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  1. Origin of the Little Ice Age: bomb, England, events, France - History
  2. Ancient Sumerians Origin: Egypt, European, years, civilizations - History
  3. Confederate Ancestor: war, years, peace, battle - History
  4. Why Are Civil War Diaries Usually By Southern Women?: greatest, generals, biggest - History
  5. Scandals thoughout history..: ancient, war, influence, general
  6. Karl Marx's Reportage of the Civil War.: bomb, England, general - History
  7. East German Parliament - History
  8. Admiral sandy woodward r.n dies: war, influence, bomb, Britain - History
  9. Chinese, Indian, and other coolie indentured labour in late 19th century: general, European - History
  10. General Patton's dog: conquer, German, Germany - History
  11. Sumerians (Samuel Noah Kramer): ally - History
  12. Pinkerton: Lincoln, monument, how, Chicago - History
  13. Help with WW2 items: general, Hitler, historical, political - History
  14. History forum posting rules: bomb, state, events, historical
  15. WW1 Map in German... know about this?: general, western, how - History
  16. Comparing Sherman with the British: war, Britain, generals, facts - History
  17. US MAy Have Inadvertently Launched First Artificial Satellite: invention, USSR, military - History
  18. Yugoslav Wars: WW2, war, Roman, 1990s - History
  19. What Would Have Happened Had We Not Developed The West/West Coast?: war, Britain - History
  20. Cause of Duke of Warwick's Death?: years, different, best, ally - History
  21. Checkout YouTube for history documentaries: England, best, ally
  22. Near nuclear disaster in North Carolina in 1961: bomb, general, Mexico - History
  23. Big Band Behind Barbed Wire: WW2, war, bomb, general - History
  24. Dutch settlers in South Africa vs. NE Brazil in the 1600s: 50s, origin - History
  25. History of the clown: ancient, why, how, popular
  26. were the days but.....: war, Roman, general - History
  27. fans of The Men Who Made America?: 80's, Europeans, origin - History
  28. Why did Saddam hate the Kurds so much?: 90s, countries, USA - History
  29. Never aired audio interviews with WWII Generals, Admirals, and MOH winners - History
  30. Raoul Wallenberg a thief?: WWII, Russian, why - History
  31. The most important difference between the world today and 150 years ago is lifespan.: ancient, general - History
  32. Hitler bodyguard Rochus Misch dies at 96: Maine - History
  33. If High Defenition was more mainstream during 9/11: Britain, Chinese, events - History
  34. Book recommendations on Pompeii: Roman, historical, years, historian - History
  35. Did the British turn guns on their Allies in WWII?: WW2, England - History
  36. US army in WWII = 90 divisions ?: WW2, war, England, general - History
  37. Clare Boothe Luce sent a young JFK a good luck coin but did not seem to support his nomination. Why?: war, assassin - History
  38. Marines raising the second American flag and other famous photography during world war II: WW2, bomb - History
  39. A piece of Civil War history in Fleetwood, UK: economy, slavery, confederacy
  40. The (recent) history of travel abroad: Mexico, 90s, Japanese, Spanish
  41. What exactly is anthropology?: general, state, years, best - History
  42. Why did Portugal hold onto its African colonies so long??: WW2, war - History
  43. What happened to this day in the Civil War: general, events, years - History
  44. Sally Hemings, Anne of Cleves, and Sir Walter Raleigh: DNA, historical, years - History
  45. Documentation needed to enter the US in 1912?: WW2, England, general - History
  46. Robert Oppenheimer: A Life Inside the Center by Ray Monk: WWII, ancient - History
  47. D-day doc: Americans, Allies, document, best - History
  48. Jews = Sumerians?: origin, descendants, lineage, language - History
  49. Historical evidence for Hrolf Kraki?: 70s, compared, ally - History
  50. Pacific 1st Marine Raider's WWII Chain of command: war, general - History
  51. A visual history of Hershey: years, American, how
  52. Did the Sassanid Empire conquer Sogdiana and Lazica during the Byzantine-Sassanid War of 602-628?: Egypt, greatest - History
  53. Arlington Cemetery: Washington, state, military, years - History
  54. World's Largest Cities Timeline: historical, civilizations, civilization - History
  55. The history of world power in one chart.: Roman, 1930's, economy
  56. JFK: The speech that gave a city hope.: WW2, influence, president - History
  57. Historical Origins: war, influence, England, general - History
  58. What's a good history/political book about the Balkans?: WW2, war, influence
  59. Need Help Identifying This Historical Item (pics): sixties, historian, NYC - History
  60. Nazi controlled Europe & Japan vs Canadian/US alliance: WWII, war, Great Britain - History
  61. What would you consider turn of the century/millennium ?: general, events - History
  62. Pictures taken from the late 19th and early 20th century restored: historical - History
  63. The Faking of Hitler History: historical, German, Germany, years
  64. Custer's Last Stand: battle, ancestors, historians, how - History
  65. Help with an old post-wedding tradition?: war, European, years, America - History
  66. Why did the Canadas stick with Britain?: war, influence, Great Britain - History
  67. How aerial photographs tracked down Hitler's flying bombs: WWII, England, France - History
  68. Griffin Shipwreck: how, ally, Michigan - History
  69. When ws the first snowman?: how - History
  70. Brief history of Omega: origin, Greek, military, years
  71. How Israel keeps Holocaust memories alive.: greatest, facts, Washington, historical - History
  72. Hispanics in 1992 riot: war, general, Mexican, Asians - History
  73. Gibralter: war, Great Britain, 1950s, European - History
  74. Which War Produced The Best Music?: Great Britain, Hitler, Russians, origin - History
  75. The 4th Crusade did the most damage EVER to the west: ancient, war - History
  76. Gandhi - the cracks are starting to show: war, Hitler, Lincoln - History
  77. The most expensive Indian War fought, 140 years ago: general, 70s, battle - History
  78. The Historic Speech Series; Sherman's letter to the mayor of Atlanta.: war, bomb - History
  79. Why Are So Many Americans Not Interested in History?: ancient, war, bomb
  80. When has US society leaned more conservative?: influences, 80's, economy - History
  81. Why did the British give up the fight in the American Revolution so easily?: war, Britain - History
  82. The Map That Lincoln Used to See the Reach of Slavery and Greenville County was #1 on this one: war, general - History
  83. War criminals released for poor health but live for another decade or more: WWII, bomb - History
  84. The Middle Ages - Luxury & Poverty then vs now: England, general - History
  85. The Curious History of The Confederacy's Selective Right of Secession.: war, general
  86. Have most historians told a false story about the Cuban Missile Crisis?: war, Roman - History
  87. Today the rich are richer than time since 1928: general, Washington, biggest - History
  88. Why is John C Calhoun highly regarded?: influence, England, 60s - History
  89. What was life in the late 80's and early to mid 90's: war, bomb - History
  90. A brief summary of the Ottoman Empire, Young Turks, Ataturk, Turkey,: war, 70's - History
  91. Was it a bad idea for the Axis to attack the USSR and US in WII?: war, Britain - History
  92. How plausible is this scenario, if Hitler had stayed Allies with the Soviet Union: war, bomb - History
  93. 10 interesting facts about Vietnam: WW2, ancient, war, 50s - History
  94. When is it Time to Revise History?: war, Britain, 60's
  95. Germany doesn't really recognize the genocide in Namibia: WW2, war, bomb - History
  96. Hitler won the war in 1940: Roman, Great Britain, 1930s, colonies - History
  97. Annoying 90's problems: years, how, ally - History
  98. States that were part of the Old West: war, England, Mexican - History
  99. Alternate history... What if WWII started 7 years later?: war, bomb, 1930s
  100. A British View of the American Revolution: war, Britain, generals - History
  101. Why Ghadaffi was Really Killed/Why Africa is Poor: Great Britain, facts, state - History
  102. The world in 2113: war, Hitler, years, attack - History
  103. The French Revolution vs American Revolution: war, greatest, influence, Great Britain - History
  104. Japan's history textbook problem: WW2, war, bomb, general
  105. Why Is the Antebellum Era So Often Romanticized?: war, facts, economic - History
  106. Why Rome Failed:: ancient, Romans, influence, European - History
  107. If someone from the 1950s suddenly appeared today, what would be the most difficult thing to explain to them today?: WWII, war - History
  108. Which of reasons caused the initial fued between the Colonies and Britain?: war, general - History
  109. Why did native americans not build structures: war, Roman, Mexico - History
  110. The German Soldier’s Ten Commandments: WWII, war, Hitler, economic - History
  111. Where would we be without the Cold War?: WWII, Romans, influence - History
  112. Did Rome and its Empire really last 2100 years?: Roman, Egypt, events - History
  113. 1944-Why is the Year of 10 victories ignored?: WW2, war, greatest - History
  114. Reaccessing Neville Chamberlain: WW2, war, Britain, general - History
  115. Would slavery have ended without the Civil War?: England, general, 60s - History
  116. Lincoln Intentionally Provoked the Civil War: England, state, events, slavery - History
  117. Not a Fan of Howard Zinn: WWII, war, general, sixties - History
  118. When did going out to eat often become mainstream for the middle class?: general, Mexican - History
  119. Famous Fat People In History: Egypt, England, general, Mexico
  120. Most important battle in Western History?: ancient, war, Romans, greatest
  121. 1975 US.deaths decline mystery: WWII, Japan, years, countries - History
  122. Nadia, how did you do it?: WWII, war, bomb, state - History
  123. The most atrocious nations: WW2, general, 1950s, Europeans - History
  124. What do you remember most about 1985?: Japan, historical, origin, years - History
  125. How do you prove someone existed? (Legendary heroes): ancient, European, viking - History
  126. Most important person of the 20th century: Hitler, assassin, Russia - History
  127. What do you think the next world war will be like?: WW2, greatest - History
  128. The Most Pyrrhic Victory in Modern History?: WWII, war, influence
  129. If the Japanese never bombed Pearl Harbor would we still be living in cities and not suburbia?: WWII, war - History
  130. How would the world be different if the Berlin Wall didn't fall?: Roman, general - History
  131. How did the first humans people get to Hawaii?: DNA, origin, years - History
  132. Worst Monarch Since 1850 Onwards! Deadliest!?: war, Hitler, Chinese, empire - History
  133. The USS Pueblo: war, greatest, influence, biggest - History
  134. American cultural eras from the 1940s to today: WWII, war, influence - History
  135. The Seventies: A Result of the Sixties or a Cause of the Eighties?: WW2, war - History
  136. Does the 80s deserve its reputation as the decade of greed ?: 90s, economy - History
  137. Other than longer human lifespans, what are other reasons why marriage at relatively younger ages has declined?: Roman, 70s - History
  138. Least impressive military victory: WWII, war, general, Chinese - History
  139. Who was the most fascinating woman in history?: ancient, invention, spectrum
  140. The 80s - the never-ending decade?: war, 1990s, economy, years - History
  141. Italy in WWII: WW2, war, bomb, generals - History
  142. 1914 The genocide of Austria-Hungary: war, general, empire, crimes - History
  143. History of Palestinian nationalism: war, general, Hitler, empire
  144. What new form of pop culture was demonized in your youth?: influence, 80s - History
  145. Why did women used to look more like men in the past?: 90s, USA - History
  146. Finalization of Nations: WWII, war, greatest, Mexican - History
  147. Why Do African Americans Have European Ancestry?: influence, 60s, colonies - History
  148. The worst English king?: England, general, colonies, Ireland - History
  149. How did you get interested in the history of WWII: war, 60's
  150. Channel islands in WW2 - were the residents traitors, or just getting by?: war, Britain - History
  151. Most impressive military victory?: WW2, ancient, war, Romans - History
  152. What are of the more ironic moments in WWII?: war, bomb - History
  153. Recommend good, fairly recent books on WWII Naval Battles/History: WW2, war
  154. Sub for WWII?: WW2, war, facts, Hitler - History
  155. At what point did Communism become public enemy #1?: WWII, war, greatest - History
  156. What decade saw the most technological change?: 1990s, biggest, years - History
  157. Did the British make a mistake in the 1945 elections?: war, influence, Britain - History
  158. Have we always been complaining about the pace of modern life?: Egyptian, bomb - History
  159. Mobutu vs King Leopold II: Who Was Worse For The Congo?: general, 60's - History
  160. what is YOUR favorite Historic movie?: WWII, Roman, Egypt, Lincoln - History
  161. Post-World War I colonial empires if Germany quickly wins World War I: WW2, ancient - History
  162. Where did black and white television hold on the longest?: 1990s, economic - History
  163. Ancient Israelites Black?: war, Romans, Egyptian, England - History
  164. Warsaw Uprising, the movie: WW2, war, origin, military - History
  165. The Nuremberg Trials Nazi war crime against humanity: influence, state, empire - History
  166. Was it worth going to war with Japan to bring the PRC and North Korea to power?: WWII, bomb - History
  167. Men dressed up in suits in 90 degree heat for 1963's March on Washington!: segregation, how - History
  168. Why do we hide African ancestry in European countries? Why do we whitewash history?: ancient, Roman
  169. History Challenge: general, Eisenhower, president, army
  170. Why did the USA preserve so many warships as Museum Ships?: war, bomb - History
  171. Would the Revolutionary War have Ended Sooner With a Strong Central Government?: Great Britain, general - History
  172. Would the Nazis have expanded had the US not intervened?: war, bomb - History
  173. If Russia is not that cold, what beat Hitler and Napoleon: WW2, war - History
  174. How Did Japan Grow Her Economy So Quickly?: WW2, war, greatest - History
  175. The Sabido Method: influences, Mexico, Washington, crimes - History
  176. Conditions in postwar Europe - late 40's through mid-1950's, and the return to normal: WW2, war - History
  177. If you could go back in time, where would you go?: ancient, Roman - History
  178. NJGOAT's guide to the atomic bombings.: WW2, war, influence, Britain - History
  179. First Al-Qaeda attack in the US - January 1990?: war, Egypt, bomb - History
  180. 68 years ago today: WW2, war, bomb, Hitler - History
  181. Your Municipality: Mexico, state, historical, years - History
  182. death of united states first black president still a mystery: war, 1800s - History
  183. Was the 2003-2011 Iraq War merely an extension of the Gulf War of the 90s?: WW2, bomb - History
  184. Fulgencio Batista, racism, and politics: general, economic, Chinese, historical - History
  185. specific questions about the draft in WWII: WW2, war, Roman - History
  186. Why is Ancient Greece studied so much in school, and did they influence the rest of Europe during their time: Romans, greatest - History
  187. Anniversary of Hiroshima: war, bomb, general, invaded - History
  188. What does the D mean in D-day?: WW2, war, general - History
  189. Were Africans Forced To Participate In The Slave Trade?: Britain, European, state - History
  190. Should we praise or condemn the US for its aggressive anticommunist stance during the Cold War?: Roman, bomb - History
  191. If you could go back to era in history?: 1920s, country
  192. Friendly Fire..The Fatal Euphemism: WW2, war, Egypt, bomb - History
  193. Civic nationalism: Indian - History
  194. The Magna Carta: origin, British, royal - History
  195. Live creatures used for jewellery: 1800s - History
  196. The Last Plane From DaNang reporter Dunning dies: years, Columbia - History
  197. Black Images In Medieval Art: European, African, Africa, museum - History
  198. Another what if Chiang Kai Shek allies with Hitler, and the Empire of Japan: WW2, bomb - History
  199. [ Politics and Other Controversies ] Anniversary of Hiroshima by jjwebbster: WW2, bomb, Japan - History
  200. Civil War History Coming to North Georgia: battle, USA, reenactments