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  1. Historian Jacques Barzun dies at age 104: Washington, years, western, ally - History
  2. writings, or on Henry Clay.....: influence, slaves, best - History
  3. Pearsonal story from WW2: war, 80s, France, Russian - History
  4. Breakthrough in world's oldest undeciphered writing: ancient, language, ally - History
  5. when you think of...: state, viking, Connecticut, Maryland - History
  6. Interesting Infography...: 80s, Washington, economy, president - History
  7. Irish soldiers' wills from WWI go on internet: war, Ireland, document - History
  8. When did the Middle Ages start and end? And modernity?: Roman, England - History
  9. which era do you think made the most beautiful cities?: best - History
  10. The Electoral Map Challenge.: state, president, western, different - History
  11. What would a family from the 1870's think about 2012?: drugs, slaves, president - History
  12. Modern Marvels - George Washington Carver: slave, years, allied - History
  13. Roman vs Celtic Culture: war, Romans, influence, Britain - History
  14. Bird Feathers As Ornaments?: Europeans, invention, military, Americans - History
  15. U.S. Presidential Elections and Technology: greatest, Lincoln, presidents, years - History
  16. First Homer encyclopedia brings epic poetry and ancient Greece to life: contribution, western - History
  17. A True Story of World War II Italy, the Nazis, and the Cyclist Who Inspired a Nation: France, historical - History
  18. A Point Of View: What is history's role in society?: ancestors, London
  19. The WWII interrogator who used kindness over violence: war, Russian, Germans - History
  20. Liu Bei: China's warlord who teaches good management: Roman, empire, historical - History
  21. 1920s motoring pics: general, ally, museum - History
  22. The Legend of the Ho Chi Minh trail: war, bomb, attack - History
  23. US History Test - can you get a perfect score?: war, Lincoln
  24. Has seen the series Untold History of the United States airing on Showtime?: 1930s, Soviet
  25. Best Books on the Pre-Civil War American West?: empire, Mississippi, Missouri - History
  26. America's First School Massacre Still Its Deadliest: bomb, American, weapons - History
  27. What are great speeches by previous presidents: war, greatest, general - History
  28. German-American Immigration History 1800 to 1900?: general, 80s, European, economic
  29. Who gains the most from Switzerland's neutrality in World War II?: WW2, Roman - History
  30. remains of ten bodies hidden beneath the former London home of Benjamin Franklin: ancient, Roman - History
  31. US cross-border volunteers 1914-1917: WWII, war, interior, state - History
  32. Funny hats and the Clergy: Roman, generals, empire, origin - History
  33. What Was The Real Deal Between Grant and Gen George Thomas?: war, generals - History
  34. Historical truth: general, facts, Lincoln, biggest - History
  35. Would you say Boomers seem to share a lot more in common with the generations after them than prior to them?: war, 1930s - History
  36. Russia in colour,a century ago: empire, Russian, Boston - History
  37. Raising Israel's Altalena ship 'a lesson for the future': state, military, years - History
  38. World War Two Code: WWII - History
  39. How many of the deadliest wars in world history can you rank?: WW2, war
  40. The Blitz, How did London survive it?: WW2, war, bomb - History
  41. Influence of the Colonial Empires: WW2, Great Britain, general, colonies - History
  42. The Movie Lincoln and the Vic Prez first and secound term: war, state - History
  43. Was there a year Zero?: events, historical, years, Latin - History
  44. Anti-Vietnam Protests in The South?: war, influence, general, 60's - History
  45. New book chronicles Asia, North America language link: ancient, Washington, European - History
  46. Largest German Land/Population: WW2, influence, Hitler, empire - History
  47. Lets Go To Scotland - History
  48. Pictoral History Of The World In Two Minutes.
  49. Russo-Japanese War: influence, bomb, Britain, general - History
  50. Martin Luther King tape found in attic.: greatest, events, historical - History
  51. Sir Winston Churchills Auxiliers.: WWII, war, Britain, origin - History
  52. The great one of the Great generals in history: war, European, events
  53. News, A new theory emerges about the mysterious death of Tutankhamen.: Egyptian, Washington - History
  54. The Benin Kingdom Of West Africa: European, empire, Spanish, slave - History
  55. Hunting for stuff (DD-214 for one) I ran across Vietnam stuff I picked up over 43 years ago: facts, drugs - History
  56. Rothschilds: economy, presidents, government, why - History
  57. Huge ancient language dictionary finished after 90 years: Egypt, civilizations, civilization - History
  58. Trotsky's grandson remembers his death.: Mexico, Washington, assassin, drugs - History
  59. Was Hitler a true sociopath?: general, ally - History
  60. American Civil War Photography: general, Lincoln, assassin, assassination - History
  61. Forgotten Heroes of WWII - Witold Pilecki - A spy in Auschwitz: war, invaded - History
  62. The Continuation War/Lapland War: Roman, bomb, Hitler, state - History
  63. Completion of 37-year project benefits scholars of ancient Middle East: Romans, Egypt - History
  64. What was the largest city to become a ghost town?: ancient, war - History
  65. Is World War A Appropriate Title For What Was Essentially a European War?: WWII, Great Britain - History
  66. Why exactly did the Holocaust happen?: WWII, war, general, Hitler - History
  67. If You Could Be Born On Year...: WWII, war, 1980s - History
  68. 40 years ago today was the last time man landed on the Moon: war, 80s - History
  69. Why is Admiral Yamamoto of so highly by both Japan and the USA?: WWII, war - History
  70. Which country should be the leader of Asia?: general, Washington, European - History
  71. The History Of Personal Hygiene in America: ancient, war, Romans
  72. Was Japan's Pearl Harbor attack a great success or not?: WW2, war - History
  73. Which nations helped the Nazis exterminate Jews?: war, facts, Russian - History
  74. When did you send your first E-mail, instant message, text message, and MMS message?: Egypt, general - History
  75. September 1, 1939. WWII just started: WW2, war, Roman, greatest - History
  76. 2100: war, colonies, European, economic - History
  77. China is not the world's 'oldest continuous civilization': ancient, Romans, Egypt - History
  78. The 1973 documentary An American Family: WW2, influence, 1920s - History
  79. How Accurate Is This Rap Song?: ancient, Egyptian, 1990s, European - History
  80. Was Hitler an Atheist? (Walter Martin debates world famous atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair ): Rome, state - History
  81. 2022: general, 90s, facts, events - History
  82. Were Hispanics biracial?: Mexican, Spanish, origin, years - History
  83. is it or is not very that the Ancient Chinese Discovered the New World First after natives: Roman, Europeans - History
  84. History of Bad Automobiles: 1950s, economic, origin, Germans
  85. Is the Internet the greatest technological advance since fire?: bomb, invention, atomic bomb - History
  86. How would different historical figures view C-D forums: general, Hitler, JFK - History
  87. Were there anyother races/nationalities put into concentration camps?: WWII, Hitler - History
  88. Remember 2000. What were your thoughts on the future during that time?: war, greatest - History
  89. Beautiful weapons of war...: WW2, bomb, 1980s, Japanese - History
  90. Can Bush or Obama be judged historically: WW2, war, general - History
  91. Did America support the wrong side during the Vietnam War?: influence, bomb - History
  92. The computer revolution... of the 1960's: war, bomb, 80's, state - History
  93. Northerners Who Fought For The Confederacy?: war, influence, general, biggest - History
  94. WW1 Troop Numbers: war, Britain, invaded, empire - History
  95. Did history end in 1989?: 70's, Chinese, state, years
  96. What past era would you want to live in?: ancient, greatest, 1980s - History
  97. Cicil War: facts, Lincoln, events, historical - History
  98. During the 1830's would a Comanche father allow his daughter to marry a white man who worked for an trader?: Roman, general - History
  99. Uniquely southern/confederate baby names: general, historical, ancestors, American - History
  100. What if the Nazi regime lasted?: war, England, Hitler, interior - History
  101. The History Book Place.: war, greatest, England, general
  102. How was the US in the 1980's?: general, 1980s, economic - History
  103. Why So Little Interest in the History of the American West?: WWII, ancient
  104. General George killed?: war, greatest, England, generals - History
  105. What caused the rapid advancements of technology in the 20th century?: Great Britain, economic - History
  106. why are so many obsessed by WWII / European Theatre: WW2, war, Roman - History
  107. Which county was the strongest in the world at the end of WW ?: WW2, war - History
  108. Favortie Civil War Commander?: Roman, greatest, general, Mexican - History
  109. Estimated population of Americans before Columbus: Mexico, European, British, political - History
  110. Neil Armstrong (1st man on the moon) Has Died: greatest, events, origin - History
  111. Weird Coincidences of History: war, greatest, general, 80s
  112. were the Moors black?: Roman, Europeans, invaded, empire - History
  113. Historical Fiction: ancient, Roman, Lincoln, empire - History
  114. Militias and citizen arms in the American Revolution.: war, greatest, England - History
  115. The Linguistic Situation in America in 1900: influence, Britain, 1930s, president - History
  116. Oddballs of History: war, Mexico, 60's, biggest
  117. Good Historical Fictions That Are Fairly Accurate: WW2, war, Egypt - History
  118. Around what Year/Decade Did theTap Water Become Drinkable in the US?: WW2, general - History
  119. Tudor Life.: Britain, general, 1950s, Europeans - History
  120. Roosevelt at Yalta: Best Result We Could Get? Or Sell Out?: war, greatest - History
  121. Writing a historical novel: war, colonies, Washington, biggest - History
  122. How do you feel about the IRA?: war, Roman, England - History
  123. Making of America and the Ulster-Scots: war, presidents, spectrum, ancestors - History
  124. When was life in America basically 'modern'?: WW2, war, 1990s - History
  125. Has Conspiracy Theory ever been shown to be true?: Lincoln, JFK - History
  126. What do you consider the 'old days'?: WWII, war, Roman - History
  127. Did Hitler really care about race or did he just use it as a tool?: bomb, general - History
  128. Complete list of US presidents since George Washington, with party and year inaugurated.: war, general - History
  129. Antietam or Gettysburg?: war, Great Britain, general, Washington - History
  130. A Polish girl's journey across three continents.: WWII, war, Egypt - History
  131. The Dark Side of Thomas Jefferson: Mexican, Washington, events, slavery - History
  132. How long will the United States last?: ancient, Roman, influence - History
  133. something strange about 9/11: bomb, years, attack, why - History
  134. How did the African slave trade start?: general, European, raids - History
  135. The Fifth Face On Rushmore: war, greatest, bomb, Washington - History
  136. Drugstore; now Pharmacy: 80's, why, ally, Cary - History
  137. Martin Luther King Jr. FBI Tapes: influence, general, 1920s, Washington - History
  138. Does The Future Disappoint You?: 50s, colonies, Russian - History
  139. If the American Indians hadn't sold each other out?: war, 80's, raids - History
  140. What Would Someone From 1912 Think of 2012?: greatest, 70's, Russia, slavery - History
  141. Is technologically still increasing exponentially?: ancient, war, Romans, general - History
  142. What was daily life like in the mid-70s and early 80s?: greatest, general - History
  143. Little-Known Facts about Teddy Roosevelt: war, general, interesting facts, Washington - History
  144. Worst President Ever: WWII, 1800s, biggest, Japanese - History
  145. Nazi War Criminal: WWII, bomb, facts, Hitler - History
  146. Your favorite president: WWII, Washington, Lincoln, assassin - History
  147. Cold War Soviet Block Countries: WWII, Roman, 1930s, Hitler - History
  148. When did you stop using the following technologies?: 90s, events, years - History
  149. The history of the kitchen: WWII, war, general, 1930s
  150. What are the main differences between the 2000's and 2010's?: greatest, 80's - History
  151. What changed the world more, 9/11 or the fall of the Berlin Wall?: WW2, war - History
  152. What Are Your Guy's Thoughts On 2000s/2010s technologies?: 90s, assassin, assassination - History
  153. 1970s borns, do you miss the 80's or the 90's more?: war, influence - History
  154. Do Presidents Define the Times or...: WW2, war, greatest, general - History
  155. To Lose A Battle: France 1940 Meticulous but an excellent read: WW2, war - History
  156. What if the Mongols managed to conquer Europe?: war, Egypt, European - History
  157. Did the Cold War help or hinder the post-WWII African American freedom struggle?: influence, general - History
  158. Should the Americans be responsible for Japan's lack of atonement for her wartime past?: WW2, war - History
  159. ''Just What If'' SA Chief Ernst Rohm Had Assassinated Hitler Instead?: war, influence - History
  160. Why Baltic states hate Stalin/Soviets, but consider nazis heroes?: WW2, war - History
  161. If Britain had stayed out of WW1: WW2, war, bomb - History
  162. Seaman Calvin Graham: most decorated WW11 12 year old.: war, USSR, military - History
  163. Did the early 90s still feel like the 80s?: years, America, compared - History
  164. 1857 Sermon at DC Capitol Advocated US Foreign Policy of War and Revolution: WW2, influence - History
  165. Would Hitler be considered mentally ill?: war, general, 1930's, economic - History
  166. US Navy SEALS vs Roman Army: Romans, bomb, empire, military - History
  167. Pax americana: WW2, attack, peace, countries - History
  168. Most impressive empires: war, Romans, Egypt, greatest - History
  169. Take a look at this Democrat political cartoon from's amazing how left-wing the Republican Party used to be: WWII, war - History
  170. Dangerous things from the past: drugs, years, weapons, how - History
  171. Lessons Lost: Politics of the The Confederate States of America.: war, 50s - History
  172. Should nuclear weapons have been used on China during Korean War?: WWII, greatest - History
  173. What were the two most similar decades?: influence, general, 1990s - History
  174. Nubia birthed Egypt: ancient, Egyptian, England, general - History
  175. Older folks - Do you remember school desegregation?: 60s, president, years - History
  176. Thomas Paine, is he considered a radical in American eyes?: WWII, war - History
  177. What do you know about the years 1914-1947?: WW2, 80s, historical - History
  178. What Would Someone From The 1950s Think of Today?: general, Mexican, 60's - History
  179. News, After homecoming, USS Enterprise to sail off to history’s scrap heap.: Washington, origin
  180. 1968:RFK vs.Reagan: state, assassin, assassinated, president - History
  181. The Worlds View of Our Civil War: WWII, influence, England - History
  182. Why so little 1990's nostalgia?: influence, 90s, European, origin - History
  183. The Men Who Built America On History Channel: ancient, war, general
  184. Daylight Savings Time - the general idea: England, Mexico, Lincoln - History
  185. Independence Day Quiz.: England, Eisenhower, country, American - History
  186. Ancient 'graffiti' unlock the life of the common man: language, Philadelphia - History
  187. The Darien Scheme Scotlands - History
  188. Falujah city fighting and casualties: military, prisoners - History
  189. Historian uncovers rare writings by 18th century political icon: greatest, years, British - History
  190. Great Book: Photographic History of Civil War in Pennsylvania: facts, Lincoln, state
  191. Archaeologists in Bulgaria say that have uncovered the oldest prehistoric town found to date in Europe.: ancient, Rome - History
  192. Interesting story-two Pearl Harbor survivors - History
  193. Youtube Remembrance Day Video 2012: war - History
  194. Has there never been a greater battle than this: USA, document - History
  195. Nubia birthed Egypt: ancient, England, general, civilizations - History
  196. 2012 Year In Review – Events That Brought Us Together - History
  197. The 19th century: the century that made America was made: war, greatest - History
  198. Book report: The battle of Okinawa through Japanese eyes: war, generals, 70's - History
  199. Detective work using terahertz radiation: German, Germany - History
  200. 'Exceptional' find of Roman statues linked to poet Ovid - History