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  1. There are snakes that can fly and scientists now know how: different - History
  2. Which non-politician shook hands with the most U.S. presidents?: Lincoln, JFK - History
  3. The history of the con man: language, Australia, how, Alabama
  4. Presidential Siblings: WWII, Eisenhower, presidents, military - History
  5. A Short istory of Entrepreneurship/Capitalism: war, Mexico, European, economic - History
  6. What was the government's motive behind the Waco Massacre?: general, Washington, events - History
  7. KKK & BLM-type Groups-- Insurgency or Protesters?: president, ally - History
  8. there was another reason for Houdini's popularity: country, how, ally - History
  9. The Great Leap Forward (1958-1962): ancient, Egypt, greatest, general - History
  10. The Real Origins of the Religious Right: ally - History
  11. Normandy: WWII, England, Hitler, tanks - History
  12. Does love watching History time: war, Roman, generals
  13. A historical timeline of riots in London, England: years, America, best - History
  14. Vikings and their influence in England today: ancient, Roman, greatest - History
  15. Sheep grazing on the White House lawn?: war, 1990s, France - History
  16. Indian territory history: greatest, general, Washington, empire
  17. Former Communist State Support of the Grey Wolves: influence, assassin, assassination - History
  18. The Splendid and the Vile: WWII, Britain, weapon, British - History
  19. Roman Vicarious?: Romans, slaves, president, Latin - History
  20. Was Lon Nol Cambodia's Chiang Kai Shek?: state, years, country - History
  21. Quick, check out Bing today (May 8): WW2, war, historical, Germans - History
  22. The Boston Police Strike of 1919: general, military, years, battle - History
  23. Her father was called 'the most dangerous racist in America.' She wants a different legacy for her sons: WW2, war - History
  24. Censorship and Vandalism are anti-American.: Roman, years, Communism, United States - History
  25. Late 1800's Mexicans in US southwest ?? about names y: 70's, colonies - History
  26. D Day the liberation of Europe: WW2, war, greatest, general - History
  27. German Women Involved in the Holocaust: war, Hitler, raids, crimes - History
  28. A good book on the Irish Politics that led to U.S.A. immigration in 1800s and 1900s.: England, Europeans - History
  29. What can studying lost civilizations tell us about climate change ?: ancient, 1800s - History
  30. Voter Suppression - 1904 style: war, general, 1800s, state - History
  31. DEMOCRACY - but not the rule of the people: ancient, general, slaves - History
  32. Did Canada and Australia have a Gilded Age or a Belle Epoque ?: 1800s, colonies - History
  33. Did brutal conquerors worry about concepts like basic combat load ?: ancient, war - History
  34. What inherent advantages did people in the Eurasian steppe have over Civilizations in the Levant: ancient, Romans - History
  35. How Native American Became US Citizens: state, years, USA, rights - History
  36. Lucy Worsley's 12 Days of Tudor Christmas.: origin, document, ally, St. George - History
  37. The curse of “baby bottle conscription: WW2, war, Spanish - History
  38. Killer feeding bottles for babies: London, popular - History
  39. A little pandemic humor: general, years, western, comparison - History
  40. George Washington's distillery: war, greatest, slavery, president - History
  41. Spain in the late 1960s: war, Roman, interesting facts, Spanish - History
  42. The unsung Florence Finch: WWII, war, general, Asians - History
  43. President Tyler's Grandson Passes Away: England, years, USA, how - History
  44. John and Jessie Fremont - the beginning of publicity?: general, American, popular - History
  45. Hello, Mengele: historical, Brazil, why, how - History
  46. New book on Joseph McCarthy: war, bomb, Russian, military - History
  47. The 1898 Wilmington coup: WW2, war, historical, African - History
  48. The spirit of Hitler lives on: economy, Germans, Germany, government - History
  49. WWI carrier pigeon message suddenly turns up!: Hitler, origin, German - History
  50. If The Cultural Revolution Hadn't Occurred In China.............: Hitler, European, Chinese - History
  51. Egyptian & Sub-Saharan Artistic Similarities?: ancient, interior, years, African - History
  52. Do you believe human population on Earth will EVER fall under 100,000 in the next BILLIONS of years?: war, famine - History
  53. My Lai: Is this picture edited? Thompson vs Calley: military, years, army - History
  54. William Trotter, crusading black journalist: Washington, Woodrow, president, peace - History
  55. It's Evacuation Day!: American, British, historian, document - History
  56. Dachau diary of Edgar Kupfer-Koberwitz: WWII, war, Hitler, German - History
  57. Strauss/Howe Generational Theory of History - The Fourth Turning Climax is Upon Us: WW2, events
  58. Canaanite DNA Results: ancient, influence, years, armies - History
  59. 75 years ago, Operation Meetinghouse.: war, bomb, raids, Japanese - History
  60. Rosie the Riveter, dead at 95: WW2, war, military, years - History
  61. American is an upper ethnic identity just like Slavic, Arabic, Mediterranean, Germanic and Right?: Roman, Mexican - History
  62. Diary of a Nazi aesthete in WWII Paris: war, bomb, Washington - History
  63. Why do we focus on the end of the Roman Republic, not so much on the later Empire?: ancient, war - History
  64. Hersey, Hiroshima, and history: WWII, origin, president, years
  65. So, wait, the statue of liberty really wasn't a gift?: Egyptian, interesting facts - History
  66. How African Ancestors Evolved: Asians, Spain, origin, years - History
  67. New Civil War book: Mexico, 1990s, Lincoln, state - History
  68. After watching Gandhi again: assassin, assassinated, kings, years - History
  69. More Africans Have Neanderthal DNA Than Expected: European, slavery, historical - History
  70. Responses To Mummy DNA Testing: ancient, Egyptian, countries, African - History
  71. Truman. Worst president ever?: Japan, USA, weapons, political - History
  72. Auschwitz survivor visits wind down: Germans, years, attack, cities - History
  73. Venice--Italy's other great empire: war, Roman, Britain, facts - History
  74. President's day: facts, Washington, Lincoln, events - History
  75. Oversimplified The American Civil War Parts 1&2 - History
  76. For What Was the Multi-Seat Skyraider Used?: bomb, officers, enemy - History
  77. Reporter's notebook: How my dad, 106, survived the 'other' pandemic - the Spanish flu: best, ally - History
  78. Who knows about candles?: events, how - History
  79. How would the pandemic be handled if it happened in the 90s?: Chinese, years - History
  80. New Analysis of a Famous Hominin Fossil Might Change Human Ancestry Story, Again: years, lineage - History
  81. Why was the Song Dynasty so advanced?: war, economy, Chinese - History
  82. RIP Charles Chuck Elwood Yeager Dies At 97: WW2, German, peace - History
  83. Shouldn't the US have propped up the British, Spanish, Austro-Hungarian, empires?: WW2, war - History
  84. Why did the Confederacy attack Fort Sumter instead of the White House?: war, bomb - History
  85. There's more men than women worldwide for the first time: war, peasants - History
  86. Is the Arabic word for rice originated from the Ancient Greek word for rice?: European, historical - History
  87. What started the Hippie/Counterculture movement during the 60s?: war, greatest, influence - History
  88. for ancient/medieval times, how could not feel disgusted having sex with relatives?: Great Britain, colonies - History
  89. Nixon - crying?: Washington, Eisenhower, presidents, years - History
  90. instances of honoring one's enemy: WWII, war, Roman, greatest - History
  91. Why, post WWI didn't France focus on greatly beefing up their military and have lots of spies in Germany?: WW2, war - History
  92. Last of the Flying Tigers is gone.: WWII, war, greatest - History
  93. Late 19th century warfare: Little Bighorn and Isandlwana: war, greatest, general - History
  94. When Did The Anti-Catholic Sentiment End In the U.S.?: general, 1930s - History
  95. 9/11 Remembrance Never Forget!: years, attack, country, USA - History
  96. Frederick Douglass quote: war, 60s, Washington, Lincoln - History
  97. Did Germany deserve most of the blame for WWI?: WW2, war, Great Britain - History
  98. Do you think this is accurate about the aftermath of the Cold War?: general, 80s - History
  99. Had the Tunguska event hit Moscow, could it have prevented WWI?: WWII, war - History
  100. 75th Anniversary of Bombing of Dresden: WW2, war, England, general - History
  101. Odd Facts About Less Talked About US Presidents: England, Washington, state - History
  102. Vikings weren’t all blonde – or all Scandinavian: Study: Roman, England - History
  103. POLL - Which U.S. War Interests you more?: general, colonies, Washington - History
  104. Was The Iran Hostage Crisis Planned?: war, Egypt, general, invaded - History
  105. William Tryon jealous of George Washington?: European, assassin, origin, American - History
  106. Can there be an American ethnicity? If yes, would it be a Germanic ethnicity or: state, Russian - History
  107. Self Defeating Nature of the South: war, influence, Mexico, Lincoln - History
  108. The smiling soldier photo taken during World War 1: Roman, Germans, attack - History
  109. James McCune Smith.: influence, general, European, economic - History
  110. The current pandemic as compared to past unpreparedness: WWII, war, 1950's - History
  111. Do you think humans and the world in general would've been better off had we stayed as a Hunter-Gatherer society?: ancient, 60s - History
  112. Objects in history’s mirror are closer than they appear.: war, bomb
  113. Which US presidential term can be said to be the ideal model for the American left wing ?: JFK, economic - History
  114. Thomas Edison and letter from his teacher...: war, greatest, facts - History
  115. When the 18th amendment was passed, did in Congress realize how much of a disaster it was?: 1920s, Washington - History
  116. Where were you when President Kennedy was assassinated?: JFK, USSR, assassination - History
  117. I just finished a history book!: WW2, war, 1980s, Washington
  118. Questions about crossing the intra-German border during the Cold War: Roman, general - History
  119. Did no one read Mein Kampf between 1925-1939, and realize Hitler's ambitions?: WW2, war - History
  120. The Jackson Era and the Development of the Modern Presidency: war, general - History
  121. Commemoration of WWII and Japan: WW2, war, bomb, raids - History
  122. When did names become separate from occupation?: England, general, 70s - History
  123. recommend a book - Great Britain, WWII: war, general, invaded - History
  124. When did Americans lose their British accents?: war, influences, Britain - History
  125. Presentism: Woodrow Wilson and Thurgood Marshall biographer reevaluates the Wilson legacy: war, greatest - History
  126. book recommendations on select topics: general, events, historical, years - History
  127. Why global circumnavigation not attempted sooner?: ancient, war, Roman, Europeans - History
  128. When Was It OK, historically, To Investigate A President's Private Life?: 70s, colonies - History
  129. Famed singer of WWII Vera Lynn: WW2, war, Britain, 1950s - History
  130. Vietnam: Stopping Communism Without War?: WW2, influence, bomb, Great Britain - History
  131. When did the Smartphone Age began exactly?: origin, USA, how - History
  132. I wonder why the Feds didn't try to arrest David Koresh when he went out: general, drugs - History
  133. Did Vikings actually drink more ale than water ?: war, historical, American - History
  134. Why prospectors of gold announce it to world and create rush: Mexican, president - History
  135. The Walker Sisters. other similar stories in other US states?: war, 1930s - History
  136. Ken Burns' Civil War Series: Roman, general, Washington, Lincoln - History
  137. One of the last Resistance heroes dies: WWII, general, Hitler - History
  138. The Lviv pogroms, 1941: WW2, war, 60s, Hitler - History
  139. Why have the French always sucked so much at warfare post Napoleon?: WW2, war - History
  140. When H2H/Melee combat (Swords/spears) combined with firearms/guns (muskets): ancient, Romans - History
  141. the Titanic: England, Washington, biggest, events - History
  142. 1818, the year without a summer: Roman, influence, general, Hitler - History
  143. Why does China act so damn childish when it comes to Taiwan?: Lincoln, Chinese - History
  144. Has Spanish colonialism had positive effects?: Romans, Great Britain, general - History
  145. What made the Rashidun fighters so good: war, Romans, generals - History
  146. Why didn't Northeastern cities receive large numbers of Appalachian migrants ?: WW2, England - History
  147. uestions about the Great Migration: general, 1920s, European, economic - History
  148. What is the history of your family name ?: England, France, origin
  149. What if the Post-1945 American Nuclear Monopoly Had Lasted Longer?: WW2, war - History
  150. History Repeats Itself (Wearing Masks in 1918, Pictures): Japan, Spanish, years
  151. 78 years ago today...: war, bomb, Britain, general - History
  152. Reasons behind the USA's lack of long lasting/well organized homegrown terrorist groups: war, influence - History
  153. Nazi SS Officer’s diary may lead to treasure looted by Nazis: war, German - History
  154. The old West, people using initials instead of first name?: WWII, war - History
  155. How much historical evidence is there that Joan of Arc's heart couldn't be burned?: years, surrender - History
  156. Was Daisy Suckley Wrong to Tell Eleanor That Lucy Rutherford Was With FDR When He Died?: Washington, years - History
  157. Is concerned about the removal of statues?: war, Roman, Egyptian - History
  158. Is it true that the USA had had the most violent labor history of industrial nation in the world ?: war, general
  159. JFK Jr. would have been 60: influence, 1990s, historical, years - History
  160. Ronald Reagan's Damage: war, 1980s, facts, Washington - History
  161. Did Lincoln Really Matter?: war, greatest, general, events - History
  162. WWII survivors dying all the faster: war, greatest, 80's, Japanese - History
  163. Sparta is Overrated.: ancient, war, Romans, general - History
  164. Is Vietnam War the cause of left-wing domination in the last 50 years?: 60's, JFK - History
  165. What if France won the Battle of Agincourt?: war, influence, Great Britain - History
  166. Illinois officials call to abolish history classes: general, Washington, Lincoln
  167. Why so many Roman emperors didn't bother to have biological offsprings?: empire, assassin - History
  168. best premodern medicine: ancient, Chinese, origin, German - History
  169. If Russia hadn't been overthrown by the Bolsheviks...(WW2 hypothetical): war, Roman - History
  170. 3,000 Year Old Mayan Structure Found: Egypt, Mexico, Asians, biggest - History
  171. Why Euros not focus more collective effort against the Ottomans/Barbary Pirates to stop enslavement: war, Romans - History
  172. WW II enlisted naval men: WW2, war, bomb, military - History
  173. Russia Releases Top Secret Footage of TSAR Hydrogen Bomb 50 Megatons: Romans, greatest - History
  174. Worst Back to Back US Presidents?: war, Roman, influence, Britain - History
  175. Why didnt' the British decide not to decisivley defeat the USA during the War of 1812?: Britain, colonies - History
  176. When Lobotomies were a thing, do you think most who performed it were just sadists?: 90s, state - History
  177. Why are there people that actually if dropping the bombs on Japan was justified?: WWII, war - History
  178. Why did the U.S and the USSR not stop to think if making nuclear weapons was a good thing?: WW2, war - History
  179. Do we have founding fathers-quality people today?: war, influence, general - History
  180. Why didn’t Boston get the massive European immigration that New York got?: origin, cities - History
  181. When was the millennial era originally intended to end?: influence, economy, events - History
  182. Do you think in ancient times, people being violent and conquering others was really necessary?: Romans, Egypt - History
  183. Do you think Stalin gave to attacking the allies?: WW2, war - History
  184. Why is the English civil war glossed over in history?: England, European
  185. Iraq invaded Kuwait: war, France, Russia, military - History
  186. Did Hitler really escape to Argentina and fake his death? Or is that just stupid: WW2, war - History
  187. Where is Abraham Lincoln from?: war, England, 50s, Washington - History
  188. Asian Flu Pandemic -- History of it: Spanish, president, military
  189. The Great Stone Face: USA, ally - History
  190. Archiving Holocaust music: war, France, years, country - History
  191. Scientists Have Unearthed Traces of an Ancient Rainforest In... Antarctica - History
  192. An unbelievable woman--Marie Marvingt - History
  193. Black golf course designer: best, Louisiana, success, New York - History
  194. Great Warriors co-existing and within proximity but never meeting: England, general, 60s - History
  195. New Analysis of a Famous Hominin Fossil Might Change Human Ancestry Story, Again: lineage, different - History
  196. Reccomended History YouTubers: Roman, historical, document
  197. Abraham Lincoln.. and his Scottish minster and friend.: historical, origin, military - History
  198. For liking ancient history: Alaric: different
  199. The lost WWII diaries: war, origin, different, New York - History
  200. The ex-Presidents club: Eisenhower, how, Kennedy, defeated - History