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  1. The Soviets almost completed an SDI system in the 1980s: war, bomb - History
  2. El Deguello at the Alamo: Mexican, Spanish, origin, battle - History
  3. Germans from russia: WWII, USSR, Russians, Soviet - History
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  5. Interesting expedition: ancient, war, Egyptian, general - History
  6. Video: Tests on Bikini Atoll: bomb, USSR, document - History
  7. News, Official: KGB chief ordered Hitler's remains destroyed.: events, Russian, German - History
  8. History s Unusual Stories and Events: war, greatest, colonies
  9. Last Kon-Tiki crew member (and WWII badass) Knut Haugland dies: bomb, England - History
  10. News, Found: the clue to van Gogh’s ear.: events, ally, evidence - History
  11. To All Posters In the Forum - History
  12. Do you take story magazines or journals?: war, general, Ireland - History
  13. 1999 WTO Riots in Seattle, WA: 90s, Washington, years, United States - History
  14. The Monroe Doctrine: WWII, war, Britain, general - History
  15. Law, Famous Trials - History
  16. The Mother Ship Of America ''The Mayflower vs The Susan Constant'': Mexico, colonies - History
  17. One for the history books and need your help writing it: WW2, facts
  18. Interesting Book: WW2, general, Hitler, Germans - History
  19. Help me choose a term paper subject...: war, influence, England - History
  20. English army tactics: war, 70s, attack, battle - History
  21. What would Japan and Germany be like today?: WW2, war, Britain - History
  22. history of Christmas....: influence, invention, origin, German
  23. History Channel: America
  24. Poll For New Sticky: WWII, bomb, general, events - History
  25. News, The Surprising Lessons of Vietnam.: war, general, country, United States - History
  26. The Bloody Codes: influence, colonies, crimes, army - History
  27. The Overlooked President.: Lincoln, economic, presidents, years - History
  28. John Keegan Takes Your Money.....: war, bomb, generals, Mexico - History
  29. Century old color photos from Russia: Egypt, Russian - History
  30. Gable Hood and French Hood: why - History
  31. The Tudor era: ancient, war, Roman, Egypt - History
  32. who were the Khazars?: ancient, war, Roman, influence - History
  33. A Not-So Well-Known Tale of Early Spanish Exploration in America: Mexico, slave - History
  34. Biblical History...: Egypt, slave, historical, how
  35. American Colonies by Alan Taylor: Spanish, slaves, African, Americans - History
  36. Readings For Black History Month: influence, sixties, events, American
  37. riding a trolley in San Francisco, just prior to the earthquake of 1906.: Lincoln, historical - History
  38. Interesting Find In Greenland: ancient, years, Columbus, America - History
  39. Book on the American Revolution: war, economic, events, origin - History
  40. News, Photo's, First ladies and their causes.: country, Madison, Kennedy - History
  41. Kermit Tyler: war, bomb, military, USA - History
  42. Wacki Wiki: general, historical, origin, years - History
  43. Parthia: The Forgotten Empire: war, Romans, influence, general - History
  44. Haitian Slave Revolt Helped Build America: war, Egyptian, Mexican, colonies - History
  45. Bush doctrine: war, general, Mexican, economic - History
  46. Was John Charles Fremont a Hero or Scoundrel of the Old West?: war, generals - History
  47. The Strange Case of the Dyatlov Pass Incident: general, 1950s, years - History
  48. Was Rochambeau the Hero at Yorktown in 1781?: war, greatest, Britain - History
  49. Presidents before Washington?: influence, general, historical, United States - History
  50. News, Neanderthals wore make-up.: England, Spain, British, evidence - History
  51. Miep Gies, Anne Frank protector, dies at 100: WWII, war, years - History
  52. News, Bomb donated to Kodiak museum goes out with a bang.: WWII, war - History
  53. News, Winston Churchill's cigar for sale.: England, British, London, ally - History
  54. Haiti's History of Misery.: France
  55. Black Schools Restored as Landmarks.: historical, how, different, ally - History
  56. Unique Warren G. Harding collectable (Photos). What do I have?: Lincoln, president - History
  57. Helenenmarsch: WW2, war, bomb, economy - History
  58. The Power of American Indian Tribal Chiefs: European, captive, government - History
  59. News, Murder in Hitler's Bunker: 1950s, events, German, Germany - History
  60. Mussolini a British agent in WWI !!!!!: war, Britain, events - History
  61. Route 66 Artist/Chronicler Bob Waldmire: state, origin, how, ally - History
  62. Would we hate Germans if they did this?: WWII, war, Britain - History
  63. Sun Su: Roman - History
  64. History Buffs Help! Catapult: general, how, different
  65. Democratic Reflections: war, general, presidents, country - History
  66. News, 100 years in the air started with Zeppelin's passenger service.: German, USA - History
  67. help with identity of this old hymn or prayer bag?: 1920s, how - History
  68. Was Germany Blindsided by their Failure to Detect British Radar Early in WWII?: WW2, war - History
  69. Alexander the Great: not first at Alexandria?: ancient, Egyptian, general - History
  70. Gazprom wants to destroy St. Petersburg: Russians, years, Americans, Soviet - History
  71. Ann Frank on Film: best - History
  72. News, Titanic expedition in 2010.: ancient, Egyptian, general, 70's - History
  73. News, Earhart's Final Resting Place Believed Found.: 80's, economy, DNA - History
  74. WWII documentary for kids?: war, greatest, bomb, general - History
  75. Everything that will be invented has been invented... Who said this??: historians - History
  76. Bernard Shaw and Lenin: Hitler, Russia, famine, attack - History
  77. A Few Thoughts on The Belle: WWII, war, bomb - History
  78. Being a BBC geek has its perks: Roman, empire, German - History
  79. History of Vietnam for 7 year olds: WW2, war, years, country
  80. Why The Berlin Wall Fell; They didn't get the memo.: war, interior - History
  81. s About Why The Czechs Fought In The Russian Civil War 1917-1920: general, 1920s - History
  82. Ticketing Horse Riders Years ago?: war, influence, facts, Washington - History
  83. Mississipian Cultures: ancient, general, Mexico, facts - History
  84. Richard III vs King John: England, 1950s, longbow, crimes - History
  85. who was the greatist president of all time pole: war, Roman, greatest - History
  86. koreans: can this be true?: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Ireland - History
  87. News, Egypt: New Find Shows Slaves Didn't Build Pyramids.: ancient, war, Egyptian - History
  88. America as an Old Fogey: WW2, war, Romans, Pax Americana - History
  89. Wild West States: war, Mexico, Lincoln, state - History
  90. Who Were Of The Most Powerful North American Tribes Through Out History: Mexico, state
  91. Damn the Torpedoes....: war, generals, attack, battle - History
  92. Imperial Cruise: WW2, Roman, European, Chinese - History
  93. The Beginning of White Supremacy?: Romans, Mexican, colonies, Asians - History
  94. On This Day In History January 1 - 31: ancient, war, Romans
  95. Stalin's Plans If Operation Barbarossa Had Never Happened: WWII, war, bomb - History
  96. What are the top historical sites you have visited?: WW2, war, Roman - History
  97. Favorite Museum?: war, Roman, influence, general - History
  98. Stonewall Jackson/Robert E Lee: war, greatest, generals, Washington - History
  99. the strangest topic ever...: 70's, raids, viking, historical - History
  100. Do you own guns? storical?: WW2, years, enemy, ally - History
  101. Stalin was responsible for more deaths than Hitler: WWII, war, 1930s - History
  102. Recommended book WWII : Berlin The Downfall by Antony Beevor: WW2, war - History
  103. Pearl Harbor verdict and postulation: war, influence, bomb, Britain - History
  104. Causes of the US civil war: general, economic, state, slavery - History
  105. Where Were You & What Was You Doing On Dec. 31, 1999-Jan. 1, 2000?: state, army - History
  106. Residential bigotry toward Jews, Italians: Mexican, 80s, Washington, Chinese - History
  107. Black Confederates: war, Roman, greatest, Britain - History
  108. The US West in fact and fable: war, general, Mexico - History
  109. News, A darker side of Columbus emerges in US classrooms.: Washington, Hitler - History
  110. Was the U.S. prolonging entrance in WWII in order to weaken the U.S.S.R.: war, influence - History
  111. Segregation in Northern USA?: WWII, 60s, Chinese, state - History
  112. s About Why Spain Was Neutral In Both WW1 and WW2?: war, general - History
  113. On This Day In History February 1 - 29: ancient, war, Roman
  114. Parallels between the Internet and the telegram?: ancient, influence, 1990s - History
  115. What Era Of Recent History Has NOT Been Done To Death?: war, Mexican
  116. Small Incidents that Led to War: Britain, general, Mexican, Washington - History
  117. Why Did Mussolini Invade Ethiopia in 1935?: WWII, ancient, war, Roman - History
  118. WW II Flying aces: were the allies so bad?: WW2, war, state - History
  119. Was Auchinleck More Responsible than Montgomery for British Victory in North Africa?: Egypt, greatest - History
  120. Decline of Argentina: WWII, war, bomb, Great Britain - History
  121. Columbus Day: greatest, twenties, Europeans, Spain - History
  122. about WWII weaponry: war, bomb, general, 1930s - History
  123. US Occupation of Haiti: generals, Mexico, twenties, economic - History
  124. Why Did France and Britain Declare War On Germany and Not The Soviet Union For Attacking Poland To Start WW2 ???: Great Britain, Hitler - History
  125. Turning a love of History into a Career ?: 70's, economic, state
  126. Confederate States of America: war, England, Mexican, 60's - History
  127. Why did not Gandhi win the nobel peace prize?: war, general, European - History
  128. Korea v. Vietnam: war, influence, bomb, Europeans - History
  129. Baltic countries: European, Russians, conquer, Germans - History
  130. Best Book on the Civil War: Roman, general, events, military - History
  131. Harpers Ferry WV: slaves, country, execution, why - History
  132. Champlain: war, general, European, Spanish - History
  133. How Rich were ancient kingdoms?: war, Roman, Egyptian, influence - History
  134. Was Tirpitz the Most Feared Balttleship of WWII and did it Spook Convoy PQ-17 into Disaster?: WW2, war - History
  135. Brilliant and Courageous: Roman, general, European, economic - History
  136. New Book Reveals Britain's War Crimes: WW2, bomb, Great Britain, 1930's - History
  137. Thoughts About Why The Other Eight Colonies Didn't Join The 13 American Colonies Against Great Britain 1776: war, general - History
  138. Which ancient civilization(s) do you admire the most??: Romans, Egypt, Britain - History
  139. Germany in 1600?: Roman, empire, Spanish, France - History
  140. What were you taught about Hawaiian history?: influence, 1800s, Chinese
  141. What Was Napoleon's Reason For Invading Russia: ancient, war, Egypt - History
  142. Ancient Egypt is a cemetery of ancient Russia .: Roman, Egyptian, general - History
  143. What Was It Like Growing Up In The 1970s?: war, greatest, general - History
  144. Mikhailovich vs Tito: What was the Real Story?: WWII, war, influence - History
  145. Ghost Towns: Roman, 1980s, state, country - History
  146. What do you think of the History Channel?: WWII, facts, JFK
  147. The farce of Nuremberg trial.: WW2, war, bomb, Mexican - History
  148. News, Time to remember Reagan.: Lincoln, economy, Greek, president - History
  149. Ideas Needed For New Sticky: WW2, why, how - History
  150. Train Wreck Deaths: 80's, years, USA, Latin - History
  151. Could the Costly Pacific WWII Island Campaigns been Avoided?: WW2, war, bomb - History
  152. The never-ending Civil War: WWII, 60's, Asians, Lincoln - History
  153. Churchill biography: WWII, war, bomb, Britain - History
  154. History's greatest rivalry?: Rome, Egyptian, Britain, USSR
  155. For the Scotsman only...: England, Europeans, viking, France - History
  156. Did Hitler improve the current German population?: greatest, Europeans, assassin - History
  157. Which US President would you hang out with?: Lincoln, Berlin, why - History
  158. Living in the Sixties: war, influence, bomb, 60's - History
  159. Was Abe Lincoln Really Born in North Carolina?: Washington, state, slave - History
  160. 1919 Paris: WW2, war, Great Britain, 1930s - History
  161. The Buffalo Soldiers: war, Mexico, 80's, Spanish - History
  162. Growing Up/Living In The Fifties-What Was It Like?: greatest, 60's, state - History
  163. All Quiet On The Western Front: war, influence, events, origin - History
  164. If the scientific repression of the Early Middle Ages never occurred......: Roman, events - History
  165. What Historical Site or Sites Would You Like To Visit Outside Your Country: ancient, Romans - History
  166. NOSTALGIA from 1909 (what a difference in 100 yrs): facts, Lincoln, Ireland - History
  167. Should Czechoslovakia Have Fought Germany In 1938?: war, Britain, generals, Hitler - History
  168. Underrated Presidents: war, greatest, influence, Mexican - History
  169. Why have Jews so frequently been persecuted?: Romans, bomb, general - History
  170. Horse cavalry in WWII European Theatre?: WW2, war, Roman, Japanese - History
  171. Why do black people....: war, England, JFK, biggest - History
  172. Life expectancy...: 80's, state, years, how - History
  173. What Caused the Great Depression of the 1930's and Why did it last so Long?: WWII, war - History
  174. News, The top 25 crimes of the century.: assassin, assassination, president - History
  175. Why were WWII Soviet casualties extremely high?: war, bomb, Britain - History
  176. Nathan Bedford Forrest: war, generals, Mexican, viking - History
  177. Mayan Mathematics: ancient, Europeans, years, civilizations - History
  178. The ''Thirty Years War' Was The Actual First World War: WWII, Roman - History
  179. If Native Americans were immune?: war, Mexico, Asians, European - History
  180. Why No Clans For The English or Other Europeans?: Romans, Britain, Spain - History
  181. Worst Crime Against Humanity?: colonies, Hitler, Japanese, crimes - History
  182. Custer: war, Hitler, origin, years - History
  183. On This Day in History... (December 1 -31): WWII, war, Roman
  184. Invasion of Georgia 2008: WW2, war, Washington, European - History
  185. Who were first: G.I. Goe toys or G.I. Joe comics?: war, 80s - History
  186. Need sources for a 19th-century map: war, military, country, armies - History
  187. Historically accurate films: Roman, generals, facts, Russia - History
  188. News, 210-year-old Irish immigrant's grave uncovered in New York park.: Washington, years - History
  189. Another Interesting FInd - History
  190. News, In pictures: New 9/11 photos released. - History
  191. News, Sigmund Freud saved by Nazi admirer.: Hitler - History
  192. The CIA a wacky history: war, Roman, influence, general
  193. News, A visit to the Georgia town of Michelle Obama's roots: economy, state - History
  194. News, The Smithsonian Accepts Emmett Till's Casket.: years, ally, Mississippi - History
  195. News, Helmet of WWII soldier Harold Webb is found.: Cincinnati - History
  196. News, Today in history: Dog becomes first creature sent into space.: USA, Soviet
  197. Last Post at Menin Gate: WW2, Britain, invaded, Germans - History
  198. This week 65 years ago: Americans, Soviet, best, ally - History
  199. Colonial New Jersey Capitals: government, cities, British, revolutionary - History
  200. Eadgyth Comes Home: years, saxon - History