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  11. book about the failure of GM & Chrysler - Books
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  14. What are Your Favorite Joyce Meyer Books?
  15. Ashes Series: author - Books
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  17. i have the 1st 3 harry potter books..worth anything?: edition, comic book, editions
  18. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: buy book, review, library - Books
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  20. Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein - Books
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  29. What do you think of this idea for a book/novel?: best, characters - Books
  30. My Year of Meats (1998): encyclopedia, written, plot, free - Books
  31. read The Host by Stephenie Meyer: drama, development, characters - Books
  32. New Memoir Dance on the Volcano: A Teenage Girl in Nazi Germany: story - Books
  33. Solar by Ian McEwan: writing - Books
  34. Graduation Gift: writing, author, great - Books
  35. The Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella - is it good?: great, Twilight - Books
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  37. Does know where to find out details about libraries in other area?: comic, top - Books
  38. Blockade Billy by Stephen King: story, written, favorite, library - Books
  39. Just finished - Blood Safari by Deon Meyer: best, characters, writing - Books
  40. With the Old Breed at Peleliu and Okinawa: cover, diary - Books
  41. a fan of Bernard Cornwell?: best, characters, movies, writing - Books
  42. Books on canning sauces: best, e-book
  43. News, Cigarette Vending Machine Repurposed To Sell Books.: bookstore
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  45. Is reading OPRAH, by Kitty Kelley?: quotes, human, characters - Books
  46. coffee table books...: letter, stories, series, favorite
  47. Mark Twain's autobiography to be published 100 yrs after his death: writing, great - Books
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  55. Nostrodamus Prediction Book - Books
  56. Looking for similar books: human, author, buy, favorite
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  58. F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre, ? - 2010: story, great - Books
  59. Sophie's Choice: story - Books
  60. Has read the books Hamlet? Fine Balance, and/or Children the mercy?: character, English
  61. Who knew? Presidential authors:: teenage, story, written - Books
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  63. What do y'all think of Catherine Coulter?: crime, romance, mystery - Books
  64. News, Library throws book at woman with $352 fine.: quotes, non-fiction, story - Books
  65. How to stop this while reading? - Books
  66. Stephen King's The Dark Tower will be made into a movie/TV combination series: character, movies - Books
  67. We'll Be For The Rest Of Our Lives ; Paul Schaffer: letter, great - Books
  68. Sites to buy/sell books?: fiction
  69. Alex Haley was a fraud!: cover, history book, human, writing - Books
  70. What Are Books Good For?: e-book, review
  71. Unauthorized bio on Winfrey coming in April. - Books
  72. The Passage - being turned into a movie??: comic, best, development - Books
  73. Wireless reading device: Kindle, Sony or ????: novels, authors, great, buy - Books
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  75. myron bolitar: novels, character, author, fiction - Books
  76. Autobiography of Mark Twain Vol. 1: characters, authors, written, great - Books
  77. Apple Announce iPad and iBooks: cover, best, ebook, bookstore
  78. Page Turner - Must read books: novel, character, author, story
  79. New book on U.S. residential segregation: novel, book club, literature - Books
  80. Stuff that doesn't fit...: encyclopedia, children, fantasy, characters - Books
  81. Books on the return of the Jews to Palestine: fiction, library, historical
  82. Whats the best book on Chess?: classic, great, review - Books
  83. New series: book club, author - Books
  84. Hungar Games Trilogy: novels, hard cover, cover, children - Books
  85. Speed Reading: characters, fiction, prose, great - Books
  86. Does know the name of this sci-fi book or author?: novels, cover - Books
  87. New Book, Interracial Love Is the Answer for Black Women.: best, authors - Books
  88. Best book on the appalachian trail: life-changing, author - Books
  89. Clive Cussler fans?: novels, cover, best, tom clancy - Books
  90. THANKS CHARLES: Little Dorrit: novels, best, poetry, literature - Books
  91. looking for: woman scorned gets books for 17-18 yr old: movies
  92. Do you collect books?: edition, cover, children, best
  93. Harry Potter fans: fantasy, romance, character, movies - Books
  94. How many books have you read based on recommendations?: cover, children, book club
  95. News magazine recommendation (Time vs. Newsweek vs. The Economist): cover, best, writing - Books
  96. What Kind of E-Reader Are You?: cover, textbooks, encyclopedia
  97. Books on Political Ideology: novel, e-book, authors, written
  98. A Game of Thrones - A Song of Ice and Fire novels: best, fantasy - Books
  99. Stephen King vs Clive Barker: novels, children, fantasy, literature - Books
  100. Anne Rice no longer a Christian: novel, writing, author - Books
  101. Best unpopular book?: novels, cover, textbooks, comic
  102. If you're a true fan of romance novels: comic, crime, themes - Books
  103. What Books Would Americans Classify As World Class Literature ?: novels, human
  104. Twilight or Sookie Stackhouse: romance, characters, author, story - Books
  105. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: best, mystery, characters, movies - Books
  106. Reading for pleasure: novels, bookworm, cover, book club - Books
  107. Am I the only one who prefers an actual book to an e-book?: softcover, hard cover - Books
  108. the jungle by sinclair lewis: encyclopedia, literature, movies, English - Books
  109. The Grapes of Wrath: novels, best, human, classic - Books
  110. Literature vs Popular Fiction: children, themes, human, romance - Books
  111. Pillars of the Earth: novels, book club, Follett, characters - Books
  112. To Kill A Mockingbird (50th Anniversary): novels, edition, cover - Books
  113. The Murder Room: crime, author, fiction, stories - Books
  114. Anime - I don't get it?: novels, cover, comic, children - Books
  115. Loving Frank vs. The Women: cover, children, book club - Books
  116. Alternate history/Time Travel: novel, cover, encyclopedia, human - Books
  117. Search for book suggestions: novels, soft cover, fantasy, james patterson - Books
  118. The Books Had The Longest: edition, cover, comic, children
  119. Have been reading Vince Flynn lately: novels, tom clancy, character, authors - Books
  120. Favorite characters from a book series: novels, comic, crime, james rollins - Books
  121. Can't decide if this is hilarious or horrifying: novel, authors, library - Books
  122. Mythology Books: novels, edition, best, classic
  123. What books have you read more than once?: comic, harry potter, buy
  124. Ever read a book that made you cry?: novel, characters, movies - Books
  125. Harry Potter - British version?: literature, rowling, characters, plot - Books
  126. Margaret Atwood?: encyclopedia, fiction, plot, favorite - Books
  127. Katherine Heigl as Stephanie Plum: characters, movies, fiction, stories - Books
  128. Something EVERYONE should read!: best, letter, author, prose - Books
  129. Factual Errors in Novels: drama, letter, literature, quotes - Books
  130. Stephen King, Stock Characters, and use of the N word.: novels, comic - Books
  131. If someone gave you a surprise test on the last book you read for pleasure, what grade would you get?: characters, discussion - Books
  132. BOOKS ABOUT (specific) PLACES?: novel, ebook, romance, character
  133. Wm. Paul Young's The Shack: novel, cover, children, book club - Books
  134. Books written in the present tense: novel, writing, authors, fiction
  135. Not Finishing Books: novels, cover, notebook, ebook
  136. Look Up A Word: letter - Books
  137. If you could write books like who would you emulate?: novels, encyclopedia
  138. Do you read more fiction or non-fiction...: novels, poetry, crime - Books
  139. How fast do you normally read through books...: comic, harry potter, discussion
  140. Audio Books: children, best, stephen king, harry potter
  141. RIP JD Salinger: novels, comic, best, classic - Books
  142. Are you concerned about the future of books?: novel, cover, e-book
  143. READ To Your Kids!!!!!!!!!: children, bookstore, character, teenage
  144. Dislike Steven Kings' Novels And Their Movie Adaptations?: encyclopedia, drama - Books
  145. Suggestions for a book about a dreary love story...: novel, encyclopedia, drama - Books
  146. Books For Black History Month: novels, best, poetry, themes
  147. The Help: album, best, characters, author - Books
  148. Donating Books at the Library: cover, comic, buy, libraries
  149. I have a small problem it: novels, literature, romance - Books
  150. Good books for girls of all ages? I'll start...: novel, children, letter
  151. Which of classics are your favorite?: best, crime, literature - Books
  152. Take five books off your bookshelf...: children, rowling, top, story
  153. Must read biography's: novel, cover, best, literature - Books
  154. Do you consider yourself an avid reader? If so, what do you read?: cover, comic - Books
  155. Good African-American Writers: cover, children, classic, writing - Books
  156. None of us likes to read: cover, textbooks, authors
  157. Binge Reading: best, harry potter, discussion, nonfiction - Books
  158. Books as Gifts: bibliophile, children, best, dean koontz
  159. What books have you read more than once?: comic, book club, harry potter
  160. Your favourite fiction book series: novels, fantasy, mysteries, harry potter - Books
  161. Horror Books: children, development, stephen king, character
  162. Have you ever read a book that just blew your mind?: novels, cover - Books
  163. Does the time of year determine your reading choices?: book club, sci fi, romance - Books
  164. Fiction or non-Fiction?!?!: novel, fantasy, crime, character - Books
  165. Banned Books: Your Favorite?: classic, story, great, buy
  166. OOPS News, Aussie Cookbook Recalled After Recipe Includes 'Freshly Ground Black People': encyclopedia, letter - Books
  167. How do you find a poem that you don't know the title of?: poetry, poems - Books
  168. What single book would you recommend over other?: novel, writing, fiction - Books
  169. Suggestions about Historical fiction?: novels, cover, textbook, writing - Books
  170. News, Largest book in the world to go on display. - Books
  171. Llewelyn & Barker: Danger Involved: mysteries, author, series - Books
  172. Michelle Sagar/West: encyclopedia, best, fantasy, characters - Books
  173. Book called Secret Regrets - Books
  174. Hitch-22 - Books
  175. News, 'Retirementology' book review: Why Americans fail at saving - Books
  176. Stranger in a strange land essay -- help me: novel, themes - Books
  177. All Bloomsday most over almost over - Books
  178. News, ‘Harry Potter’ book dispute lands in U.S. court: rowling, author - Books
  179. Hellhound On His Trail , Hampton Sides: great, library - Books
  180. Shelfari - Books
  181. News, Just-Released Book Profiles Feline Angel of Death. - Books
  182. carly phillips or jennifer crusie - Books
  183. Death of the Grown-up: discussion - Books
  184. A Layman's Guide To Politics: written - Books
  185. Googled, The End Of Life As We Know It: library - Books
  186. On Call In Hell , A Navy Doctor serving in Iraq - Books
  187. Wilbur Smith! Is there Wilbur Smith Fans Out There!!!!: characters, author - Books
  188. Mark Dice Interviews Harry Potter Fans - Books
  189. News, Barnes & Noble E-Reader to Offer Web Browser. - Books
  190. What are popular SERIES that are STILL in progress?: fiction - Books
  191. read this: library - Books
  192. Minimum Design Loads for Buildings And Other Structures: SEI/ASCE 7-05 (ASCE Standard No. 7-05) (ASCE Standard) - Books
  193. Author Laura Lippman on Craig Ferguson: mystery, authors, fiction, favorite - Books
  194. Watchman’s Rattle by Rebecca Costa: ebook, human, questions - Books
  195. Chelsea - Books
  196. Armchair Reader trivia/bathroom books: series
  197. Raine Stockton Dog Mysteries by Donna Ball: cover, drama, development - Books
  198. s a great war/action book.: hard cover, cover, authors, story - Books
  199. hee read The Glamour of Grammar ?: author, library - Books
  200. Book Series: Follett - Books