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  13. Gay history: ancient, 70s, historical, military
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  21. Good to see Germany is still pursuing justice against former Nazis: war, years - History
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  23. Why didn't LBJ end the Vietnam war the second he became President?: bomb, generals - History
  24. Corrupt history: the number of soviet deaths is drastically overcalculated
  25. The Lviv pogroms, 1941: WW2, war, 60s, Hitler - History
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  31. The History through your relatives or ancestors: WW2, war, general
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  33. Kamala Harris Is Not The First Biracial VP: Washington, European, presidents - History
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  35. Did the ability to empathise and sympathise with others really not exist in ancient/medieval times?: Roman, Egypt - History
  36. How Did The Seminoles Remain Undefeated?: war, Spanish, American, language - History
  37. Is it just me, or are the 70s the least memorable decade?: war, bomb - History
  38. Why did Britain Declare Canada Independent in 1867?: WWII, ancient, war - History
  39. Was it hippocricy for the U.S. Occupants to proceed the N├╝rnberger Trials?: war, Hitler - History
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  41. From Alexander Hamilton to Johns Hopkins - The Demolition of Societies' Builders: 1800s, Washington - History
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