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  1. Who threw axes besides Northern Europeans?: Spain, origin, military, battle - History
  2. Lost Tsarist Gold: ancient, England, France, Russian - History
  3. The geographical curiosity of Nahwa: empire, Ireland, British, London - History
  4. Civil War: historical, military, battle, rights - History
  5. 48th Highlanders of Canada Journey to World War II 1939 - 1940 Dileas Gu Brath: England, France - History
  6. April 29, 1975 - Retreat from Vietnam - Incredible Stories Never Heard: war, 60's - History
  7. Dry weather reveals sites of prehistoric settlements in Britain: ancient, Romans, general - History
  8. Why Did The Irish Rebellion of 1798 fail?: Britain, colonies, Ireland - History
  9. What was the goal of the Bay of Pigs (Fiasco)?: JFK, USSR - History
  10. Free African-American communities before the Civil War: Washington, European, Spanish - History
  11. Galla Placidia ... Romes Only Female Ruler?: Romans, general, empire, military - History
  12. News, World War Two prisoner of war camp discovered – in plumber’s back garden.: WWII, Germans - History
  13. Thor's Hammer: facts, viking, kings, document - History
  14. bedrock mortar from Montana know anything about them?: origin, museum - History
  15. What If the Crusader States Had Survived?: war, colonies, European - History
  16. a good starting point?: war, Roman, empire, historical - History
  17. For what reasons was Portugal the first European state to pursue overseas colonization?: influence, England - History
  18. Low Countires ca 1600: colonies, ancestors, USA, how - History
  19. This Day in History, 7/16/1945, Atom bomb tested.: Mexico, Japan, military
  20. News, Sleep-Ins Staged To Save Slave Cabins.: slavery, Denver, Charleston - History
  21. The Great Unknown Slaughter: ancient, war, European, Chinese - History
  22. Cormorant Domestication: Japan, origin, years, country - History
  23. Historical maps of Congressional districts?: war, state, United States, ally - History
  24. Am I wrong about Nehru?: war, Chinese, USA, China - History
  25. Need Recomendation on Ammianus Marcellinus: ancient, Roman, empire, historical - History
  26. Biodegradable Cultures with N. America as an example: ancient, war, Egypt - History
  27. Navajo Code Talker Passes: WWII, war, bomb, Japanese - History
  28. Dream Destination?: peace, why, popular, best - History
  29. Rephotography: Sergey Larenkov's then-and-now photography mashups of WWII sites: WW2, war, years - History
  30. How peace was won and kept: war, Roman, 60s, European - History
  31. Van Gogh: 70's, Washington, best - History
  32. Hitler-Stalin 1943 (a little-known WWII story): war, Roman, Great Britain, USSR - History
  33. what did philosophers believe: Japanese, ally - History
  34. Liberty Ship John W. Brown: Baltimore - History
  35. 23 October: bomb, years, country, Americans - History
  36. News, Knights of Columbus to spiff up JFK grave.: Washington, president, government - History
  37. Republic of Indian Stream: state, America, government, Boulder - History
  38. Chesapeake Bay's Holland Island lost to erosion: Washington, years, battle - History
  39. The New York Times Complete Civil War.: origin, political, document - History
  40. Diver has blast with historic discovery in Gravesend Bay, Brooklyn: years - History
  41. about philosophy? - History
  42. How bigotry shaped the city of The Wire: best, ally, Baltimore - History
  43. News, Historian: Auschwitz now Disney-style tourist site.: British - History
  44. If Jesus was born circa 5 BC ....: 1990s, years, date, ally - History
  45. Did Stalin Purposely Halt the Soviet Armies at the Vistula River During the Warsaw Uprising in WWII?: war, Roman - History
  46. Video, Rare Color Film of Japanese WWII Surrender Discovered.: war, greatest, years - History
  47. Where Can I Send Pictures Of This Artifact?: kings, American, weapon - History
  48. News, Nixon plot against newspaper columnist detailed.: Roman, 1950s, president - History
  49. Anasazi Genocide?: Mayan, years, descendants, Americans - History
  50. medieval era of philosophy: Roman, empire, German, battle - History
  51. Katanas: Overrated?: war, influences, general, European - History
  52. History: Washington, ally, evidence
  53. Kennedy-Nixon First Presidential Debate, 1960: war, JFK, origin, Vietnam - History
  54. Who became American Citizens, after 1776?: Mexican, colonies, Washington, presidents - History
  55. News, Ship Unearthed at WTC Site.: historical, years, historians, Alaska - History
  56. The Return of the Jews to Palestine: facts, state, empire - History
  57. Civil War Excursion Recommendations (Chi/Memphis): slave, historical, battle, Columbus - History
  58. Recommended books on Roman empire?: general, events, years, decline - History
  59. In olden times: imagine that: England, origin, leader, political - History
  60. A Trip Down Market Street ~ San Francisco 1906: New York, Houston - History
  61. Historical Mayors of Washington DC: 70's, president, years, African - History
  62. What is the difference between ebonics, Black Standard English, and American Black Vernacular?: general, 60's - History
  63. News, Michelangelo's secret message in the Sistine Chapel: A juxtaposition of God and the human brain.: years, American - History
  64. American Involvement in World Affairs throughout History: WW2, war, Egypt
  65. Reincarnation of WWII fighter pilot: Japanese, ally - History
  66. News, Shipwreck Found After 112 years in Lake Michigan.: different, Milwaukee - History
  67. 600th anniversary of one of the biggest medieval battles - the battle of Grunwald (Tannenberg): war, England - History
  68. News, Poison, not snake, killed Cleopatra, scholar says.: ancient, Egypt, German - History
  69. News, Wreck Of Andrea Doria bell discovered.: Massachusetts - History
  70. 18th Century Ship Uncovered at Ground Zero: 60's, origin, society - History
  71. Early American Slave Owners and Slave Relationships: Washington, slavery, presidents - History
  72. The Great Migration: state, historical, years, African - History
  73. Do you know what this is?: USA, western, how, ally - History
  74. What were German people thinking during WWII?: WW2, war, influence - History
  75. Jesse James VS. Al Capone: 1930s, crimes, western, compare - History
  76. Did the South Just Have Better Writers?: war, Roman, general - History
  77. Best Territorial Acquisition for USA: WWII, war, Britain, general - History
  78. To be an unhyphenated American: Mexican, Europeans, Chinese, slave - History
  79. Sir Harry Paget Flashman (1822–1915): WWII, Britain, events, historical - History
  80. What were you doing when you found out about....: war, bomb, general - History
  81. are there countries that have benefitted from being communist?: war, influence - History
  82. News, Ex-POWS touring Japan disappointed at not receiving apologies from firms over slave labor.: WW2, war - History
  83. History buffs, ever watch Pawn Stars: WW2, years, battle
  84. Was Cleopatra VII black or part black?: Egyptian, Russia - History
  85. Trolley ride footage through San Fransisco in 1906: 70's, Spain, years - History
  86. When Generals Get Fired...: war, Roman, Washington, Lincoln - History
  87. Zeppelins - The fevered dreams of madmen or and idea that came too late?: WWII, economic - History
  88. The early days of Rock and Roll......: 60's, drugs, origin - History
  89. Confused About Aryan Christianity Of The Germanic Barbarians: ancient, Roman, Egyptian - History
  90. Where Mounted Medieval Anglo Knights Equipped With Projectile Weapons?: war, Roman - History
  91. Malt Shop/Diner culture : misconceptions, and how/when did it really stop being mainstream?: WWII, war - History
  92. southeast asia vs sub saharan africa: Asians, European, interior, economy - History
  93. How did Ashkenazi Jews become such a large group?: war, Egypt, Europeans - History
  94. General Trivia: generals, Washington, Eisenhower, kings - History
  95. American Whites and Blacks who share a common ansestor: England, general, 1800s - History
  96. Can you prove that Jefferson didn't say this?: Washington, government, different - History
  97. Old Magazines: Japanese, years, language, document - History
  98. understand the defined line between slavery and racism: war, Britain, general - History
  99. FDR VS. Old Abe Lincoln: war, greatest, bomb - History
  100. Civil War Causes: Egypt, general, Washington, biggest - History
  101. Douglas MacArthur's Grant Of Immunity For Murderer of Nanking.: WWII, war, general - History
  102. Did the Punic Wars Establish Rome's Dominion over the Mediterranean?: war, Romans - History
  103. Unbelievable Soviet WWII Casualty Figures: war, Great Britain, 1930's, European - History
  104. Pagan Lithuania: ancient, general, European, Chinese - History
  105. The Special Relationship: war, general, Mexican, JFK - History
  106. battles of the 2nd word war: generals, Hitler, Japanese, Russians - History
  107. World War I to end for Germany this weekend: WW2, greatest - History
  108. Successive invasions by a smaller attacking force?: ancient, war, Egyptian - History
  109. Why France declared war on Germany in 1939: Britain, Hitler, invaded - History
  110. Will History show that the U.S added stability to the Middle East ???: WW2, ancient
  111. Could Emperor Hirohito Have Prevented His Country from Entering World War II?: WWII, ancient - History
  112. What was the most peaceful civilization in history?: war, Romans, Pax Romana
  113. How did USSR draft 34 million soldiers during WWII?: WW2, war, Roman - History
  114. If it's Columbus Day, let's not forget Luis de Torres: facts, European - History
  115. Which VP had the most Power?: influence, general, Eisenhower, president - History
  116. Surprise -- The Very Dark Side of U.S. History: WWII, war
  117. Did you approve of FDR's solutions for Great Depression? give reasons.: war, economic - History
  118. John Wayne's The Alamo Turns 50: WWII, general, Mexican - History
  119. How much do you know about Native American culture?: war, influence, Washington - History
  120. History and chronology of soft drinks: England, general, Washington, state
  121. Lincoln and Obama.: war, generals, 60's, biggest - History
  122. Hitler's Unfulfilled Dream of a New York in Flames: WW2, war, bomb - History
  123. Battleship Scahrnhorst: WWII, general, Bismarck, France - History
  124. What was the most savage civlization in history?: WW2, war, Roman
  125. What Is The Real Difference Between Nouveau Riche and Old Money?: war, England - History
  126. You can go into a time machine......: ancient, Roman, Egypt - History
  127. Teddy Roosevelt or Wilson. Who was the better President?: war, bomb, Great Britain - History
  128. Richard Nixon and Watergate: general, facts, Washington, JFK - History
  129. Who Brought the Slaves to America?: war, greatest, Britain, Mexico - History
  130. Bismarck vs Yamato WW2 Battleships: war, biggest, state, Japanese - History
  131. Northern Ireland: bomb, Great Britain, general, state - History
  132. American Soldiers at the begining of WW2: war, greatest, generals - History
  133. German-Polish border disputes: WW2, war, Roman, influence - History
  134. What if Rome had built a Great Wall to keep out Barbarians??: war, Romans - History
  135. The war fought from 1861-1865 should be called...: slavery, army, United States - History
  136. Questions about Hitler Youth during WWII: WW2, war, general, facts - History
  137. What do you think of American Culture today ?: general, 1990s, president - History
  138. United flight 93 on 9/11/01: Washington, events, assassin, assassination - History
  139. Why After WW2 did the US & Russia Become Enemies ?: war, influence - History
  140. When someone thinks of a decade.: WW2, war, bomb, general - History
  141. WWII Population wise, how did Germany do it?: war, Roman, Britain - History
  142. Does History Ever Repeat Itself.: WW2, war, general, colonies
  143. 911 statistics: attack, Americans, how, popular - History
  144. Why did Liberia fail?: Egypt, economic, conquer, years - History
  145. for Military History buffs: WWII, war, bomb, generals
  146. World War Two what if: bomb, Great Britain, general, Hitler - History
  147. historical documentaries: war, general, 70s, facts - History
  148. Are kilts really a part of Celtic culture?: ancient, England, facts - History
  149. Lyndon Johnson: Great President or Scoundrel?: war, facts, economic, presidents - History
  150. Invading the U.S.?: WWII, England, Mexican, invaded - History
  151. Truman and the Potsdam Declaration: war, influence, bomb, Britain - History
  152. Confederates = American?: war, general, Mexican, facts - History
  153. Civilization without intellectual property protection? What would it be like?: greatest, invention - History
  154. Who did deport Muslims from Spain?: influence, Europeans, Spanish, France - History
  155. Were German-Americans ever treated/viewed as inferior to Anglo-Americans?: WWII, influence, 1800s - History
  156. The Pacific (intro): WWII, war, German, Germany - History
  157. Why didn't Spain have more colonies in Africa?: WWII, war, Britain - History
  158. Was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand the most important event of the 20th Century?: WW2, war - History
  159. Mounted Longbowmen: general, invaded, Japanese, France - History
  160. Why didn't other British colonies join the 13 in American Revolution?: war, influence - History
  161. Neo Nazis: Hitler, European, USSR, Russian - History
  162. Great Disapperances: Mexican, state, Mayan, conquer - History
  163. American Wars For Freedom.: WWII, war, Romans, greatest - History
  164. Most Crucial American Naval Battle: WWII, war, Japanese, Spanish - History
  165. Greatest mass rape in history: war, events, Russian, Germans
  166. What will be in History books 20 years later about today?: WWII, war
  167. List Your Favorite or Best Pared Generals In History: war, Britain, colonies
  168. Slavery Discussion w/ A Point: African Owned Slaves, Too!: greatest, European, German - History
  169. Lets Write A Historical Novel: war, France, years, country - History
  170. Where do The Vikings rank as sailors: ancient, Roman, Egypt - History
  171. Cultural Decades of the 20th Century: WWII, war, Roman, bomb - History
  172. why did U.S. side with Soviets in WW2?: war, Great Britain, Hitler - History
  173. News, Retired FBI Agent Says Oswald Didn’t Kill Kennedy.: Lincoln, JFK - History
  174. Who was worse/scarier: Stalin or Hitler: German, Germany, years - History
  175. Interesting About Colonial America on Independence Day: war, Great Britain, general - History
  176. Can most Americans trace their ancestry to the Civil War era?: general, 1800s - History
  177. What if Cornwallis Was Appointed British Military Commander In Chief In 1775 Instead of Howe: war, generals - History
  178. News, Titanic relatives to attend centenary cruise in 2012.: England, Japanese, years - History
  179. Hitler was a Jew!!: WW2, DNA, Germans, descent - History
  180. Living History for Travelers: general, Washington, state, historical
  181. Weird News, NCBI ROFL: President Kennedy’s death: A poison arrow-assisted homicide.: war, bomb - History
  182. Historical Demographics of N.M.: WWII, greatest, general, Mexican - History
  183. Romance Languages: Romans, influence, Britain, Mexico - History
  184. Why was dueling outlawed?: government, society, Mobile, ally - History
  185. Thoughts About Grant Possibly Forming A Dictatorship Had McClellan Won In 1864 Against Lincoln?: war, generals - History
  186. News, EGYPT, Double tomb hints at vast burial ground.: ancient, Egyptian - History
  187. In the Suburbs...: years - History
  188. Teacher Help with Napoleonic Era Games/Acitivities for Children: ally - History
  189. News, Photographer Ernest Withers doubled as FBI informant to spy on civil rights movement. - History
  190. News, How Winston Churchill Stopped the Nazis.: war, Hitler, years - History
  191. pre-WW1 era: how - History
  192. Francis Salvador, Jewish hero in the American Revolution: general, Washington, revolutionary - History
  193. Civil War in Sumatra (Tuanku Rao vs Sisingamaraja X): document, ally - History
  194. What if Father Hidalgo hadn't slowed his army down?: general, Mexican, colonies - History
  195. News, First black physician in U.S. to be honored.: African, American - History
  196. Animated history of Poland - 1000 years in 8 minutes: China
  197. News, Honor restored for general blamed after Nixon denied authorizing Vietnam bombing.: Washington, commander - History
  198. Take a trip through time by browsing through Penn State's yearbook from 1890 to 2000! One link away!: events, USA - History
  199. Video, Ronald Reagan: ‘A Time for Choosing’ - History
  200. Meskhetian Turks: economic, unemployment, Russians, Germans - History