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  1. Battles fought too late -- after the war was over: bomb, general - History
  2. section 4 of the 25th ammendment: general, 1990s, interior, crimes - History
  3. Today a Long Time Ago - Rome founded April 21, 753 (BCE): Romans, origin - History
  4. The Science and History Of Skin Color: historical, years, countries
  5. Oak Island Money Pit-archeology: facts, origin, kings, why - History
  6. The Christmas Truce 1914 WWI: war, England, 1980s, origin - History
  7. Why was ethnic nationalism more popular in Europe than in other areas?: Roman, European - History
  8. Anthony Acevedo, WWII prison diarist, dead at 93: greatest, Washington, army - History
  9. Did Herschel Grynszpan survive World War II?: Roman, 1950s, assassin - History
  10. His-STORY: war, Great Britain, general, biggest - History
  11. Decade threads: war, 1990s, historical, kings - History
  12. Plains Indian Culture: Americans, peoples, Indiana, Indianapolis - History
  13. The Strikes (and Inflation) of 1946: war, general, Hitler, economy - History
  14. WWII tweets (on this day in history type facts: war, bomb
  15. Was 'King Phillips war' or the first Indian war of 1675-1678 justifiable and what were its effects?: greatest, England - History
  16. Ancient North African DNA Results: Europeans, Russian, years, lineage - History
  17. Who ended slavery?: economic, country, Africa, British - History
  18. Surigao wrecks found: war, Japanese, years, attack - History
  19. 19th century origins of the USDA: greatest, Lincoln, historical, political - History
  20. Had Moscow been taken and Stalin killed could the USSR have recovered?: WW2, war - History
  21. the Battle of the Somme.: war, bomb, England, generals - History
  22. Mayerling: war, influence, general, European - History
  23. Incredible North Korean Propaganda 40 years ago: Roman, greatest, Lincoln, state - History
  24. Lady Lex found: WW2, war, general, Japanese - History
  25. Ming vs Tang, which dynasty was the most prosperous: economy, China, compared - History
  26. Why did Hungary fail to Magyarize its non-Hungarian territories during the 1,000 years that it controlled them?: Russia, origin - History
  27. Charlie One died today: war, England, invaded, Spanish - History
  28. Should Hoover have just paid the Bonus Army?: Washington, economy, tanks - History
  29. 1954 Stonehednge reconstruction: ancient, Britain, historical, origin - History
  30. If the U.S. enters World War II in 1939 and France still falls, does the U.S. make peace with Nazi Germany afterwards?: Great Britain, Hitler - History
  31. Theoretically, did it make more sense for the U.S. to ally with Germany in World War I?: WW2, Britain - History
  32. Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: Mexico, historical, cities, document - History
  33. London in 1700 AD versus Uruk in 3000 BC - daily life differences?: England, biggest - History
  34. What if the Battleship Holiday hadn't happened?: WW2, war, influence - History
  35. Padmavaat - History movie: war, events, slaves, historical
  36. U.S. veterans' problems - Vietnam and now: economy, American, different - History
  37. Ritual contest in history: war, state, Russian, historical
  38. A to Ancient Egypt enthusiasts: Egyptian, greatest, general, facts - History
  39. Victoria's Koh-i-noor diamond: government, Canada, British, how - History
  40. British transportation: Great Britain, 80's, colonies, events - History
  41. Why would people buy bones?: ancestors, China, London, ally - History
  42. Syrian Engineering Corps Finds Ancient Greek Mosaic Floor: Wyoming - History
  43. 51 years ago today, the Apollo 1 fire: combat, why, ally - History
  44. Was the Caspian Sea navigated in previous centuries?: ancient, viking, kings - History
  45. James Brown, self-emancipated slave and diarist: war, general, 1800s, Lincoln - History
  46. Did Mark Antony and Cleopatra have chance coming out on top?: war, Romans - History
  47. The Italian Hall Disaster of 1913: Mississippi - History
  48. What was the most transformative decade (1920s-2010s): war, 1990s, biggest - History
  49. Have embassies ever had total extraterritorial jurisdiction?: WW2, general, Japanese - History
  50. Cultybraggan POW camp in Perthshire Scotland: war, Mexico, Hitler, German - History
  51. remember 'The Berkeley Inn' in Berekely CA?: years, California, San Francisco - History
  52. Comforter of Anne Frank, dead at 95: Hitler, concentration, best, Chicago - History
  53. Hiroshima AND Nagasaki: war, bomb, Hitler, Japanese - History
  54. The truth about Napoleon...: war, bomb, European, invaded - History
  55. The things they carried: events, years, Vietnam, combat - History
  56. Mobile phone 1961: 90s, USSR, origin, years - History
  57. The Nazis' persecution of the Left: from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum: Hitler, nazism - History
  58. Did they have the concept of a soulmate in the 19th century?: Roman, Britain - History
  59. Ask not what you can do for your country JFK borrowed lines: historical, government - History
  60. What if Lee crossed the Potomac south of DC?: war, general, 80's - History
  61. Most prolific writers in American History?: 60s, presidency, USA, document
  62. Long overdue monument: military, years, country, contribution - History
  63. Can someone help put into context just how bad the taxes were before 1776?: war, Britain - History
  64. Do the roots of common law system sink into civil law ?: ancient, Roman - History
  65. News. Archaeologists solve the mystery of the Great Pyramid: ancient, Egypt, monument - History
  66. Klondike Gold Hunt. Half Boats????: historical, America, British, how - History
  67. Rate the Presidents from beginning to current: Washington, Lincoln, Woodrow - History
  68. Which historical figures would feel most at home in today's world?: 1800s, Washington - History
  69. Past presidencies and number of cases before the Supreme Court: influence, state - History
  70. 50 years since the Catonsville Nine: military, Vietnam, ally, Chicago - History
  71. What is a HA HA: England, origin, American, Australia - History
  72. Sacco and Vanzetti redux: bomb, general, state, events - History
  73. Did all cultures nod yes and no hundreds/thousands of years ago?: document, Madison - History
  74. Why Did Shakespeare Set So Many Of His Plays in Italy ?: influence, 60's - History
  75. Why was Iraq Sunni-dominated?: war, influence, Great Britain, general - History
  76. Was Shelbyville, Missouri an area used by the union to hold confederate prisoners?: war, raids - History
  77. 1939 Nazi rally in Madison Square Garden,New York where a Jewish protester was beaten: Washington, German - History
  78. Jock the Ripper: crimes, how - History
  79. The notorious Kim Philby, still helping the Russians: state, USSR, Soviet - History
  80. What were the 80s like?: 80's, economic - History
  81. Martin Borman: Soviet, Berlin, New York - History
  82. Would things have been better had Blacks been sent to Africa after the ACW?: 1800s, Europeans - History
  83. Did Climate Change Bring Down Late Bronze Age Civilizations?: ancient, Egypt, facts - History
  84. John Adams, the most under founder.: war, greatest, 1990s, Washington - History
  85. Shallow for men: Who was the sexiest/best looking US president?: JFK, presidents - History
  86. Benjamin Lay, forgotten firebrand: 60s, slavery, historical, military - History
  87. What to Remember About Watergate: bomb, historical, president, years - History
  88. AP World History course to drop thousand of years: ancient, war, Romans
  89. The Gilbreth Family: general, events, historical, origin - History
  90. Why are the Byzantines so absent in western pop culture?: ancient, war - History
  91. What Really Happened To Hitler At The End of WW2?: war, JFK - History
  92. What are the best historical movie/TV shows?: war, England, general - History
  93. Was it 10 or 9 months in the year only originally?: ancient, Romans, empire - History
  94. Great Escape at Dunkirk: WW2, war, bomb, Britain - History
  95. FDR's Role as Commander in Chief During World War II: WWII, Roman - History
  96. When did Southern and Northern cultures diverge? Why?: war, influences, England - History
  97. Latin or Greek used in math and science: ancient, Romans, 60s - History
  98. Iwo Jima Victory 73rd anniversary: WW2, war, bomb, Washington - History
  99. Humans migrating through the Americas: ancient, general, interior, Japanese - History
  100. It's a real shame future leaders squandered everything Catherine the Great accomplished.: Russians, military - History
  101. Chinese contribution to science and civilization: ancient, influence, Japan, invention - History
  102. Is America the only colony that was less involved with the native people?: war, England - History
  103. History of Pee: ancient, events, origin, Korea
  104. see G.I. Jews on PBS?: war, general, 1950s - History
  105. Kings of Sub-Roman Britain?: German, USA, language, leader - History
  106. What Did FDR Want to Do With Displaced Jews After the War?: WWII, influence - History
  107. A day in the life of a Roman soldier: WW2, ancient, European - History
  108. What Would Have Happened in W W I, if the U. S. Had Maintained Strict Neutality?: WW2, war - History
  109. America’s legacy in 1000 years: WWII, ancient, war, Rome - History
  110. Propaganda During The Great Depression: WWII, war, general, 1930s - History
  111. Why Spain did not take part in WW2?: war, Britain, 70's - History
  112. History of Iraq and US relations: WWII, general, 1980s, facts
  113. Does feel that WWII was a huge waste while WWI wasn't?: war, Roman - History
  114. Were the American colonists just being big babies not doing what Britain wanted?: war, Mexico - History
  115. Did people know the Civil War would happen sooner or later?: 50s, Lincoln - History
  116. why doesn't one ever seem to mention at all or remember the former president lyndon b johnson?: war, general - History
  117. What moments in history would you want to witness firsthand?: WW2, war
  118. Hating on Herbert Hoover: European, economic, events, tanks - History
  119. In retrospect, would it have been better for the Allies in WWI to have been purely defensive?: WWII, war - History
  120. similarities of Jews to certain other ethnic/religious groups: ancient, war, influence - History
  121. Improving History - Forget To Avoid Repeating: facts, JFK, economic
  122. Did the (proto) Indo Europeans ever form one large empire: Romans, Egypt - History
  123. Why so little to know TV or movie depictions of the Romonovs?: war, Roman - History
  124. How will recent presidents be remembered in 2118?: war, Roman, greatest - History
  125. Time period when they highest percentage of men had killed another man?: WW2, war - History
  126. Why did England go to war instead of just offering the representation the Americans wanted?: greatest, Great Britain - History
  127. Was the USSR a True Ally in World War II?: WW2, Roman - History
  128. The Greater Understanding: WWII, influences, bomb, Great Britain - History
  129. What Time Did Ancient People Do Things?: Egypt, general, events - History
  130. Dancing Plague: historical, years, attack, Columbus - History
  131. Why did France give up so easily when Germany invaded in WWII?: WW2, war - History
  132. What historic events happened on your birthday?: war, Rome, England - History
  133. A Photo of Billy the Kid Bought for $10 at a Flea Market May Be Worth Millions: Lincoln, years - History
  134. Would we be better off if we did not know history?: influence, events
  135. Was life that cheap back in the days ?: 90s, economy, military - History
  136. What is history of ear protection since the advent of gun powder weapons: WW2, war
  137. wars with multiple turning points: WWII, war, European, Japanese - History
  138. Civil War and Slavery: Washington, Lincoln, economy, state - History
  139. Is it to make by hand: ancient, France, historical - History
  140. The war of the future?: WW2, ancient, bomb, general - History
  141. First country to be considered Developed by modern standards: Roman, general - History
  142. Egypt: What Does Kemet Actually Mean?: ancient, Egyptian, viking, Russian - History
  143. Declassified CIA documents reveal Hitler survived the Allied Invasion: 1950s, JFK, DNA - History
  144. I feel like what i learned in school about the american civil war wasnt the whole story: influence, bomb - History
  145. Does think it's a shame how often the Korean War gets overlooked?: WWII, Japan - History
  146. Should the Bolsheviks go down as one of the most evil groups in history?: WWII, Roman
  147. Emmett Till, the Murder That Shocked the World...: influence, years, country - History
  148. What if the North had offered the South much more industrialization?: war, 60's - History
  149. 9/11/01.....where were, what were you doing???: generals, Washington, European, events - History
  150. Royal family lines: England, Spain, France, conquer - History
  151. JFK's presidential advice: Eisenhower, origin, military, weapon - History
  152. Did the British Create Hinduism?: ancient, influence, economic, empire - History
  153. Democracy isn't always the best system: war, bomb, 1990s, economic - History
  154. What state was least influential in the Confederacy?: war, general, slaves - History
  155. why so much to British Royal Family: war, influence, Great Britain - History
  156. General MacArthur's advice--why don't we follow it: WW2, war, bomb - History
  157. Luftwaffe Field Division Weapons: general, Russian, German, army - History
  158. Sinking of the Sultan.. worst disaster in US shipping history: war, bomb
  159. Had Catherine of Aragon had sons would King Henry VIII still have gone crazy?: England, France - History
  160. Giuseppe Zangara - Swift Justice: general, 60s, assassin, crimes - History
  161. How can people not be interested in the era of dinosaurs, and more recently, early humans?: influence, facts - History
  162. Most Delusional Country entering a war?: WW2, Roman, Washington, European - History
  163. In the Gettysburg address, why did Lincoln say the world will little note, nor long remember what we say uot;?: war, greatest - History
  164. need help with this history assignment: 50s, European, Ireland, Germans
  165. The Family Hour - Early TV: war, 1950s, Chinese, invention - History
  166. Who Could Have Done It Better? The 1979 Embassy/Hostage crisis in Iran?: war, influence - History
  167. Why did the Italians become so bad at war post Rome?: WWII, ancient - History
  168. The Real Reason Rosa Parks Refused To Give Up Her Seat: 60's, events - History
  169. What if King Edward VIII had remained King during WW2?: war, Roman - History
  170. Really amazing Rome managed to beat Hannibal.: ancient, war, Romans - History
  171. Why are the jews hated so much exactly?: WW2, Romans, England - History
  172. Dark Skinned People Were The First British: ancient, Egypt, Britain - History
  173. Why the lack of railroads in Imperial Russia?: war, Roman, Mexico - History
  174. about Rwanda Genocide: ancient, war, greatest, economic - History
  175. war other than WWI that was won without fighting on the losing sides land?: WW2, ancient - History
  176. Spanish Florida PBS: general, Mexico, events, slavery - History
  177. Was Georgia Less Racist Than Alabama Or Mississippi?: general, 60's, economic - History
  178. Would Aztecs Still Be Sacrificing People Had Columbus Not Come?: influence, bomb - History
  179. Afro-Asiatic Origins?: ancient, Egyptian, European, DNA - History
  180. Strange But True Events In History: Mexican, 1920s, facts, state
  181. I am interested more in researching the history and social construction of black masculinity: sixties, political
  182. Would it have been logistically to evacuate all Soviet Jews beyond the Urals between June 1940 and June 1941?: war, general - History
  183. Why didn't Stalin do more to help Eastern Europe?: WW2, war, Roman - History
  184. What if Georg Elser assassinated Hitler in 1939?: war, influences, bomb - History
  185. What was the root cause of the Armenian Genocide?: war, greatest, 70s - History
  186. Ulster-Scots/Scotch-Irish: ancient, 1800s, state, Ireland - History
  187. What would be better? Living as a homeless bum today or as a King/Noble in Medieval times?: Roman, general - History
  188. Stanislav Petrov, who averted nuclear war, dies at 77 - History
  189. Sobibor escapee obituary - hard to imagine - History
  190. Robert de la Rochefoucald, in WWII France - History
  191. Florence Gould - American Socialite, Nazi Collaborator, Brothel Owner: NYC - History
  192. Attended Camp Holy Cross in 1944: war, state, western, Iowa - History
  193. Truth commissions: Africa, how - History
  194. Irv Refkin, accidental spy: WWII, Britain, assassin, United States - History
  195. The press car...all but forgottton - History
  196. The holiday village run by spies ...: state, country, USA, enemy - History
  197. Harrison the confederate scout / spy: war, military, years, enemy - History
  198. I'd mention Alexandra Zapruder's book - History
  199. 2 February 1587 - The Judicial Murder of Mary, Queen of Scots: England, 70's - History
  200. New Documentary About USS Arizona Survivor: war, bomb, general, officers - History