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  1. Which do you consider more subtropical, Berlin in 1943 or Washington D.C. In 2014?: WWII, tanks - History
  2. Eric Hobsbawm, and why Westerners are Marxists: war, greatest, Britain - History
  3. The understated history of the Caribbean region: Roman, interesting facts, Hitler
  4. WWII alternate history: war, bomb, Britain, generals
  5. Wyatt Earp article from 1894: facts, events, years, battle - History
  6. How To Eliminate History? Just Add ISIS.: ancient, facts, political
  7. Betrayal of the Cossacks: WW2, war, peace, Americans - History
  8. How big of a role did Italians play in the Atlantic Slave Trade?: Romans, European - History
  9. Fear of gays and lesbians during McCarthyism trumps communism (and Eisenhower): general, Washington - History
  10. In WWII would a sergeant have been arrested and tried for....: war, general - History
  11. Past U.S. president who were least willing to spend public money for himself?: Washington, state - History
  12. War or 1812/ WWI American Entry: WWII, European, events, Woodrow - History
  13. 50 thousand names..........: war, 70s, interior, Vietnam - History
  14. Was Lady Di murdered ?: assassin, assassination, British, London - History
  15. From Enemies to Brothers: WWII, German, Germany, years - History
  16. #throwback: historical, ally - History
  17. Need help identifying person in this WWII footage: army - History
  18. Long-lost WWII Japanese battleship found near the Philippines.: USA, ally - History
  19. News, Nazis’ vast, secret WMD facility uncovered in Austria: war, years, ally - History
  20. Was Hong Kong returned to China in 1990 or 1997?: years, ally - History
  21. Video, 100 years ago today, for a few brief moments, tidings of great joy and peace crawled out of the trenches.: 1980s, German - History
  22. America Unearthed: ancient, facts, descendants, American - History
  23. Historians: how far to do you go back in time when talking about history?: facts, historical
  24. Fort Dinwiddie incident: war, state, events, slaves - History
  25. What would have happened if Bill Clinton ran for president in 1988?: war, general - History
  26. Did Roman Emperors Not Have 'Caesar' In Their Title?: Greek, Latin - History
  27. If the Black Death came today, how bad would it be?: Mexico, 90s - History
  28. Unknown Hero in your family?: WW2, war, bomb, 80s - History
  29. What if the Ottoman Empire were still around?: WW2, war, Egypt - History
  30. The meaning of United States of America: Great Britain, Mexican, colonies - History
  31. England puppet like Quisling: WWII, war, Britain, Hitler - History
  32. a lot of people change History if it isnt in their favor?: Egypt, general
  33. When did the Soviet Union's Politburo essentially stop functioning?: 80s, USSR, date - History
  34. Ukranains Helped Nazi troops occupy France: WW2, war, bomb, Asians - History
  35. Has other major religion been at odds with every major religion at the same time?: war, colonization - History
  36. Rosa Parks - Planned or plain tired when she didn't give up her seat that famous day in 1955: USA, leader - History
  37. Looking for haunted/abandoned places in central pa - History
  38. The Tudors: England, countries, popular - History
  39. peaceful year in the world over the past 70 years?: WW2, war - History
  40. Roman /Byzantine armour: Romans, economic, state, empire - History
  41. Was there a All women fighting force once?: war, bomb, German - History
  42. How were soldiers paid during WW1 and WW2?: war, economy, Germans - History
  43. Quick Facts about South American history: Britain, general, Mexico, colonies
  44. What if the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 had succeeded?: assassin, country, why - History
  45. Classical Authors and My Humble Opinion of Them: ancient, war, Roman - History
  46. good WWI book: war, general, events, empire - History
  47. The last soldier to surrender in ww2: war, Hitler, Japanese - History
  48. News, NASA retires Kennedy Space Center's countdown clock: 1920s, JFK, Charleston - History
  49. December 7....Remember Pearl Harbor: WWII, war, bomb, invaded - History
  50. No subject in the world is more interesting than history: ancient, general
  51. Hero of American conservatism - Jefferson or Hamilton? And consequnces of pointing one: ancient, England - History
  52. How did China, Brazil, Kazahkstan, and Russia gain such crooked borders: ancient, Chinese - History
  53. Happy Armistice Day: war, Britain, generals, France - History
  54. Unexploded Civil War Artillery Shell Found on College of Charleston Campus: facts, battle - History
  55. Ever Read Viking Saga's?: ancient, Roman, England, 60s - History
  56. Why did the Mideast turn more intolerant/fundamentalist?: war, Roman, greatest - History
  57. Why did Franz Ferdinand not leave after his first assissination: assassin, assassination - History
  58. When did people start to think about what the future would be like?: Roman, 1950s - History
  59. When did universites stop teaching in Latin?: ancient, Roman, influence - History
  60. Of The Titans Of The 1800's/Early 1900's, Which Were The More Honorable?: greatest, Washington - History
  61. What would the world be like if steam engines remained in cars?: tanks, America - History
  62. Why couldn't the US stop the Kamikazes on the ground by bombing their bases?: WWII, war - History
  63. Native American battles: general, Asians, biggest, state - History
  64. What if Justinian I hadn't conquered Italy?: Romans, European, empire - History
  65. The Inca did Have a Form of Writing: Spanish, years, civilization - History
  66. Losing wars: war, influence, general, 60s - History
  67. Selma, Bloody Sunday, 50 years ago: war, general, 60's, events - History
  68. Convict transport by the British: England, colonies, crimes, slaves - History
  69. Would more female queens/empresses have led to a better/more just world?: war, Roman - History
  70. A. E. P I C K A R D eccentric millionaire from Glasgow: war - History
  71. Hans Speidel's role in WWII: war, generals, Hitler, combat - History
  72. Saint Devil: Did the Allied Powers cut a deal with Italian mafia during WW2?: war, assassin - History
  73. About the boy sex slaves of Afghanistan: Greek, years, countries - History
  74. If The Omaha Beach Landing Had Been Repulsed...: war, bomb, Britain - History
  75. How would Europe look like today if it was not colonized by Romans: influences, Britain - History
  76. Most effective battleship in WW II: WW2, war, bomb, biggest - History
  77. Before the advent of refrigeration, what was the restaurant/hospitality industry like: war, 90s - History
  78. How did Republicans and Democrats switch political sides in the 60s?: WWII, war - History
  79. Understanding the Constitution: facts, European, state, Japan - History
  80. 70th Anniversary of the Dresden Firebombing: WW2, war, 1950s, Hitler - History
  81. Would war between the US and Russia inevitably go nuclear?: general, events - History
  82. Memorials to Lynching Victims: war, 1990s, European, economic - History
  83. Are there major technical flaws with the film Das Boot?: WWII, war - History
  84. Why is the Dutch language not more dominant in the world?: influence, colonies - History
  85. Should Japan have attacked Pearl Harbor?: war, greatest, empire, Japanese - History
  86. Could the Vietnam war have been won with nukes?: WW2, bomb, 70's - History
  87. Are we living in a second Victorian era?: 1990s, colonies, state - History
  88. Most shameful periods in American History?: WW2, war, bomb, 60s
  89. Malcolm X assasination: JFK, economic, assassin, assassination - History
  90. Guns, Germs and Steel: Romans, Mexico, colonies, European - History
  91. How do you think the USA would have turned out if it was colonized by a different European power?: influence, Britain - History
  92. A slice of terrorist history in the USA: bomb, 1920s, economic
  93. Where did the idea the witches of the salem witch trials were burned at the stake come from?: historical, beheaded - History
  94. What are of the latest battles in history to feature melee combat: WWII, war
  95. Which American history books transformed the historiography of its field?: influence, JFK
  96. How different was London in 1715 compared to Constantinople 1000 years before?: battle, USA - History
  97. Wreck of Japanese Battleship Musashi Found: war, bomb, kings, German - History
  98. Do you think history can be objectively written?: war, influences, general
  99. 70th anniversary of Tokyo Firebombing.: WWII, war, events, Japanese - History
  100. Would you call this a Man o' War?: European, state, enemy - History
  101. Are the British still upset for having lost American colonies?: WW2, ancient - History
  102. The French really dropped the ball with the Maginot Line, didn't they?: WWII, war - History
  103. Is History channel only about the Civil War?: WWII, ancient, Hitler
  104. Old oil cook stoves (1910s and 20s): war, England, 1920s - History
  105. Why are historians so anti Christ myth theory?: ancient, Romans, generals - History
  106. Did men in the past that had kid/young teen wives REALLY find them attractive?: economic, kings - History
  107. Was Amelia Earhart Captured By The Japanese in Marshall Islands?: war, 60's - History
  108. The Frederick Jackson Turner Thesis and the American Frontier: war, Roman, influences - History
  109. With 12,000 American POWs in the Phillipines, why did Roosevelt focus more on Europe in 1942?: WW2, war - History
  110. Where did confederates go after losing the war?: generals, Mexican, colonies - History
  111. What would have happened if Hitler had the Atomic Bomb?: WW2, war - History
  112. Barbaric technology based empires: WWII, ancient, war, Roman - History
  113. Winston Churchill - a sadistic racist: WW2, war, greatest, Great Britain - History
  114. Do chicano's know about that 100 years ago, americans lynched their people?: Mexican, Chinese - History
  115. Would it be beneficial for the World to forget the Holocaust?: slavery, origin - History
  116. What was the most effective tank gun of WW2?: USSR, Russian, tanks - History
  117. 1962 Alcatraz Escapees May Have Survived After All: Washington, years, government - History
  118. What wars/conflict were unavoidable and justified: WW2, war, Washington - History
  119. What is your earliest memory of life?: war, years, ally - History
  120. 70 years ago: Battle of the Bulge Begins: war, England, Hitler - History
  121. .....How many of you folks have read: KILLING PATTON ..........: WWII, war - History
  122. Did the world change more in the '60s or the '90s?: war, 1990s - History
  123. breaking away from england: war, bomb, colonies, Washington - History
  124. The Fall of the Soviet Union.: war, influence, England, 90s - History
  125. Did Democrats need to be harsher to the Soviets?: war, bomb, Britain - History
  126. Are American tanks today as good as German tanks back in WW2?: war, Germans - History
  127. What if Henry Ford was executed?: war, England, general, economy - History
  128. Time Capsule Found From 1795: facts, state, years, America - History
  129. How was WW2 determined to be over and who dictated who the victor was?: war, bomb - History
  130. What year did you first hear about the Internet?: bomb, 80's, state - History
  131. The Dole/Kemp '96 website,still online after all years...: WW2, president - History
  132. 1952 and 1956 US elections: war, general, 1950's, Lincoln - History
  133. Winter and the Settlers: England, historical, ancestors, American - History
  134. Puritanism impact on the United States and how much left of it, if: greatest, influence - History
  135. Could England accomplish this again in this day and age?: WW2, war - History
  136. Why the Berlin Wall Fell: war, influence, economy, state - History
  137. Do you think that the Allies were responsible for World War II?: WW2, Britain - History
  138. 1979- more like 1944 or 2014?: WW2, war, greatest, 1990s - History
  139. Edmund Fitzgerald: facts, years, USA, compared - History
  140. Do you agree with this article?: ancient, war, Egyptian, Hitler - History
  141. long battles: ancient, war, Roman, general - History
  142. What was life before and after CDs?: ancient, 1980s, years - History
  143. Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago today.: WW2, war, events, invention - History
  144. Would what we know as PTSD have been a big issue for Armies in the distant past?: ancient, war - History
  145. What year did 1996 had more in common, 1978 or 2014?: war, 90s, Russia - History
  146. How often did Allied forces refer to Germans as Nazis ?: WWII, war - History
  147. What is it about the Old West that fascinates people the world over?: Roman, influence - History
  148. Is the United States young nation indeed?: war, Roman, Great Britain - History
  149. Turkey’sPrime Minster Erdogan claims Muslims discovered the Americas: ancient, war, Washington - History
  150. Why do you think dragons appear in human mythology all over the world?: ancient, facts - History
  151. How did the Nazis find homosexuals?: Hitler, Germans, Germany, cities - History
  152. Are there lost advanced civilizations ?: ancient, Egypt, viking, kings - History
  153. Is there a Military Class in the USA: war, influence - History
  154. Is there anything that would not have been invented?: general, Europeans, empire - History
  155. Why did Christopher Columbus kept going back to the Caribbean?: Spain, origin - History
  156. If Africa were the dominant continent, how would the world view history differently?: Romans, Egypt
  157. 70th anniversary of Aushwitz liberation by the Red Army: Japanese, Russians, slave - History
  158. Embarrassing! Students don't know history.: WWII, war, Roman, 60s
  159. Before prisons were built, where did people go when they committed crimes: England, colonies - History
  160. What was going on in the world on the day you were born?: biggest, events - History
  161. kennedy assassination: 60s, Washington, JFK, years - History
  162. WWII - was Britain wrong to be involved?: war, Roman, greatest - History
  163. Was Bin Laden pro-America before the Gulf War?: influence, 80s, president - History
  164. When did English become the international language?: WWII, general, colonies - History
  165. America's First Greatest Generation ?: WW2, war, biggest - History
  166. After WWII what would've been a fair way to deal with all the women sent back home/fired?: WW2, war - History
  167. WHY did WWII have to go down the way it did?: war, England - History
  168. priests not sentenced to prison: Roman, Hitler, German, Germany - History
  169. Thoughts About Why Ireland Didn't Revolt During The American Revolution?: war, Great Britain - History
  170. Why Did The British and The French Fight A 100-Year War?: WW2, influence - History
  171. BLACK ATHENA turned around...the Egyptians stole their knowledge from Greece: ancient, Romans - History
  172. Has seen my ol' friend Martin can you tell where he's gone?: war, Lincoln - History
  173. If the South had won, what do you think would have taken place?: war, Egypt - History
  174. Is the 2010's Really Just the 1960's All Over Again?: war, 80's - History
  175. The Battle of New Orleans: war, greatest, Britain, Mexico - History
  176. Raising the Soviet Flag over Berlin May 1945: war, 80s, Hitler - History
  177. Was American Involvement in World War 2 Optional?: general, Hitler, European - History
  178. Why was the civil war fought?: general, colonies, Lincoln, economy - History
  179. Little known sieges or battles you find interesting?: war, Romans, greatest - History
  180. Is the 2010's just an extension of the 90's?: war, 1990s, drugs - History
  181. The PAST of Ukraine: Roman, influence, general, facts - History
  182. Why exists separation of Union and Unites States of America in Civil War historiography?: general, colonies - History
  183. What's your favorite topic(s) in History?: WWII, war, 60s
  184. Whose to blame for WWI: WW2, war, Britain, general - History
  185. How important is history to you in your choice of living in a municipality?: general, economic
  186. What if Nixon had Won in 1960?: war, greatest, influence, generals - History
  187. Were European Years of Enlightenment the Result of plagiarism?: WWII, ancient, general - History
  188. The American Civil War in color: Lincoln, slavery, president, years - History
  189. Just Finished Apuleius' THE GOLDEN ASS: Roman, Egyptian, ally - History
  190. The Forgotten Prince..: British, ally, royal - History
  191. Princess Sophia: Great Britain - History
  192. for you pictures are look of the 70s?: Argentina - History
  193. Croatian speakers help?: best - History
  194. Dresden 70 Years Ago - History
  195. Do you Visit Dumbarton Oaks When you go to Washington DC - History
  196. Pregnancy advice through the decades: women - History
  197. What present day regional problem is caused by the UK?: empire, British - History
  198. The Dunmore Pineapple in Airth Scotland - History
  199. When Germans and Americans fought side-by-side in WWII: war, battle, panzer - History
  200. This March 16 in History 597 BC --- 2014 AD