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  1. Using technology to make slave narratives come alive.: historical, document - History
  2. Text books in High school's: Washington, slave, origin, president - History
  3. Evidence of Mass Atrocities In Post War Vietnam.: military, years, Communism - History
  4. 1940 German Firld Marshall Ceromony: war, greatest, generals, Hitler - History
  5. Stonehenge may have been first erected in Wales.: ancient, Rome, years - History
  6. History~Recorded vs. the truth?: influence, facts, Washington, Lincoln
  7. Plutarch - Parallel lives: ancient, war, Roman, historical - History
  8. Research Help and Questions about the WW2 Draft System - Help needed!: war, general - History
  9. Politics in the Roman Republic before Julius Caesar...: influence, biggest, state - History
  10. Chancellorsville precise troop dispositions: war, biggest, historical, attack - History
  11. How much foreign support did groups like the Weather Underground receive?: war, influence - History
  12. Thucydides trap: war, economic, versus, China - History
  13. Kissinger the author: historical, USA, ally - History
  14. 1915 WW1 diary gives account of second Christmas truce: war, general, France - History
  15. Fun Facts on Teddy Roosevelt: general, presidents, years, ally - History
  16. If the South would have won...: war, influence, Mexico, Hitler - History
  17. 2009: more like 2003 or 2015?: years, compared, ally - History
  18. Film on what Iraq used to be during the 1950s.: war, Egypt - History
  19. Historic Chemistry Lab with to Jefferson Discovered: years, ally, Charlotte - History
  20. An excerpt from a proto-Nazi book from 1912: war, influence, colonies - History
  21. what is the story behind the 'rape of the Sabine women'?: ancient, Romans - History
  22. Frederick Douglass Was the Most Photographed American of the 19th Century: influence, 1800s - History
  23. In WWII, For How Long Did U-Boats Use Snorkels Without Radar Detectors?: war, Hitler - History
  24. 1874-Year Of The Locust: biggest, attack, how, ally - History
  25. Past Imperial capitals you'd most like to visit?: Egypt, general, USA - History
  26. When the decade of the 2000's ends and the decade of the 2010's starts (not in the calendar, but in social terms): president, United States - History
  27. In WWII, How Effective Was the Foxer in Defeating Homing Torpedoes?: war, influence - History
  28. My take on big picture historical cycles since the 1980.: war, influence, general - History
  29. Closed border in WWII: war, Mexican, 50s, economy - History
  30. why do europeans dislike Israel?: origin, years, civilization, contribution - History
  31. Who remembers Samantha Smith?: war, bomb, 1980s, empire - History
  32. Hanoi Hanna: war, historical, years, Communism - History
  33. Standard Bread law: Britain, Russians, German, Germany - History
  34. When Seattle was steep like Frisco: 60's, how, ally, Chicago - History
  35. Rosa Parks: years, African, American, Africa - History
  36. Was the MG42 used after the war?: Great Britain, 80's, Hitler - History
  37. Historic events that turned on luck: war, bomb, England, raids - History
  38. Which was more brutal Soviet Afghan War or Second Indochina War: bomb, state - History
  39. The Tyranny Cycle: Roman, facts, Hitler, economy - History
  40. 40th Anniversary of November 10, 1975, Huge Day in History: general, events, president
  41. Historic Mistakes That Turned Into Blessings in Disguise.: war, greatest, Britain - History
  42. The Brazilian Gold Rush of the 18th century: influence, England, general - History
  43. Did soldiers of days gone by enlist mostly for money, adventure, rite of passage/obligation: WW2, ancient - History
  44. Public Education: 1870-1930 USA Vs. Germany; How did they stack up against one another?: Russian, compared - History
  45. Fascinating Recording of Hitler Explaining War Strategy.: bomb, general, Russia - History
  46. Why did Mongolia secede from China in 1911 while Xinjiang did not?: armies, leader - History
  47. Apush: war, colonies, historical, German - History
  48. 35 yrs on - The Iran-Iraq war: bomb, generals, invaded, Japan - History
  49. Notable people (esp. intellectuals) victims of the Nazis: WWII, England, concentration - History
  50. ??? about popes, bishops, what they say today vs yesteryear...: ancient, historical - History
  51. Was Alexander Hamilton an immigrant?: England, colonies, Washington, European - History
  52. did the coastal Native Americans in North America eat SEAL meat?: Washington, peoples - History
  53. If the Das Reich 2nd SS Panzer Division was closer to Normandy ?: war, Hitler - History
  54. Treatment of Russian nationals in WW-1 Germany: war, general, Spanish - History
  55. A fun TV/History crossover .. Good - Bad Guys: war, Great Britain
  56. Recommendations on books about Chernobyl?: facts, document - History
  57. Roman and Persian Empires: cities, different, ally - History
  58. Churchill's - History of British People: ancient, war, Britain, historical
  59. Tungusta Explosion 1908: general, events, years, document - History
  60. The Molly Maguires: England, general, 80's, European - History
  61. Olympic Games 1984 Closing Ceremony: 1950's, Hitler, events, nazism - History
  62. Why Hitler did not kill Hans Speidel: officers, western, commander - History
  63. History of the overall amount of wealth in America...1776-present: WW2, war
  64. The Post Revolutionary Era,: war, Great Britain, general, colonies - History
  65. Women: Do you think the more notorious women who had done bad deeds in the past were justified?: war, Rome - History
  66. Do you think the most ruthless rulers in time would be different today?: war, influence - History
  67. France To Open Nazi Collaboration/Vichy Files: WW2, war, state - History
  68. Has there been case of plagiarism Nobel science prize winners?: 60s, economic - History
  69. What if the Civil Rights acts of the 1960's, were all passed earlier in the 20th century?: war, European - History
  70. US Army service in the Pre- and Post- Civil War on discharge: Mexican, 80's - History
  71. Compare US Presidents to Historical Figures: war, Roman, influence, 1930s - History
  72. Hereditary Succession and The End of Polygamy?: England, origin, how - History
  73. Sayings from the Good Old days: language, ally - History
  74. photos of segregation: 70s, facts, years, country - History
  75. Which Decade (or years) Best Exemplified the Cheer/Spirit of this Holiday Season?: 60's, Russians - History
  76. Criminal offence; commoners in possession of books way back when?: Roman, influence - History
  77. Why did it take so long for Doctors to realize smoking was bad for your health?: war, influence - History
  78. 30 years ago today (space shuttle Challenger explosion): different, ally, Chicago - History
  79. How to beat the larger checklist - The Winter War between Finland and the USSR: WWII, Roman - History
  80. During World War I enemies stopped fighting and celebrated Christmas together: WWII, generals - History
  81. How has America been so fortunate as to not have so much internal strife leading to war?: greatest, Britain - History
  82. German soldiers talk about ww2: influence, generals, Hitler, Europeans - History
  83. Had Germany enlisted and fully trained women to shoot/fight could it have made a difference?: war, Roman - History
  84. Polar opposite opinions about Mr. Lincoln......: war, influences, generals, slavery - History
  85. Repetition of historical absurdities: ancient, Roman, general, Sumeria - History
  86. If there was a Scramble for Europe in the late-1800's, led by the Big 3...: WWII, Britain - History
  87. Why was Ireland historically so poor?: Britain, Europeans, economy, empire - History
  88. Why the lack of domestic animals and plague in pre columbian America?: ancient, war - History
  89. Did of the founding father's see the hypocrisy in being about liberty havig slavery?: war, Great Britain - History
  90. Why did the Nazies really hated the slavs?: WW2, Romans, Hitler - History
  91. Woodrow Wilson in a New Light: WW2, war, greatest, bomb - History
  92. about the Spartans.: ancient, slaves, weapons, combat - History
  93. Should Franco (Spanish dictator) have been removed in WW2?: war, Britain, general - History
  94. Desert Storm: Battleship USS Missouri vs. Iranian Gunboats?: bomb, historical, military - History
  95. Who benifitted the most from Kennedy's death: war, general, JFK - History
  96. Short but comprehensive docu's on WW1 and WW2?: war, Great Britain, 70's - History
  97. North africa and rome: WW2, ancient, Romans, Egypt - History
  98. New View of the French Resistance.: WWII, war, general, 70s - History
  99. Would it have been better had the Titanic struck from the front?: how, different - History
  100. What if Hitler did NOT invade Poland in 1939?: war, bomb, Great Britain - History
  101. In the past how could people not see child labor and be disgusted?: Great Britain, general - History
  102. Would there have been NEGATIVE consquences to not getting involved in Vietnam?: war, general - History
  103. Do you remember where you were when Reagan was shot?: JFK, president - History
  104. Why exactly did Germany implode during World War I but not during World War II?: WW2, Roman - History
  105. Should the U.S. have let Japan keep their surviving WWII ships?: war, influence - History
  106. Nazi guards standing trial for war crimes: Rome, 60's, events - History
  107. The Greatest Generation and Formal Dress Hats: WW2, war, general - History
  108. How did the races mix after the Civil War and before the Civil Rights Movement?: Mexican, 60s - History
  109. Could the Central Powers of WWI had won if not for the U.S?: war, Britain - History
  110. In a Germany-Wins-World War I Scenario, How Successful Will Post-World War I German Colonization ...: WW2, influence - History
  111. Pearl Harbor Day - December 7: war, bomb, Lincoln, events - History
  112. New Civil War Era Medical Drama: general, 50s, Washington, slave - History
  113. What caused the fall of the Roman Empire to the Middle Ages or Medieval Ages?: ancient, Romans - History
  114. Was casual sex really harder to get back in the 50s/60s?: general, 60's - History
  115. Jean-Paul Marat visionary quote.: war, general, 60's, assassin - History
  116. Had the Treaty of Versailles been more fair could WWII been avoided?: war, Britain - History
  117. Most significant event in your country: WW2, war, influence, Britain - History
  118. How good or bad was everyday life in Soviet Union or Maoist China: WW2, war - History
  119. In 1830 about 1 in 150 free blacks owned slaves for exploitative purposes: war, slavery - History
  120. Which Part Of American History Books Would You Love To Blot Out?: war, 60s
  121. Which ships contributed the most in World War II?: Britain, European, biggest - History
  122. The real reason the American Revolution started: war, Great Britain, general - History
  123. Germany 1925-1945: What % of resources and innovation went towards destroying humans?: WWII, war - History
  124. The Founding Fathers and Religion: war, Roman, influences, England - History
  125. SS Edmund Fitzgerald RIP: general, Australia, government, leader - History
  126. Was the U.S justified in their killlings of ther Berber people?: 1800s, Europeans - History
  127. were DNA sample taken from ancient Egyptian mummys: facts, European, origin - History
  128. Most Lopsided War in History where David Beat Goliath: WW2, general
  129. Do you think Stalin would have tried an invasion of Europe had there been no Hitler?: WWII, war - History
  130. Could the Holocaust have occurred if Jews had been Armed and resisted?: general, state - History
  131. Why didn't Rome/byzantine empire conquer Ukraine/Russia?: war, Romans, influence - History
  132. Billy The Kid Playing Croquet.: 1950s, Lincoln, historical, origin - History
  133. Would Germany have likely won World War 1 if Mexico had accepted their proposals under the Zimmerman note?: Mexican, invaded - History
  134. Were The Draft Riots of 1863 In NYC The Worst Riots A U.S. City Has Ever Seen?: war, influence - History
  135. What if Boudicca had defeated the Romans: Britain, invaded, viking - History
  136. Worst fashion trends ever: 80s, historical, kings, army - History
  137. Post-1950 efforts to modify national borders along ethnic/religious lines using force?: Russian, conquer - History
  138. Did Memories Of The Treaty of Versailles Let Germany Off Easy After WWII?: WW2, war - History
  139. first hand accounts of German soldiers and camp guards - how did they deal with what they did to kids?: WW2, war - History
  140. Would Saddam Hussein have survived the Arab Spring?: war, Egypt, years - History
  141. History myth - The South supported states rights: war, 1950s, Washington
  142. Pre-WWII Germany and Jewish power: did the Germans view the Jews the same as poor Americans view the 1% today?: WW2, war - History
  143. Was it West or East Germany that paid most of the reparations for WW2: war, economy - History
  144. Best Gilded Age President: war, greatest, Britain, general - History
  145. Why didn't Japan use big battleships at Guadalcanal? lack of oil.: war, bomb - History
  146. Have the queens of England accomplished more for England than its kings have?: Roman, greatest - History
  147. Joan of Arc was executed because she was a woman: war, facts - History
  148. What's The Real Lesson of WWII?: WW2, war, biggest, economic - History
  149. Most Important Fighter Plane of WWII?: war, bomb, Britain, Japanese - History
  150. JFK assassination: 90s, facts, president, years - History
  151. Wanting to study all civilizations in history: WW2, ancient, war
  152. A few questions about Crucifixion.: Romans, general, empire, years - History
  153. Life in an internment camp for Japanese Americans: WWII, Asians, economy - History
  154. The Soviet T-34: The Lethal Tank that Won World War II?: WWII, Egyptian - History
  155. Kaisar Wilhelm II and Adolf Hitler: WW2, war, greatest, influence - History
  156. Haunted Hotels: war, facts, Washington, origin - History
  157. Did WWII U-Boat Stay Surfaced When an Enemy Plane Was Spotted at Long Range?: war, bomb - History
  158. What if Germany had won the FIRST World War (not the Second): WWII, ancient - History
  159. Biggest Mistakes in History: WW2, war, general, Mexico
  160. If Hitler had launched a pre-emtive attack on the United States....: WW2, war - History
  161. Was Communism ever really a threat?: WWII, war, influence, bomb - History
  162. What effect would such a move by Hitler have had in postponing the war in Europe?: bomb, crimes - History
  163. Iran hostage crisis why not military force: 60s, raids, state - History
  164. My parents lived through this but no one knows about it: WWII, war - History
  165. Under heavy guns.......: WW2, bomb, interior, biggest - History
  166. National leaders who literally didn't speak the same language as they led: Britain, Mexico - History
  167. Did WWII Subs Often Hide From Sonar at Periscope Depth?: WW2, war - History
  168. Was suicide Hitler's only real option? Couldn't Hitler have fled to one of countries and gained asylum?: war, Roman - History
  169. 1967-1969, Was That A Revolution or What?: war, 1950s, European - History
  170. Why have Anglos created strong governments and economies compared to others?: ancient, Great Britain - History
  171. If you had the chance to time travel just once, and change History only once...: Hitler, France
  172. Racisium: Roman, general, Hitler, origin - History
  173. Do you believe the decade of the 2020's will spark interest in the 1920's?: war, 1920s - History
  174. Killing Julius Caesar: war, Roman, generals, empire - History
  175. What was the problem with both U.S. as well as German torpedoes during WWII?: WW2, bomb - History
  176. Were soldiers allowed to take souvenirs from dead soldiers in WWII?: war, Japanese - History
  177. What if Operation Downfall had taken place?: war, bomb, general - History
  178. Would it have been for Hitler to escape to Argentina?: WWII, war - History
  179. Art and history detective work needed: date, contribution, how, ally
  180. Why did Mexico lose the Mexican - American War?: influence, general, economic - History
  181. Has naval bombardment been an effective strategy?: WW2, war, Egypt - History
  182. How does the war in Syria look to you?: WW2, greatest, invaded - History
  183. America's First Gay President?: war, Roman, influence, Great Britain - History
  184. Have Queens or Empress' ever waged war against each other?: influence, England - History
  185. Turning WWII large ships into razor blades, 1959-1962: WW2, war, bomb - History
  186. Los Angeles 1850-1860: 50s, biggest, state, slave - History
  187. 18,967 Days Since a President Has Died in Office: general, Washington, assassin - History
  188. Check out The Man in the High Castle Amazon TV series: bomb, Washington - History
  189. Mein Kampf being re-printed: Hitler, German, Germany - History
  190. if British had been victorious in Buenos Aires in 1807: independent Argentina and British Uruguay: war, influence - History
  191. 5 Evil Figures Who Had Surprising Pasts - History
  192. Dr Henry Krystal, RIP - History
  193. Argentina crisis and Currency board rules: influence - History
  194. Petition for WASP's to buried in Arlington.: WW2, Washington, military - History
  195. Nikita Khrushchev's Shoe Banging at the UN Saved His Life...?: bomb, attack - History
  196. Modern Day Roman State (Empire): Spanish, Greek, years, ally - History
  197. Free scholarly analyses comparing Manifest Destiny and Lebensraum: compare, different - History
  198. Can indigenous creation stories tell of how cultures really came to be?: New Zealand, evidence - History
  199. Latest Marie-Antoinette Scandal - History
  200. 100 Years of Beauty - Episode 4: Korea (Tiffany): ally, women - History