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  1. World Trade Center had Arab architecture elements: European, biggest, Japanese - History
  2. How Did Harry Truman Win in 1948?: WWII, war, general, Washington - History
  3. Oldest surviving text that can be precisely dated, and author is well known: Egyptian, Chinese - History
  4. If the East had managed to industrialize first would they have been as bad as the west?: WW2, war - History
  5. The Cambridge Five: war, 1930s, Communism, government - History
  6. What would women in the middle ages done for their breasts and period?: ancient, China - History
  7. How accurate is The Astronaut Wive's Club ?: historical, ally - History
  8. Stonehenge in the 21st century: ancient, Roman, Egypt, 60's - History
  9. What was the best year of your life and why?: France, years - History
  10. Great collection of historic photos: WW2, historical, ally - History
  11. Why not just ban the Confederate flag?: war, generals, 60s - History
  12. Medicine Lake, Minnesota/Vatican City Radio: state, years, battle, Africa - History
  13. France is not pleased with new Waterloo Euro coin: events, battle - History
  14. the before and after moment of the digital age: 80's, battle, USA - History
  15. Marriage and taxation: general, 1980s, economic, events - History
  16. A sorry footnote in USA's battle to win WW2: war, greatest, Great Britain - History
  17. 2010s zeitgeist change: years, best, ally - History
  18. Did Native Americans have math/numbers?: European, empire, Mayan, language - History
  19. Civilian casualties from AA fire in WWII London: bomb, Britain, raids - History
  20. WW2 Loss of Life visualized: war, generals, Germans, military - History
  21. 1960s America foriegn perspective?: war, assassin, assassination, country - History
  22. Very Interesting WW2 @of Deaths Presentation: war, battle, China, compared - History
  23. Replica of General Lafayette's 'Hermione'.: war, France, origin, United States - History
  24. Is fascism only a radical form of nationalism?: Hitler, biggest, economy - History
  25. History buffs, what collections/pieces do you have?: WW2, war, facts
  26. A new book on the partition of India: war, Britain, 60's - History
  27. No debates 1964-1972?: bomb, general, 60's, Lincoln - History
  28. What if Mark Antony and Cleopatra had been successful against Octavian?: Roman, Egypt - History
  29. DNA Proves President Harding Fathered Child Out of Wedlock: 50s, JFK, battle - History
  30. News, Confessions of Alcatraz: Former Inmates and Jailers Speak Out: 60s, DNA - History
  31. Did Jews have anything to do with American slavery?: European, Africa - History
  32. Oft- sunk ship sunk: WW2, war, bomb - History
  33. During the Middle Ages, did men and women get married to each other when they were teenagers?: twenties, years - History
  34. What if Israel were born 400 years earlier?: war, empire, Spain - History
  35. God's Battalions--the case for the Crusades: war, general, Washington, European - History
  36. September 12 - The Battle of Vienna: European, empire, armies, USA - History
  37. Best museums for each ancient culture: Roman, Egyptian, facts, Chinese - History
  38. The Battle in Seattle - The WTO Riots Of 1999: 90s, Washington, European - History
  39. Do Russians born in the early to mid 80s have memories of the Soviet Union and the Cold War?: general, 1990s - History
  40. Do you think Romulus and Remus were real?: ancient, war, Roman - History
  41. Air Mail Delivery via Pigeons, How???????: ancient, Egypt, invention, origin - History
  42. Magazine subscriptions? New National Geographic History Magazine - 2015: ancient, war, Roman
  43. BOOM! (on this day in history.......: bomb, general, Mexico, 60s
  44. Searching for sources about Iran 1979 - 1985: war, bomb, 1980s, France - History
  45. Debt collection & collection agencies back in the day.: language, ally, Colorado - History
  46. Did non-whites fight in the Roman Gladiator arena?: Egypt, invaded, state - History
  47. Isreali kids throwing rocks and telling foreigners to go to England: state, rights - History
  48. Rape/Molestation culture on US Indian Reservations: A product of the last 150 years, or was it always like that?: general, European - History
  49. WW2 bookended by harbor raids: war, bomb, Japanese, military - History
  50. Educate Ya-Self! First Women in the Electric Chair: facts, American, execution - History
  51. Video's, HISTORY OF OIL
  52. Life of early American colonials?: war, England, colonies, years - History
  53. The beginning of apartheid: war, 1950s, colonies, Asians - History
  54. The World's War: Forgotten Soldiers of Empire.: African, American, Africa - History
  55. Wouldn't life be better today if...: WWII, war, Roman, greatest - History
  56. Commemorations for the end of the Civil War 150 years ago?: WW2, events - History
  57. Boy bewildered by 'old fashioned' pay phone in viral video: Washington - History
  58. Same-Sex Marriages in PreModern Europe?: Roman, England, facts, events - History
  59. Technology's Effect on Abolitionism & Civil War: England, Washington, Lincoln - History
  60. Good photos of the last months of World War 2: WWII, German, Germany - History
  61. William H. Woodin -- Forgotten (Until Recently) FDR Cabinet Member: facts, economy - History
  62. Can someone explain Scottish clans, Highlanders, and the like to me?: ancient, European - History
  63. How Were Privateers Regarded by Navies of the Same Flag?: war, England - History
  64. Abraham Lincoln trivia: president, years, Columbus, how - History
  65. What is interesting about Nepal?: army, government, British, why - History
  66. When does this photo appear to be from?: 70's, years - History
  67. Assisted Suicide/Death With Dignity Way Back In Time: ancient, Mexican, Washington - History
  68. Tesla tank: WW2, 60s, tanks, origin - History
  69. Pirate John Gow from Scotland: historical, country, achievements, leader - History
  70. News, What Really Happened When Reagan Got Shot: war, economy, state - History
  71. 2010s culutural change: economy, state, years, ally - History
  72. Was there such a thing as under age drinking in the 19th/early 20th century?: 1800s, Boston - History
  73. Y'all saw the Bessie Smith movie.....?????: African, Africa, how, Columbia - History
  74. interesting Vietnam War photo armed couple holding hands: WWII, bomb, raids - History
  75. Is there that didn't use drugs in the 60's and 70s?: years, date - History
  76. What Was It Like Living in 1955-1975?: WW2, war, bomb - History
  77. Norman Mailer on Adlai Stevenson's 1960 nomination: WW2, generals, JFK, biggest - History
  78. about what era was the last of the Men were Men era?: WWII, 60's - History
  79. What's the earliest political event you remember from childhood?: war, president, army - History
  80. The cruelest English monarch?: European, kings, years, country - History
  81. What if Napoleon Bonaparte never came to power?: war, Roman, influences - History
  82. 1968: The most pivotal single year in American history?: WW2, war, influence
  83. Who are the modern descendants of the Prussians: WW2, war, Hitler - History
  84. Would WWII Have Happened If WWI Hadn't?: WW2, war, Egypt - History
  85. Banks and Police records back in 1870's 1900: WWII, 80's, state - History
  86. Was there ever a time since ending WWII that Nazi flags were 100% out of production, not a single factory in the world?: war, general - History
  87. How would WWI have turned out had America got in since the start?: WWII, war - History
  88. communist & Muslim terrorist of the 70s: war, bomb, general - History
  89. Why in old Photos say pre-20th/early 20th century do people look bored and no smiling?: 1800s, years - History
  90. Civil War: Roman, Great Britain, general, Lincoln - History
  91. Women, would you be willing to live 5 years in the 50s if you got 10 million?: war, 1950's - History
  92. German & Japanese soldiers after WW2: war, Roman, general, 60's - History
  93. How common were sexless marriages in the Victorian era?: war, Britain, 1800s - History
  94. Why were Africans enslaved but Jews not enslaved?: Egyptian, Asians, European - History
  95. What is the mother language of the Slavic people?: Roman, influences, general - History
  96. First Civilizations Challenged by Climate Change: ancient, Roman, Egyptian, influence - History
  97. Unsinkable: war, general, 70s, Ireland - History
  98. If KMT was BLACK, then so was ISRAEL... (con't): ancient, Romans, Egyptian - History
  99. What freedom is this I speak of?: war, 70s, drugs - History
  100. Has there ever been a more scary looking politician than John C. Calhoun?: general, 1920s - History
  101. So what exactly were the Soviets plan during the Cuban Missile Crisis?: WWII, war - History
  102. Train possibly carrying german nazi gold and relics found in poland?: WW2, war - History
  103. In the American Civil War was there really a lot of families fighting each other?: general, slave - History
  104. Worst Invention Pre-1950?: war, colonies, Europeans, colonization - History
  105. Pearl harbour: WWII, war, bomb, Washington - History
  106. Is The United States History's Worst Empire?: Britain, Japan, USSR
  107. How Quickly Could Today's U.S. Military Defeat WWII Germany?: WW2, Britain - History
  108. Why didn't they make makeshift lifeboats with all the wood on the Titanic?: years, best - History
  109. Racisium: Roman, general, Hitler, origin - History
  110. Famous Sloops (It's a type of boat, not somebody who solves mysteries): war, state - History
  111. Was Nazi Germany capable of exhausting the Soviet Union?: war, Roman, Britain - History
  112. Pyotr Durnovo's 1914 memorandum to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia: war, Roman, European - History
  113. We've had 2 Gay Presidents, One Gay VP, Others?: facts, Washington, Lincoln - History
  114. Real story of Columbus voyages?: influence, England, 80s, Chinese - History
  115. Did Jews have farming communities in the old world and where does kosher come from: general, European - History
  116. 1066: war, greatest, influences, Britain - History
  117. Discuss History Forum Parameters: war, Roman, general, 1990s
  118. The World known by Western Europeans pre-1400?: Romans, England, 60s - History
  119. are most Westerners still afraid of the Japanese because of WWII brutality?: WW2, war - History
  120. History's greatest understatement: war, bomb, general, Washington
  121. What were popular retail items and commodities traded across Ancient/medievel Eurasia: Romans, facts - History
  122. America's WWII fight: Germany vs Japan: war, bomb, Hitler, Japanese - History
  123. 9 Instances of Fidel Castro and Cubans Helping Black People Fight Colonialism and White Supremacy: war, influence - History
  124. German Resistance: WW2, Hitler, Europeans, economy - History
  125. Why did they send Columbus & Co. to the West when the Portuguese sailed around South Africa in 1488?: ancient, Europeans - History
  126. Narrowly avoiding nuclear bombing -- twice: WW2, war, greatest, general - History
  127. During the Middle Ages, did the Queen and take care of their children?: WWII, war - History
  128. Who do you think is the most interesting U.S. President ever?: war, bomb - History
  129. Why did George Washington marry Martha?: war, slaves, years, ally - History
  130. Where were you when the world changed?: 60s, state, empire - History
  131. Let's play a game.....: historical, American - History
  132. In what half-century did the human race evolve the most?: Roman, greatest - History
  133. Is it fair to compare the Palestinian right of return to the German right of return?: WW2, war - History
  134. Indigenous people from Northern Brazil didn't use clothes: Washington, European, years - History
  135. Simon Bolivar should be mentioned more often: England, general, colonies - History
  136. Was the U.S. justified to invade Panama in 1989?: war, invaded, years - History
  137. What was the point of Alexander the Great's military conquests?: ancient, war - History
  138. Lets discuss the creation of Israel: WW2, Egypt, bomb, Great Britain - History
  139. What if Perestroika had been a success?: influence, 90s, Hitler - History
  140. Before TV and Radio?: Roman, Greek, country, American - History
  141. 800th Anniversary of Signing of Magna Carta: war, Roman, influences - History
  142. What would someone from 1750 think of the year 2015?: general, state, president - History
  143. People alive before the snooze button- how did you get out bed??!: state, invention - History
  144. Should the Nazi women be a pass?: WWII, war, influence - History
  145. Did Charles I of England deserve to get executed?: war, Britain, state - History
  146. War Plan Red (approved in May 1930): Britain, Mexico, 1930s, Washington - History
  147. Differences between each colonial power: war, Britain, general, colonies - History
  148. How do you think things would changed if John Wilkes Booth was stopped?: facts, Lincoln - History
  149. Do you think the American Revolutionary War would have still been won without outside assistance?: influence, Britain - History
  150. Native American tribes and warfare before the whites??: England, general, events - History
  151. Did Nazi occupied nation not turn in their Jewish neighbors?: European, France - History
  152. Why did Quebec retain its French identity while Louisiana didn'?: WW2, war - History
  153. Civil War Aftermath: 60's, Lincoln, economy, state - History
  154. Interested in Mafia History?: Roman, Mexico, Russian, years
  155. Ghenghis Khan's Mongol army vs the American Indians?: general, Washington, European - History
  156. Ranking the greatest Empires in history: ancient, Romans, Britain, general
  157. Unit 731. Im shocked !: WW2, war, bomb, 80's - History
  158. What figure from history would you want as US President?: war, greatest
  159. A better plan for the Battle of Midway: war, greatest, bomb - History
  160. Why are there so many Spanish Counties in South America and Central America: war, England - History
  161. When did civilization became totally dependent on electricity?: WWII, general, 1920s - History
  162. are the native americans similar to stone age people that never advanced?: ancient, Egypt - History
  163. How Ty Cobb was framed as a racist: war, greatest, general - History
  164. From his clothing do you think 1919 or 1942 ?: 1920s, popular, New York - History
  165. Is Urban Civil Unrest Really Intensifying?: war, influence, general, 1980s - History
  166. When Europeans first arrived in America how did they learn the Indians language?: European, slaves - History
  167. Were there many Women/Children casualties in the American Civil War?: bomb, military - History
  168. What was talk radio like in the days before Rush ??: 80s, state - History
  169. 40 Years After Vietnam: war, 80's, president, countries - History
  170. Racial Equality and the Abolitionists: war, Mexico, Lincoln, European - History
  171. Was bleeding as a medical practice pure quackery or was there a practical reason for it?: ancient, 1980s - History
  173. FDR: Great president or evil anti-American socialist?: WWII, war, greatest - History
  174. Why Israel and Palestine have never been friends, in my opinion: WWII, war - History
  175. When did people begin to fuss about basically everything/chew themselves into little mental bits: 90s, years - History
  176. Did Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife deserved to get shot?: Roman, 80's - History
  177. World Knew of Holocaust When in Progress; On Same Road Now: war, bomb - History
  178. United States Marine Corps in World War II: WWII, general, European - History
  179. What do you think the US and British would have done if their leadership believed that Pearl Harbor would be attacked?: war, bomb - History
  180. The tragically powerful story behind the lone German who refused to give Hitler the Nazi salute.: general, 1930s - History
  181. Virginians Who Didn't Join the Insurrection.: war, generals, Mexican, Lincoln - History
  182. What if Napoleon did not suffer the heavy losses in Russia?: Egypt, Great Britain - History
  183. Combat deceptions: WW2, war, greatest, bomb - History
  184. Are riots pretty much a common event in American history?: war, Great Britain
  185. O. Stone’s anti-government documentary: war, general, economic, invaded - History
  186. So would the races in, say, 2000 BC look much different than today?: Asians, European - History
  187. The influence of the T-54 and the T-55 tank: war, 60's, Russian - History
  188. Just found out that the Hebrews didn't build the pyramids in Egypt. Mind blown!: ancient, Egyptian - History
  189. Why do so many countries have lighter north, darker south?: influence, general - History
  190. How will be the work of a historian from the 25th century?: ancient, facts - History
  191. So how exactly did what would become privilege classes start in the first place?: ancient, Roman - History
  192. Why Lincoln Fought the South.: war, general, economy, state - History
  193. Psychiatric Facilities pre-1980s: England, general, 1990s, state - History
  194. Napoleon's illegitimate son: Charlotte - History
  195. 150th Anniversary of the Lincoln Assassination - Original Coverage: Philadelphia - History
  196. Great Nixon interview: why, ally, NYC - History
  197. Chios massacre (greek war for independance): empire, Greece - History
  198. Chlorine Gas Anniversary: war, bomb, Britain, France - History
  199. Was the Safavid conversion of Iran to Twelver Shia Islam an early nationalistic move?: European, empire - History
  200. What would have been the endgame of the Algiers coup?: war, state - History