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  1. Crime Scene Sweden: ancient, peasants, attack, how - History
  2. History of Racial Enumeration and the U.S. Census.: Japanese, Korea, how
  3. The evolution of the Confederate States of America: war, general, state - History
  4. 1968 BBC program predicted state of society today: Britain, 60's, versus - History
  5. 'I am one of the Fukushima fifty': years, army, USA - History
  6. News, Hitler's Food Taster Tells Her Story: war, general, origin - History
  7. Interesting story from 1832: years, society - History
  8. Shape of Sates: state, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho - History
  9. Perfect-50s-Housewife- Myth: years - History
  10. The bomb used in Oklahoma City vs. the planes on 9/11: interior, state - History
  11. When did the 20th century start and end?: war, general, 1990s - History
  12. Defarming - unknown Golodomor in the USA: general, Mexican, 1930s - History
  13. Looking for a good documentary on the Hindenburg: years, American, ally - History
  14. News, Wright Brothers Weren't First to Fly: Expert: invention, German, Germany - History
  15. ancient Eygptian history forum: Egyptian, years
  16. Lessons from Lincoln: Morality, Real-politics: war, general, Washington, economy - History
  17. First commercially sold digicam - 1990: war, 2000's, years, USA - History
  18. Teeth Extracted from Dead Soldiers: general, Washington, France, slaves - History
  19. Exercise Tiger tragedy remembered in service at Slapton: WW2, war, England - History
  20. The Death Of Col. James Sabow, The Coverup And The Iran-Contra War: 1980s, economic - History
  21. Two enemies discover a 'higher call' in battle...: war, bomb, kings - History
  22. News, Hindenburg mystery solved after 76 years: ancient, Egypt, interior, events - History
  23. Great news from Gettysburg: 70's, events, origin, years - History
  24. Ultra-conserved words, 15,000 years old: Mexico, Washington, European, civilization - History
  25. The History of Keep Calm and Carry On
  26. A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945: 60's, Japan, United States - History
  27. WWII bombing of Brookings, Oregon: war, Japanese, years, attack - History
  28. Help me find a place in America at the prompts.: Russia, Missouri - History
  29. Urban decay site: ally - History
  30. The Man who Saved the world. Do you know about this man?: war, 80's - History
  31. Fossils provide insight into origin of unique Antarctic ecosystem: American, why - History
  32. Great history of india gate: historical
  33. Confederate Capitols moving south: Washington, president, government, ally - History
  34. Ancient queen(s) with male harem?: Egypt, slaves, Africa - History
  35. Hollywood then and now.: years - History
  36. Books on Cuban Revolution, Fidel and Che Guevera.: best - History
  37. 42 Ways To Kill Hitler: different - History
  38. Looking for EJ/Endicott-Johnson Shoes & older Dick's Sporting Goods logos: ally - History
  39. Albert Speer: war, bomb, Britain, general - History
  40. History Websites: WW2, war, greatest, influence
  41. How did borders get where they are?: Washington, European, German - History
  42. Jackie and PeeWee....Did The Famous Incident Actually Happen?: ancient, years, USA - History
  43. Robert Taft Vs. Adlai Stevenson,1952: war, presidency, years, peace - History
  44. News, Fact or fiction: Taft got stuck in a tub?: president, political - History
  45. Madeleine Smith - History
  46. Old photos - Me, sitting in FDR's chair on The Sacred Cow: WWII, general - History
  47. Marcus Garvey & The UNIA-ACL: greatest, influence, general, Mexican - History
  48. Project Venona: war, years, Americans, government - History
  49. traffic light buttons??: 60's, president, years, date - History
  50. Assyrians!:): ancient, Roman, empire, language - History
  51. Looking for books!: WW2, war, Hitler, German - History
  52. Battle of Lang Vei: greatest, tanks, origin, military - History
  53. Warsaw Ghetto: The story of its secret archive: WW2, German, Germany - History
  54. What If FDR Had Kept Wallace as VP in 1944?: war, influence, Great Britain - History
  55. Inside World War 2: German, American - History
  56. Guests of The Third Reich: WW2, war, Roman, bomb - History
  57. The Polish in Scotland WW2: years, country, army - History
  58. Would Thatcherisms work today?: Britain, Washington, economy, state - History
  59. Dresden.. an unusual survivors story.: WWII, war, bomb, England - History
  60. WWII/Corregidor: 503d PRCT (paratroopers): WW2, Japanese, years, army - History
  61. Found old family photos. So cool going back in time.: 1920s, date - History
  62. Lets talk Karl Doenitz: war, influence, Britain, Hitler - History
  63. Ancient languages reconstructed by computer program: USA, ally - History
  64. Low Intensity Conflicts: WWII, war, greatest, Britain - History
  65. Civil War buffs...I have a few questions?: influence, economy, slavery - History
  66. Not Judging Historical Figures Through Contemporary Lenses.: war, greatest, general - History
  67. What was (your) life like in the mid-2000s?: war, Rome, general - History
  68. did prohibition partly work?: 1920s, biggest, economic, state - History
  69. Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty.: 70's, economy, years, decline - History
  70. Theory about decline of USSR: economic, drugs, Russian, years - History
  71. What if the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 had succeeded ?: war, invaded - History
  72. Stalin was worse than Hitler: WWII, war, England, invaded - History
  73. Worst mistake evere made by a President: war, JFK, attack - History
  74. What was (your) daily life like in the mid-late 1990's?: ancient, war - History
  75. How well known was the Internet prior to 1995?: general, 1990s, biggest - History
  76. When did people stop mailing letters for communication?: 1990s, countries, how - History
  77. The difference between Nazi concentration camps and Nazi death camps: army, combat - History
  78. Was Poland foolish for fighting the Nazis?: WW2, war, Great Britain - History
  79. Big Blunders in the Cival War by who knew better: generals, Mexico - History
  80. Equality of people in America and the Soviet Union in the 50th year.: 90s, facts - History
  81. What was daily life like during the 1960's to early 70's: WW2, war - History
  82. Credit Cards for nearly everyone was a major part of history: 1980s, economic
  83. Who is your favorite character from the Civil war Days?: bomb, 60s - History
  84. Cannabalism in Jamestown - How Could One Have Starved in Early VA?: England, origin - History
  85. How would you explain modern technology to people 100/50 years ago?: ancient, Roman - History
  86. Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States: JFK, state, political
  87. the first Russian Tsar Ivan IV: ancient, Roman, influence, England - History
  88. When did the U.S. replace Great Britain as the world's most powerful nation?: WW2, war - History
  89. Would you believe nations were once great military powers?: WW2, Egypt - History
  90. Modern battlefield game changers: WW2, war, Egyptian, greatest - History
  91. Most Influential People in History (just my opinion) (1 - 62): influence, Washington, Hitler
  92. Rehabilitating Germany After World War II: WW2, influence, bomb, Britain - History
  93. Was the Middle East better off as part of the Ottoman Empire?: war, Egyptian - History
  94. Great Tartary: ancient, war, Roman, England - History
  95. News, Connecticut Senate passes bill writing Wright Brothers out of history.: general, facts
  96. How did Belgium become an African colonizer?: Britain, colonies, European - History
  97. The Short History of the U.S. Government Surveillance.: WWII, war, bomb
  98. Britain pays Kenya reparations for colonial-era torture: 1980s, colonies, raids - History
  99. History of Relations between America and Russia.: war, Roman, Great Britain
  100. The Roman Empire, it was or is it a myth?: WW2, ancient - History
  101. What is the theme of this era?: war, economy, years - History
  102. Was Varina Jefferson mixed with black?: war, historical, origin, years - History
  103. Today Anniversity Israeli Attack USS Liberty: war, Egyptian, state, events - History
  104. Did Nuclear Weapons Cause Japan to Surrender?: WWII, war, bomb - History
  105. A Brief History: The Fall of the British Empire and Its Consequences: WW2, war
  106. Mongolia, Roma, Macxedonia, Babillon... What is the strongest empire in history?: ancient, war
  107. What would our founding fathers think of our country today?: WWII, war - History
  108. Politics of Weapons Procurement-The Civil War: greatest, generals, Washington, Lincoln - History
  109. In Defense of the Right to Palestine: ancient, Romans, bomb - History
  110. How long would you say each decade's cultural influence lasted?: influences, 90s - History
  111. When did the Cold War start and end?: influence, 1980s, Hitler - History
  112. How historical is Jesus?: Romans, origin, document, execution - History
  113. 33 years ago tomorrow, May 18, 1980: bomb, atomic bomb, USA, political - History
  114. Nazis who aided victims of Atrocities: war, Hitler, crimes, origin - History
  115. Did Hitler plan the Holocaust?: general, twenties, events, assassin - History
  116. If Alexander hadnt died young- how would world be different?: Egypt, events - History
  117. The Upcoming WWI Centenary.: war, generals, events, Japanese - History
  118. German superiority in WW2: war, greatest, bomb, Britain - History
  119. Arab Americans: war, Egypt, general, 1800s - History
  120. WWII attacks and invasions of North America: war, bomb, general - History
  121. Why is this statement incorrect?: empire, historical, armies, ally - History
  122. Have you heard of the genocide of Russians in Chechnya?: WW2, war - History
  123. What do you remember about the early 2000s?: war, general, 1990s - History
  124. Why did the name Indian stick?: general, European, economic, Spanish - History
  125. What's wrong with Colonialism?: colonies, Washington, economic, empire - History
  126. The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking: Washington, Hitler, Lincoln, empire - History
  127. What technologies today would sound like science fiction in your time?: ancient, 1980s - History
  128. Can a historian conduct a research doubting the Holocaust?: general, facts, state - History
  129. In what consisted the white logic of Jack London?: WWII, drugs - History
  130. Most hated man.: war, Lincoln, assassin, assassinated - History
  131. Did George Washington ever tell a lie ?: origin, country, army - History
  132. Facts about Thomas Jefferson: general, slave, president, United States - History
  133. Assassination of President Kennedy: general, Lincoln, JFK, origin - History
  134. Puritanism and American Culture: Roman, influence, colonies, slavery - History
  135. Anne Frank Museum Amsterdam: England, general, 90s, events - History
  136. American Political Civility 200 Years Ago: war, Washington, slave, historical - History
  137. Spanish Civil War: greatest, general, Mexico, Hitler - History
  138. Ten years later... what lessons can or should we draw from the Iraq war?: general, Washington - History
  139. History Channel Openly Ventures into the Realm of Historical Fiction, The Vikings.: ancient, facts
  140. Uncle Joe Stalin Still Popular 60 Years Later: greatest, Washington, Lincoln - History
  141. What happened to the Sphinx?: ancient, war, Egypt, facts - History
  142. The British Attack on Mers-el-Kebir: war, bomb, Great Britain, general - History
  143. The Events Leading Up To Gold Rush Fever. How Bad Does Life Have To Be To Set This Off?: war, Mexico - History
  144. Confirmed: Richard III's bones discovered, should he be reinterred in Westminster Abbey?: ancient, Britain - History
  145. Life in the 1960s: war, influence, general, 60's - History
  146. Margaret Thatcher: war, greatest, Britain, economy - History
  147. Was the 1950s as perfect as everyone says they were?: WWII, war - History
  148. How were treated brunette Germans during the Nazi/Apartheid regimes?: WW2, England - History
  149. For 40 years this Russian Family lived in isolation: WW2, war, Russians - History
  150. War of the Roses Book?: England, facts, economic, historical - History
  151. How was is for other minorities (excluding blacks) back in the 50's and 60's?: war, England - History
  152. Most nations / empires throughout history last about 200-300 years.: ancient, Romans
  153. what if Stalin would have had drones?: bomb, Hitler, tanks - History
  154. Random about axis Battleships from WW2...: war, bomb, Great Britain - History
  155. Lasting Effects of Housing Discrimination: Rome, general, 60s, Washington - History
  156. Why did this future never came to be?: 80's, invention, years - History
  157. Likelihood that a more technologically advanced civilization existed, and the Modern World = Post-Apocalyptic?: ancient, war - History
  158. why did Lincoln order ships to fire on Fort Sumpter?: war, president - History
  159. Ever hear of the Catholic Nazis: WW2, war, Roman, influence - History
  160. Rwandan Genocide: WW2, war, Egypt, greatest - History
  161. Mao Zedong: Hero or villain?: influence, general, 60s, economic - History
  162. Amsterdam fined Holocaust survivors for unpaid taxes: WW2, war, Roman - History
  163. Size of southern plantations pre Cival War?: general, Washington, economic - History
  164. Good Morning Mr. Mills!: general, Washington, origin, American - History
  165. Did the 2000's have it's own identity?: war, 90s, events - History
  166. Color photos of the Great Depression.....: 60's, America, how, best - History
  167. How Germany could have won WWII: WW2, war, Roman, Egypt - History
  168. Technology at the end of the 21st century: war, general, 80s - History
  169. Hitler and Osama Bin Laden are stuck in an elevator together..: German, Germany - History
  170. March, 1857 -- What Would YOU Do?: war, greatest, Mexico, colonies - History
  171. Worst Allied Military Intelligence Failure of WW2.: Great Britain, biggest, Japanese - History
  172. What would have happened if the Central Powers won WWI?: WW2, war - History
  173. Looking for book recommendations: WWII, war, greatest, Mexico - History
  174. Osama bin Laden is the victor of the War on Terror: Egypt, economic - History
  175. The Forgotten White Slaves: Egypt, England, facts, European - History
  176. When you were a kid, what time period did you consider the 'olden days'?: WWII, war - History
  177. 101 years ago today: war, bomb, Chinese, Japanese - History
  178. Virtually all Jews are not the Seed of Abraham.: ancient, Romans - History
  179. Romanian the closest living language to Latin - NOT!: ancient, influences, general - History
  181. The Jewish Holocaust: WWII, war, greatest, general - History
  182. Fighting A War With The Commanders That You Have: Monti, Bradley and Patton: WW2, generals - History
  183. How to Talk About History and Its Consequences: war, influence, general
  184. History of prices like $2.99 instead of $3: WW2, general, 80's, economic
  185. The Strange Case of the Compassionate Nazi; John Rabe.: war, Hitler, Chinese - History
  186. The Nanjing Massacre: WW2, war, Romans, bomb - History
  187. Why is France considered a major ally in WWII: WW2, war, influence - History
  188. Winston Churchill!: battle, American, British, London - History
  189. The Johnson County War.: battle, western, how, Wyoming - History
  190. A Point About Torches - History
  191. Norman D Cota - American General: war, European, Eisenhower, Germans - History
  192. Missing Parts of History: war, influence, economic, events
  193. News, New Database Tracks Slave Graveyards Across US.: slaves, ancestors, African - History
  194. An Independent People: America - History
  195. True Battle of Bunker Hill: American, British, monument, patriot - History
  196. Good history documentaries?: different, ally
  197. Critical Past .. For The History Buffs or the Just Plain Curious: 1990's
  198. Ulster's contribution Ireland's neutrality - History
  199. To all of you conspiracy lovers, KGB, spies and stuff...: Russia - History
  200. Historical Oddities: Mexican, years, ally - History