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  1. For how long did destroyers search for U-Boats after losing contact?: war, American - History
  2. Russian Hitler: WW2, general, military, army - History
  3. Praising something vs. What it represents: historical, German, confederacy, how - History
  4. Interesting Hypothetical -- The Russo Finnish War.: Britain, Hitler, USSR - History
  5. Laser pistol and revolver: USSR, Russian, USA, weapons - History
  6. Would there have been negative consequences had we not got involved with Iraq/Afghanistan?: years, America - History
  7. Memorable concert and parade-reconstruction commemorating the 75th anniversary of the 1941 military parade on Red Square: war, Russian - History
  8. What would have happened had the U.S never gone off the gold standard?: greatest, bomb - History
  9. JFK and RMN on election night: state, assassin, assassinated, president - History
  10. Ten things more important than 9/11 (2001-2011): Egyptian, biggest, Russia, years - History
  11. African American population growth in the decade 1860-1870: war, influence, England - History
  12. The Six Nations & The U.S Constitution?: Roman, influences, 80's - History
  13. Was the New Guinea Campaign in WWII necessary to Invade the Philippines or Reach Japan?: war, bomb - History
  14. Did America Lost In Vietnam ? Of American DiD Then Why And How?: war, conquer - History
  15. Were Medieval Kings able to grant huge titles to outsiders?: war, England - History
  16. Military uniforms that got soldiers killed: war, influence, European, events - History
  17. did ethnic Chinese serve in the ARVN or the PAVN?: WWII, war - History
  18. Tell me about the Jutes: war, Roman, Great Britain, general - History
  19. The Cambridge Five: what damage did they really do?: war, Britain, Washington - History
  20. Nazi Time Capsule From 1930s Discovered in Poland: war, facts, Hitler - History
  21. Cycles of history: war, greatest, influences, general
  22. Defying the Nazis to be on PBS: war, years, American - History
  23. What if Athens won the Pelopennesian War?: Romans, empire, France - History
  24. Hitler and Hindenburg: war, influences, Britain, general - History
  25. Alternate History Scenario: A French Intervention in the Spanish-American War: Britain, generals
  26. Lawrence Colburn dies age 67 (My Lai Massacre).: war, Washington, origin - History
  27. Pre-ancient Free and Clean Energy: events, monument, ally - History
  28. Movie Dunkirk coming out July 2017: war, Britain, colonies - History
  29. About Catherine the Great.: Russian, origin, years, language - History
  30. What you could have been hung for in London: Britain, crimes, country - History
  31. Who Paid the Railroad for Transportation to the Death Camps ?: WWII, war - History
  32. Vlademar the Younger Movie: kings, conquer, American, language - History
  33. Pearly Kings and Queens: London, how, museum - History
  34. Prussian cruelty to black slaves: Britain, general, 1800s, facts - History
  35. History of Wing Chun: influences, 80's, facts, Chinese
  36. Tampering with Elections: influence, general, state, president - History
  37. A few questions the Boston Tea Party.: war, Britain, how - History
  38. Chinese railroad workers and disease?: general, Europeans, historical, Americans - History
  39. How North Korean Ax Murderers Almost Triggered a Second Korean War (And World War III): military, USA - History
  40. What would have happened to the US depression economy if there had not been WWII: WW2, war - History
  41. Age of Sail Frigates: English vs. Spanish: war, influence, England - History
  42. US identifies with underdogs ...other countries that are similar?: England, peasants - History
  43. Who Were The First Scientific Thinkers?: ancient, Egypt, Chinese, events - History
  44. The Great Pyramids of Xian in China: ancient, war, Egyptian - History
  45. Causes of the Ostsiedlung?: colonies, European, economic, France - History
  46. Roger & Me: Michael Moore documentary on decline of Detroit and corporate raiders. 20 years later...thoughts??: president, Americans - History
  47. Living Perspectives - Vietnam: war, bomb, raids, years - History
  48. They Dare To Speak Out/Paul Findley--Update: Washington, Eisenhower, president - History
  49. Lost Cause Narrative - History
  50. Was Prussia in the Holy Roman Empire?: Russian, origin, German - History
  51. Making stores uphold warranty/returns...changes during the Reagan era?: 70's, years - History
  52. what Theodore Herzl really saw before the 1st Zionist Congress: war, economic - History
  53. Ohio/fever epidemic 1820-1823? ...summer 1824?: Washington, historical, country, United States - History
  54. Largest Banzai Charge of the Pacific War: general, Chinese, Japanese - History
  55. Why did F.W. De Klerk choose to end apartheid?: general, 80's - History
  56. Historically, why has the west been more progressive on issues than the East?: ancient, Rome - History
  57. The Real Goodfella - NYC Mobster Henry Hill: origin, years, document - History
  58. African American Lawman who lived with the Native American Indians - History
  59. German and Japan won the war after all......: historical, Germany, Americans - History
  60. The Key to Detroit: general, 70s, presidency, country - History
  61. Freak Floods: years, London - History
  62. Why does no one seem to care about the individual warlords in Republican (1910s-20s) China: war, Roman - History
  63. THE FATE OF EMPIRES and SEARCH FOR SURVIVAL Sir John Glubb: America, ally - History
  64. The Kelvinator first fridge: invention, American, how, Mobile - History
  65. Digging through the battlefields of WW1 in Europe: WW2, ancient, war - History
  66. The American Old West and cost-of-living: general, 70s, economic, state - History
  67. World War II obscure history: Japanese diplomat saving European Jews?: years, hero
  68. Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment...?: Rome, England, years, country - History
  69. 50 years ago he went to the top of the Tower.: war, bomb - History
  70. Was homosexuality accepted in the Weimar Republic?: Hitler, France, Russians - History
  71. How decadeology should be done.: war, influence, 1990s, events - History
  72. enlightened despotism: ancient, greatest, general, economic - History
  73. you don't remember the ice-men: ancient, war, England, 1930s - History
  74. War Horses Today: WW2, bomb, 60's, European - History
  75. 1976: Carter versus Reagan???.....: WW2, war, bomb, 70s - History
  76. Most forgettable U.S. Presidencies?: war, generals, Mexican, 50s - History
  77. Jennie Jerome Churchill: England, 80s, European, American - History
  78. Why The Founding Fathers Created an Electoral College: economy, state, slavery - History
  79. Conspiracy Theory Sat-Who do you think Killed JFK?: president, ally, Dallas - History
  80. The History and Influence Of Black English: England, 80's, slaves
  81. Isn't voting supposed to be private?: state, historical, kings, years - History
  82. The forgotten Kennedys: JFK, state, president, years - History
  83. History that does NOT interest you: WW2, war, historical, Vietnam
  84. Old Churches: ancient, Roman, Spain, France - History
  85. Aren't the early 60s more like the 50s.: WW2, 60's, Washington - History
  86. Strange meetings between famous people in history ...: war, Great Britain, Hitler
  87. Would Japan have fared much better had they not bothered with China in WWII?: WW2, war - History
  88. What was the cause of the baby boom after WWII?: war, general - History
  89. Dewey '1948 v. Clinton '2016.......: historical, president, years, country - History
  90. Pres. George W. Bush is related to Pres. Franklin Pierce: 50s, president - History
  91. What Happened To The Slave Ships?: war, general, 60's, facts - History
  92. Why doesnt the Korean War get: WW2, 1950's, Hitler - History
  93. Ultimately, did in WWI die in vain?: WW2, war, Roman - History
  94. We are a civilization with amnesia: ancient, war, Romans, Egyptian - History
  95. Scotland and the Confederate Army.: war, Great Britain, general, 70s - History
  96. Ships that should have been preserved but weren't: WW2, war, 60's - History
  97. Multiple child births throughout history?: ancient, England, 1930s, European
  98. Why Didn't Germany Colonize the West Indies?: England, 60s, colonies - History
  99. Grading the Presidents: war, Mexican, facts, Washington - History
  100. Would Eastern European countries be on the same level as WE countries were it not for WWII and the SU?: war, Roman - History
  101. WWII, did US vets hate the government afterwards?: WW2, war, general - History
  102. German footage of D-DAY on Omaha Beach: WWII, bomb, Britain - History
  103. Native Americans: war, general, 80's, Lincoln - History
  104. The Martyrs of History.: bomb, generals, JFK, assassin
  105. Before Stonehenge: ancient, Britain, Ireland, origin - History
  106. What if Germany did not invade Soviet Union during World War 2?: WWII, bomb - History
  107. What is the most surprising fact you have learned about history?: WWII, ancient
  108. Why didn't France have defenses along Belgium pre-WWI?: WWII, war, Britain - History
  109. Handling money before banks: ancient, Roman, 1930s, historical - History
  110. WW2 experts...where is this picture from? (Could be Graphic for: general, Russian - History
  111. Why are there people that think communism was at all a good thing?: WWII, Roman - History
  112. Was the American Revolutionary War justified?: greatest, influence, England, general - History
  113. Ancient gold and other recent archeological finds near Trondheim, Norway: war, Romans - History
  114. Most disgraceful lesser-known U.S. Supreme Court decisions?: 1950's, events, years - History
  115. Had 9/11 never happened would we still have eventually evaded Iraq?: war, Great Britain - History
  116. How on earth did Nazism spread so rapidly?: England, Hitler, state - History
  117. Which do you think was the most pointless war, WWI or Vietnam?: WWII, Great Britain - History
  118. History Channel Hunting Hitler: WW2, England, drugs, Spanish
  119. Idealizing history: The Gay Nineties vs the 1950s: war, Roman, 1990s
  120. What if Japan had tried to invade Hawaii during the attack on Pearl Harbor?: WW2, war - History
  121. Of all Queens did Mary, Queen of scots have it the worst?: war, England - History
  122. For Pearl Harbor To Have Worked...: war, bomb, 1950s, Japanese - History
  123. Black Reparations & Native Americans: war, Romans, Egypt, general - History
  124. What kind of coastal defenses did America have during WWII?: war, Roman - History
  125. Who was this person I am trying to think of that fought in the ARW?: war, Washington - History
  126. Bobby Fischer on the history of the US: bomb, England, invaded
  127. The Mexican American war: general, Asians, state, Spanish - History
  128. Why was France allowed to keep almost all of their land after the Napoleonic Wars?: Britain, Russians - History
  129. How Were Crimes Solved In The 1800's?: Great Britain, general, 1800s - History
  130. Sept. 2, 1945, the killing stopped.: WW2, war, Roman, bomb - History
  131. Robert E Lee: war, general, Mexican, Washington - History
  132. New history of the Battle of the Somme: WWII, war, generals
  133. Has America's freedom ever been threatened since the American Revolutionary War?: Great Britain, Mexico - History
  134. Most prominent Western European political leader (after Hitler/Napoleon) of the last 300 years?: WWII, war - History
  135. Pearl Harbor: what was Japan thinking and why didn't they do it better??: WW2, war - History
  136. What historic time period would you want to have lived in?: Roman, Egypt - History
  137. Why did England colonize America 115 years after Spain did?: Roman, Britain, Mexico - History
  138. Which European country discovered the most land (1400-1800)?: war, Romans - History
  139. Would you view Emma Goldman as a hero?: war, general, Lincoln - History
  140. what was your first memory of life?: England, JFK, Japan - History
  141. In WWI with the Americans help could they have fought to Berlin?: war, France - History
  142. During the Vietnam War do you think in congress really cared about the soldiers dying/suffering?: generals, economic - History
  143. Why are the Spanish speaking world so religious?: war, Roman, England - History
  144. During the American Civil War how much of it was composed of hand to hand fighting?: WWII, general - History
  145. Bohemian Grove in California: WW2, general, Washington, United States - History
  146. What was it like being a young woman in the 70s?: 80s, facts - History
  147. Did Kennedy plan a nuclear first strike on the Soviet Union?: WW2, war - History
  148. What would the world be like if the Mongol Ilkanate never converted to Islam?: ancient, greatest - History
  149. Were there Roman Emperors that were actually good ?: war, Romans - History
  150. Had George Washington been killed early in the ARW how bad would it have been?: war, greatest - History
  151. Would FDR have dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ?: war, empire - History
  152. Did Adolf Hitler Eat Fish and Poultry?: conquer, why, how - History
  153. Frances Scott Key And His Racial Views: 60's, colonization, slavery - History
  154. Why do so many people not know what language Jamaicans speak: influences, general - History
  155. Had the invasion of Japan had gone as planned what would the outcome be?: WWII, war - History
  156. Military ships don't have their names written on them?: WW2, war, tanks - History
  157. Who is your favorite LGBT person in history?: Roman, England, Washington
  158. Is it fair to compare the segregation-era American South to late 19th and 20th century Russia?: war, Britain - History
  159. Were Kazakhs the Russian equivalent of Native Americans for the U.S.?: war, influence - History
  160. Tough Guys from 1916 vs Tough Guys 2016?: general, Japan, German, Germany - History
  161. Was there realistic way to make Reconstruction a permanent success?: war, Lincoln - History
  162. Heinrich Himmler's Personal Diaries Found in Moscow: WWII, Hitler, Russians - History
  163. Most evil woman in history?: general, historical, USA, political
  164. Most Important European Explorer (after Columbus, da Gama and Magellan) between 1400 and 1700?: England, France - History
  165. Out of all the U.S Presidents, which do you think was the most: war, influence - History
  166. Wars: cold climate people Vs. warm climate people...who usually won?: war, Romans - History
  167. Book recommendation?: general, 70s, raids, empire - History
  168. When did the 2010's begin?: war, influence, European, economic - History
  169. Mainstream archaeologists & New England Megaliths: ancient, general, 1980s, facts - History
  170. Was the draft needed in WWII?: war, military, years, army - History
  171. Grant's illegal war: general, European, assassin, slaves - History
  172. Historic Preservation/Career Opportunities: general, state, historical, president - History
  173. Street vending machines..: 1980s, Japan, Finland, popular - History
  174. What if Alexander Hamilton survived: war, England, general, Mexico - History
  175. What do you make of this newspaper scrap?: WW2, war, greatest - History
  176. WWII: Anti-German sentiment in the US towards American Germans?: war, 1930s, Hitler - History
  177. What would it be like if the Eighteenth Amendment was still in effect?: war, Mexican - History
  178. Do you think the Civilian Conservation Corp would be successful if it was brought in 2016?: greatest, Hitler - History
  179. Do we history buffs have a better perspective on life's stresses and crises?: Romans, general
  180. Did Nubia Develop Before Egypt?: ancient, Roman, Egyptian, England - History
  181. Clint Eastwood recalls a Depression incident: war, 1930s, unemployment, president - History
  182. Is there a parallel to Aleppo in history?: WW2, war, bomb
  183. Could the Vietnam War had been won had they stuck it out no matter what?: influence, bomb - History
  184. Should 1942 be viewed the darkest year in human history?: WW2, war, bomb
  185. Did Prussia make a mistake by not annexing Bohemia in 1866?: war, influence - History
  186. Most popular drug by century?: influence, 60's, drugs, Communism - History
  187. Should Elizabeth Bathory be vindicated?: ancient, general, facts, crimes - History
  188. Italian Chapel in Orkney. - History
  189. American troops in Belfast 1940s: WW2, war, Ireland - History
  190. Rare WW2 photos from a Soviet perspective - History
  191. Flying Granny Sarah Krasnoff from Ohio: Cleveland - History
  192. Secret Pipelines of WW2 from England to France: Eisenhower - History
  193. Templetons Carpets Glasgow: war, influence, general, facts - History
  194. Rooftop race track in Turin - History
  195. The battle of Stalingrand (excellent documentary): war, facts, Hitler, Russian - History
  196. JFK and Robert Kennedy visited Edensor in Derbyshire: Roman, facts, France - History
  197. (Samuel) Colt-(George) Selden families related? First auto patent, guns: ally, NYC - History
  198. The modern era in a map: years, how - History
  199. Mrs. Seacole has been rediscovered.: war, England, military, London - History
  200. circus history