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  1. Josephine Baker, spy: France, years, government, monument - History
  2. Henry Morgenthau as a major force in WWII: Hitler, European, battle - History
  3. Handsome Heydrich: influence, Hitler, leader, female - History
  4. Human grafting is our reality!: Asians, origin, Latin, Africa - History
  5. Heard a Nazi word-play joke today: ancient, war, Roman, German - History
  6. What if Mexico sided with the Nazis and Japan in WW2?: war, Roman - History
  7. Vatican II after 60 Years: WWII, war, Roman, influence - History
  8. Before Pumpkins, the Irish Carved Jack-O’-Lanterns From Turnips and Potatoes: England, 60s - History
  9. Last child of slaves: war, slavery, American, Virginia - History
  10. Was it a mistake for the Democrats to filibuster Gorsuch?: presidency, years - History
  11. Death of Anne Frank's close friend: events, years, USA, concentration - History
  12. Samuel Adams in the spotlight: ancient, Washington, America, British - History
  13. Interesting revenge in history: WW2, 1990s, events, empire
  14. Would Mario Cuomo have won if he ran for President in 1992: general, years - History
  15. Compared to Stalin for many (of course not Jews) wasn’t Nazi occupation a relief vs Gulag Sovietism?: Roman, general - History
  16. A niche for black women in WWII: war, general, historical - History
  17. Help with photo ID- 1905 YMCA Convention: years, date, Iowa, Nebraska - History
  18. A historical shift in dictators - or not: country, Americans, political - History
  19. Condominiums in Spain and France: Spanish, German, Germany, countries - History
  20. Is it just me, or were many British officers in the Revolutionary War Scottish and Irish?: Britain, Spain - History
  21. Turkey in WW2: war, Roman, influence, Britain - History
  22. Why is it that Russia has always been ruled by the worst people in history?: WW2, war
  23. Great to see efforts occurring to try Nazi war criminals: Washington, German - History
  24. Nazi puppets !?: Hitler, German, Germany, ally - History
  25. Historical Figures that Looked Most Like Super Villains: general, 1800s, Japan - History
  26. Chariots, Stirrups, and other horsing around: ancient, European, economic, Chinese - History
  27. When Jewish lawyers in Vienna were all banned by Hitler, did the new Aryan lawyers efficiently fill the void or were: war, German - History
  28. David McCullough Dead: peace, Americans, historian, best - History
  29. Nazi resistance history: WW2, war, bomb, Hitler
  30. Paul Schrade, shot with RFK, dead at 97: JFK, assassin, assassination - History
  31. The Last of the White Rose: war, Hitler, European, nazism - History
  32. Courage under fire at Leyte Gulf: WWII, greatest, general, Japanese - History
  33. Who knew that Freud had a sense of humor?: WWII, Great Britain, invaded - History
  34. J. Edgar Hoover, Public Enemy No. 1: WW2, 1930s, state, viking - History
  35. Romans camps in different countries..: England, 70s, origin, years - History
  36. British Vietnam War - Operation Masterdom 1945: military, historian - History
  37. Another amazing teen resistance fighter: war, France, president - History
  38. Real Life Armistices: ancient, war, generals, Washington - History
  39. St Bartholomew's Hospital and St Bartholomew the Great church in London celebrate 900 year anniversary: England, beheaded - History
  40. Origins of Memorial Day: war, general, Washington, Lincoln - History
  41. Book recommendation the Chinese Cultural Revolution?: WW2, general, Japan - History
  42. A novel on the eve of Hitler: WWII, England, 1930s - History
  43. The last of the Nuremberg prosecutors: WWII, war, events, crimes - History
  44. Medieval Pantry Preserved in the Baltic for Half a Century: years, ally - History
  45. Seven Foot Sword Unearthed In Japan: ancient, facts, years, why - History
  46. What would have happened if Reagan had chosen Ford as his running mate in 1980?: economic, presidents - History
  47. Separate Republic Origins of Vermont: influence, Britain, colonies, Europeans - History
  48. The first cooked meal - 780,000 years ago: ancient, ally, evidence - History
  49. Westphalian doctrine: peace, how, best - History
  50. Important Discovery May Re-Write Ancient Etruscan and Roman History: Romans, Egyptian, general
  51. Brothels That Built America documentary: 80s, Canada, popular, different - History
  52. When was it first claimed that the Sun was a star like the others?: ancient, 1800s - History
  53. The history of the difference between the two main US parties: war, 60s
  54. Gun control and JFK: WW2, war, general, facts - History
  55. What an amazing, fun, lucky historical find! - History
  56. How would the Janissaries have done fighting in the 100 Years War: England, European - History
  57. How would Jan Zizka have done fighting in the 100 Years War: England, general - History
  58. The Grim Truth Behind The Massacre of 20,000 Roman Soldiers: ancient, Romans, European - History
  59. Looking for Information on a White Lady or Ghost of White Deer Pike: state, origin - History
  60. Switzerland Policy on Refugees during WW2 was super kind in places: France, country - History
  61. Whites Chemical factory Shawfield Glasgow..: slave, years, attack, country - History
  62. The next European War will start in Ukraine: events - History
  63. The Longest Wars in Human History: Mexican, Europeans, empire, conquer
  64. New York Factory Fire 1911.: war, 90s, Washington, economic - History
  65. Segregation in California farm towns, when did it end?: Mexican, 70's, Spanish - History
  66. St. Francis Dam Disaster - 1928: greatest, 70s, years, western - History
  67. The Goddess who changed the course of Roman history: ancient, Romans, colonies
  68. Lock Hospital Worldwide 1800s: WWII, 1950s, state, years - History
  69. american history and historical method books: war, facts, empire, military
  70. Russia Never Really Part of West - From Potemkin to Pugachev to Holodomer & Onwards: Russians, famine - History
  71. Pompeii, still being excavated: Romans, France, slaves, years - History
  72. Shackleton's lost ship, the Endurance, found in Antarctic after 107 years: greatest, ally - History
  73. Operation Hellstorm - ever heard of it?: WW2, war, crimes - History
  74. How did the Wehrmacht handle its war in Ukraine?: Roman, general, 1930s - History
  75. Americana...Videos of USA decades ago... nostalgia... - History
  76. Why Napoleon allow his subordinate to take Throne of Sweden: war, generals - History
  77. Edinburgh Village With Oldest Pub in Scotland: historical, origin, date - History
  78. What Kept West Berlin Going Economically?: WWII, war, bomb, economy - History
  79. ukrainian, definition: Russia, military, how, ally - History
  80. heard of Amlas?: war, state, historical, years - History
  81. You may not be interested in war...: how, different, ally - History
  82. How much impact did the DUI have on Bush in the end in 2000?: biggest, economy - History
  83. Did ancient rome have equivalence of a police force?: Roman, military - History
  84. Wolyn: WW2, events, assassin, assassinated - History
  85. Black women forced to work as maids in 1918: war, 60s, crimes - History
  86. Why did European knights have better armor and weapons than Japanese samurai?: WW2, war - History
  87. Jefferson Lovers vs. Adams Lovers - Rivals and Friends (Sometimes): Britain, 80's - History
  88. The Candy Bomber, dead at 101: war, German, Germany, years - History
  89. I think people were in constant pain pre 1900.: war, England, 80s - History
  90. What would you put in a Time Capsule?: Egyptian, facts, years - History
  91. The Winter War - Finnish Victory or Soviet Pyrrhic Victory?: WWII, Roman - History
  92. Was the Comey letter what sunk Hillary Clinton in 2016?: European, economic, Russians - History
  93. the Christmas Truce of 1914: WWII, war, Roman, England - History
  94. Were the French and American Revolutions, and Russian Chaos in Late 1700's Interwined/Related?: war, Britain - History
  95. Why was there such of a stigma surrounding mental health issues in the olden days?: influence, Mexico - History
  96. Living Britons paid off the end to slavery: WW2, war, Roman - History
  97. Hawaiian Pre-1893 Was Royal Kingdom - Abigail Kawananakoa, Hawaiian princess, dies at 96: Britain, general - History
  98. How did Commmnist countries have so many self-described Christians: war, Roman, influence - History
  99. Lincoln's Vice President: war, general, Washington, economic - History
  100. What was WWI called before The Great War?: WW2, bomb, Britain - History
  101. The end of professional historians?: war, Hitler, state, events - History
  102. Nixon's trip to China - 50 years ago: war, influence, Hitler - History
  103. Would Carter have won in 1980 if he had gotten the hostages out?: bomb, general - History
  104. Just learned about German and Italian internment camps: WW2, war, general - History
  105. In the South, why did so few people vote before the 1960s?: WW2, Rome - History
  106. Could George Bush have won in 1992?: war, Mexico, economy, state - History
  107. Is Ford's pardon of Nixon really what cost him the election?: bomb, general - History
  108. How did people in the 1950s perceive the times they were living in: WW2, war - History
  109. Why do you think that Ohio has produced so many Presidents of the US?: WW2, war - History
  110. Elizabeth I: 70's, facts, German, years - History
  111. Prohibition, How On Earth Could That Have Happened!!!: 1920s, events, years - History
  112. Kent State, Ohio, 52 Years Ago today: war, bomb, general, 60's - History
  113. Did John Kerry really blow it in 2004: war, Mexico, biggest - History
  114. Last USS Arizona survivor from Pearl Harbor attack…: WW2, war, 90s - History
  115. A society with no rulers?: ancient, general, economic, historical - History
  116. Brooklyn Bridge Opens, 150 Years Ago Today: 60s, German, Germany, country - History
  117. In the mid-late 19th century would you rather have lived in Victorian England or the American Old West?: Britain, 80s - History
  118. What were the trenches like for American servicemen in WWI?: war, England - History
  119. June, 18th 1941: WWII, war, bomb, generals - History
  120. Daniel Ellsberg is dying: war, bomb, events, assassin - History
  121. Could Democrat have beaten George HW Bush in 1988: general, 80's, state - History
  122. MOngols overrated: Romans, Egypt, greatest, Great Britain - History
  123. Powerful Siblings: ancient, Rome, influence, general - History
  124. 1969 - The Year of Peace, Love, Dissent & Mayhem: war, events, assassin - History
  125. Dictators/Leaders With Most/Least Personal Magnetism: general, Hitler, state - History
  126. What was Scandinavia/Norway's reaction to Columbus' discovery of Hispaniola: general, viking - History
  127. The Amazing Lives of Centenarians: WWII, war, bomb, Great Britain - History
  128. the american revolutionaries weren't the good guys: war, Britain, 80s - History
  129. Museums and colonial archaeology: WW2, ancient, war, Egyptian - History
  130. Why Eddie Slovik?: WWII, war, bomb, general - History
  131. Is Black History Too Complicated For Schools?: war, 1990's, facts
  132. Do You Remember Where You Were As the News Broke?: war, bomb - History
  133. Daily Life in Another Time: ancient, Roman, greatest, influence - History
  134. Efforts to curtail teaching history: 60s, events, historical, years
  135. Could the Donner Party hunted wild animals to survive the winter?: years, American - History
  136. Negative flags: Roman, England, 80's, Japan - History
  137. When did humans realize that beer and wine have the same psychoactive substance (ethanol)?: ancient, Roman - History
  138. Did Hitler fake his death?: England, 60s, facts, Spain - History
  139. Did we overestimate the USSR during the Cold War?: influence, 1950's, Hitler - History
  140. 9/11/01 Air traffic control tapes: JFK, France, president, military - History
  141. Why is it not taught in schools that the murdered 6 million Jews, 2 million were rounded up and shot in daylight?: WW2, ancient - History
  142. Eugenics and forced sterilization: 90s, economic, state, Japan - History
  143. How did ANCIENT people have sex with terrible hygiene ?: Roman, general, ancestors - History
  144. Ken Burns' latest, on the Holocaust: war, Britain, general, European - History
  145. One thing good the Japanese did during WWII: war, 1930s, Asians - History
  146. 133 years ago on this date, Hitler was born in Austria: WWII, war - History
  147. Videos From 120 Years Ago!: war, 1930s, origin, USA - History
  148. What are events in U.S. history that are taught incorrectly? For example, the War of 1812 is rarely brought up as a coun: Mexico, 1800s
  149. What are of the greatest marketing disasters in history?: 70s, crimes
  150. the most brutal empire?: WWII, greatest, Mexico, 70s - History
  151. Who is history's greatest badass, and why?: war, Romans, invaded
  152. Was the destruction of Warsaw by the Third Reich really a major ordeal for most non-JewishPoles or more a symbolic blow?: WWII, war - History
  153. Why was James Buchanan such a bad President?: war, influence, Lincoln - History
  154. Who is the greatest person that history has forgotten?: Washington, slavery, presidents
  155. Soviet Union if Lenin lived longer. Soviet Union if Andropov: general, 1930s - History
  156. Did Hitler do anything illegal: WW2, war, Britain, facts - History
  157. Back in the 18th/19th centuries did grown men really marry very young girls like 13, 14 ?: ancient, war - History
  158. Why did humans create languages based on hearing (sounds) instead of sight?: years, United States - History
  159. Were fugitive slaves really this rare?: state, slavery, years, African - History
  160. Ah, Casanova.: 60's, economic, military, years - History
  161. How different the world of 1698 was compared to the world of 1601?: England, general - History
  162. Why did the Confederates think they had a snowball chance in hell of winning the ACW?: war, Britain - History
  163. Soviet treasury: WW2, facts, state, events - History
  164. America's history of meddling - and assassination (and attempts): war, bomb, 1950s
  165. Oldest known sentence.: ancient, Sumeria, years, USA - History
  166. Winston Churchill, artist: war, Britain, general, twenties - History
  167. If the civil war had not happened, how much longer could slavery have gone on for, financially speaking?: Mexico, colonies - History
  168. the Trial of Henry Kissinger: WW2, war, bomb, economy - History
  169. What multinational European empire treated minorities the best?: war, Roman, influence - History
  170. And now, a word from Eisenhower.: WWII, war, bomb, general - History
  171. The Pilgrims had a printing press?: England, general, colonies, origin - History
  172. Civil War Within Civil War - Secession From Seceders: influence, Washington, economic - History
  173. Freudian History: has sexual desire ever been a force shaping societies?: ancient, Roman
  174. Why 160-350 years ago was it necessary for to enslave innocent African people and categorize them all as black ?: ancient, Romans - History
  175. Why did spanking/corporal punishment fall out of favor in the West?: general, 1920s - History
  176. In the antebellum period, how hard would it be for an abolitionist to directly escort a slave to freedom?: war, state - History
  177. How the Compromise of 1790 reverberates to this day: war, influence, general - History
  178. When Satan Came To Salem in 1692 - Withcraft in Massachusetts and Connecticut: England, general - History
  179. Do you miss the ‘old days’?: 80s, military, years - History
  180. How was rationing done in WWII in the U.S.?: war, 70s - History
  181. What if Mario Cuomo ran for President?: war, influence, economy - History
  182. Why King Tut Is Still Fascinating: ancient, Egyptian, influence, events - History
  183. Was The Mosquito The Most Prolific Serial Killer Throughout History?: Romans, biggest
  184. What would George Washington think about Mount Rushmore?: 80s, Lincoln, JFK - History
  185. A Mother's Day note, a century old: years, ally - History
  186. The Devil's Confession - Adolf Eichmann: war, document - History
  187. 2400 Year Old Lavatory in China - One of the Oldest Ever Found: how - History
  188. Adolfo Kaminsky, WWII forger: war, origin, USA, document - History
  189. The Pledge stemmed from a lie?: origin, American, ally, patriot - History
  190. New Robert Caro documentary: NYC - History
  191. The Tut debate rages on. - History
  192. The assassination of Ferdinand the Catholic - History
  193. Schindler's list-assistant dies at 107 - History
  194. A new Giza discovery: Egypt - History
  195. WWII women resistance fighters in Poland: Hitler, Germans - History
  196. Night of Executed Poets: war, nazism, USSR, crimes - History
  197. $3 million ancient Roman coin: Greece - History
  198. Who would you consider to be the greatest person in history?: best
  199. Ritual Suicide in History: war, Rome, generals, empire
  200. Dreams of Nazi gold - History