgage but not Deed?: loan, credit, refinance - Mortgages
  93. Refinance with no closing cost: PMI, loan, credit, rate - Mortgages
  94. Unison: loan, loan, equity, payments - Mortgages
  95. Non traditional credit references: properties, bank accounts, lenders, payments - Mortgages
  96. Installment plan with NCDOR: loan, income tax, Credit Bureau, loan - Mortgages
  97. Bridge loan: fixed rate, rate, refinance, lender - Mortgages
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  99. Home Equity Issue: insurance, loan, 401k, 2015 - Mortgages
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  101. House Down payment: PMI, loan, 401k, credit card - Mortgages
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  104. Do closing costs sound right?: insurance, loan, interest rate, escrow - Mortgages
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  106. Surprise fees at closing, legal?: insurance, loan, escrow, refi - Mortgages
  107. How would I be able to find actual Mortgage brokers - not LO's in my area?: lending, work - Mortgages
  108. Definition of primary residence when renovating?: insurance, loan, loan, property - Mortgages
  109. Buying a house while in a Ch 13 questions: loan, approval, student loan - Mortgages
  110. Is it true you can pay mortgage by 401k or other means?: loan, loan - Mortgages
  111. Mortgage financing options on property with tear-down house: loan, fixed rate, interest - Mortgages
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  113. Commission Based- Less than 2 years: loan, approval, credit card, requirements - Mortgages
  114. Small Loan Problems: loan officer, interest rate, escrow, 30 year fixed - Mortgages
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  116. San Jose california home owner need cash-out refi advice: loan, interest rate, heloc - Mortgages
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  118. 3.5 APR - good?: Florida, closing, purchase, 200k - Mortgages
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  121. Mortgages With the Greatest Debt to Income Ratios You’ve Heard of Getting Approved?: refinancing, financial
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  123. Mortgage Loan Limit: insurance, approved, credit report, banks - Mortgages
  124. HELOC using bank statements or stated income: credit, loan, equity - Mortgages
  125. Refinance investment property: Is it worth it: fees, rate, refinancing - Mortgages
  126. We ditched escrow!: insurance, interest rate, property tax, rate - Mortgages
  127. have their credit lines cut off?: loan, heloc, credit card - Mortgages
  128. Problems with getting a mortgage refi to remove MIP (Mortgage Insurance): premium, credit score - Mortgages
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  133. 180 days to do a refinance? Should we get out now?: home loan, credit - Mortgages
  134. Old Roof - FHA Sale - South Florida: insurance, escrow, approved - Mortgages
  135. selling home shortly after refinancing: loan officer, interest rate, recourse, credit - Mortgages
  136. Woould you plan to buy a house in 2020 with the crisis rumours??: fixed rates, real estate - Mortgages
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  138. “Rate” shopping: insurance, home loan, interest rate, escrow - Mortgages
  139. 30% interest by the time a mortgage is paid off?: PMI, loan, interest rate - Mortgages
  140. Buying a condo in Austin, Texas (thoughts/advice): PMI, home loan, 401k - Mortgages
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  145. Is it still to find a small mortgage with no pre payment penalties?: loan, heloc - Mortgages
  146. Submitted application for refinance last week and now loan officer is MIA: insurance, lending - Mortgages
  147. CANCELLATION NOTICE: Escrow paid Nationwide Ins but they did not pay our flood insurance carrier!: property tax, recourse - Mortgages
  148. Sneaky Banks ruining your credit score on Forbearence: loan, interest rate, credit report - Mortgages
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  151. 15 year fixed @ 2.375%: loan, real estate, credit score, fees - Mortgages
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  153. What happens if I get laid off?: loan, interest rate, escrow - Mortgages
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  155. Thinking to Refinance: loan, escrow, credit score, fees - Mortgages
  156. Asset Based Mortgages for Retirees versus IRA cash out: insurance, loan, 401k
  157. Va iirl: loan officer, escrow, credit, fees - Mortgages
  158. Point out reductions in income and property value (due to coronavirus) to mortgage lender before closing?: loan, approval - Mortgages
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  161. a gift letter.: loan officer, escrow, refinance, loan - Mortgages
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  163. Is it a good time to re-finance?: PMI, loan, interest rate - Mortgages
  164. Can you use stock balance for mortgage pre-approval?: loan, interest rate, credit report - Mortgages
  165. Qs Closing Cost Estimate in State Wherein Taxes are Paid in Arrears: insurance, loan - Mortgages
  166. Who to choose for a lender?: loan officer, interest rate, pre-approval, credit - Mortgages
  167. is it game over - deja vu': loans, 2015, loan - Mortgages
  168. Pl post good 15 year Rates: insurance, home loan, interest rate, escrow - Mortgages
  169. Advice on purchasing new house before selling current one: loan, fixed rate, heloc - Mortgages
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  176. Highest and best offer. Is there really another offer: 2013, properties, bank - Mortgages
  177. s about Reverse Mortgages?: insurance, real estate, property tax, fees
  178. refinancing (no cash out) without an in-house appraisal?: loan, interest rate, rental house - Mortgages
  179. Closing on house final cost: real estate, finance, bank, lenders - Mortgages
  180. Newly Self Employed Physician - Will I get a mortgage?: PMI, loan officer - Mortgages
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  197. Heloc - Mortgages
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