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  1. The Remarkable History of African Americans Serving in the Armed Forces.: WWII, war
  2. The Ragged Schools: war, general, colonies, origin - History
  3. Solutreans?: Roman, European, origin, Americans - History
  4. Landmarks – Then and Now: state, ally, California, Florida - History
  5. 1950s Historians and Trivia: WWII, war, Mexico, events - History
  6. Thor Heyerdahl, Kon-Tiki A Great Adventure But Did It Actually Prove Anything?: ancient, Egypt - History
  7. Babylonian Mathematics vs Greece: ancient, years, contribution, Latin - History
  8. The Punic Wars: war, Romans, Egypt, influence - History
  9. Who was the first European to cross the tropic of cancer?: Romans, Egypt - History
  10. South Africa demographics: war, Russian, German, years - History
  11. algerian war of independence documentary: president - History
  12. Immigration in the 20th and 21 century: England, general, Mexican, 1920s - History
  13. Great Zimbabwe: ancient, interior, Chinese, civilization - History
  14. 70th anniversary of Colossus at Bletchley Park.: WW2, war, Rome - History
  15. What era comes to mind when somebody says 'retro'?: influence, general, 1990s - History
  16. J.F. Kennedy, M.L. King, Bobby.....there is no in the mind of this young girl. - History
  17. Caananite palace - rich finds of Bronze Age culture.: ancient, Egypt, rulers - History
  18. Bill Cosby Teaching Black History: political
  19. Political criminals who have been killed in another country by their home country: bomb, general - History
  20. Barbours Army in Glasgow: war, 1930's, biggest, female - History
  21. agricultural development in Anglo countries and Argentina: Australia, government, Canada - History
  22. Has America's belief in ghosts decreased from last century?: ancient, 70s, years - History
  23. The Bronze Age Collapse: ancient, Roman, Egypt, influence - History
  24. RAF in WWII: bomb, European, USSR, army - History
  25. Glenville Riots: 60's, state, country, cities - History
  26. 10 Inventions That Were Ahead of Their Time - History
  27. Imjin River - Korea: war, England, general, Chinese - History
  28. Christmas in the old days: viking, origin, years - History
  29. The Lebanese Civil War - down the memory hole?: invaded, country, government - History
  30. A presentation about The United Daughters of the Confederacy - History
  31. Dr Ruth was a trained sniper in the Israeli Defense Forces: state, assassin - History
  32. How did Spain and Denmark use their control of the Strait of Gibraltar and the Danish Straits to their advantage?: WWII, war - History
  33. Al Smith: economy, state, president, Hoover - History
  34. How did historical large scale insurgencies arm themselves?: WWII, war, 70s - History
  35. American Civil War - Last Surrender: England, years - History
  36. Ten facts about World War 1: general, Hitler, assassin, Bismarck - History
  37. Korea vs. Vietnam: WW2, war, bomb, 60's - History
  38. Ancient sex(and my sexual fantasy): Romans, Egypt, influence, state - History
  39. How well-connected to 9/11 was Bin Laden?: bomb, Hitler, invaded, origin - History
  40. The Toilet Paper shortage of 1973: ally - History
  41. What complaints about daily life did people have about the youth?: ancient, Romans - History
  42. Had Jackie Kennedy ever met Carolyn Bessette?: JFK, ally - History
  43. Opinions on Lost States book by Michael Trinklein (US History): United States, political
  44. News, The Christmas truce.: WW2, war, Germans, army - History
  45. Old Malls/how malls used to be: 90s, interior, origin - History
  46. Henry Wallace: war, influence, years, Soviet - History
  47. Is there a way to find out what an 1890s foreign currency was worth in US dollars?: 1990s, government - History
  48. Presidential Security and LE Techniques 1960's vs Today (JFK Assignation): assassin, assassination - History
  49. First time English translation of Hitler's response to March 24, 1933 London Daily Express article: war, greatest - History
  50. 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month: years, country - History
  51. Manfred Rommel Dies Aged 84: war, German, years, Allies - History
  52. alternative to G7 for non-G7 developed countries?: Britain, 90s, European - History
  53. Why did the Reformation under Luther succeed, while other attempts were snuffed out?: Roman, influence - History
  54. This was the biggest factory on earth: how, different, ally - History
  55. Long shot -- history of two tiny Canadian towns: war, 1920s, empire
  56. LBJ's men were strange wildmen?: state, president, Vietnam - History
  57. does one know a good documentary on the foundation of the states?: American, different - History
  58. Montana Boy: Bones Show Ancestral to Europe: general, European, DNA - History
  59. Austin v. Houston and other football games: state, historical, president - History
  60. Dock workers union sabotage WW2 efforts: war, general, sixties, facts - History
  61. Henry Louis Gates: Many Rivers To Cross: years, African, Americans - History
  62. ACW - Bodies With Blackberry Stains: war, battle, army - History
  63. How the Southern Transcon Rail line Changed southwestern US: WWII, Lincoln, state - History
  64. Was George Washington Fat?: general, origin, presidents, years - History
  65. Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft: greatest, influence, general, assassin - History
  66. if hitler had won: WW2, war, bomb, England - History
  67. Legend of the Crystal Skulls artifacts?: 1930's, European, origin, years - History
  68. Nixon had maverick / surprising actions re the economy?: war, unemployment, presidents - History
  69. The Second Continental Congress's role in the strategy of the American Revolution?: generals, Washington - History
  70. When Did Egypt and Mesopotamia Discover Each Other?: years, civilizations, civilization - History
  71. Mischlinge - the lost tribe: WWII, war, bomb - History
  72. Einstein in CalTech, Pasadena, CA: 1930's, state, German, Germany - History
  73. American Markets Since Independence (visuals): western - History
  74. Hong Kong New Territories: Britain, Chinese, origin, years - History
  75. How has technology improved in your life?: 70's, years, government - History
  76. Rare photos from history: war, bomb, general, 1930s
  77. American volunteers in the Boer War: Egypt, general, Lincoln, empire - History
  78. Were the 2000s more like the 90s or 2010s?: influence, events, origin - History
  79. Jsut Saw Pompeii- No Historical Content What-So-Ever: war, Romans, bomb - History
  80. President John Tyler (b.1790) has two grandchildren still alive.: war, Ireland, presidents - History
  81. Had Hitler not allied with Italy, would things have changed much?: war, Roman - History
  82. Why Did PA and MD Vote So Differently in Election of 1860?: influences, general - History
  83. Is it true that in the past women having large breasts was undesireable?: Romans, Egypt - History
  84. Why Kaiser Wilhelm hated Britain: WW2, war, greatest, 1930s - History
  85. For what reason did the USA side with the Allies, not the Germans, in WW-One??: war, Great Britain - History
  86. Why were people more mature in the old days?: greatest, 1950s, drugs - History
  87. Has there ever been a successful peasant revolt in the West or Middle East?: Romans, general - History
  88. Blitzkrieg has never existed!: WW2, war, bomb, generals - History
  89. History; Fiction or Science?: ancient, Roman, Egyptian, influence
  90. It was 50 years ago today: sixties, events, assassin, assassination - History
  91. First Red Scare: 1919-1920, A Study In Mass Hysteria: war, influence, 1930s - History
  92. Lynching: war, 60's, president, African - History
  93. How was J. Edgar Hoover able to last that long?: WWII, bomb - History
  94. Did blacks work at segregated restaurants?: influence, 50s, European, slave - History
  95. Ancient Romans vs Athenian Greeks on Democracy?: empire, historical, kings - History
  96. A about the thirty-years war.: Roman, influence, Britain, general - History
  97. What Will the United States Be Like Without Martin Luther King Jr and the 13th Amendment: Lincoln, biggest - History
  98. Could Zhukov subverted power and started a coup against Stalin: WW2, war - History
  99. Historical analysis and the sanctity of history.: WW2, war, Roman
  100. Gabriel over the White House- Fascism coming to the USA: war, greatest - History
  101. Differences in American 1990s vs British 1990s: Britain, president, African - History
  102. Personal letters of Heinrich Himmler: WW2, war, general, Hitler - History
  103. The Forgotten Potato Famine: England, events, Ireland, origin - History
  104. If JFK had survived, what would it be like?: war, England, general - History
  105. It's been half a decade since Bush Jr. left office. What are your thoughts on his presidency now?: war, bomb - History
  106. News, The INCREDIBLE picture that 'proves' Adolf Hitler lived to 95 with his Brazilian lover: WWII, state - History
  107. Tesla vs Edison: 70s, invention, American, weapon - History
  108. 1973 RadioShack Catalog!: western, why, how, popular - History
  109. Jesus didn't exist: influence, historical, origin, Greek - History
  110. Japanese American internment during WWII was actually a good thing?: war, greatest - History
  111. I've never come across a book like this before.... have you?: greatest, general - History
  112. What was Rome and other Italian cities like during the dark ages?: ancient, war - History
  113. Why would Ohio farm girl move to California in the early 1900s?: biggest, economic - History
  114. Greatest military achievements of all time.: war, Roman, bomb, general - History
  115. How would the world be different if Rome never fell?: ancient, Romans - History
  116. Napoleon's achievements: war, Roman, bomb, Europeans - History
  117. Why Journalists Are Not Historians: Roman, general, Lincoln, JFK - History
  118. How should people of the past be judged?: war, Britain, facts - History
  119. What Out of Place to You?: ancient, Egyptian, facts - History
  120. Great Generalship Which Failed To Become Famous: WW2, war, Roman - History
  121. Mikhail Kalashnikov has passed away: WWII, influence, 90s, invention - History
  122. Did the Cold War Really End Much Less Have A Victor?: economy, empire - History
  123. The Gettysburg Address: war, greatest, general, Lincoln - History
  124. What if Hitler postponed Barbarossa until 1942: WWII, war, Egypt, Great Britain - History
  125. Jack Ruby: Criminal or Hero?: bomb, 80's, facts, JFK - History
  126. Where were you when you heard JFK had been assassinated?: state, assassination - History
  127. JFK limo without top: England, assassin, assassination, presidents - History
  128. Jackie Kennedy and Onassis: Roman, England, 60's, JFK - History
  129. I have uestions about Kind Henry VIII: war, England, general - History
  130. Does American who isn't Amish live like it's long ago , by choice?: war, Roman - History
  131. Why do so many put JFK on a Pedestal?: war, greatest, general - History
  132. Great WWII video series: WW2, war, Mexico, Russians - History
  133. Are the Kennedys a fabricated myth?: war, Roman, greatest, influence - History
  134. How Were the Wooden Piles in Venice Driven Into the Ground?: Russia, slave - History
  135. 150 Years Later, Why Is America Still Haunted By the Legacy of Slavery?: ancient, war - History
  136. Best Presidents Poll: Pick 7 all time.: Washington, Lincoln, Eisenhower, country - History
  137. Has the 2010s begun culturally?: WWII, war, bomb, general - History
  138. Days on which two or more famous people died: bomb, general, European - History
  139. Why Exactly Did Germany and Italy Unify So Late?: Roman, influence, Britain - History
  140. Has Russia ever lost a war?: invaded, empire, Japanese, viking - History
  141. A Black Nineteenth-Century European Writer?: slavery, years, contribution, African - History
  142. Fascinating Interview With Herman Goring by Ken Hechler.: influence, general, Hitler - History
  143. Union Army's treatment of the south after the civil war: general, colonies - History
  144. Were the Norse generally peaceful?: war, influence, Britain, European - History
  145. Did Hitler underestimate the US?: WW2, war, Roman, bomb - History
  146. 50 greatest inventions in world history: general, Japanese, country, army
  147. Abe Lincoln and Faith: war, influence, general, Washington - History
  148. If World War I Had Been Averted ??: WWII, influence, general - History
  149. The perrenial JFK assassination debate (50 years on): WW2, war, general - History
  150. Riding the Rails during the depression: war, general, Mexico, tanks - History
  151. Interesting Facts About Andrew Jackson: economic, assassin, assassinated, presidents - History
  152. Recent primitive peoples of British Isles: Romans, Great Britain, European, DNA - History
  153. Things society were in a uproar over when you were young?: bomb, general - History
  154. Era of Diesel passenger trains: war, England, 60's, Washington - History
  155. What if the Roman Empire had sucessfully navigated the Sahara Desert and conquered the entire continent of Africa?: ancient, Romans - History
  156. additional facts about the JFK Assassination: state, events, president - History
  157. Best military Commander of World War 2 in Europe: greatest, generals, Hitler - History
  158. What if the Muslims had conquered all of Europe during the Islamic Conquest?: Roman, Egypt - History
  159. Should Mexico return Northern Mexico to the United States??: war, Mexican, state - History
  160. What If World War I Broke Out in 1905 or in 1909-1910?: Britain, generals - History
  161. 35% of American schools had the Internet in 1994. How?: 90s, popular, society - History
  162. More Inspiring Architecture: NYC Grand Central Station Vs. Chicago Union Station: Washington, interior - History
  163. How different were the 1980s and 1990s?: war, general, economic - History
  164. R E Lee and Stonewall Portraits May Be Removed From War College: generals, Mexico - History
  165. Why did teenagers in the 1970s and 1980s look so old?: 90s, drugs - History
  166. WWII Book Recommendations: WW2, war, Roman, bomb - History
  167. Random .. Why do Iowa Class battleships have 3 turrets instead of 4?: war, greatest - History
  168. When would you say the Cold War started and ended?: WW2, bomb - History
  169. What is the latest year that you'd consider retro ?: 90s, years - History
  170. remember silver dollars?: 80s, Eisenhower, years, peace - History
  171. Military commanders who defeated the best armies.: war, Romans, Egypt - History
  172. Civiallian Conservation Corps: WWII, 1930s, Hitler, biggest - History
  173. Why Are European Countries (With the Exception of Russia) Relatively Small?: Roman, general - History
  174. Why did Russia collapse(or is communism selfish): war, influence, Britain - History
  175. 2004 vs 2014?: Roman, general, economy, state - History
  176. In which Post-WWII decade did the world change the most?: bomb, 1990s - History
  177. The Reality of Japanese Pan-Asianism And WWII: war, influence, colonies - History
  178. The first civilisation in the world originated in the Balkans?: ancient, Roman - History
  179. Were the racial views of Ben Tillman/James Vardaman/Coleman Blease/Theodore Bilbo mainstream in the US at the time?: WWII, 60's - History
  180. Nazi 'death factories' ...fact or fiction?: general, facts, Europeans, events - History
  181. The U.S. Was Built On Drug Dealing? Isn't Tobacco a Drug Akin To Heroin?: Mexico, Washington - History
  182. When did the Holocaust start?: war, facts, Hitler, USSR - History
  183. Why do Brits deny US bailed them out in WW2?: war, bomb - History
  184. The British were the 'least bad' of the colonial powers. Agree or disagree?: war, Britain - History
  185. December 7th, 1941 – A Day Ignored by The Main Street Press: Japanese, slavery - History
  186. A true lost victory: Germany should have seen the Treaty of Versailles as an opportunity: WWII, war - History
  187. German-Russian Alliance Before World War I: Alternate History: WW2, influence, Great Britain
  188. 2014 Interesting Facts: ancient, war, bomb, Washington - History
  189. 100 year old negatives found - History
  190. G7/G8 what-ifs: years, countries, United States, Australia - History
  191. International Monetary Fund: G10 vs. G12: general, economic, Spain, Australia - History
  192. Earliest shrine discovered at Buddha's birthplace: years, date - History
  193. German nuclear program: observations: war, greatest, bomb, general - History
  194. What was Persia doing during the Crusading Era?: Egypt, African, Africa - History
  195. The beginning cause, and the end of the Great Depression came about. - History
  196. Capt. Ralph Stewart: war, general, Washington, ancestors - History
  197. December 5, 1933: New York, City - History
  198. More about JFK: events, assassin, assassination, years - History
  199. James Meredith: hero - History
  200. Video, Jack Ruby's Relatives Talk for First Time.: Chicago - History