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  1. Other jobs of US presidents: Lincoln, slavery, years, attack - History
  2. Mongol Igo of Rus: ancient, war, greatest, general - History
  3. Masonic Influiencin American History: influence, Mexico, Washington, European
  4. History of data recording on cities.: Romans, 1920s, country, American
  5. Brooklyn Theatre Fire: events, France, Canada, why - History
  6. 1992: more like 1970 or 2014?: 70s, historical, years, attack - History
  7. Collecting historical artifacts: war, Mexican, 1920s, origin - History
  8. Communist party factions in Western Europe vs USSR 1930s: crimes, German, Germany - History
  9. During the holocaust in Theiesenstadt camp (several questions): war, European, Japanese - History
  10. Did Historians of the past not care for details or accuracy?: ancient, war - History
  11. Roman Italy vs Renaissnace Italy in quality of life: ancient, Romans, general - History
  12. 100 years ago today: WWII, war, Europeans, empire - History
  13. Ukranian and Belarusian Nationalism Before the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917: WW2, ancient, Roman - History
  14. 10 of Ben Franklin’s Lesser-Known Feats of Awesomeness: general, slave, American - History
  15. Have you ever imagined what life in the future will be like by now?: war, 1990s - History
  16. Perfect Aryan baby revealed to be Jewish: German, Germany - History
  17. Why did ex-Nazi Heinz Rhinefarth get away with massmurder?: war, crimes, German - History
  18. Ice Cream and the Italians in Scotland: France, country, British - History
  19. Were the late 90s more like the early 90s or the early 2000s?: general, 1990s - History
  20. Southern US Border in WWII: WW2, war, England, Mexican - History
  21. Were there plans by the Allies to assassinate Hitler?: WWII, war - History
  22. The Yezidis: Sumeria, origin, military, years - History
  23. News, Ellis Island Hospital Tours Coming in October: years - History
  24. History of U.S. Census Regions: state, slave, president, why
  25. The Mitford Sisters: ally - History
  26. What is the generation before the silent generation called?: war, greatest, government - History
  27. What If More Plebiscites Were Held After World War I?: Roman, Great Britain - History
  28. Indian Peter from Scotland: years, America, how, best - History
  29. Yes, the world's largest train graveyard looks like thunderdome: western - History
  30. We need subforums. This is untenable.: WW2, war, years, ally - History
  31. What is the future going to be like?: war, events, years - History
  32. Racial Equality Proposal: war, greatest, Britain, Asians - History
  33. The founding of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club: 60's, state, origin - History
  34. New York and its Secret Underground.: England, 80s, origin, kings - History
  35. American Servicemen buried on a Scottish Island: 1950s - History
  36. What if Dewey had actually won the 1948 presidential election?: war, general, state - History
  37. B&W photography in the '90s: WWII, general, 1990s - History
  38. Sectarianism: Lebanese Civil War: Roman, influence, Great Britain, general - History
  39. Erdogan standing across the Vistula.: war, invaded, state, Russians - History
  40. News, A Brief History of the Woman Who Travelled with Lewis & Clark: president, United States
  41. The Challenge of Counting D-Day's Dead: war, Germans, military, years - History
  42. Reasons the Persians didn't just keep firing arrows vs. Macedonia during the Battle of Gaugamela?: ancient, war - History
  43. 41 at 90: History Will Be Mostly Kind to Elder Bush, Says Historian: war, economic
  44. Painted WW2 Trophy Guns: Sten, MP-40: war, origin, Germans, years - History
  45. How is the religious war in Iraq different than the history of the world?: economic, Ireland
  46. Did a British VC recipient spare Hitler's life in 1918: war, 1930s, economic - History
  47. Could the Spanish say that their participation in the Atlantic Slave Trade was payback for the Moors invading Spain?: colonies, Europeans - History
  48. They Made the Borders – In Secret: general, European, empire - History
  49. Is our lifetime similar to the Renaissance?: events, popular, different - History
  50. Last of Navajo 'Code Talkers' Dies, Age 93: WWII, war, Mexico - History
  51. In The Past, Was Corruption Endemic To Most American Cities? Were There Exceptions?: 60's, assassin - History
  52. Was Elizabeth I *Really* Unaware of Mary, Queen of Scots Execution?: war, England - History
  53. Was Mary Surratt justifiably hanged?: Lincoln, assassin, assassination, leader - History
  54. Scotlands worst rail disaster.: 80's, European, interior, biggest - History
  55. Why was Napoleon exiled twice before executing him?: war, England, facts - History
  56. The Real Charles Dickens: ancient, England, biggest, empire - History
  57. Charles Gordon - a hero, fool, both, neither?: Roman, Chinese, army - History
  58. Do gorilla armies eventually prevail against 'conventional' forces.: WW2, war, Roman - History
  59. What was life in the 1930s/Great Depression like?: WWII, war, economic - History
  60. Would 9/11 Be Different If Hurricane Erin Struck NY: Washington, attack, United States - History
  61. While talking about battleships ?: WWII, war, bomb, England - History
  62. Fantastic Current Excavations in Macedonia Greece!: ancient, Egyptian, England, general - History
  63. Would the Rennaissance still have occurred were it not for the Black Death?: England, general - History
  64. Why did France go to war to hold onto Indochina and Algeria?: WWII, Great Britain - History
  65. How should the Confederacy be viewed?: war, England, colonies, European - History
  66. Why Wasn't Ezra Pound Hung?: WWII, war, bomb, Britain - History
  67. Ship from Franklin Expedition has been found: bomb, years, officers - History
  68. In their minds how do they rationalize hate for the west but enjoy what it offers?: war, Roman - History
  69. World War I Breaks Out in 1916 or in 1917?: influence, Britain, general - History
  70. Is it really true Africa had slave masters and slaves?: WW2, war - History
  71. 97 Years Since The Balfour Declaration: Great Britain, 1800s, state, Russian - History
  72. What if the Eighteenth Amendment had never been repealed?: ancient, Europeans, state - History
  73. Interesting and unusual WWII stories you might not know about...: WW2, war - History
  74. British Embassy Celebrates Burning the White House 200 Years Ago, Apologizes: war, Washington - History
  75. How Much Non-American History Did You Learn in High School?: WW2, ancient
  76. Wasn't Napoleon the greatest badass human being ever?: general, facts, colonies - History
  77. Why have Egypt and Iran seemingly able to form a national identity but Iraq cannot ?: ancient, Britain - History
  78. Favorite recent decade?: 1990s, years, ally - History
  79. What was life in the 1890s like.: war, 80's, empire - History
  80. Why was there so much of an anti-nuclear movement in America?: bomb, general - History
  81. How safe was your average peasant in the Middle Ages?: war, general - History
  82. 70 years ago: First organized Kamikaze attacks on Navy: WW2, war, bomb - History
  83. What are the actual years that comprise the early, mid & late 90s?: USSR, American - History
  84. Your thoughts on General Longstreet..: war, generals, military, years - History
  85. Did the year 2000 feel more like 2014 or 1986?: war, general, Mexican - History
  86. which President initiated the 40 hour work week?: WW2, 1930s, Eisenhower - History
  87. Arab Spring - backfired, made things worse: war, Egypt, influence - History
  88. what was life in america like in the 80s?: WWII, bomb, general - History
  89. Strongest/Most Successful Colonial Empire (1400-1900)?: England, 70s, Spain, France - History
  90. A chance to talk with the enemy ?: WW2, war, bomb - History
  91. Unearthing the history of the Ku****e Empire.: ancient, Egypt, European
  92. Greatest General in the Western Hemisphere.: WWII, Britain, generals, Washington - History
  93. Most Interesting Century (1st - 20th AD)?: ancient, Rome, 1800s - History
  94. Geographical Alternative History: war, general, Mexican, state
  95. July 8, 1967 An incident on Main Street: war, state, military, date - History
  96. What Important Naval Battle Happened on This Day Over 300 Years Ago That Cannot Be Forgotten?: Roman, facts - History
  97. Christians of the Middle East: ancient, Romans, Egypt, biggest - History
  98. How did the world survive the 1918 flu pandemic?: war, general, Chinese - History
  99. Largest Economies in World Through History, Decline and Rise: WW2, Roman, influence
  100. Did The US Really Go Into WW2 Because Of Jews?: war, bomb - History
  101. Slaves Buying Their Freedom: general, state, slavery, compared - History
  102. The Historical Oops: WW2, war, bomb, economic - History
  103. 70 Years ago: Market Garden - Was it the Right Move?: WW2, war - History
  104. What was life in America before The Great Depression: 1930s, economic - History
  105. Who ended or conquered the Roman Empire?: ancient, Romans, general - History
  106. Why do all of the deadly diseases come from Africa?: Rome, European - History
  107. Do you think our current controversy over video games is no different than others historic media?: general, 1930s - History
  108. 70 years ago: The End of the Warsaw Uprising: WW2, general, Hitler - History
  109. How prevalent was homosexuality in history?: ancient, Romans, Egypt, 50s
  110. Hannibal could not have won: ancient, war, Romans, general - History
  111. Do you think the 21st century will be the least bloodiest of all?: WWII, war - History
  112. Who has started/taken part in the most wars ? Dermocrat or Republican Presidents?: WW2, war - History
  113. North Korea puts Japan to shame in its refusal to surrender: WWII, war - History
  114. Who inhabited the British Isles before the arrival of the Celts?: ancient, influence - History
  115. Most Far-Sighted Historical Predictions: war, generals, Mexico, 1950s - History
  116. Real Name of America: Mexico, Mayan, origin, civilizations - History
  117. Construct a future history of the world after DC is nuked: WW2, war
  118. Scars of WWI Still Haunt Europe As Centennial Approaches: WW2, war, Roman - History
  119. Where were you on The Moon Landing in 1969?: years, USA, why - History
  120. If the USA went into WW2 in June 1940: war, influence, bomb - History
  121. John Tyler's Salary: general, Washington, Lincoln, state - History
  122. 6/17 Watergate anniversary: Roman, JFK, presidents, years - History
  123. do you believe there were still US POWs in Vietnam in the 80's?: war, crimes - History
  124. What if Operation Barbarossa had succeeded?: war, Britain, colonies, Hitler - History
  125. When do you predict the current crisis will end?: economy, years, political - History
  126. How far back have you traced your relatives?: war, 1930s, colonies - History
  127. see The '90s: The Last Great Decade on NatGeo?: 1990s, events - History
  128. What came first: Cars, Highways/Roads, lodging, or the decline of Rail travel, and horse carriages: ancient, Romans - History
  129. Are there other races that have had their identities completely stripped from them like Black people?: Roman, influence - History
  130. Americans in Northern Ireland: WW2, war, Britain, 1800s - History
  131. Old shops from the past..: WWII, war, 50s, interior - History
  132. Personal tales of the Great Depression: WW2, ancient, 1930s, Spanish - History
  133. Genghis Khan - a recent study of tree rings, shows his Army was helped by a wet climate: European, empire - History
  134. Why did the Colonial Era, Early firearms Generals not dig trenches, and instead just lined up out in the open: war, European - History
  135. Based on our understanding of history will nuclear weapons destroy our civilization?: war, influence
  136. 25 years ago today: 90s, economy, Chinese, events - History
  137. Could the Civil War have been avoided if the slaves freedom had just been bought?: Great Britain, facts - History
  138. Ben Stein: The truth about Nixon: 60s, facts, state, events - History
  139. Why is the Emmet Till 1955 Mississippi murder barely taught in schools?: war, 1950s - History
  140. Would you say daily life in 1950 was more similar to life in 1900 or today?: Egypt, general - History
  141. Do you wish you grew up in a different era?: Roman, 80s - History
  142. Why did Russia initially choose not to industrialize?: ancient, war, influence - History
  143. Was 1990 more similar to 1966 or 2014?: war, general, European, biggest - History
  144. Why doesn't Austria-Hungary get more play in the English speaking world?: war, general - History
  145. D-Day Draw: Why Normandy Still Lures Americans, 70 Years Later.: WWII, war, England - History
  146. Anne Frank's Birthday: war, influence, England, Hitler - History
  147. What will the world look like 150 years from today?: war, 70's, economic - History
  148. Arminius - Enemy of Rome: war, Romans, generals, biggest - History
  149. Were there fascists who seriously believed Hitler was a superhuman Ruler of a master race?: ancient, war - History
  150. If you could go back in time and watch a gladiator game, would you?: WWII, ancient - History
  151. France's Population Stagnation Between 1800 and 1945?: war, influence, Great Britain, European - History
  152. Would today's minorities embrace their own D-Day?: WW2, war, bomb - History
  153. Slave Masters...: how, Virginia - History
  154. How bad was the comic book hysteria in the 1950s?: Roman, Chinese - History
  155. Why does blame for slavery fall solely on white slave owners?: Mexican, European - History
  156. What Will the New Generation be Called?: war, greatest, 90s - History
  157. US Navy Doctrine: WWII, war, bomb, general - History
  158. The Romans in Scotland: ancient, war, England, general - History
  159. Am I the only Millenial who does NOT want to go back to the 1990s?: WWII, comparison - History
  160. Man of The Millenia: England, general, Washington, European - History
  161. Would it be beneficial for African Americans to forget slavery and the Jim Crow era?: greatest, general - History
  162. Which country committed the worst atrocities during World War II?: WW2, bomb - History
  163. Did CEO go to war?: WWII, influence, general, economy - History
  164. Did you ever think about what the future was going to be like growing up?: war, 80s - History
  165. Would you or someone you know be dead if not for a medical invention of the 20th century?: drugs, years - History
  166. Historic Ironies: war, general, 1930s, Washington - History
  167. Where were you when Star Trek premiered?: 60's, origin, years - History
  168. What is it about the Old World that makes everyone so violent?: bomb, general - History
  169. Final Resting Place of USS Houston Found: WW2, war, bomb - History
  170. Crossing The Plains in 1857: war, influence, Mexico, slavery - History
  171. Movies about Historical Events: Roman, Russia, German, Germany - History
  172. News, The 15 Richest U.S. Presidents in History: Washington, Hoover, United States
  173. What was your first time on the Internet like?: years, compared, how - History
  174. Chinese Immigrants in the Old West: Mexican, 80s, Asians, biggest - History
  175. If the Gaza campaign was fought in WW2: war, Egyptian, bomb - History
  176. Arlington (Robert E. Lee's) House and Slave Quarters to be Restored and Exhibits Overhauled: war, general - History
  177. What if America had never gotten involved in WWI?: WW2, war, bomb - History
  178. What if Hitler was killed in World War I: WW2, Roman, Britain - History
  179. Willow Run, Edsel Ford and Detroit's role in arming the U.S. in WW II: WW2, war - History
  180. Where were you when...: war, bomb, Washington, economic - History
  181. When do you think the 20th century started?: war, 1990s, presidents - History
  182. In your opinion did the 20th century end with the fall of the USSR?: WW2, war - History
  183. Why World War I was such a Bloodbath: greatest, Hitler, European - History
  184. The Last American Indian Tribes: general, 70's, slaves, origin - History
  185. What would be considered the 70s era?: influence, 80s, economic - History
  186. Unsere Mutter, Unsere Vater: WWII, war, biggest, events - History
  187. What year did the internet really become what it is today?: 90s, years - History
  188. World War One documentary: events, military, American, weapons - History
  189. The civil war in 4 minutes - History
  190. Panama Canal opened 100 years ago, 1914.: historical, ally, New York - History
  191. The Lost Children of Maryhill in Scotland: how - History
  192. The Darien Scheme - History
  193. Workforce housing in Kings Beach or Crystal Bay?: California, Nevada, Reno - History
  194. A woman's got the power: 20 portraits of female courage: women - History
  195. A Century Later: Scenes from WWI Then and Now. - History
  196. What did everyone think of the Roosevelts on PBS?: ally - History
  197. Ancient European Pyrmids (not the Bosnian Hills): Romans, Chinese, Greek - History
  198. I'm confused about the intelligence mission associated with the Dieppe Raid: American, British - History
  199. Claudius Nero, not Scipio, actually beat Hannibal: Roman, facts, years - History
  200. Cryptology & the Battle of Midway - History