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  1. Where are a Type VII U-Boat's Rudder Controls? - History
  2. News, Hitler Reemerges in Wax Form at Berlin Madame Tussauds Museum.: war, nazism - History
  3. A look back at America (in color): 1930's, years, how - History
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  5. News, THIS DAY IN AMERICAN HISTORY.: Great Britain, document, Philadelphia
  6. News, Auction house seeks to sell Rosa Parks collection.: rights, how, Chicago - History
  7. History Channel: Shockwave Episode: America, political, why, ally
  8. News, Ill. foundation acquires Holocaust letter exhibit: commander, concentration, ally - History
  9. Has felt disappointed after going to the National Constitution Center?: greatest, facts - History
  10. News, Tunnels show Hitler's megalomaniac vision.: war, Russian, German, military - History
  11. Immigrant Gets Grave Marker: America, how, ally, New York - History
  12. Why do lawmen have a star representing there profession?: Roman, state, origin - History
  13. Congressional Prayer: historical, origin, years, country - History
  14. News, The Crimes of the Century, The FBI Looks Back at of the Most Celebrated Cases of the Last 100 Years.: Egyptian, 60's - History
  15. Chernobyl Disaster - 26 April 1986: Russian, Ireland, German, Germany - History
  16. Help with on Code Talkers?: WWII, war, 60's, Japanese - History
  17. A 300 Sequel? Really?: war, general, slavery, Greek - History
  18. have u seen the Chinese Terra-cotta: Canada, ally, museum - History
  19. Iceni Celtic Warrior Queen Boudica TV Show Posted: Romans, Britain, general - History
  20. Looking for someone who knows a lot about: military, how, ally - History
  21. What scares us most about tomorrow today?: war, greatest, bomb - History
  22. Has seen the TV Show Man Men and enjoyed the portrayal of the early 1960s America?: historical, origin - History
  23. Eras of History
  24. News, Aug. 8, 1876: Run This Off on the Mimeo.: greatest, vs - History
  25. Frederick Remington: origin, how, best, ally - History
  26. LZ XRay and LZ Albaby: country, battle, Americans, Vietnam - History
  27. Petersburg, V.A. (Civil War Buffs ONLY): confederacy, battle, different - History
  28. Seven Years' War: American, ally - History
  29. News, Titanic Treasures to Go on Display at Ga. Aquarium.: Denver, Atlanta - History
  30. Middle-Ages: ancient, Roman, empire, German - History
  31. Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski: war, Egypt, president, German - History
  32. News, Virginia dig searches for black Southern heritage.: slavery, country, American - History
  33. Hurricane Ike Uncovers Civil War Ship: Alabama, ally - History
  34. The Unknown Story of the Vietnam War.: military, years, attack - History
  35. Book on Teddy Roosevelt: president, years - History
  36. Has looked for Civil War relics?: facts, years, battle - History
  37. When did the Cold War end?: general, USSR, Russia, United States - History
  38. R.I.P. Italian America: Europeans, years, Americans, government - History
  39. Intresting facts in 1972 & 1971: war, bomb, generals, raids - History
  40. 80% singles were sick and neurotic in 1957: 1950s, Americans, why - History
  41. News, Early U.S. phone book sold for $170,500.: England, years, how - History
  42. The Branch Davidians: drugs, date, weapons, officers - History
  43. Stolen Legacy Debate Video: ancient, Egypt, Africa, ally - History
  44. Woodrow Wilson: I have unwittingly ruined my country: government, why - History
  45. News, Blueprints for Auschwitz camp found in Germany.: origin, Berlin - History
  46. Jack Lucas: Japanese, battle, Mississippi - History
  47. News, A LOOK AT BLACK HISTORY IN AMERICA.: president, years, African
  48. just: war, Egypt, invaded, USA - History
  49. The American Future: A History ,Has seen Simon Schama's fantastic TV series ?: Britain, events
  50. Mao Zedong, 24-year-old student: greatest, Lincoln, Chinese, German - History
  51. When the Gales of November Come Early: war, historical, origin - History
  52. Did Hitler Have Germanic Idols ?: Roman, empire, Bismarck, Russian - History
  53. Ancient Mesopotamia: war, Rome, Egypt, facts - History
  54. On This Day in 1863...: Washington, Lincoln, years, battle - History
  55. Sweet Revenge: WW2, Romans, bomb, general - History
  56. Today is Veterans Day: WW2, France, origin, German - History
  57. News, Do you believe in Curse's? Would you touch this man's bones?: origin, peace - History
  58. Jews in the Soviet Union, Stalin’s willing executioners? - History
  59. John Adams miniseries on HBO: influence, facts, Washington, Lincoln - History
  60. RDS-220 hydrogen bomb - History
  61. Middle East History in 90 sec!: empire
  62. 1854 Eureka Stockade: battle, Australia, rights - History
  63. Atatürk Founder Of The Modern Turkey: war, empire, president - History
  64. Paleo Peoples on History Channel Today: ancient, DNA, France, years
  65. HMS Ontario located: war, Great Britain, state, historical - History
  66. WW2 Veteran : Lawrence H Larson: war, military, country - History
  67. Pig market in NYC: general, America, ally, New York - History
  68. Depresssion, Crash and Drought: 60's, economic, events, military - History
  69. Help! The Madness of John Brown: events, slaves, origin, years - History
  70. Historical Films And Accuracy...The Best And The Worst: WW2, war, Roman - History
  71. Comparing, and Contrasting The Fall of Rome to Today's world: ancient, Romans - History
  72. about The Moors: war, Roman, influence, England - History
  73. Eras/Decades of the 20th century: WW2, war, Roman, bomb - History
  74. Black GI's In Europe during WW2: war, Britain, German, Germany - History
  75. Mongol Invasion of Europe: 60's, empire, Russia, conquer - History
  76. Why Did Latin Dominate Greek: Romans, influences, England, empire - History
  77. When did the 1980s era end?: 90s, economic, years, decline - History
  78. About Empires: Romans, Egyptian, influence, general - History
  79. What is an Anglo?: ancient, England, general, Mexican - History
  80. Thoughts on Mussolini: WW2, war, Roman, Britain - History
  81. Can think of reasons why history is NOT important: influence, general
  82. The Kennedy Assassination-Did Oswald do it alone or was there a conspiracy?: war, general - History
  83. Favorite US President?: 80's, Washington, Lincoln, JFK - History
  84. History/Geography NEWS!: viking, kings, years, Columbus
  85. History of Beer: ancient, Egyptian, 50s, Germans
  86. Third Roman Empire: ancient, Romans, influence, Europeans - History
  87. Lincoln's decision to militarily prevent the secession of the Confederate states: WW2, war - History
  88. Little unknown oddities of us & canada: 1950s, interesting facts, president - History
  89. Ancient Language's Numerals: Romans, invaded, empire, viking - History
  90. Pearl harbor and WWII: WW2, war, influence, Great Britain - History
  91. Couldn't the U.S. have stopped nuclear proliferation?: WW2, bomb, Hitler - History
  92. In what decade did regular people go out to dinner all the time?: 90s, economy - History
  93. Salem Witch Trials: colonies, conquer, years, United States - History
  94. Does remember the deep Economic Recession of the early 1980s?: WWII, war - History
  95. US Involvement in the Middle East: ancient, war, Egypt, 70s - History
  96. The Deaths of Kings and Generals: war, Romans, 70's, historical - History
  97. What Would Of Happened If Italy Joined The Allies: WW2, war, bomb - History
  98. How would you describe Nazi Germany?: war, influence, economy, country - History
  99. The Greatest Ruler in History Is?: Roman, influence, Britain, Lincoln
  100. History's Greats: WWII, war, Roman, Egypt
  101. USSR and Europe's liberation.: WW2, war, Roman, influence - History
  102. What was living in the Cold War like?: WW2, influences, bomb - History
  103. The End Of Nazi Germany: WWII, Great Britain, Asians, Hitler - History
  104. Why don't people know more about Benjamin Franklin?: slaves, American, achievements - History
  105. The 1990s and 2000s - why are they equal in most people's view?: war, economy - History
  106. Which President Had the hardest Time?: WW2, war, Washington, Lincoln - History
  107. The origin of Red and Blue for the political parties: general, European - History
  108. Did the Beatles start an era of sloppiness?: influence, 60's, JFK - History
  109. Heres an interesting bit of trivia....: 50s, Washington, Lincoln, presidents - History
  110. Why do people assume if you were born at the start of a decade, you know nothing about it?: general, 90s - History
  111. Discovery of Gold in Calif. and timing of Mexican War: generals, facts - History
  112. Obama's place in history (as the 1st non White leader in the West): ancient, Roman
  113. Was Julius Caesar a conservative or a liberal?: Romans, Europeans, empire - History
  114. 1950s Family: war, Mexico, Hitler, drugs - History
  115. The Real Eisenhower: Planning to Win Nuclear War: WW2, USSR - History
  116. Your list of top military leaders?: war, Roman, greatest, influence - History
  117. Which civilization would you have wanted to live in?: Rome, Egyptian, Europeans - History
  118. A different theory of the fall of the Roman Empire: war, Romans - History
  119. Who would you choose to dine with & why ?: greatest, Greek, years - History
  120. 6 JUNE---64 Years Later: greatest, countries, America, how - History
  121. Forts: war, bomb, England, general - History
  122. Bootleggers and Drug dealers: 1930s, state, drugs, origin - History
  123. Can History Repeat the 1930's: Hitler, events, origin, president
  124. Color & Race In Egypt: ancient, Egyptian, civilization, language - History
  125. June 1968 - RFK assassination: 60's, JFK, economic, events - History
  126. If Hitler was Killed in Explosion: war, bomb, Britain, generals - History
  127. Oldest Civilization?: Egyptian, 70s, facts, empire - History
  128. If available-would US have nuked Berlin?: WW2, war, bomb, Washington - History
  129. Time Machine: Egypt, 60's, attack, Americans - History
  130. Old English Numbers and Terms: ancient, Romans, general, origin - History
  131. Which era of time would you want to live in?: England, 80's - History
  132. The 1950s america: WW2, war, 1930s, drugs - History
  133. How Far Back Can You Trace Your Roots: war, Roman, England - History
  134. What do you think was the best decade in America?: 90s, economy - History
  135. Thinking about vintage soda pop: 1950s, Washington, invention, years - History
  136. How old is your house??: war, 80s, origin, years - History
  137. Germany would have lost WW II without American involvement: WWII, war, bomb - History
  138. Is William The Conqueror The Father Of Todays World Wide Dominate Language: Romans, Egypt - History
  139. The Tudors: England, facts, historical, origin - History
  140. Need FYI on Ulster Scots/Lowlanders/Presbyterians: Roman, influence, England - History
  141. News, Titanic life jacket sells in New York for $68,500.: facts, state, events - History
  142. Worst Military Leaders In History: war, bomb, Britain, generals
  143. Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King Jr: war, 60's, economic - History
  144. Developement of Africa: ancient, Egypt, Britain, 1800s - History
  145. Black Slave Owners: WWII, war, crimes, slavery - History
  146. History we can learn from our elderly.: WW2, war, bomb
  147. Confederate flag: Britain, general, state, origin - History
  148. On the anniversary of Hiroshima - was it really necessary to A-bomb Japan?: WWII, war - History
  149. Hiroshima: war, bomb, Europeans, Chinese - History
  150. are GREEKS considered to be white people?: ancient, Europeans, origin - History
  151. Now till 2012.....: war, greatest, 1930s, economy - History
  152. The Low Countries; I'm confused: war, Roman, 60s, invaded - History
  153. Stonehenge on Nat.Geo.: years, leader, how, ally - History
  154. asian Hierarchy? which asians rank above others?: Mexican, facts, Chinese - History
  155. News, White captives had a difficult time living Indians.: war, general - History
  156. History Channel Today '' The Dark Ages and the Barbarians'': Romans, Europeans
  157. Does find the 9/11 youtube videos too disturbing?: facts, origin, years - History
  158. The Worst Times?: WW2, war, Romans, greatest - History
  159. The Longest Day ....On Today: war, bomb, events, Germans - History
  160. How Did Germanic France Become Latin/French Speaking: Romans, influence, European - History
  161. What would England/Great Britain be like today had the Romans not invaded in 1066?: generals, viking - History
  162. John Brown, Abolitionist: war, England, slavery, historical - History
  163. Who Am I?????: war, Egypt, Britain, colonies - History
  164. Was there a Neutral Country in Europe During WWII: war, Great Britain - History
  165. Bet You Didn't You Know The History About.....: general, invention, Russian
  166. Did Italian war crimes actually occur?: WWII, bomb, Britain, general - History
  167. Did Chinese Discover America In 1421: ancient, conquer, years, country - History
  168. Who is your favorite American in history regardless of race or gender?: war, England
  169. did people of europe look different 1000 years ago?: Roman, European, invaded - History
  170. Anglo-Americans and war mongering in modern history: WWII, greatest, bomb
  171. Blonde hair blue eyed Mexicans: WWII, war, influence, Asians - History
  172. Have You Worked With a WW2 Veteran..?: war, bomb, 80's - History
  173. Inventions that changed our world: influence, biggest, years, decline - History
  174. Can Recognize Speaker In Video Who Introduces Hitler: war, crimes, Russian - History
  175. History Reference Room: Roman, England, general, 1980s
  176. The Most Significant Event in Human History: influence, facts, events
  177. African History: empire, country, civilization, Indiana
  178. News, Archaeologists Say Dig Unearthed 'Robinson Crusoe' Campsite.: evidence - History
  179. T28 Fennec: war, 60's, France - History
  180. News, Museum opens at Woodstock concert site.: bomb, USA - History
  181. News, The Final Resting Place of a Submarine.: war, western, society - History
  182. 1800's hotel closing due to race: success - History
  183. 14th Century Low Countries - History
  184. The Speech That Got JKF Killed: how, Kennedy - History
  185. Pictures to enjoy - History
  186. News, Whydah Pirate Ship Holds 'Tons' of Treasure.: years - History
  187. American Hero passes: Washington, army - History
  188. News, Mass. businesses battle over Lizzie Borden legacy.: years, Massachusetts, Boston - History
  189. News, Remains of 3 sailors from Pearl Harbor identified.: California, Portland, Oklahoma - History
  190. New Military Forum - History
  191. News, Revealed: Pistol that sparked World War One goes on display in Britain for the first time.,: bomb, assassin - History
  192. Salvatore Giuliano. a modern Sicilian legend: war, Roman, state, France - History
  193. Slave Tags: slaves, years, Charleston - History
  194. News, Worldwide War Deaths Underestimated.: years - History
  195. Ashland, Virginia, post office history
  196. News, Archaeologists find remains of Washington's boyhood home.: president, years, Virginia - History
  197. Chilseok: Korea, ally, Korean - History
  198. News, WWII diplomat proposed Britain, Germany split world.: war, British, London - History
  199. News, Hundreds remember 9/11 flight crews with sculpture.: years, American, Detroit - History
  200. Sargon vs. Tamerlane: general - History