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  1. SS Eastland Disaster: WWII, greatest, general, twenties - History
  2. History podcasts, a little dubious: general, facts, events, historical
  3. The impressive training and recruitment of Rome’s Legions: Roman, state, battle - History
  4. 1821-2021 200 Years of Greek Independence: Romans, greatest, European, state - History
  5. Lost Golden City Rises From The Egyptian Sand: ancient, years - History
  6. News of Nazi Franz Josef Huber of Hitler's secret police.: war, general - History
  7. Thomas Jefferson lived when Baroque composer Bach was still alive: ancient, war - History
  8. Would you like cyanide for after the concert?: Hitler, Russians, German - History
  9. Early, mid and late eighties: economy, differences, ally - History
  10. Irish Independence and Civil War 1916-23: general, state, events, Spanish - History
  11. Historical photographs of grocery stores: 60s, USSR, Americans, Soviet - History
  12. Successful secessions without bloodshed: war, Egypt, biggest, economic - History
  13. Lost culture -- Whatever happened to...: Egypt, general, 70s, Washington - History
  14. The Americans Who Still Speak with West Country British English: Mexico, 80s - History
  15. Muster list for Morgans rifle company?: war, general, 60s, Washington - History
  16. Why did Auschwitz extermination camp need a “camp infirmary”?: general, interior - History
  17. Ancient Chinese Mummies, Pyramids and Samurai DNA: Egypt, Sumeria, historical - History
  18. When a P-51 Chased a BF-109 Under the Eiffel Tower: German, America - History
  19. The 1990s, as great as we remember?: bomb, Washington, biggest - History
  20. Crusader knight's 900-year-old sword discovered by diver: ancient, facts, military - History
  21. Historically, Was Porfirio Rubirosa The Last Of The Int'l Playboys?: 1950's, assassin - History
  22. 1923 earthquake in Japan: WW2, war, bomb, 1920s - History
  23. Smoke aerial curtains during WW2: war, bomb, tanks, attack - History
  24. Bugsy Ben Siegel: facts, historical, origin, years - History
  25. The African Ancestors Of African-Americans: state, DNA, slavery, Brazil - History
  26. How is it being a revolutionary?: ally - History
  27. Were STDs rampant in ancient world?: Roman, England, facts, European - History
  28. NYT commemorates the Pentagon Papers: war, greatest, bomb, 60's - History
  29. Oliver Stone has a new movie about JFK: general, assassin, Russian - History
  30. Rep. Vandiver of of Missouri and the You have got to show me statement: Mexico, state - History
  31. What do you think is the main reason Alexander the Greats tomb has never been found?: Romans, Egypt - History
  32. Was the Munich terrorist attack the first one televised?: bomb, 70's, European - History
  33. People wearing ornate clothes and wigs in Europe: ancient, Egypt, England - History
  34. The Warburgs: nazism, historical, Germans, Germany - History
  35. Beowulf - Old English: years, language, how, different - History
  36. New memoir of a WWII Dutch resistance teenager: Hitler, German, Germany - History
  37. How accurate were Zager and Evans???: years, society - History
  38. Northwest Passage - Sir John Franklin's Fatal Voyage: facts, DNA, historical - History
  39. WWII history: The Ritchie Boys: war, Hitler, ally
  40. In Axis countries during WWII that had been Allied countries in WWI: how pro-war was public opinion?: WW2, Roman - History
  41. 1934 Assassination of King Alexander of Yugoslavia - History
  42. The Great Wall of India: ancient, state, origin, countries - History
  43. Lafayette, he was: war, colonies, state, assassin - History
  44. Inauguration poems: England, general, Mexico, 80s - History
  45. Robert Caro and his papers: war, 1980s, state, events - History
  46. The history of history: ancient, war, influence, general
  47. Two Men Exonerated For Malcolm X Killing: how, ally - History
  48. Local neighborhood history: European, events, Spanish, origin
  49. Songs of the Century: greatest, 60's, kings, years - History
  50. PBS Hindenburg?: military, USA, document, ally - History
  51. Did WWII pilots fly a lot of training missions in theater?: war, bomb - History
  52. 20th century was such a terrible time in history?: WW2, ancient, war
  53. My, how times have changed for presidents.: war, military, years - History
  54. POLAR OPPOSITES: Dr. Anwar Shukeiri VS his brother (nazi allied) Ahmad Shukeiri (Shukairy / Shuqairy): WW2, war - History
  55. Victorian aristocracy machismo: influences, Britain, 1800s, events - History
  56. Cold War Spy/Double Agent/Traitor George Blake Died: WW2, Egypt, influence - History
  57. New Memorials in Berlin Honor the Holocaust’s Overlooked Black Victims: war, European - History
  58. What Really Happened To Surcouf, The French Cruiser Submarine That Mysteriously Disappeared On February 18, 1942?: war, bomb - History
  59. Vereenigde Oost-Indische!: European, Chinese, slave, kings - History
  60. Homer Plessy, Key to Separate but Equal to Receive Well-Deserved Pardon: events, historical - History
  61. Ancient Egyptian Burial Found: years, Reno - History
  62. $8,000,000 historical library heist: European, origin, document, how - History
  63. Stonehenge in UK? Stonehenge_v1 or Stonehenge_v2?: ancient, Britain, origin - History
  64. Most fascinating (little known) figure in US history?: influence, England, Mexico
  65. Cozying up to a Nazi while researching: WWII, war, Japanese - History
  66. Alexander Graham Bell: war, invention, historical, president - History
  67. Examples from history: war, Egyptian, general, Hitler
  68. A little ancient snack?: years, America, how - History
  69. Troops in Other COUNTRYS: WW2, war, 60's, European - History
  70. George Washingon's Famous Newport Letter Opening U.S. to Enterprise and Judaism: Washington, Spain - History
  71. Largest massacre in history?: greatest, Washington, Hitler, Chinese
  72. Thousands of Stalin Victims Found in Mass Grave.: economy, state, events - History
  73. Mutiny on the Bounty - Was Captain Bligh a Symbol of Evil or Good Ship Captain?: greatest, influence - History
  74. On-the-spot Hiroshima photographs: WWII, war, bomb, generals - History
  75. How common was snorting illegal narcotics back in the day?: war, 1990s - History
  76. How would the world be different if we had heeded George Washington's farewell address?: WW2, war - History
  77. The experience of Mexican Americans during segregation: 50s, Chinese, Spanish - History
  78. The capital-labor conflict is the industrial equivalent to the agricultural settler-nomad conflict: general, economy - History
  79. 1984, plus/minus 37: WWII, war, Roman, greatest - History
  80. Was Theodore Roosevelt the best and toughest President we ever had?: war, presidents - History
  81. WW2 Singapore and british surrender: war, Britain, general, European - History
  82. Newly released JFK docs: war, Lincoln, assassin, Russian - History
  83. What specific historical events would you change if you could, to make the world better?: war, general - History
  84. Were there antebellum Southern planters who paid their farmworkers?: economy, slavery - History
  85. In the US No One Has Ever Served 8 Years as Vice President and 8 Years as President: general, events - History
  86. Pearl Harbor Rememberince Day- Take a moment to remenber: WW2, war, greatest - History
  87. When did humans connect sex and pregnancy?: general, facts, kings - History
  88. Where did ideas such as bad air and blood letting stem from?: ancient, Egypt - History
  89. Sounds like conspiracy theory but true: WW2, war, bomb, JFK - History
  90. How Modernized Would Things Be Without European Colonization?: Mexican, invention, years - History
  91. Were Slaves Ever 3/5 Human In The Constitution?: general, state, slavery - History
  92. Today In History - Nazi Massacre At Babyn Yar September 29-30, 1941: WWII, war
  93. Purging the Chinese from America: Roman, England, general, Asians - History
  94. Reason so many died in the Holocaust: war, 1920s, Hitler - History
  95. A True Secret Story of Historical Significance: WWII, war, bomb - History
  96. America had everyone's gold?: WW2, war, England, 90s - History
  97. Historical parallels in the US: war, England, general, economic - History
  98. What if Poland had yielded to Hitler without war in 1939: WW2, Roman - History
  99. The Infamous War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast Was a Magnificent Fluke.: 1950s, Hitler - History
  100. U.S. Governments Have Always Lied; At Least from 20th Century On: war, general - History
  101. Why is there no Black outcry against The Alamo?: war, general, Mexican - History
  102. Why is European royalty predominantly German?: war, Roman, Britain, 1800s - History
  103. Why didn’t Nazi party members who condemned Kristallnacht as needless violence, denounce the final solution?: WW2, general - History
  104. Why did most of the French public initially support the proNazi Vichy France regime?: WW2, war - History
  105. September 11th Remembrance (done a slightly different way): war, Washington, state - History
  106. If Hitler fought on Britain RAF and didn’t declare war on USA: Great Britain, invaded - History
  107. November 10-11, 1975 - 46 Years Ago, What a Day!: greatest, general, 70's - History
  108. Is the US Interstate construction, most expansive, and fastest built project of all time: Roman, greatest - History
  109. Hannibal and his Elephants.: war, Romans, Egypt, greatest - History
  110. In the fall of 1940 and spring of 1941, how did people in the UK think that WWII would turn out?: war, bomb - History
  111. Do you remember 9/11/2001?: state, events, empire, attack - History
  112. African History Compared To Others: ancient, war, Roman, Egyptian
  113. Nov 22, 1963...: war, JFK, assassin, assassination - History
  114. Why didn’t peace result after Czechoslovakia was peacefully handed over at Hitler’s request?: WW2, war - History
  115. When European Jews were deported from their living quarters, who received ownership of homes?: WWII, bomb - History
  116. Midway the turning point: WWII, bomb, 70s, facts - History
  117. Back in the day, how local economies affected by organized crime, and overall opinion of gangsters: WW2, war - History
  118. Most famous dogs in history: WW2, greatest, bomb, general
  119. Good to see Germany is still pursuing justice against former Nazis: war, years - History
  120. Are the 1800s more like the 21st century or the middle ages?: war, general - History
  121. How could we orient ourselves storical events?: WW2, ancient, war - History
  122. The confederacy is a convenient villain for Americans today: war, general, 1990s - History
  123. Are you interested in the history of mankind?: events, Sumeria, historical
  124. Up Franklin!: facts, colonies, Washington, Lincoln - History
  125. How many wars did America fight that were absolutely needed to protect the American people?: WWII, war - History
  126. Do you think Nero and Caligula were as insane as to be believed?: Roman, influence - History
  127. If FDR Had Been Libertarian?: WWII, general, 1930s, facts - History
  128. Another Nazi found: WW2, war, Washington, crimes - History
  129. Nixon justifying himself: WW2, 70's, Washington, JFK - History
  130. Blacks Are The Original Americans: Asians, Europeans, historical, years - History
  131. Corrupt history: the number of soviet deaths is drastically overcalculated: WWII, war
  132. Nazis sneaking in with WWII DPs and refugees: war, Hitler, European - History
  133. American Film Institute Greatest Lists: war, Japan, historical, origin - History
  134. Kamala Harris Is Not The First Biracial VP: Washington, European, presidents - History
  135. Is it just me, or are the 70s the least memorable decade?: war, bomb - History
  136. Did the ability to empathise and sympathise with others really not exist in ancient/medieval times?: Roman, Egypt - History
  137. Does this sum up the French Revolution?: war, France, president - History
  138. What era is this?: WW2, ancient, Britain, events - History
  139. How Did The Seminoles Remain Undefeated?: war, Spanish, American, language - History
  140. From Alexander Hamilton to Johns Hopkins - The Demolition of Societies' Builders: 1800s, Washington - History
  141. The Family DNA Of King Tut: ancient, Egyptian, Asians, European - History
  142. The History through your relatives or ancestors: WW2, war, general
  143. Are the United States of America really founded in faith?: war, Roman - History
  144. 1776 Commission Report: war, general, Washington, economic - History
  145. What is American history?: general, European, events, Spain
  146. Before modern anti counterfeiting measures what people use as everyday currency: ancient, Romans - History
  147. Civil War Russian Alliance: WW2, Britain, 1800s, Lincoln - History
  148. Was it hippocricy for the U.S. Occupants to proceed the Nürnberger Trials?: war, Hitler - History
  149. Why did Britain Declare Canada Independent in 1867?: WWII, ancient, war - History
  150. Manson anniversary coming: 60s, JFK, events, drugs - History
  151. Why Couldn't They Do Away With Pinochet Sooner?: Britain, 1980s, economy - History
  152. FDR's Undeserved Reputation for Caring and his Role as Holocaust Enabler: war, influences - History
  153. Interesting complement to Diamond's geography theory of world history: Mexico, European, invention
  154. Skirts dragging on the ground in yesteryear: ancient, war, general - History
  155. When and Why did White Americans Stop Using last names?: general, 60s - History
  156. Gay history: ancient, 70s, historical, military
  157. Prior to Cold War, were Weapons a common item in households: WW2, Romans - History
  158. Oldest Ancestor Of Native Americans Found In Russia: general, DNA, Spanish - History
  159. Were STDs more prevalent during Roman times (since they had orgies): ancient, Romans - History
  160. We should have let Germany and Austria-Hungary keep their Eastern European lands after WWI: WW2, war - History
  161. How could in 1920s-1940s Italy believe that Mussolini is always right ?: 1930s, Hitler - History
  162. more obscure presidents: bomb, 1800s, Washington, Lincoln - History
  163. Do you feel the Soviet Union could have prevailed against Nazi Germany WITHOUT help from UK/USA?: war, greatest - History
  164. So it’s 2021, are we all now in complete agreement that JFK was assassinated by his own government?: biggest, events - History
  165. Ronald Reagan and Thomas Jefferson were both alive during Harriet Tubman's life: ancient, war - History
  166. Wasn't the Canadian/Australian way of becoming independent better than the US way?: war, England - History
  167. An annotated Mein Kampf !?!?!: WWII, war, general, Hitler - History
  168. Liberation of Europe began 77 yrs ago today: war, Hitler, events - History
  169. Thomas Jefferson died in debt despite his unmistakable achievements: England, general, colonies - History
  170. From the Black Death to the present: war, bomb, England - History
  171. Why is history so silent on the Gadsden Purchase?: war, Mexican, Washington
  172. Un=photographed well-known people of the 20th Century: origin, years, American - History
  173. Learning History: war, influence, general, facts
  174. If the atomic bombs had been available in January 1945, where would we have dropped them?: war, England - History
  175. Colorado mountain escapes.: general, state, president, Canada - History
  176. 1619 Project,How Accurate?: bomb, England, facts, Lincoln - History
  177. Mother of all History questions, why civilization ever start if humans dont need carbohydrates: ancient, empire
  178. Hunters of who would hurt Jews in the 60s: war, general - History
  179. Ethnic crime data for the Russian Empire for 1915: crimes, Russians, USA - History
  180. How Did Colonial Virginia Become Revolutionary?: war, Great Britain, general, 80's - History
  181. America's Railroad: general, Mexican, 70s, economic - History
  182. Operation Paperclip: 1945-59 scientists, engineers, and technicians were taken from Nazi Germany to the U.S. to work: war, bomb - History
  183. Did the U.S really have much faith the Bay of Pigs invasion would succeed?: WWII, war - History
  184. What are your thoughts on the spread of both national self-determination and republicanism over the last 250 years?: war, Mexico - History
  185. A New History of the Rosetta Stone: ancient, Egypt, how
  186. And another victim found - from 2000 years ago: ally - History
  187. Ashley's cotton sack: slavery, African, American, Africa - History
  188. Tecumseh, and his brother: American, leader, Indian - History
  189. Mummies on the move: ancient, Egyptian, kings, civilization - History
  190. Tuxedos and how they got their name...: 1800s, years, London - History
  191. Henry Adams recounting history as he experienced it: America, government, document
  192. Banzai!: WWII, Japan, country - History
  193. An Interesting Black Town In Oklahoma: slave, Indian - History
  194. Faye Schulman, WWII photographer, dies at 101: Washington - History
  195. Journalist Richard Stolley died: JFK, assassin, assassination, peoples - History
  196. An Emigre from Vienna to Bleeding Kansas in the 1800's and Wave of Emigration to U.S.: war, European - History
  197. The buck stops, way or other: origin, president - History
  198. History As End
  199. Botany in Glasgow past.: Australia, enemy, how, society - History
  200. Agee notes 1940s racism: general, years, California - History