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  159. Did you like 1984?: novel, best, human, writing - Books
  160. Books you read because That's all there was: novels, cover
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  163. A Handful of Books ...... And Isolation: novel, diary, Follett, poems
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  167. 21st century multicultural books?: novel, literature, author, English
  168. Very hard for me to find good books to read.....: novels, album
  169. Do You Read Old Nonfiction?: cover, ebook, letter, history book - Books
  170. Are you an ipad digital reader or printed book reader?: cover, ebook - Books
  171. Help me find this Holocaust book I can't remember title of...: cover, teen - Books
  172. R.I.P. Frederik Pohl, Grandmaster of Science Fiction: novel, best, authors - Books
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  178. The Penguin Guide to Recorded Classical Music: edition, album, great - Books
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  180. Does have 'dry spells'...: novels, crime, stephen king - Books
  181. Elmore Leonard has died: best, characters, writing, authors - Books
  182. Oliver Twist/Dickens The man who (supposedly) inspired Fagin: novels, cover - Books
  183. Leon Uris's Book; 'Trinity'.: novel, characters, author, nonfiction - Books
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  187. Crossed comic fans?: comic book, series - Books
  188. Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth - Online Resource: encyclopedia, author, story - Books
  189. 40 Short Stories by Americans Embracing Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.: great, publish, library - Books
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  192. Art of War Sun Tsu read by Wesley Snipes - Books
  193. Bookbub: e-book, free - Books
  194. Chinese bloggers tormenting author over her memoir of Cultural Revolution - Books
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  196. delete - Books
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