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  90. how do you feel about moving into a place that was dry vacuumed, but not steam cleaned?: carpet, landlords - Renting
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  124. Sheriff refusing to do lockout on evicted tenant,(So Cal): apt complex, record - Renting
  125. I gave a 30 day, but my roommate refused it and wants a 60?: apartment, lease - Renting
  126. Forfeited Application Due to Inaccurate Information: apartment complex, leasing, tenant - Renting
  127. Landlord cares about nothing besides monthly rent: apartment complex, lease, tenant - Renting
  128. Tenant paying cash, no receipts, protected from lease break?: lease agreement, rental, deposits - Renting
  129. should i swap out the carpet if there are babies and toddlers in the household?: apartment, tenant - Renting
  130. Rising rents are frustrating!!: apartments, credit, roommate, finance - Renting
  131. Can apartment managers legally install noise-monitoring devices in all units?: apartments, tenants - Renting
  132. Renting chances: apartment, tenant, evict, rental property
  133. Anonymous people using my rental property's address: tenants, credit card, house - Renting
  134. Can I stop or sue someone for posting a recording of me?: apartment, tenant - Renting
  135. Looking to buy in next several months but signing a year lease: tenants, rental - Renting
  136. Landlord not replacing washing machine: apartment, lease, tenant, eviction - Renting
  137. Making rental for owners with pets: lease, tenant, renter's insurance, deposit - Renting
  138. Constant loud parties @ all times at complex' pool: apartment complex, tenant, construction - Renting
  139. Current roommate is in Jail Lease will run out in a month and his belongings are still in his room.: apartment, tenants - Renting
  140. Bad Credit/Background Check: apartment, lease, tenants, negotiation - Renting
  141. VERY LONG POST. help!!Tenant law and building inspection (Los Angeles, CA): apartment, lease - Renting
  142. Landlord wants to show house while we are still under lease: apartments, lease agreement - Renting
  143. I have to evict tenants for domestic violence: apartments, lease, eviction - Renting
  144. Landlords - What would it take for you to accept a Section 8/Housing Voucher Tenant?: evicted, renters - Renting
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  157. Read your lease carefully: tenant, eviction, rental, deposit - Renting
  158. Urgent: Quoted one price, and they day before move in they quote another: apartments, lease - Renting
  159. Proposed Minneapolis ordinances aim to limit landlords' ability to screen tenants: apartments, lease - Renting
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  161. What happens when you accept a rental application on Zillow?: credit report, house - Renting
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  165. Hostile letter from LL: lease, tenant, evicted, fees - Renting
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  174. A/C unit nearly 20 years old and in bad shape.: lease, tenant - Renting
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  177. Last month rent and deposit: apartment, lease, tenant, waver - Renting
  178. Unemployed at present, looking to rent, prior stable employment history: apartment, lease - Renting
  179. Once-a-month landlord inspections...ridiculous?: lease, tenant, credit, house - Renting
  180. Old roommate wants her full part of the security deposit back after not renewing the lease with us: tenant, house - Renting
  181. theft-proof appliances?: apartments, tenants, renters, security deposit - Renting
  182. Worth it to rent a 1 bedroom apartment?: apartments, house, roommate - Renting
  183. 3 x rent in salary requirement...: apartment, rental, credit score, landlords - Renting
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  185. Garage Conflict: apartment complex, lease, tenant, house - Renting
  186. Restricting the Number of Children in a Rental: apartment, tenant, house - Renting
  187. Can my landlord lie about having a property management company?: lease, tenant - Renting
  188. 5 Reasons to Keep Renting: apartment complex, lease, tenants, renters
  189. GF's Dad passed away, she's next of kin. Upstairs tenant changed the locks on her Dad's apartment? Is this legal?: lease, house - Renting
  190. Splitting rent and utilities when 3 occupy 2 bdrm apartment: roommate, heat, bedroom - Renting
  191. 30 Day Notice Before Moving In: apartment complex, breaking a lease, tenants, renter - Renting
  192. Using Homeownership for Rental History: apartment, tenant, renter, credit card - Renting
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