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  1. Thoughts on how WW2 could have ended up if FDR didn't have Soviet spies on his staff?: war, Hitler - History
  2. Could France's policies in the late 19th and early 20th centuries be considered to be a case of cultural genocide?: historical, USA - History
  3. Was the Atlantic Slave Trade vital for the British Industrial Revolution?: influence, 70s - History
  4. The DNA Of Black Ancestry: Russian, German, ancestors, African - History
  5. Could/would J. Edgar Hoover have been able to kill Watergate?: influence, Washington - History
  6. When LBJ grew his hair long....: presidents, country, Vietnam, enemy - History
  7. D-Day Remembrance: war, bomb, Britain, generals - History
  8. The Murder of James Garfield: war, Lincoln, assassin, assassination - History
  9. 1976-1980: Are we repeating the past?: president, years, country, defeated - History
  10. Second most famous/most interesting shipwreck: America, ally, Arizona, California - History
  11. Roads in hell....: document, how, society, ally - History
  12. Amber Room found in a German Bunker?: WWII, bomb, state - History
  13. Recommendations for 2 topics: Americans, ally - History
  14. Things you might not know about the Statue of Liberty: years - History
  15. Did women in Roman times really wear very revealing attire?: ancient, Romans - History
  16. Historical Figures You Were Surprised to Learn Did/ Did Not Live At The Same Time?: general, Mexico - History
  17. A large (and free) collection of 19th century ethnographic maps: general, ally - History
  18. Rockefeller and Standard Oil ..: influence, how, different, Maine - History
  19. Rosa Parks the Alberta Schenck of the South.: years, American, rights - History
  20. 1870s-1914 in America - Need Help: war, general, events, invention - History
  21. Names of people in The Establishment: general, European, origin - History
  22. When the US entered World War I, did most Americans expect millions of American troops to be sent to the Western Front?: ally - History
  23. What if Hitler Came Back to Life; Netflix answers the: war, Germans - History
  24. 2015 book on American volunteers in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939): Hitler, state - History
  25. When America was really divided: England, JFK, state, slavery - History
  26. May 8th is VE Day: WWII, general, Hitler, Japan - History
  27. Great GERMAN Footage From WW1: war, influence, events, Germany - History
  28. Predictions about the Soviet Union....: war, 80's, economy, empire - History
  29. The Attack on Glasgow Airport: bomb, years, descent, British - History
  30. watching PBS' Season 3 Nazi Mega Weapons?: WWII, war, influence - History
  31. Graffiti on top of the pyramids: ancient, Egyptian, 80s, historical - History
  32. What jobs could black people have in 1960s uk: 60's, London, ally - History
  33. Glasgow University and Black American who gained a degree: England, colonies, European - History
  34. Was there much public outcry over the Korean War?: WWII, greatest, general - History
  35. History Of The Bicycle: 1800s, invention, years, America
  36. New (2015) book on the opening of Alta Calif. by the Spanish: Europeans, origin - History
  37. Forgotten history of WW 2: WW2, war, bomb, general
  38. viral meme on Facebook - about life before U.S. income tax: war, state - History
  39. War Plan Red: WW2, Great Britain, general, 1930s - History
  40. Environmental interpretation of history: influence, Mexico, Washington, economic
  41. Why no feminist outrage towards Angela Merkel or Henriette Reker?: general, events - History
  42. Americanist history books?: war, economic, events, slavery
  43. Anne Boleyn was very devious.: historical, document, how, ally - History
  44. Was there ever a time in US history when the economy was perfect ??: WW2, bomb
  45. What cultural trends will the 2000s and 2010s be remembered for?: 90s, years - History
  46. Schindler's List: historical, German, Germany, how - History
  47. Why would Scots choose to immigrate to Ireland during the Irish famine?: war, England - History
  48. To Whom Would the Romans Pray to Enact a Curse?: best - History
  49. Roman Coins found across Scotland: ancient, Romans, Ireland, countries - History
  50. The rise and fall of great world cities: 5,700 years of urbanisation – mapped: Russia, America - History
  51. Benjamin Bannecker Rocked: slavery, historical, origin, president - History
  52. U.S Stagecoaches And Wagons: years, country, western, how - History
  53. J. R. R. Tolkien and the Battle of the Somme: WW2, war - History
  54. Do you agree with this quote from Alexander Hamilton?: war, Great Britain, Washington - History
  55. What happened to all of the land that was destroyed after WWI?: WW2, war - History
  56. Presidential Longevity -- or, Happy Birthday, President George H.W. Bush!: WWII, Lincoln - History
  57. African American population growth in the decade 1860-1870: war, influence, England - History
  58. The Galleon Atocha Treasure and Recovery: facts, Spanish, USA, how - History
  59. The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment: general, 70's, invention, historical - History
  60. CBS Special: Crisis in Black America 1986: war, greatest, influences, Great Britain - History
  61. Progressive revolution in politics: Woodrow, presidents, country, American - History
  62. African cultures: ancient, Egypt, Europeans, empire - History
  63. R.E.M fans: WW2, 80's, colonization, years - History
  64. Super Tuesday (US Primaries): years, political, California - History
  65. Was there smoking in Europe prior to tobacco imports?: general, European, colonization - History
  66. Did the internment of the Japanese during WWII really help at all?: war, military - History
  67. Who do you think would've won in a 1-v-1 between USS Iowa and IJN Yamato?: general, Washington - History
  68. Did Richard III kill the two young princes in the tower?: England, events - History
  69. New Roots Mini Series: ancient, colonies, Europeans, empire - History
  70. Would Japan have won Guadalcanal if they had used all their battleships?: war, Roman - History
  71. Black soldiers during WW2? what type of jobs?: war, bomb, general - History
  72. Wow, never knew about the 1984 McDonald's massacre.: Roman, 80s, origin - History
  73. Were there notable ship battles between Britain and Japan?: war, bomb - History
  74. If We Had Supported The Russian Takeover of Afghanistan: war, general, 1990s - History
  75. Do you think henry VIII regretted having Anne Boleyn executed?: England, peasants - History
  76. Reconstruction -- Disturbing Parallels to the Present Day: general, 1990s, state - History
  77. A war within World War Two: WWII, influences, economic, Chinese - History
  78. why did Truman relieve McArthur of his command?: war, general, Washington - History
  79. On average, do you personally think that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a good thing?: WW2, ancient - History
  80. Should New York City Have Remained U.S. Capital?: war, Washington, Lincoln - History
  81. Did the early Zionists plan on having large numbers of Mizrahi Jews immigrate to Israel?: WW2, war - History
  82. When Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD what do you think it was like for the people: Romans, bomb - History
  83. Can Decipher Historical Acts of Karma, What Goes Around......: England, state - History
  84. Ladies, how do you view men in the past?: historical, years, African - History
  85. Ugliest Stain On American History: Great Britain, general, European, Japanese
  86. Then and Now - The Whiskey Rebellion precursors: war, general, facts - History
  87. Why was a Paperboy far more common than a Papergirl?: 1950s - History
  88. Who do you think was the best First Lady?: war, Washington, Lincoln - History
  89. Did politicians and military leaders REALLY think they could win in Vietnam/Iraq/Afghanistan?: war, bomb - History
  90. Would slavery had ended earlier in the US mainland if the 13 colonies remained under the British?: war, influences - History
  91. They Should Have Died: war, general, Mexican, captive - History
  92. Who do you think made one of the best speeches in history ?: war, greatest
  93. Was the Soviet Unions ultimate goal world domination?: WW2, influence, 1980s - History
  94. Why Hitler declared war on the US: WW2, bomb, Britain - History
  95. Good History Books: WWII, war, facts, years
  96. What if the Pope had granted Henry the VIII a divorce?: Roman, England - History
  97. Why was Queen Victoria so fat?: England, historical, country, female - History
  98. Could Kings back in the day really rape with impunity?: England, general - History
  99. What will World War III be about? Future tellers?: WW2, Egypt, generals - History
  100. Did Magda Goebbels make the right decision to kill her children?: generals, Hitler - History
  101. The Battle of the Somme Remembered: war, generals, facts, events - History
  102. Had women ruled the world since ancient times would it be a better place?: Hitler, biggest - History
  103. Dreadnought is 100th anniversary of Jutland: war, Britain, general - History
  104. How different would the 1980s be if Reagan was killed?: war, influence - History
  105. James Watt and the light bulb: invention, years, descent, contribution - History
  106. A about the Soviet Union.: economic, state, USSR, drugs - History
  107. Normandy Invasion-to defeat Germany or contain the Soviets?: WWII, war, bomb - History
  108. Who remembers the Entebbe Airport raid?: events, France, origin, German - History
  109. How america would be different if LBJ died instead of kennedy: war, JFK - History
  110. What if...China decided hay, its payback time and invaded Japan?: WW2, war - History
  111. what if: Ali hadn't missed years...: ancient, war, greatest - History
  112. POW's left behind Betrayed by our government.: WW2, war, Britain - History
  113. News, 150 years of the Ku Klux Klan: war, 60's, Hitler - History
  114. Why did Islam never get its equivalent of Martin Luther?: invention, years - History
  115. Unknown Massacres: WW2, ancient, war, Romans - History
  116. What if U.S. aircraft carriers had been sunk at Pearl Harbor?: war, bomb - History
  117. got good Where were you when stories about history?: JFK, events
  118. Nazi view of the disabled?: war, German, Germany, attack - History
  119. Who were the first Viking raiders? Farmers? Displaced warriors?: Britain, general, facts - History
  120. Wouldn't it have been awesome had the Nazis defeated the Soviets and the Nazi's been defeated?: war, Roman - History
  121. Who is really pulling the strings in America?: 60s, state - History
  122. Did Gerald Ford's debate gaffe in 1976 make the difference?: war, general, 1980s - History
  123. How do you think dictators, tyrants of the past would feel about people having so much freedom today?: ancient, Romans - History
  124. Lyndon Johnson's Nude News Conference: war, greatest, bomb, JFK - History
  125. If the Brits and French never colonized parts of Indochina...: WW2, war - History
  126. What do you think about Mary I of England?: Spanish, years, country - History
  127. At what point did the Eastern Front Turn Decisively in WW2?: war, generals - History
  128. Where were you when John F. Kennedy Was Assassinated?: JFK, events, assassination - History
  129. If Gerald Ford had won in 1976?: war, general, 60s, Washington - History
  130. Clothing and how did they survive the heat??: war, influence, England - History
  131. Why did Austria-Hungary do so badly in WWI?: WW2, war, greatest - History
  132. Battle of San Jacinto: war, general, Mexican, 60's - History
  133. Decolonization of american colonies and occupied territory: WW2, war, Roman - History
  134. Did Imperial Germany have territorial ambitions in Europe before the start of WWI?: war, general - History
  135. No Chemical Weapons During WW2?: war, bomb, general, Hitler - History
  136. Are the following inventions correctly linked to their inventors?: war, years, African - History
  137. Civil War then and now photos: Lincoln, historical, ancestors, American - History
  138. Was the American Revolutionary War revolutionary?: greatest, influence, Great Britain - History
  139. The Old Norse/Algonqian Link, the Mandan Tribe, and the link between Vikings and Native Americans: ancient, England - History
  140. Black Business & Life During Segregation: interior, years, African, Americans - History
  141. Are bankers the most powerful people on earth?: influence, economic, kings - History
  142. Famous People Who Died In Aviation Accidents: general, 70s, kings - History
  143. Why didnt ships during Age of Sail come with paddles like a trireme?: ancient, Romans - History
  144. Who does a princess usually marry?: Great Britain, Russia, historical, German - History
  145. Appeasement of W. Europe & Russia w/ Germany: WW2, bomb, Britain - History
  146. Past Presidental behavour: generals, JFK, presidents, American - History
  147. Why don't Americans admit that Vietnam was a failure?: WW2, war, bomb - History
  148. How often were front line infantry changed out in WW1, WW2, and Korean War: generals, interior - History
  149. Were the anti-war people during the Vietnam era just spineless cowards?: bomb, 60's - History
  150. Have you ever researched your family history?: WW2, war, bomb
  151. The Horse.: ancient, Russia, historical, conquer - History
  152. Do you think there was joy at all being a peasant?: 70s, peasants - History
  153. Iwo Jima -- Was There Another Option?: WW2, war, greatest - History
  154. Most Republican president of the 20th century: general, 1950s - History
  155. What if America had in no way participated in the cold war?: WW2, bomb - History
  156. In Lieu of Vietnm, Why Didn't The U.S. Go After China During Their Times Of Madness?: WWII, war - History
  157. Would you consider Napoleon better than Alexander?: Romans, greatest, invaded - History
  158. A map of the ethnic German population worldwide from about 1930: WWII, 60s - History
  159. If you had a time machine to go back into History and Change one thing. What would you change and why?: war, Roman
  160. Long term repercussions of British recognition of the Confederacy: war, influence, Great Britain - History
  161. What if definitive proof of a JFK conspiracy surfaced?: assassin, assassination, president - History
  162. What if Operation Unthinkable had happened?: WWII, war, Roman, bomb - History
  163. America First: What if America had sat out WW2: war, Roman, influence - History
  164. A map of Polish-majority territories and areas after the end of World War I: WW2, general - History
  165. Henry 8th scholars: war, England, origin, years - History
  166. A few questions about historical combat.: ancient, war, Roman, generals - History
  167. Did the US cause the Great Depression worldwide.: 1930s, economy, state - History
  168. Soviet famine of 1932–33: 1950s, facts, USSR, Russian - History
  169. Where were you when...?: bomb, events, assassin, assassination - History
  170. idea what happened to the environment and wildlife during WWII?: war, bomb - History
  171. Would there be anything bad with America NOT getting involved in Iraq and Afghanistan?: war, bomb - History
  172. Andrew Jackson...: war, general, Washington, Lincoln - History
  173. Would there be specific issues with someone from the 18th century eating foods today?: WW2, Rome - History
  174. Why did Canada stay out of Vietnam?: war, general, state - History
  175. Exactly how much German industrial equipment did the USSR loot and take back to the USSR after the end of World War II?: European, economic - History
  176. Lincoln Assassinated 151 Years Ago Today: war, influence, 60s, facts - History
  177. What happened to classy conservative Brits and Americans?: WW2, influence, 1920s - History
  178. Wow, Nixon was an evil/despicable man the My Lai massacre)!: war, greatest - History
  179. Voter fraud in Chicago during 1960 election: JFK, state, years, date - History
  180. WW2 Death Count video.: war, Roman, Japanese, USSR - History
  181. Why, before the modern age were people so heartless?: WW2, Romans, Mexico - History
  182. The sinking of the Titanic in real time.: Lincoln, years, date - History
  183. Why did people stop wearing folk costumes?: war, Roman, European - History
  184. Who remembers Armand Hammer?: 80s, Communism, Soviet, allied - History
  185. Why the North American natives declined so much compared to Central and South America: general, Mexico - History
  186. Interesting fact about crude oil: WW2, general, economic, Russia - History
  187. 100th anniversory of Sykes-Picot, which redrew Mid East borders: state, empire, leader - History
  188. Agnes Renton woman of courage: military, years, officers, women - History
  189. Paraguayan isolation in early 1800s: country, Brazil, leader, effective - History
  190. Christening spoons: why, ally - History
  191. James Donovan: The Able/Powers Exchange.: American, Soviet - History
  192. Bicycle Day is April 19th. It's not celebrating what you think!: Australia - History
  193. Hitler's world view - History
  194. Something I found interesting Harems.: why - History
  195. Buffalo Bill in Glasgow.: years, society, ally - History
  196. Old Glasgow Asylum: 60s, years, how - History
  197. The Sinking of the Lusitania - History
  198. Dublins Monument to Lord Nelson: years, London - History
  199. Stan Laurels house in Buchanan Drive Rutherglen: museum, theatre - History
  200. How powerful is the British Royal Family??: Britain - History