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  127. landlords contolling visitors: lease, tenant, renter, personal property - Renting
  128. being told to remove window ac: lease, tenant, evict, house - Renting
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  133. I love NYC & want to move there but I hate bugs!!: apartments, house - Renting
  134. Landlord keeping security deposit because of mold?: apartment, tenant, fees - Renting
  135. Does your apartment offer monthly bug sprays?: apartment complex, lease, tenant - Renting
  136. Can my Landlord charge for his time?: apartments, lease, tenant - Renting
  137. about getting a new apartment: apt complex, lease, tenant, renter's insurance - Renting
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  141. Hopeful advice can be ..: tenants, renters, house, record - Renting
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  147. landlord has shown my apartment at least once a day for the past 2 weeks: lease, tenant - Renting
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  157. Tenant does not want to listen to me about cleaning up after her dog's poop: lease, renters - Renting
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  164. Not Chocolate Cake worked :(: apartment, lease, tenant, rental property - Renting
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  167. Sticky Situation: apartment, noise, landlord, rich - Renting
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  174. Water damage, who is responcible for cleanup & repair?: apartment, leases, tenant - Renting
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  187. Tenant not paying the late fee, now the rent: lease, negotiation, eviction - Renting
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