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  16. How come Mitchell County Iowa never voted majority Republican since 1984 but has approved strongly now of Trump?: buy (IA)
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  18. Dutch theme park coming to NW Iowa: Pella, Sioux Center: amusement park, hotel (IA)
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  20. commercial real estate brokerages in Iowa: Cedar Rapids: realty, bank, about (IA)
  21. Happy CHRISTMAS Season to Iowa & its wonderful people! Happy Holidays! How do you all celebrate, food, desserts, treats.: Colo: live (IA)
  22. Oskaloosa, Iowa and Clow Valve Company?: Ottumwa, Colo: fit in, real estate, rentals (IA)
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  27. The Hog Baron: Des Moines: house, university, living - Iowa (IA)
  28. Not as affordable as I: Ames, Ankeny: sales, houses - Iowa (IA)
  29. moved to Iowa from Minn.? Seriously thinking about it.: Des Moines: 2014, rental homes (IA)
  30. Ok why did Iowa vote so heavily for Trump yesterday?: George: home, buy (IA)
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  32. Iowa Driver's License Misery: Cedar Rapids: transplants, 2014, transfer (IA)
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