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  1. Video, Take me back to the Sixties.: greatest, slave, years - History
  2. News, Scenes from the Invasion of Poland.: German, Germany, Americans - History
  3. First Englishman sailed to North America in 1499? - History
  4. What buildings in USA have Gargoyles on them?: Washington, how, ally - History
  5. Coincidence? Geometry and Physiology: ancient, Egypt, general, Sumeria - History
  6. WW2 Katyn Massacre: Britain, invaded, USSR, Russians - History
  7. Signers of the Declaration of Independence: general, Washington, slave, historical - History
  8. Stanley Steamer Stories?: greatest, bomb, invention, years - History
  9. old fire insurance sign: war, origin, years, USA - History
  10. The States (History Channel): origin, different, ally, Massachusetts
  11. The History Of Jousting: England, state, France, historical
  12. Great Courses DVDs/CDs: how - History
  13. T. E. Lawrence: greatest, document, ally - History
  14. Warbows in Action! - History
  15. China Without Mao: war, economy, Chinese, Japanese - History
  16. Which forefather would you consider...: viking, political, how, ally - History
  17. New documentary by Laurence Rees about Stalin: WWII, Russian, years - History
  18. Ever been to Blackbeard Island?: general, Chinese, Vietnam, best - History
  19. HiSTORY: war, bomb, general, colonies
  20. Human Origins - History
  21. Williamite Confiscation?: Ireland, America - History
  22. the Vikings (from ancient warriors): war, Roman, greatest, bomb - History
  23. Where can I find letters from the Civil War soldiers from the North?: how - History
  24. Database for Medieval English Soldiers: war, England, France - History
  25. Betsy Ross: Revolutionary or Pothead?: WWII, Washington, American, how - History
  26. Glubb Pasha: war, army, western, British - History
  27. Attitudes Towards History: war, influence, general, Washington
  28. A. Lincoln and John Bright...the odd couple??: Roman, greatest, England - History
  29. Anglo/American relationship.: WWII, war, bomb, Great Britain - History
  30. War Dogs of the Pacific: WW2, military, combat, document - History
  31. Audio recording...: Washington, biggest, Atlanta - History
  32. Moon News, 1969: The Year That Changed America.: origin, American, best - History
  33. RIP Darrell 'Shifty' Powers: WW2, war, years, best - History
  34. Castillo de San Marcos and other forts: Spain, Americans, Mobile - History
  35. Elite Regiments: war, greatest, bomb, Britain - History
  36. Who Was a Greater Admiral? Sir Francis Drake vs Horatio Nelson: Great Britain, Spanish - History
  37. Market Activity In Pre-Colonial Africa: WW2, facts, European, economic - History
  38. Happy 50th to Hawaii: United States, Allies, how - History
  39. Westminster asked to life Jacobite stigma aft 250 yrs: England, why, popular - History
  40. News Video, Columbus sighting on Lake Michigan.: historical, ally, Detroit - History
  41. News, Goodyear to close World of Rubber museum.: war, 1980s, Ohio - History
  42. News, Seven Civil War stories your teacher never told you.: general, facts - History
  43. News, Jews Who Escaped Nazis as Children Recreate Train Trip.: historical, British - History
  44. Hitler born at Versailles------Photos and History.: civilization, western, how
  45. American Revolution/War of American Independence most interesting leaders: greatest, Britain, generals - History
  46. News, Back to the beachheads: D-Day veterans return to Normandy.: greatest, France - History
  47. The Last Titanic Survivor Died Today 5-31-2009: Britain, years, England - History
  48. Her Hitler: war, DNA, Russians, German - History
  49. Why did Paul Revere get all the credit when others alerted residents about the British troops?: country, revolutionary - History
  50. What is Your Recollection of S.Africa Aquiring Nuclear Weapons?: war, Egypt - History
  51. The Great War: WW2, ancient, Roman, bomb - History
  52. WWII German special forces units?: Germans, Germany, army, leader - History
  53. To Roman history buffs, uestions about everyday Roman life: ancient, Romans
  54. Justinian vs. The Plague: war, Romans, empire, peasants - History
  55. Nautical history: historical, origin, years, country
  56. Culinary historians only,: how, Cary - History
  57. Bill Mauldin's Willie and Joe from WWII: war, general, France - History
  58. Why is a Submarine called a Boat: WW2, twenties, facts - History
  59. Why did Colonialism suddenly end after WWII?: war, Britain, 60's - History
  60. The Civil War: Strange, odd, unusual or ironic facts: WWII, greatest, England - History
  61. Africa: bomb, 80s, Asians, European - History
  62. What Became Of Most Nazi Concentration Camp Commandants After The War?: WW2, crimes - History
  63. The destruction of a civilization. Us war against iraq.: Romans, economic, state - History
  64. The Big Was Neville Chamberlain really the failure portrayed by history?: WW2, war
  65. Was Lafayette America's Greatest Non Citizen Soldier: war, general, colonies - History
  66. Luigi Durand delle Penne knock out the best of the British Navy in WW2.: war, generals - History
  67. Does remember the old Saturday morning shows for children: 1950's, country - History
  68. The Reconquista: war, England, general, DNA - History
  69. Viking Grave: ancient, Roman, kings, years - History
  70. Pied-Noir: war, Spanish, France, origin - History
  71. What was the life expectency in Europe during the middle ages IF...: Romans, general - History
  72. Who Was Worse-Hitler or Stalin?: war, general, German, Germany - History
  73. German Immigration: When, Where + Surname if comfortable: war, England, Hitler - History
  74. Oregon History: general, events, historical, origin
  75. Oldest current running form of government: WW2, Britain, Japanese, country - History
  76. on decades: WWII, war, 1930s, economy - History
  77. Racial change, antisemitism in American cities: 1920s, slavery, African, Africa - History
  78. Could Hitler's Germany and Mussolini's Italy have taken over North Africa: empire, Russian - History
  79. Woodstock 40th Anniversary.: bomb, 80's, years, battle - History
  80. Dr. Martin Luther King...: Roman, influence, assassin, assassination - History
  81. What if slavery never existed in America?: war, colonies, Europeans - History
  82. What's Your Favorite WWII Song?: WW2, Roman, peace, USA - History
  83. History and Culture of Libya(Northwestern Africa): WWII, ancient, Romans
  84. Viking blood in the scots and irish...: Romans, Britain, empire - History
  85. How were Hispanics treated during Civil Rights Movement?: Mexican, 60's, European - History
  86. On This Day in History...: war, Roman, England, events
  87. Was the Failure to take Malta in WWII the Downfall of the Axis in the Mediterranean?: war, Egypt - History
  88. Another What If : What if German Uniforms in World War II Had Been Pastel?: France, Germans - History
  89. Spanish Conquest of California: war, Mexican, 1800s, facts - History
  90. Reminiscing on the Second World War: WW2, ancient, greatest, bomb - History
  91. Another what if what would have happened w/ South America...: influences, England - History
  92. What if Montcalm had won on the Plains of Abraham?: war, influence - History
  93. Historical facts re; Howard Hughes: 80's, country, how, ally - History
  94. Denial of the Indigenous Development of Ancient Egypt: Egyptian, greatest, influence - History
  95. 20th century immersion of atheism and anarchism in mainstream Jewish culture: war, influence - History
  96. What Caused More Destruction To Europe, WW 1 vs. WW2: war, bomb, USSR - History
  97. American forefather who was the most patriotic...who wanted the smallest ?: influence, viking - History
  98. World War II - 70 Years On: WW2, greatest, bomb, 1800s - History
  99. Suggestions for Historical Fiction: war, Roman, general, Mexican - History
  100. How common was smoking in 30's,40's,50's??: 80's, economy, origin - History
  101. America and Germany in WW1: war, Britain, generals, European - History
  102. What were you doing 8 years ago?: war, bomb, Washington, president - History
  103. Goodbye, Uncle Tom: 70s, facts, slavery, historical - History
  104. If You Had A Time Machine...: ancient, Romans, Egypt, European - History
  105. The Explorers/Settlers...: war, Spanish, Ireland, German - History
  106. The Aftermath of Gettysburg; What If.: war, origin, battle, armies - History
  107. What if we had embraced Castro?: war, influence, bomb, general - History
  108. Greatest Speeches in American History.: influence, Britain, general, Washington
  109. Largest Anglo-Saxon Gold Hoard: Romans, influence, Britain, DNA - History
  110. Germany's 1903 Plan To Invade America: WW2, war, Great Britain, general - History
  111. Switzerland: countries, British, how, ally - History
  112. World's Oldest Continuously Owned Family Businesses.: ancient, Japanese, Ireland, origin - History
  113. Ancient Nigeria: Mexico, facts, Europeans, empire - History
  114. New images of Hitler unveiled: bomb, general, Europeans, France - History
  115. News, Carter site could become national park.: war, Britain, economy - History
  116. What Anne Frank would have looked like at 80 y/o.: war, Hitler - History
  117. What did the Ottoman Empire do in WW1?: WW2, war, Egypt - History
  118. Who was responsible for the freedom of America?: ancient, war, greatest - History
  119. US Highway Numbering System: WW2, 1920s, Washington, Lincoln - History
  120. Book recomendation - 20th century history: WWII, general, events, Russian
  121. Did Canada Root For The Confederacy or The Union During Our Civil War: ancient, Great Britain - History
  122. New Viking Site Discovered: general, European, colonization, kings - History
  123. What's Your Area Of Greatest Expertise?: WWII, ancient, war, Roman - History
  124. Soviet Spetsnaz in Alaska during Cold War - truth or myth?: general, Russians - History
  125. Which gay/lesbian person Personally or Historically most positively influenced your life?: 80's, years - History
  126. Massacre in your home town: war, Britain, state, historical - History
  127. American Civil War: Britain, generals, Ireland, Germans - History
  128. What If the Union Had Bought Out the Confederacy Instead of Fighting the Civil War?: Lincoln, economy - History
  129. Oldest warship: WWII, war, 60s, Japanese - History
  130. What Is a Forked tail Devil: WW2, war, bomb - History
  131. How Did Medieval/Middle Ages Seafarers Carry Enough Water To Explore: viking, years - History
  132. What Was the First Historical Event That Left a Deep Impression on You as a Kid?: war, greatest - History
  133. Why Did the English Use Longbows Rather Than Recurves?: ancient, Romans, European - History
  134. Medieval Medicine: war, Egypt, Washington, invention - History
  135. Drafting Of The U.S. Constitution.: war, state, France, origin - History
  136. Enduring But Inconsequential: war, Roman, Mexican, Lincoln - History
  137. Why did WW1 pilots use no parachutes, the balloon observers did?: war, bomb - History
  138. Nazi guard deported to Germany 66 years after WW11: WW2, war, Roman - History
  139. Falkland Islands War: a Great British Victory or a Tactical Mistake?: bomb, Great Britain - History
  140. Romanticizing Criminality: influence, Britain, general, 1930s - History
  141. What Happened To The Soviet POW's In WW2: war, general, biggest - History
  142. International Memorial day program coming this Sunday.: WWII, war, general - History
  143. Tumbleweeds: Europeans, state, Russia, historical - History
  144. Would the South have ended slavery ever?: WWII, war, Roman - History
  145. How and Why Do We Do That?: Romans, Egyptian, Chinese - History
  146. Great book detailing slavery in the US, making me rethink the meaning of 'African America': England, 60s - History
  147. Is there a name for that WWII incident where a B-24 attacked U-Boats trying to rescue brits?: WW2, war - History
  148. History's Superpowers: greatest, influence, Britain, 1980s
  149. Favorite military uniforms in history?: general, 60's, Russian, German
  150. Who are more powerful, Masons or Jews?: USA, ally - History
  151. Why did U.S. get involved in WWI?: WW2, war, Great Britain - History
  152. The North & Slavery: war, England, Lincoln, economy - History
  153. What Happened To Great Britain's War Generals After The Revolutionary War In 1783: influence, colonies - History
  154. Visitor From the Past: Washington, Lincoln, historical, president - History
  155. World War II Rationing: WWII, greatest, Britain, 60's - History
  156. When Did The Germans Migrate To America: general, 70's, Hitler - History
  157. Who were the Melungeons?: ancient, war, general, Mexico - History
  158. Oliver Cromwell.: Great Britain, general, colonies, Spain - History
  159. Cronkite: war, facts, assassin, assassination - History
  160. Serfdom vs American Slavery: ancient, war, Roman, general - History
  161. Greatest weapons: longbow, USSR, USA, Soviet - History
  162. Where Were You? Apollo 11 Lands On The Moon: England, biggest, events - History
  163. Roanoke colony: war, England, colonies, interior - History
  164. What Civilizations Rival The German Nazi's: WW2, war, Rome, bomb - History
  165. Mysterious Photographs - help figuring out?: WW2, historical, military - History
  166. William Wallace vs Shaka Zulu: Romans, greatest, Spanish, historical - History
  167. What Was The Purpose Of The Franco-Prussian War: Roman, Great Britain, Mexico - History
  168. The Coldstream Guard, Oldest Military Unit in Continuous Service.: England, state, country - History
  169. Medieval medicine - What did they have right?: 50s, European, historical - History
  170. Why Didn't Boudicca Flank the Romans?: war, Egypt, Britain, general - History
  171. Through out History: WW2, war, Britain, Hitler
  172. The Slaves That Time Forgot: Egypt, slavery, famine, army - History
  173. So who do you think were tougher?: Romans, general, invaded - History
  174. Chinese Discovery of America: Mexico, European, economy, Japan - History
  175. Former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara Dies: war, Washington, presidents, years - History
  176. Ever touched the Liberty Bell?: ancient, Mexico, 70's, Hoover - History
  177. What was the better WW2 fighter the P-51 Mustang or the P-38 Lightning: bomb, Japanese - History
  178. Civil War reenactors: events, battle, armies, weapon - History
  179. Vietnam War: WWII, bomb, Britain, Washington - History
  180. How did this are become known as Negro Island.: war, generals, colonies - History
  181. Best Ancient Warriors: war, Romans, Hitler, Russians - History
  182. Eight Ancient Scripts That Still Cannot Be Read: Egypt, European, Spain - History
  183. Who loves the history of the wild west?: Roman, sixties, facts
  184. The Iberians: ancient, Romans, Britain, Europeans - History
  185. America and War: Romans, Britain, biggest, Chinese - History
  186. Earliest use of 'Anno Domini'?: Roman, Egypt, European, empire - History
  187. SS Unit Generals Vs Wehrmacht Generals: war, Hitler, biggest, crimes - History
  188. News, Report of 1955 jet wreckage found stirs memories.: years, historian, California - History
  189. News, Howard Hughes Slept: Spanish, ally - History
  190. News, Civil War Soldier Found By Work Crews.: Columbia, Nashville - History
  191. Vespasian's Villa?: Roman, different - History
  192. Military Channel Tonight - History
  193. News, Virginia, D-Day memorial in dire need.: war, USA - History
  194. Local History Journals or Magazines in Your Area
  195. Timber Structure Older than Stonehenge Found in London: years - History
  196. News, American Woman Helped Save Airmen In France.: president, German, D-day - History
  197. Best Lincoln/Douglas debate book - History
  198. Americans been: Washington, ancestors - History
  199. News, Girl in Iconic Vietnam War Photo Brings Message of Hope. - History
  200. Raw: Newly Released Video Shows Chaos Moments After Oklahoma City Bombing. - History