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  1. Descendants Of The Sumerians?: ancient, DNA, slavery, years - History
  2. Does History tell us anything about the Nature of a People?: WWII, war
  3. The story of Reckless ... (video, 3:37): war, America, Korea, Korean - History
  4. D-day aftermath: war, greatest, general, biggest - History
  5. WW2 in real-time: war, Hitler, USSR, years - History
  6. Parallel growth of different US states/cities in the 20th Century: influence, ally - History
  7. French Algeria in World War II: Britain, 60s, colonies, Chinese - History
  8. Fredrick North Demands Apology From Washington.: general, army, government, British - History
  9. After The Battle of Britain Thoughts About Hitler's View of Goring as Well as Goring of Himself?: WW2, war - History
  10. Mysterious North African Culture Found: ancient, Egypt, influence, Asians - History
  11. Rabbi-Chaplains of the Civil War: general, Lincoln, military, confederacy - History
  12. The Nine Years' War (1688 - 1697): Europe's forgotten great war ?: England, general - History
  13. Pearl Harbor - the missing Japanese midget submarine crew?: war, years, American - History
  14. 15 year old U.S. Private died in France, October 1918: war, Spanish, military - History
  15. One Of The Most Influential Ancient Civilizations: Egypt, empire, France - History
  16. News, Lana Peters, daughter of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin who defected in 1967, dies at 85.: war, USSR - History
  17. Pictures from a Japanese Submarine: WW2, war, England, 1930s - History
  18. on military leaders in the Pacific, WW2: general, Chinese, Japanese - History
  19. What if Russia won the Russo- Japanese war of 1904-05: influences, Great Britain - History
  20. Video, First amateur video of Challenger shuttle explosion revealed.: years, USA, Florida - History
  21. dare to dream: facts, JFK, events, historical - History
  22. In what year did $1 Mil US no longer correspond to the top 1%?: 1990's, years - History
  23. The late Kim Jong-il Owned Cool ****!: economic, military, famine - History
  24. How many History buffs COLLECT historical items?: war, generals, facts
  25. 40 years ago today, after spending 28 years hiding in the Guam jungle..: war, bomb - History
  26. Which battles/campaigns/wars had the highest degree of friendly-fire casualties?: WW2, war - History
  27. For You Civil War Buffs: WW2, biggest, American, how - History
  28. News, Doomsday Speeches: If D-Day and the Moon Landing Had Failed: greatest, general - History
  29. Letter to master: slavery, historical, best, ally - History
  30. Stalin and Roosevelt: war, bomb, Britain, general - History
  31. The fist fights of Abe Lincoln: president, leader, Madison - History
  32. Ancient Indian Civilization: best - History
  33. What did Martin Luther King think about gay people?: sixties, America, leader - History
  34. JOMINI or CLAUSEWITZ wh: war, military, country, date - History
  35. A valuable read by Martin Luther King Jr.: general, kings, attack - History
  36. Looking for Old World travel brochures, guides, pamplets travel to the New World colonies: Roman, Mexico - History
  37. Rare 17th Century Book Said To Be Written By Ancient Astronauts: greatest - History
  38. Giant Squids Destroyed German Subs During World War I: Washington, Hoover, attack - History
  39. Inside hitler’s bunker: Unpublished photos: WW2, war, Russian, kings - History
  40. Statements of the Orientalists and Western scholars in the revolution of Husayn ibn Ali (as): facts, historical - History
  41. H.L. Hunley: war, country, enemy, monument - History
  42. English immigrants to the US after the Revolution?: WWII, England, Mexican - History
  43. USS Indianapolis tragedy: WWII, war, bomb, 1930's - History
  44. Are two famous men related?: document, Arkansas, Kansas - History
  45. Need Woodrow Wilson: war, state, president, German - History
  46. US and the Russian IL-2 Shturmovik: WWII, bomb, Britain, Russians - History
  47. The meaning: were all thy children kind and natural in Henry the V?: war, England - History
  48. 1940 Census data released today: WWII, greatest, years, America - History
  49. During WW1, what happened to livestock that were found where the battlelines were drawn: WW2, ancient - History
  50. News, 'Second Paris' built towards end of First World War to fool Germans.: WWII, war - History
  51. Building a medieval monastery...: years - History
  52. Knights: Fend off injustice from the poor: war, peace, ally - History
  53. Hitler and Stalin... recommendations for...: war, 1920s, USSR, German - History
  54. what are the politics behind Ceasar crossing the Rubicon: war, Roman, generals - History
  55. The History of Industrial Hemp: war, greatest, England, colonies
  56. News, Assisted suicide machine for sale in Kevorkian auction.: drugs, why, how - History
  57. The CIA, Operation PBSUCCESS, and the 1954 coup in Guatemala...: war, Mexico, state - History
  58. Wang Mang: ancient, general, economic, Chinese - History
  59. The German: WW2, Great Britain, general, France - History
  60. Secret War series: WW2, bomb, atomic bomb, ally - History
  61. Forrest and Fort Pillow.: general, slave, military, attack - History
  62. Alexander Hamilton: greatest, influence, Washington, state - History
  63. Black Cherokee Freedmen Push For Citizenship: war, general, facts, colonies - History
  64. History book on Europe: events, historical, country, ally
  65. Texas Tower 4: war - History
  66. 19th Century Rotunda Panoramas: biggest, best, ally, Atlanta - History
  67. J. Edgar Hoover's Private Files: general, Washington, invention, presidents - History
  68. Joe Empire: female - History
  69. Promotion of members of the Wehrmacht in WW2: generals, German, battle - History
  70. World War One: WW2, Roman, England, general - History
  71. Slavic Gods: ancient, invaded, empire, peasants - History
  72. Spain...a Black-Muslim nation?: influence, general, Europeans, Spanish - History
  73. Extinct Animals: 1930s, years, attack, America - History
  74. 30 years today. Falklands War.: Britain, invention, attack, American - History
  75. Egyptologist Robert Bauval Exposes the Lies of former HOA Zahi Hawass: ancient, war - History
  76. News, Eisenhower as Barefoot Boy? Family Objects to a Memorial.: war, greatest - History
  77. Why this obsession with Hitler!: WWII, war, greatest, state - History
  78. WWII Japanese War Criminals: WW2, influence, bomb, general - History
  79. News, Hitler had son with French teen.: events, crimes, France - History
  80. Slavery Ended In 1942: war, captive, countries, American - History
  81. News, Headstone from grave of Hitlers' parents removed on request from relative.: German, years - History
  82. Why are the Germans so obsessed with the Turkish?: war, Roman, influence - History
  83. Were Upper Class Neighborhoods Bombed in WWII?: war, Great Britain, raids - History
  84. Men Who Didn't Serve During WW2: war, bomb, 80's, state - History
  85. Were Muslims banned from colonial America?: war, Egypt, bomb, Britain - History
  86. Where Were You When You Heard the Titanic Sunk?: years, London, how - History
  87. The Battle of the Bulge vs The Chosin Reservoir: WWII, war, general - History
  88. Hitler's Warriors - Manstein The Strategist: WWII, war, bomb, general - History
  89. History of Lee's Ferry & Mountain Meadows Massacre: Washington, state, events
  90. French Immigration To America: influence, Britain, 1920s, colonies - History
  91. The End of the American Old West: Roman, influence, Mexico - History
  92. Israeli redneck Arieh O’Sullivan gets his Confederate stripes: general, Spanish, slave - History
  93. Civil war veteran soldier footage, captured between 1913 and 1938: greatest, England, 70s - History
  94. history of relationship between Palestinians and jews before 1948: WWII, ancient, Great Britain
  95. Interesting Historical Figures: war, England, general, empire - History
  96. True or False, History Facts.: war, Lincoln, JFK, state
  97. Why didn't the Japanese occupy Hawaii?: war, bomb, 1930's, Washington - History
  98. Did Napoleon help precipitate WWI?: WW2, ancient, war, Roman - History
  99. Historical Etymology Of The U.S. Head of State Term President: Romans, Washington - History
  100. Did Hitler want war?: WW2, France, Russia, German - History
  101. News, Nation's first underground railroad ran not to free states, but south to Spanish Florida.: WW2, war - History
  102. Watergate....40th Anniversary: war, bomb, general, USSR - History
  103. Final Stand for WWII Germans: war, greatest, influence, generals - History
  104. Where or when was this ?: WW2, war, bomb, Britain - History
  105. Paying For The Sins Of our Fathers: WW2, war, Romans - History
  106. Quixotic Integrity: war, Roman, general, 1950s - History
  107. WW2 Germany and Austria: war, greatest, general, Hitler - History
  108. The Allied intervention in Russia 1918-1919: war, England, Chinese, Japanese - History
  109. Why is everything from the 60s and 70s so ugly?: ancient, Egypt - History
  110. was Werner Von Braun a war criminal: greatest, general, Washington - History
  111. Bigger Historical Figure..... Che or Lawrence: war, 60s, military, revolutionary - History
  112. How Hitler tackled unemployment and revived Germany's economy: WW2, war, 1930s - History
  113. Most tyrannical regime ever?: Roman, greatest, 50s, Hitler - History
  114. about Spielbergs Munich: war, bomb, nazism, assassin - History
  115. Best Famous History Quotes: greatest, facts, Hitler, Lincoln
  116. German occupation of British Channel Islands: WWII, war, 80's, events - History
  117. Kick butt, take names: war, bomb, Mexico, interior - History
  118. Roman Bikinis: ancient, Romans, western, compared - History
  119. Do the Asian countries have a history of the worst war torture?: WW2, Hitler
  120. Was the 60s the most changeful decade in history?: war, influence, bomb
  121. Would imperial japan win a war against nazi-germany?: bomb, general, 80's - History
  122. Wrong: war, greatest, bomb, general - History
  123. Why have Europeans oppressed non-Europeans for the past five centuries?: ancient, Romans - History
  124. What topic WWII would you wish to see published?: war, bomb - History
  125. Sex, Lies and the Spanish American War: general, Mexico, 1950s - History
  126. 11/22/63: war, Roman, bomb, Lincoln - History
  127. Thoughts About Great Britain's North American Desires If They Had Won War 1812?: greatest, influence - History
  128. Was Jesus a Roman Citizen?: empire, military, United States, historians - History
  129. News, FDR warned of Pearl Harbor attack days in advance.: WWII, war - History
  130. Roosevelt's Speech: war, greatest, generals, Washington - History
  131. Net effect of atom-splitting?: war, influence, bomb, Mexico - History
  132. Just What Happened To All The American Impressed Sailors During War of 1812?: Great Britain, general - History
  133. If it wasn't for the U.S....: WWII, war, bomb - History
  134. Did the English Civil War cross the Atlantic to the American colonies?: Roman, England - History
  135. History buffs: need help evaluating this statement American foreign policy): war, Roman
  136. News, Reviled Japanese Admiral Hoped to Avoid War With US.: influence, bomb - History
  137. Was the Battle of Moscow the Real Turning Point of the Eastern Front?: WWII, war - History
  138. Why didn't China colonize other parts of the world?: war, Rome, influence - History
  139. The Hitler/Bonaparte comparison: WW2, war, Roman, influence - History
  140. What Happened To The Neutral Military Generals After The Iranian Revolution?: WW2, war - History
  141. Photo Tour: New York Art Museum: Roman, empire, years, date - History
  142. Historical Misnomers: war, Roman, Great Britain, 1950's - History
  143. If it's Columbus Day, let's not forget Luis de Torres: greatest, European - History
  144. News, Filmmaker Eastwood asked FBI about Hoover's sexuality.: WWII, Roman, general - History
  145. Your favorite Civil War people.: general, Lincoln, origin, military - History
  146. Gunfight At The Vacant Lot On Fremont Street..the historiography: war, Roman - History
  147. Is the Monroe Doctrine of 1823 Null and Void?: influence, Mexico, state - History
  148. In ancient times, was there a practical reason for forbidding the consumption of pork?: Romans, Chinese - History
  149. Leave it to beaver/wonder years neighborhoods, city, state...: 60's, viking, origin - History
  150. Building the WTC twin towers: origin, years, attack, political - History
  151. Population: 7 billion: Roman, economic, state, empire - History
  152. Retired US Officer Apologizes to Germans: WW2, war, facts, Europeans - History
  153. A Real Holocaust: Dresden -- 13 February 1945: war, bomb, general, Germans - History
  154. News, Is the US Declaration of Independence illegal?: WWII, war, general - History
  155. Mecenaries and guerrilla warfare in the 1860s: WWII, war, England - History
  156. Daredevils and Human Flys: greatest, 70's, events, American - History
  157. Armenian genocide: WWII, war, facts, European - History
  158. If Islam had never existed, would the Middle East be mostly Christian now?: war, Egypt - History
  159. the Holocaust - An American Expat's experience (blog): WW2, war, tanks - History
  160. Which Countries Have the Most Obvious/Well Known History and Which Countries the Most Unknown/Obscure History?: war, Romans
  161. Historical Movies You Wish Would Be Made: WW2, war, greatest - History
  162. Your opinion on the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?: WWII, war - History
  163. Olmecs Were Africans?: Mexico, facts, DNA, origin - History
  164. Details about slavery in America: ancient, general, historical, segregation - History
  165. White Slaves?: war, Britain, general, 1950's - History
  166. revisionist history (Texas and the Revolution): war, general, Mexican, raids
  167. Third World Strongmen: Roman, Great Britain, general, 70's - History
  168. Alternative W W II Scenarios: war, greatest, bomb, Great Britain - History
  169. Who mostly won WW2?: war, bomb, Great Britain, general - History
  170. Do Revolutions make things better or worse?: war, Roman, influence - History
  171. In which nations/societies did women play an active combat role?: WW2, war - History
  172. Did the Germans ever have black slaves?: war, England, general - History
  173. News, Letter from freed slave to former master draws: American, rights - History
  174. What did you think of Montgomery in WWII ?: war, greatest, influence - History
  175. Congratulations NJGoat. I see in the header that you won MIP.: ally - History
  176. News, Richard Nixon Had Gay Affair, 'Nixon's Darkest Secrets' Claims: historical, president - History
  177. Hitler In Colour (2005): Roman, facts, France, Russian - History
  178. What if the south had simply quit the war in 1863 and resorted to gorilla warfare?: generals, slaves - History
  179. How Racially Diverse Were Ancient Jews?: Egyptian, state, origin, years - History
  180. Europe: 1850 to 1900: war, Roman, European, interior - History
  181. How was life under Imperial Japan vs life under Nazi Germany?: WW2, war - History
  182. What would the South be like today if they won the Civil War?: Egypt, Britain - History
  183. Why Isn't Russia Considered a Western State?: Asians, European, biggest - History
  184. What would America be like if immigration had stopped in 1890?: Mexican, 70s - History
  185. Is there who sided with the Viet Minh/North Vietnam during the War?: Mexican, 80's - History
  186. Which war do you find most interesting?: WW2, Mexican, Japanese - History
  187. Let's talk about Ancient nubia: war, Romans, Egyptian, events - History
  188. Feelings About the 1950's: war, 1930s, biggest, economic - History
  189. Declassified Handwritten Hoover Note Confirms Existence of Captured UFOs: JFK, assassin, DNA - History
  190. War of The Century BBC Documentary.: Hitler, historical, Soviet - History
  191. White House Ghosts!: Lincoln, president, America, Kennedy - History
  192. Video, Civil War museum gives severed arm a good look: American, Maryland - History
  193. Footprints from Americas first inhabitants?: Mexico, years, British, how - History
  194. Mussolini's clothes possibly found in upstate N.Y.: country, army, USA - History
  195. My Intro - History
  196. Friday, November 25, 2011 is the 228th Anniversary of Evacuation Day.: war, Britain, origin - History
  197. Southwest Indians & Respiratory Infections: Europeans, USA, Phoenix - History
  198. Last known WWI vet dies at age 110.: years, American, Vietnam - History
  199. Underground Tunnels Just After the Civil War: 1950s, Greensboro - History
  200. Huguette Clark: years, society - History