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  1. The Vietnam War: generals, economic, military, army - History
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  3. History of the American People: Lincoln, state, events, descent
  4. 1935 Social Security Act.: economic, Japan, Spain, president - History
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  8. Hieroglyphic digital dictionary - History
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  14. Why Was History of Slavery Covered Up ?: general, Europeans, Spanish
  15. Video, The Rise and Fall of Mikhail Gorbachev: greatest, general, USSR - History
  16. Lockheed P-38 Lightning found at Welsh beach: war, Germans, years - History
  17. Performance of Soviet Economy: WWII, influence, general, 80's - History
  18. What Disaster Happened: years, ally, North Carolina - History
  19. Tartessos Civilization: Roman, influence, general, colonies - History
  20. News Video, Child survivors of the Oklahoma City bombing.: years, attack - History
  21. Uncovered Video: Ronald Reagan and James Dean Star in 1954 Live Broadcast.: general, 60s - History
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  23. Knights of Honor: officers, society - History
  24. Looking for information about a box - History
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  26. Washington and Europe: Egyptian, influences, Great Britain, generals - History
  27. Density of Cities: Mexican, 80's, African, Americans - History
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  29. The American Civil war: England, general, European, France - History
  30. Lucio Silla, K.135: Roman, influence, assassin, assassinated - History
  31. News, WWII: Inside Hitler's Bunker.: bomb, Russians, German, Germany - History
  32. Where I came from: war, Roman, England, invaded - History
  33. Martin Luther King's Easter message.: assassin, slaves, president, years - History
  34. Good entry level books on U.S. and world history?: events
  35. WW2 Re-eancting Wnated Men and Women to re-enact great battles of WW2: war, events - History
  36. News, Pharaonic false door to the afterlife found.: Egypt, why - History
  37. Josip Broz Tito: WW2, war, influence, Britain - History
  38. Australia vs the Bolshevics: WWII, war, France, Russians - History
  39. Pre-columbian artifacts and ruins in North America: Roman, European, origin - History
  40. Stone Face: ancient, Mayan, years, British - History
  41. Re : Egypt . Denial of the Indigenous Development .: Mexican, Russians, document - History
  42. History -- Texas Board of Education Style: general, state, Spanish
  43. History of US-Books: war, general, 1800s, Lincoln
  44. History of the Dollar Sign: influence, general, Spanish, historical
  45. When they declared Jesus King of Mexico...: war, influence, general - History
  46. Seventy Years Ago This Summer-The Battle of Britain: war, bomb, 1930's - History
  47. Hank Paulson and the History of the Toxic Asset Recovery Program: general, 90s
  48. News, Results of King Tuts DNA analysis revealed: lineage, ally, Maine - History
  49. Video, Lost Footage of JFK Released.: assassin, assassination, president, why - History
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  51. Ancient Road Discovered: years, USA, London, why - History
  52. Military History Books: war, generals, Mexican, facts
  53. Another fabrication of history -- NYT: bomb, Hitler
  54. Lower Dneiper Offensive: war, Hitler, Russians, tanks - History
  55. MANASSA, A lost Tribe?: origin, years, descendants, historian - History
  56. If Africans Learned From Their History: influence, general, colonies, European
  57. News- Ancient Egyptian Queen's Burial Chamber Discovered: general - History
  58. The effect of Ancient History on the 21st Century.: war, Roman, Britain
  59. Video Taken Aug. 14, 1945 In Honolula: Hawaii - History
  60. News- Experts pin hopes on public to decipher 500-year-old English inscription discovered in church: ancient, 1800s - History
  61. American Civil War: Lesser Known People and Events: bomb, generals, Mexico - History
  62. Why Did Churchill Get Beat in the Election of 1945?: war, bomb, Britain - History
  63. Upon This Day in History...June 1-30: war, Roman, Egypt
  64. The Paradox of Hitler's Quest for Oil: WW2, ancient, war - History
  65. German and Italian: Roman, 70s, economic, state - History
  66. Robert Taft and the GOP Old Right: WW2, war, greatest - History
  67. If you could invite four people to a dinner party...: general, Washington - History
  68. Two tragedies: events, president, years, American - History
  69. Fighting Conditions: WW2, war, bomb, Asians - History
  70. Did you like President Eisenhower?: WWII, war, greatest, influence - History
  71. Where would this army have ranked the worlds best at the time: war, Pax Americana - History
  72. Thoughts About Why Maryland Was The Only Catholic Colony?: war, Roman, Great Britain - History
  73. Italian POW's: WWII, war, Egypt, Hitler - History
  74. Bloody Sunday: war, bomb, Ireland, military - History
  75. There is no Hated President ever.: Lincoln, JFK, economic, invaded - History
  76. Thoughts About Just Who Are The Basque Peoples?: ancient, Romans, European - History
  77. Is the US Risking War on the Korean Peninsula?: bomb, state, events - History
  78. How would history have Changed if Germany would have won WW1?: WW2, war
  79. Detroit River History: general, USA, Canada, Michigan
  80. Would the southwest still be Mexican today if Texas would have lost their Revolution to Mexico?: war, state - History
  81. Next Group to come to America in #'s: war, Egypt, Mexican - History
  82. If you had to pick a time in the past to live in what would it be?: Roman, general - History
  83. How would History have been changed if Great Britain entered the Civil War on the side of the Confederacy?: 60's, Washington
  84. News, Stalin 'blocked two Soviet plans to kill Hitler over fears Western powers would make peace with the Nazis': WWII, war - History
  85. Noah's Ark found: explorers: Egyptian, England, Chinese, Sumeria - History
  86. The 50's and 60's Accent: WWII, influence, 1930s, Spanish - History
  87. The IRISH: Roman, Hitler, European, state - History
  88. Hollywood vs. Civil War: 70's, facts, Russian, battle - History
  89. News, Vietnam Celebrates 35th Anniversary of War's End.: economy, USSR, Russia - History
  90. Does out there have ancestors who were Slave owners?: war, Mexico - History
  91. How would history have changed if The Mongols had defeated Poland and the Holy Roman Empire?: war, 1800s
  92. The Atomic Bombings-Things You May Not Have Known: Japanese, historical, military - History
  93. 13 yr old Climbs Mt Everest: facts, origin, kings, years - History
  94. Confused - is this an error?: Romans, greatest, general, 80's - History
  95. Agincourt & Crecy: general, 60s, biggest, longbow - History
  96. Would History have changed much,If Julius Caesar wouldn't have been assassinated?: Romans, Egypt
  97. What would have happened if the British would have Dominion status to the Thirteen Colonies in 1781?: war, influence - History
  98. News, George Washington racks up late fees at NY library.: president, years - History
  99. Has race ceased to exist due to genocide?: WWII, ancient, Romans - History
  100. African-American Confederate Soldiers: war, state, events, slavery - History
  101. May 9th 1945: war, Britain, general, events - History
  102. News, USSR planned nuclear attack on China in 1969.: war, bomb, 60s - History
  103. Just think how different it would be today...: war, England, Mexican - History
  104. Can the new Arizona law be compared to the fugitive slave law?: slavery, historical - History
  105. Warfare and the Origin of Words and Phrases: WW2, war, bomb - History
  106. Can a communist country be capitalist?: influence, Britain, Mexican, economy - History
  107. Was John Wilkes Booth Possibly John St. Helen??: war, Lincoln, assassin - History
  108. Is it Im not German?: war, Roman, England, colonies - History
  109. Thoughts About Why Hitler and The Nazi's Allowed Former Chancellor Von Papen To Survive?: war, bomb - History
  110. Who was the most OVER-rated figure in history?: WWII, war, greatest
  111. Native American Slave Owners: economy, slavery, years, USA - History
  112. John Lennon's Bigger than Jesus statement...: Romans, influence, bomb - History
  113. News, 1970 Kent State shootings are an enduring history lesson.: war, 70's, Columbus
  114. If you could show today's world to 4 people of the past...: WWII, 80s - History
  115. Did Mr Roosevelt save America?: WW2, war, England, 1930's - History
  116. The Origins of Nobility: war, European, peasants, Ireland - History
  117. Re-Black Egypt: ancient, Roman, Egyptian, greatest - History
  118. Did The Reichsmark Retain It's Value Or Crash During WWII.: war, influence - History
  119. Confederate Generals Racism and Slavery: war, greatest, influence, 70's - History
  120. Which decade do/did you like best?: 80's, economic, events - History
  121. Did we get paid back for lend lease?: war, Great Britain, Hitler - History
  122. East Prussia(Königsberg) Lost European country: WWII, war, Roman - History
  123. Computer Games, Robert Harvey: ancient, war, Britain, 1990s - History
  124. Upon This Day in History... March 1-31: ancient, war, Roman
  125. experienced Hatred over honoring my Heritage: war, economic, events, slavery - History
  126. The Sears Magnolia - The Creme de la creme of kit homes: biggest, years - History
  127. History's Influence On Music: bomb, Britain, 80's, biggest
  128. Does know where the custom of Knocking on the dinner table when leaving the table comes from?: kings, German - History
  129. Why did the U.S. do nothing for so long?: war, bomb - History
  130. Mexican American War Napoleon Tactics: Roman, European, invention, Russian - History
  131. Who Were The Mysterious Ancient Sea Peoples?: war, Egyptian, economic - History
  132. Francois Kaserne in Hanau Germany - Need: 1950s, Russians, Germans - History
  133. German Naval Base in China: war, influence, Britain, colonies - History
  134. What Part of the Civil War Did WWI Generals Miss?: WWII, bomb - History
  135. Beware..: war, bomb, Hitler, France - History
  136. Why Did Europeans Join the Waffen SS in WWII?: war, Hitler, European - History
  137. Origin of the Spetsnaz: war, Egypt, general, 60s - History
  138. Irish Neutrality in WWII.: war, bomb, Great Britain, general - History
  139. Us navy dive bombers in europe (wwii): war, influence, general - History
  140. Ottoman empire occupation of Hungary: Egypt, influence, general, state - History
  141. Thoughts About Why Commander In Chief of the French Army Rochambeau Didn't Crush The French Revolution: war, influence - History
  142. Were the Crusades Justifed?: war, Rome, Egypt, influence - History
  143. Thoughts About Why The Ancient Greeks Were So Advanced?: war, Romans, Egypt - History
  144. Cycles of Civilizations: war, Romans, influences, general - History
  145. How Christian were the Founders?: WWII, Romans, influences, England - History
  146. A book about the declaration of independence: England, Washington, Lincoln - History
  147. Prohibition Era: Roman, Mexico, years, American - History
  148. Why Did the Irish Starve?: England, economic, state, empire - History
  149. Bread and circuses: Roman, influence, general, Washington - History
  150. Things in History That Puzzle Us: ancient, war, Romans, influence
  151. Largest Group of People Without a home nation?: Roman, Russians, Ireland - History
  152. Logistic Differences Between Invasion of Russia vs UK: WW2, war, bomb - History
  153. Hitler: when did he die?: years, USA, Latin, British - History
  154. The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon: ancient, 1950s - History
  155. remember or have a fascination with...: bomb, 90s, kings - History
  156. ONe city's racial transformation: sixties, Hitler, economic, German - History
  157. Adam Smith On Slavery: war, Britain, general, 50s - History
  158. History of Palestine-: WW2, war, Roman, Egyptian
  159. on Soviet manpower during WWII: war, Roman, bomb, generals - History
  160. Have You Read This Book - Opinions?: war, economic, historical - History
  161. Do Germans dislike the French?: WWII, general, facts, state - History
  162. Single most significant event in all human history.: greatest, bomb, events
  163. Japanese troop strength in World War II: WW2, general, colonies - History
  164. Reliability in ww2: war, general, Europeans, biggest - History
  165. British Escape At Dunkirk: war, bomb, Great Britain, general - History
  166. What was the real reason why the Berlin Wall was taken down?: war, 1950s - History
  167. China and Russia's Historical Relationship: ancient, war, influence, Britain - History
  168. A Fun Quiz: how - History
  169. Spanish Empire: war, general, Mexico, colonies - History
  170. Civilians involved in War: WW2, ancient, Roman, bomb - History
  171. Names of Historical European Groups: WW2, ancient, Romans, Britain - History
  172. Weapons of WWII: war, bomb, general, biggest - History
  173. Mexican Version of the War 1846-1848: generals, Spanish, years, country - History
  174. What If Neanderthals Had Survived?: ancient, facts, slave, USA - History
  175. Things we know to be true that are not: war, Roman, Egypt - History
  176. How the states got their shape.: war, England, state, years - History
  177. Upon This Day in History... April 1-30: WW2, ancient, war
  178. Who is the Greatest American Ever?: Washington, Lincoln, president, country - History
  179. Has The Military Ever Come Close To Installing A Dictatorship In The USA?: WWII, war - History
  180. Presidential assasination attempts: WW2, Washington, Lincoln, JFK - History
  181. Trials of the Century.: crimes, historical, years, government - History
  182. Why the Animosity?: WW2, war, Roman, influence - History
  183. World Dominance: Romans, greatest, influence, England - History
  184. Europe vs pacific: WW2, war, greatest, influence - History
  185. Can history be used to predict?: WWII, economy, state, events
  186. The Mamluks: Egypt, influence, empire, slaves - History
  187. European Contact with the New World before Columbus: Roman, general, viking - History
  188. Evolution of Invention: ancient, war, Roman, greatest - History
  189. How would past despots have used 21st century technology?: ancient, war, Hitler - History
  190. Why did Romania Join the Axis in WWII?: war, Egypt, Britain - History
  191. Ancient battles and all of the dead bodies.....: WWII, war, Romans - History
  192. Nurnberg Trials: war, bomb, general, Japanese - History
  193. Who is your favorite President 1-5?: Lincoln, presidents, country, how - History
  194. Pipe smoking history: American
  195. Life feel like it's going through the 20th century or... - History
  196. Two Books: African, America, Africa, Berlin - History
  197. On this date, 65 years ago...: war, greatest, German, Germany - History
  198. Vote in Fantasy Election: ancient, greatest, general, leader - History
  199. News, WWII plane wreckage found on coast; crew remains may exist.: war, years - History
  200. Women in Uniform: general, military, America - History