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  1. Florida Educators To Slavery Controversy: events, how, ally - History
  2. Munson Report on Japanese before Pearl Harbor, who are the People of the bridges.: war, military - History
  3. Did the Roman Empire have a similar political divide like the political divide in the US today?: WW2, war - History
  4. Martin Greenfield's amazing Auschwitz survival: how, concentration, ally, San Francisco - History
  5. Unpredictability of guessing presidential health: influence, 50s, facts, Washington - History
  6. Oppenheimer: war, bomb, historical, years - History
  7. Guy Stern, Who Fled Germany, dead at 101: WWII, battle, army - History
  8. John Wayne gacy American serial killer whom murdered 33 teenagers!!: war, 70s - History
  9. Intriguing from 1997: Why are periods and places so astonishingly more productive than the rest?: ancient, Roman - History
  10. How volcanoes impact history: war, influence, famine, years
  11. Video about the history of stump houses.: England, slavery, historical
  12. Village Life in Britain 3,000 Years Ago: European, battle, date, different - History
  13. Pres. Grover Cleveland: presidents - History
  14. The weather report that might've changed history: WWII, war, general
  15. 100th Anniversary of Lenin's Death: Russians, years, USA, government - History
  16. Merrill's Marauders from WW-II: raids, Vietnam, combat, British - History
  17. Overlooked No More: Ada Blackjack: 1920s, empire, Russia, kings - History
  18. Knowledge of world population millennia ago?: Romans, Britain, events, invention - History
  19. Proroguing UK Parliament: general, events, years, Australia - History
  20. Very good animated WW2 map: war, England, European, Russian - History
  21. Personal Photo Collection - Korean War: WW2, bomb, 1990s, Japan - History
  22. Operation Cottage WW2- 92 KIA with no enemy around.: invaded, Japanese - History
  23. Nazi foothold on British territory: war, Britain, France, Russian - History
  24. the 27 victims of the February 28, 1958 school bus tragedy: military, years, country - History
  25. History Puzzle: Where in the US/Canada did the Vikings visit?: England, general
  26. 50 years of the Carnation Revolution in Portugal: Britain, colonies, state - History
  27. Last survivor of 1944 massacre in France: war, European, assassin, assassinated - History
  28. In Hitler's bathtub???: WWII, war, historical, battle - History
  29. Lone Wolf Terrorists Throughout History, Which Were The Scariest?: bomb, Washington, origin
  30. Amazing new slave narrative: years, African, United States, Australia - History
  31. Myths of the 4th of July: state, president, America, rights - History
  32. D-Day Tribute - The Boys of Pointe du Hoc: WWII, war, European - History
  33. Wakanda Geography Amiss (Canaan): historical, countries, descendants, African - History
  34. Russia declassifies & releases footage of 'Tsar Bomba' — the most powerful nuclear bomb in history: general, state
  35. Was Ireland and North Ireland really that dangerous back then? - History
  36. Did Mieb Goes have a gay brother?: WWII, historical, German - History
  37. Secretariat Wins Triple Crown June 9, 1973: greatest, events, American, how - History
  38. Historical US population counts: WW2, war, general, 1800s - History
  39. Damn, Cyril Wecht died: JFK, events, assassin, assassination - History
  40. Sir William Burrell.. Scot who collected treasures..: war, greatest, Britain - History
  41. Last of the French D-Day arrivals: Britain, general, France, Russia - History
  42. The Plot Against America: war, bomb, Britain, 1930s - History
  43. The Fall of Rome: Christianity served the same purpose then as Wokeness does now?: Roman, events - History
  44. Farewell to the last Triple Ace: war, 1980s, America, enemy - History
  45. David livingstones son died in Salisbury Prison US.: war - History
  46. Plane discovered that MIGHT be Amelia Earhart's: USA, revolutionary, why - History
  47. What Were The Causes Of Homelessness In The Past, And What Did They Do With Them? - History
  48. What countries have freed themselves from Islamic conquest?: WW2, war, England - History
  49. Smokey England, 1800's, How Did They Ever Survive it?: war, general, 60s - History
  50. What was the Japanese reaction to the Holocaust in Europe during WWII?: WW2, war - History
  51. The Hispanic Roots of the United States: war, Great Britain, general - History
  52. When history disappears from the internet
  53. Leaders Who Did a 180: war, England, Washington, Hitler - History
  54. with different turn of events, North America would turned out roughly similar: ancient, England - History
  55. What were your fears in school: war, bomb, 80s, JFK - History
  56. Biggest European Influence to the Culture of the United States: Roman, greatest - History
  57. Which city was more developed in 1624, Isfahan or London?: Romans, Britain, empire - History
  58. One hundred and two years ago today- the sailing of the Titanic (Does this belong or in paranormal): economic, events - History
  59. Who Were The Most Ruthless Invaders Historically?: Romans, Britain, general - History
  60. The world's oldest photographs, what are your thoughts?: war, general, Mexican - History
  61. FDR and polio...others?: president, comparison, how, Kennedy - History
  62. How did the US middle class get created?: WW2, war, bomb - History
  63. Black US Soldiers in WW2: war, Britain, general, German - History
  64. Six Degrees of Historical Connections: WW2, war, greatest, 80s - History
  65. Egyptian pyramids not the biggest..: Mexican, slaves, years, USA - History
  66. Why did Hitler target communists?: war, general, Europeans, economy - History
  67. How did people in the Victorian era and prior survive wearing heavy and long sleeved clothes while hot?: general, Washington - History
  68. If The Sex Lives Of Presidents Had Been Off Limits Thru History: Lincoln, Europeans
  69. Did Clinton's behavior cost Al Gore the election in 2000?: war, state, president - History
  70. How big where ancient and medieval cities compared to modern cities?: WWII, Romans - History
  71. For the average white American, how many generations have their ancestors been in the United States?: war, England - History
  72. Genocides little known to many Americans: WW2, war, Roman, Egypt - History
  73. Is everything they taught us about Hitler true?: WWII, war, Rome - History
  74. What would have happened if the Vikings discovered more of the Americas further south from Vinland?: Romans, Britain - History
  75. Which century would you say best epitomized Medieval culture and society most?: war, Romans - History
  76. Ft Sumpter: war, 60s, Lincoln, state - History
  77. 2001 interview with Paul Tibbets, the pilot who dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima: WW2, general - History
  78. Prostitution NYC, 1790 to 1920: ancient, 70's, colonies, Washington - History
  79. Why was there never a large-scale French, Spanish or Russian migration to the United States?: war, England - History
  80. Benedict Arnold - A Traitor, Burned in Effigy, Again and Again (But was he really?) I Don't Think So: war, generals - History
  81. The Civil-Rights Showdown Nobody Remembers: WW2, bomb, 60's, state - History
  82. Why anti-Semitism/hate on Jewish people?: WWII, ancient, Romans, Egypt - History
  83. 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht - 9 November 1938.: war, bomb, England, 1930s - History
  84. World War II 'horror bunker' run by infamous Japanese Unit 731 discovered in China: WWII, influence - History
  85. Early in the 20th century, how might the United States have become a socialist country instead of a capitalist one?: WWII, war - History
  86. Rental Housing in History: ancient, Roman, England, general
  87. Who/what is a Palestinian ? 1948 Israeli-Arab war?: WW2, Roman, Britain - History
  88. 100 Years Ago in America: 1930s, president, country, inflation - History
  89. Wind Wagons: 1950's, European, Chinese, historical - History
  90. Was there ever an independent Palestine state?: WWII, ancient, war - History
  91. Internment of Japanese-Americans - Justified or Just Racism.: WW2, war, bomb - History
  92. Time Machine Observation: ancient, Egypt, Europeans, JFK - History
  93. At what point does grave robbery become archeology?: ancient, war, Egyptian - History
  94. Was the American homefront of World War II the only time in history where the United States was socialistic?: WW2, England
  95. Russia Under the Czars, the Communists, Perestroika and After - Is there hope?: ancient, war - History
  96. Did see the Beatles perform on Ed Sullivan in 1964?: influence, 60's - History
  97. Hannie Schaft, Dutch WWII Resistance Fighter: war, New York - History
  98. American Nations: historical, United States, British, political - History
  99. tler's American Friends: war, German, Germany, years - History
  100. Imagine you were in the 15th century...: years, Columbus, document - History
  101. How an old B&W movie revolutionized the music industry: historians, different - History
  102. An Infinity of Nations (review): European, interior, Americans, how - History
  103. Just heard of Thomas Blanchard - History
  104. Josette Molland, art from Nazi camps: Germans, country - History
  105. Vincent Van Gogh paintings destroyed in Glasgow..: success - History
  106. Dynasties and their violence: ancient, war, Roman, European - History
  107. The death and deification of Romen emperors: war, Roman, general - History
  108. Bobby Kennedy 1968 campaign pico rivera motorcade - History