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  1. The cultural 'decades': influence, general, 1990s, events - History
  2. World War II fighter found in Egyptian desert.: WW2, bomb, 1950's - History
  3. Same-Sex Marriage In Ancient and Medieval Times: Roman, general, state - History
  4. Saxon vs Norman: Roman, influence, Britain, viking - History
  5. News, The Great Depression, World War II Years Were Times of Hardship For Many People.: compared, how - History
  6. 90 years of history.: WW2, war, Romans, general
  7. Powerful Lackeys: Rove, Goering, Imelda, and . . . .: general, Hitler, historical, how - History
  8. Nazi medical experiment victims laid to rest in Vienna.: WW2, war, Japanese - History
  9. Germany Still Locates 40,000 War Casualties a Year: WWII, bomb, European - History
  10. Japans mysterious underwater pyramids: ancient, Japanese, Sumeria, years - History
  11. The original air aces.: WW2, war, Roman, generals - History
  12. Afghanistan's 'graveyard of foreigners': war, general, Washington, European - History
  13. VE Day!: London, Churchill, best, ally - History
  14. Thoughts On Why France Ceded Louisiana To Spain After Seven Years War?: Great Britain, Mexico - History
  15. Post-modernity or hypermodernity?: ancient, influence, general, years - History
  16. Alternative History....What If....: Alaska, Reno
  17. The only thing new in the world is the history you don't know. Harry S. Truman: war, general
  18. The name Clyde: Egypt, 1930s, Chinese, American - History
  19. Florida under Spain: general, colonies, Spanish, slaves - History
  20. Pope Pius XII: Hitler's Pope, Shelterer of the Jews, or Someplace In The Middle.: Roman, France - History
  21. Nazi legacy: The troubled descendants.: general, Hitler, Europeans, crimes - History
  22. Wendell Willkie......: war, general, presidency, country - History
  23. Help with interpreting military data: WWII, war, Roman, bomb - History
  24. John Ross Cherokee Chief.: general, surrender, Oklahoma - History
  25. History of Home Video Technologies: war, general, 1990s, events
  26. June 6th, 1944...: WWII, war, greatest, England - History
  27. Greenhill Alternate History Series: war, general, facts, events
  28. France's war in Algeria explored in Paris exhibition: years, country, army - History
  29. eyewitness to Lincoln's assassination: war, historical, origin, country - History
  30. New series called 10 things you didn't know: facts, Washington, Hitler - History
  31. Robert Caro's Johnson Biographies: war, Mexican, JFK, assassin - History
  32. Trivia. When was last major land battle of War of 1812 fought?: Spanish, origin - History
  33. At what point in history was common law replaced by maritime law?: general, Chinese
  34. Hitler's Personal Bodyguard Unit Before and After July 20 Assassination Plot: WW2, war - History
  35. News, High-tech search for Amelia Earhart's plane set to begin.: colonization, Australia - History
  36. When did the Digital Age start in your opinion?: war, influence, 80's - History
  37. why didnt Poland rebel against russia during the Crimean War?: general, state - History
  38. Will 2011 - 201? be remembered as the 1848 of the 21st Century?: America, government - History
  39. Has ever used a significant historical event to disappear?: WW2, war - History
  40. WW2 fighter planes found buried in factory crates: bomb, years, British - History
  41. Neanderthals painted Altamira?: ancient, DNA, origin, years - History
  42. Rabbie Burns: 80's, battle, why - History
  43. How do you define early, mid and late century?: Britain, 80's, events - History
  44. Philo Farnsworth and the first TV: general, invention, years, language - History
  45. History of Social Networking: bomb, general, Mexico, 90s
  46. Roman Empire Map of the World: ancient, general, historical, ally - History
  47. The Lock Asylums: influence, 60s, economy, state - History
  48. Still leaking, USS Texas to be closed next week: years, battle, America - History
  49. Rank periods of history in how much they pique your curiosity/interest: ancient, American
  50. News, Civil War vet laid to rest.: military, battle, Arizona - History
  51. Badbea in Scotland: colonies, economic, American, London - History
  52. What is actually true and factual in this article?: Britain, Mexican, colonies - History
  53. Interesting history footnote: Younger and Dalton brothers: captive, western
  54. Jacksonian Democracy vs. Clay's American System: slave, government, China, ally - History
  55. US Progressive movement and Party of the early 20th century: war, 1930s - History
  56. Vietnam - China border wars 1979 - 1990's captured gear?: war, influence, 80's - History
  57. Bomber Command fliers in their own words: WW2, war, military - History
  58. Empire of the Dead: Roman, 80s, France, popular - History
  59. 'When my father was taken captive in Sarajevo': WW2, war, Roman - History
  60. WWII Adolf Hitler profile suggests 'messiah complex'.: WW2, war, general - History
  61. Meet the only man alive who has been to the deepest ocean - History
  62. Has there ever been an army consisting of just heavy cavalry and dismounted archers?: war, Romans - History
  63. Hollywood Patton/Real Patton: general, Lincoln, president, western - History
  64. Information on Nazi Defectors: Russian, conquer, Germans, military - History
  65. New book: Nomonhan, 1939: The Red Army's Victory That Shaped World War II: WW2, influence - History
  66. John Keegan has passed away: war, England, Hitler, military - History
  67. Ancient Skull Research: how, different - History
  68. On this day in History June 1940 WW2: war, events, years
  69. Mayan Cave to the Underworld Found: Mexico, 70's, years, Soviet - History
  70. Did pre-Columbian Native Americans date?: European, peoples, how, different - History
  71. Since when did people seem to think/talk/behave like they do now?: war, 1980s - History
  72. Most Talented Field Commander WW2: war, greatest, influence, bomb - History
  73. What is your most favorite decade of the last 100 years?: 90s, unemployment - History
  74. Dirt and Disease From the Past.: Britain, general, 1930s, European - History
  75. 21st century began in 1991 - agree or disagree?: war, influence, 1990s - History
  76. Japanese Tomb Found To House Rare Artifacts From Roman Empire: ancient, Romans - History
  77. Ronald Reagan's Place in History: war, greatest, bomb, 1980s
  78. Do you think the 1990s?: influence, economic, years, Australia - History
  79. Romans = Italians?: ancient, war, influences, England - History
  80. worst president ever?: WW2, war, influence, general - History
  81. The World's Greatest Lost Treasure.: war, bomb, raids, DNA - History
  82. about WW2 Pacific Theater: war, influence, bomb, Britain - History
  83. Historic Olympic Moments.: bomb, 80's, events, Japanese - History
  84. World Population If Not For WW2.: war, general, 1930's, economic - History
  85. John Boswell and his books on same sex unions in ancient Greece, Rome and early Christianity. Science or fiction?: Roman, influence - History
  86. Worst Failure At Gettysburg.: greatest, general, attack, battle - History
  87. Best African Leaders: WWII, war, greatest, 60s - History
  88. The real reason for the collapse of the Soviet Union: inefficency/Cold War/ideology??: WWII, general - History
  89. Stonehenge Video: ancient, Britain, 80's, monument - History
  90. Was Jesus a real person?: Romans, Egypt, influence, general - History
  91. New on 1972 Munich Olympic terrorist attack: German, military, Germany - History
  92. 64 Years Ago, 8:15 am: WW2, bomb, generals, events - History
  93. The German cultural legacy in America: WW2, Roman, influence, Britain - History
  94. The History of Feel Good History: Welfare, CRACK and the Afrocentric Community.: WWII, ancient
  95. History Where You Live - Anything Interesting Happen in Your Backyard?: war, 70's
  96. Why weren't the train tracks to Auschwitz bombed?: WW2, war - History
  97. We'd all be speaking German now, if . . .: Romans, England, Mexican - History
  98. Similarities and differences between Irish Troubles and Israel-Palestinian conflict: WW2, war, Egypt - History
  99. Bible For The Hitler-Stalin Debate: WWII, ancient, war, bomb - History
  100. Drawing Moral Equivalents In History Using Quantitative Data.: ancient, war, Romans
  101. A little amp;A sessions on the Bolsheviks prior, during, after the October Revolution: war, general - History
  102. Could the Russians have whipped Hitler without the West?: WW2, war, bomb - History
  103. Pre 1949 China under the Nationalists: WW2, war, England, Hitler - History
  104. Nazi War Criminal Caught: WWII, Ireland, countries, USA - History
  105. Presidents Who Got Too Much Blame: war, general, 1930's, Washington - History
  106. 191st Birthday Tribute to General Forrest: war, 60s, Hitler, Lincoln - History
  107. Worst Eras In American History.: WW2, war, general, 80's
  108. Who was the German Red Army?: WW2, influence, bomb, Britain - History
  109. You Take The Good, You Take The Bad....: war, facts, European - History
  110. History in Photos: WW2, war, France, Russians
  111. Was the 1990 new year a bigger deal than Y2K?: 80's, biggest - History
  112. Will the 21st century have distinctive decades?: WW2, war, influence - History
  113. Election of 48': How did Truman and the Democrats pull it off?: 1920s, Washington - History
  114. Egyptian Influence On Greece?: ancient, general, European, origin - History
  115. When did hotel/motel rooms start to have TVs in them?: Rome, Mexico - History
  116. What Kept Everybody's Finger Off the Poison Gas Button During WW2?: war, bomb - History
  117. Up til what year was much of Europe 'Medievalish'?: WW2, war, Roman - History
  118. Politicians who the Opposition Admired: greatest, influence, Washington, economic - History
  119. News, Woodward and Bernstein: 40 years after Watergate, Nixon was far worse than we: war, Washington - History
  120. Commemoration of the Battle of Coral Sea: war, Japanese, German - History
  121. World War I: The I Stands For Idiotic.: WW2, bomb, general - History
  122. Weird Weapons and War Tactics: WW2, bomb, Britain, general - History
  123. Infantry: WW2, war, influence, economy - History
  124. Lost Colony of Roanoke: England, DNA, Spanish, slave - History
  125. Which is the most symbolic American battleship?: WW2, war, bomb - History
  126. Did Hitler really believe he could win?: WW2, war, greatest - History
  127. How to spot a fake Iron Cross from WW2: origin, battle, China - History
  128. America's Jewish Pogrom. Grant's Order No. 11: war, generals, Washington, Lincoln - History
  129. Events that would have kept the Revolution from happening: war, influence, Great Britain - History
  130. War of 1812 Bi-Centenial: England, colonies, invaded, Russian - History
  131. Meeting a live historical person: WW2, war, 80's, European - History
  132. Ties to our countries beginnings.: war, general, colonies, Washington - History
  133. what Richard Nixon could have done to get out of the watergtate scandal: war, influence - History
  134. What kind of pop culture defines the 2010s?: WWII, influence, general - History
  135. Why did young people in the 50's look so old?: 60's, how - History
  136. Kent State Shooting: facts, military, years, attack - History
  137. History Channels.: WW2, ancient, war, general
  138. 70 years ago today: bomb, general, raids, Chinese - History
  139. What if America had never allowed immigration?: Mexico, Europeans, Chinese - History
  140. News, Lincoln Had One. So Did Uncle Sam.: war, general, Mexican - History
  141. Greek vs Roman Culture/History: ancient, war, Romans, greatest
  142. Quiz : The R.M.S. Titanic was actually owned by...: Britain, Hitler - History
  143. What if the Nationalists had won and China wasn't Communist today?: war, economic - History
  144. Can You Name the Losers of U.S. Presidential Elections?: years, American - History
  145. Did Goebbels say this?: Hitler, economy, state, historical - History
  146. use of computers in White House: war, bomb, general, 1980s - History
  147. Was/Is North Korea better off under the Kim dynasty or better off under Imperial Japanese rule: war, 80's - History
  148. Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany: WWII, war, 70's, Hitler - History
  149. feel like they were born in/ are in the wrong time period?: WW2, war - History
  150. African Slaves Thrown Overboard During Middle Passage: slavery, years, USA - History
  151. Who, What, Why: How many soldiers died in the US Civil War?: military, years - History
  152. Has ever met a Civil War Vet?: 1950s, state, Spanish - History
  153. YOUR History of Cell Phones, Smartphones, and PDAs: 80's, economic, events
  154. History of the same-sex marriage movement: ancient, Rome, greatest, influences
  155. When I was a kid.......: WWII, war, 60's, drugs - History
  156. What if Black Americans retained equal rights from 1865?: war, general, 60's - History
  157. Who is the earliest born person known?: 60's, date, how - History
  158. Why do they get away with it?: WW2, war, bomb - History
  159. The Worst aspect of American Slavery?: war, greatest, general, European - History
  160. 70th Anniversary -- The Battle Of Midway: war, bomb, Japanese - History
  161. 70 years ago today: war, greatest, bomb, facts - History
  162. When Did Pledge of Allegiance Acquire Words: Under God ?: war, 1950's - History
  163. Joseph Stalin's deadly railway to nowhere.: Mexico, European, Russians, years - History
  164. Amelia Earhart: WW2, Japanese, military, USA - History
  165. Why did France fall so quickly in WW2?: war, Britain, generals - History
  166. Pay phones: 80s, how, ally - History
  167. What do you think of '9/11 truth'?: war, Egypt, general - History
  168. Genocide is selective term: ancient, war, general, Europeans - History
  169. Pre-Colonial West Africa: ancient, Egypt, greatest, European - History
  170. How did the 1950s compare to the 30s and 40s socially speaking?: war, influence - History
  171. President Humphrey: war, economy, assassin, assassinated - History
  172. Ivan Van Sertima on the European distortion of African history: ancient, Egyptian
  173. Battleship USS Iowa begins its final journey.: war, bomb, biggest - History
  174. How long ago is 'history'?: war, general, events, historical
  175. Hitler's Racial Policies and the Japanese and Italians: WWII, war, Romans - History
  176. Inventions that never caught on: general, 1930s, Russian, years - History
  177. Would you say 1948-1980 or 1980-today saw more change?: war, 80s, years - History
  178. Great Britain's War Dead Policy During American Revolutionary War?: generals, colonies, Washington - History
  179. When did the American accent in it's current form arise?: war, influences - History
  180. Hillbillies: war, general, state, Russian - History
  181. Alcatraz escape still surprises, 50 years on: 80's, DNA, origin, country - History
  182. Geman tanks, SS helmet: WWII, war, bomb, general - History
  183. The Willie Lynch Letter and the Making of a Slave!: ancient, Rome - History
  184. 1970s South Africa.: 60's, state, Russian, historical - History
  185. In Pictures: Don Allen's nose art: war, United States, document - History
  186. Forgotten Heroine Seacole - History
  187. Hitler postcard found in World War I project.: European, German, Germany - History
  188. Scottish veterans retun to Korea.: war, general, military, years - History
  189. The spectre of the lone gunman.: assassin, assassinated, years, leader - History
  190. News, Never-seen-before shots of Chernobyl nuclear disaster.: Soviet - History
  191. The train that connected the West to Berlin.: WWII, German, military - History
  192. Mussolini's bunker: Il Duce's futile search for safety: years - History
  193. Frederick Sedgwick Abbott: England, USA, ally, New Zealand - History
  194. The 68th anniversary of D-day: Africa, different, theatre - History
  195. Late Ted Kennedy worked with KBG?: political, ally - History
  196. Italian merchants funded England's discovery of North America: historical, evidence - History
  197. History of Mass Media Coverups: ally
  198. Kathleen Kennedy: England, 60s, years, Pittsburgh - History
  199. There Is A City - August 1, 1944 - History
  200. Hiroshima Day: bomb, Japanese, years, attack - History